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Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Meetings and servers

Well, it's been a typical Tuesday, with a collision of meetings in the morning, followed by an afternoon of sitting in a cool server room trying to coax a Windows 2000 machine to accept a set of operating system patches for which it wasn't entirely designed. As six o'clock approached, I was a little concerned at the lack of progress, although it finally succumbed to my persuasions.

Such are the trials and tribulations of my job - a job that's still a little uncertain, but I'm hoping that the current phase of recruitment for management roles will leave a vacancy I can fill. It may be as a supervisor, but that's no bad thing, as it'll mean I can move slightly away from the 'specialist' role - and, of course, it's a permanent position. I only hope the recruitment doesn't happen while I'm on holiday!

I have to mention last night - Beth prepared a most wonderful meal for me, with help from Christopher. We had a white table-cloth and candles, and when I arrived home, I found my 'going out' shirt sitting on the ironing board with some toiletries at the bottom of the stairs - it's nice to dress up for a 'proper' meal. Delicious, it was, too. It's gestures like that that make me wonder how I was so lucky to marry such a wonderful person.

On slightly less enjoyable matters [warning: grumpy old man alert!] I've just taken a look at (and listen to) the UK Top Ten Singles, and it's all dreadful. From rappers carrying out utterly unnecessary musical sacrilege of a Bill Withers song through some shamelessly mediocre pop and rock songs to yet another of the currently fasionable, yet inexplicable "response" tracks (a 'song' with the same musical and verse structure as a previous hit, but with alternative lyrics, sung by purportedly the 'former partner' and intended as a reply), there's not a song there I like or - at best - am not sick of hearing on the local radio station. I haven't checked out the recently conceived download chart yet; hopefully it'll be a little more freeform (and perhaps even interesting?) as time goes on.

Does this mean that I'm an definitely in my mid-thirties now? I had promised myself I'd never stop enjoying pop music and, with S-Club and even (dare I admit it?) Girls Aloud, I thought I was doing quite well. Time, I think, for me to write that Number One Hit Single. Or at least a song for Eurovision that won't make it past the UK telephone vote.

Linkage for the day:

  • http://www.gutenberg.net : an extensive repository for out-of-copyright books. Perhaps I'll find something interesting to take on holiday!

Posted by james at September 14, 2004 9:23 PM

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