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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 3 September 2004

Indian Summer?

September has certainly started without the weather realising it - we've had clear and sunny skies for three days solid, now, which made for a pleasant day off yesterday.

There was plenty to fit in - a McDonalds breakfast as a treat, followed by a wander around Stockwood Park where, unfortunately, Christopher managed to trip over within twenty seconds of reaching the play area and graze his elbow rather painfully. Ella didn't stop running from one corner to the other, as is her way (now she can walk, she's certainly going to make the most of it) although Christopher was somewhat more subdued as a result of his injuries.

We took a walk along the nearby bridleway that led to the M1 Bridge that Beth used to visit as a child - it must have been both children's first view of the motorway from above. Annoyingly, the concrete sides of the bridge reach up four-and-a-half feet, so Christopher needed to be picked up (gingerly) to see car after van after motorbike whizz hypnotically underneath us. Hanging off the zenith of the bridge, accompanied by a nearby solar panel, we saw a pair of TrafficMaster cameras, placed there to keep an eye on the traffic congestion. A sticker was attached to these devices, clearly stating "THIS IS NOT A SPEED CAMERA. THIS IS NOT A TRAFFIC CAMERA" - perhaps some foolish or perversely principled people had misunderstood the purpose of these in the past.

Once we'd wandered round the beautifully maintained gardens of the Stockwood Park Museum, Christopher was a less pre-occupied by his malaise, and we arrived home for lunch hoping we'd not caught too much of the sun. We visited Asda in the afternoon, then I helped Christopher sort out his books, which had been strewn over the floor owing to their sheer quantity and some seriously unfit-for-purpose bookends. I decided to modify them, using some bits of left-over hardboard, so that they were held in position by the weight of the neighbouring books, and I was fairly pleased with the results, considering I very rarely do any DIY.

Beth had her Slimming World class in the evening, while I ate my curry (I only now see the irony in that combination of extremes) and returned with three certificates - slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month and "First Stone off" - and a large carrier bag of fruit treats as a reward. I definitely admire her achievements so far, and I'm confident that she'll achieve her objective. It's really difficult to resist eating sensibly in sympathy with her, so I'm sure I'm benefitting, too.

I popped over to Suzanne's, once Beth had arrived home, to take a quick look at her computer, which was refusing to access the internet. Although I have no formal qualifications, I'm still really glad that there are very few problems that I can't deal with - although Pete's recent enquiries about what you could do with an Apple Macintosh G3 had me stumped! So much for my broad knowledge...

Today's been a busy workday - fitting in the usual tasks between yet more server failures (this one, apparently, was bound to happen eventually, although now it has, the server's gone out of warranty, so we'll have to pay for replacement parts!) last minute problems with Radio 1's preparations for the weekend and, most importantly, emptying the surface of my desk into two bright purple and yellow crates for the office move at the weekend. It's amazing how many wires I've got, stringing bits and pieces together - I suppose I need my toys! I'm really lucky to have my own desk, although I recall, when I first started, it was being used as a 'junk dump' and I spent a couple of hours clearing it off to make it fit for purpose, which gave me an early opportunity to find out what was about and where it should live.

Now, though, I'm on my way home again - a little later than normal, as the half-past six coach didn't turn up. Time for a weekend, I think. I hope it's a bit quieter overnight, though - Ella's been a little unsettled since she's started teething again, but much less forgivable has been the disturbance of our car alarm, which has seen fit to sound upwards of four times a night over the past few nights. Never, though, does it misbehave during the day. We're taking it to the garage for investigation on Tuesday - it can't be a moth. They don't live that long, do they?

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Posted by james at September 3, 2004 4:31 AM

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