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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 24 September 2004


With any luck this'll be the last entry before our trip to the mid-west; it was uncertain for a little while yesterday, as Beth was rather unwell. I arrived home a little early from work to find her drowsy and feverish on the sofa; a call to NHS Direct suggested that we go to the doctor if possible, as Beth was at risk of becoming dehydrated.

Ella was so good, and Christopher, when we went to pick him up from Beth's folks', seemed to understand that his mummy wasn't very well. We muddled through.

Fortunately, things are a little better today - Beth's organised a coffee morning to co-incide with the "World's Biggest Coffee Morning" (in aid of Macmillan Cancer Relief) and, once we're back from that, it's all hands to the pump to have us packed and out by half-past two. We'll see how things go...

I'll hopefully update this, if not during the holiday (I've banned myself from taking any computers!) when I'm back in front of a keyboard!

Posted by james at 9:00 AM

Thursday, 23 September 2004

Demob happy

Only one working day until we're off to the middle of what looks, from my perusal of the road atlases and street maps, like the middle of Wiltshire's answer to nowhere. I'm quite excited about it, actually - for a start, it doesn't feel like I've had a full week off work in a while, and I'll also welcome the opportunity to break free from the bonds of computers (some hopes... my colleagues have already guessed that I'll probably be taking my iPAQ with me!)

I'm hoping that the sniffles I'm currently harbouring will have subsided by Friday; judging by the terrible nights' sleep I had earlier in the week and a nose that's exceptionally keen on running, I think I've reached the peak of it. Now, though, I don't feel too bad, so with any luck it'll be over soon.

Consequently, it's difficult to recall the last few days. I've been working slightly more sociable hours, so I'm home well in time to help steer the children towards bed, although the evenings still race past, once the lounge has been tidied (well, OK - I didn't do it last night!), tea eaten, emails read and a couple of hours spent working on a compilation CD (I have a friend whose birthday is this week - it's in lieu of a card) or Beth's PC in the studio.

I was quite pleased with meyself yesterday - I actually wrote what could loosely be described as a 'proper' letter, with handwriting and everything. It's such a long time since I've written anything more than a list or scant notes using pen and paper; I can only hope it's legible!

People shouldn't send me links to addictive games like this one. I sometimes surprise myself with how little willpower I can muster!

Links for the day? Of course...

Joke: The other day I won a year's supply of marmite... one jar.

Posted by james at 6:38 AM

Sunday, 19 September 2004

Traditional Sunday

We made it to Ashridge this afternoon - our Sundays tend to be nicely packaged, with church in the morning, playtime before lunch (today, we mostly building robots with Lego and Mega Bloks), and either a trip out, or a visit in with friends or relatives.

The weather held out, warm in parts, although mostly threatening to rain. Ella has an astonishing ability to walk amazing distances, and Christopher very much enjoyed 'exploring' in the wooded area that surrounds the park. While Beth chased after Ella, Christopher and I clambered around a nearly-uprooted tree. I was most impressed with his climbing abilities (especially given my discomfit with heights.Christopher, climbing his first tree.

The traditional Sunday afternoon came to an end with Christopher and I watching the latest series of Scrapheap Challenge before the children went to bed.

I'm typing this as I watch the rather maudlin Greg Dyke-authored documentary about his side of the resignation story. The Radio Times bills it as getting "his own back now, with some vicious and personal swipes at New Labour." I do wonder if the BBC will ever be the same again.

Time, now, to get on with building Beth's new computer. I've installed Windows XP on it, but there are a few tweaks that can be made. Hence today's links of the day:

Posted by james at 8:57 PM

Saturday, 18 September 2004

Oxford reunited

Today started in a rather troublesome way - neither Beth nor I had had a particularly good night's sleep, and both of us were wandering around like zombies this morning. Poor Christopher had been sick, shortly before midnight, too, so it hadn't been the best of nights for him, either! It was only really Ella, who seems to have recovered entirely from her malaise, who woke up prepared for another day!

I felt much better after a shower, though, and, although Pete reported that Jordan hadn't slept particularly well, either, we persisted with our plans to drive to Oxford after lunch.

Before we left, I put together a small collection of CDs to bring with us - Pete has a new computer, and wanted some interesting things to do with it - and the children joined me in the studio. Christopher, as he often does, asked if I could put on a record (I wonder how many five-year-olds know what one is?), and selected the classic - and well-loved "Sun Arise" LP by Rolf Harris. Classic stuff...

Beth, Ella and Jordan
Beth, Ella and Jordan
We arrived at Pete and Lisa's flat Headington with no trouble at all, and, between showers, played in the garden with their extensive collection of balls. It was great for the cousins to be able to interact, especially since they don't see each other very often.

They laid on a delicious tea for us, and all too soon it was time to go home - again a fairly uneventful trip home, although the matrix signs on the M25 warned of 'queues on northbound M1' so I had to employ a slightly longer diversion to ensure we arrived home in good time for the children to go to bed.

Ella, incidentally, doesn't like travelling. Much like her brother, she prefers to be able to wander around, and has taken to declaring this through the medium of incoherent, but strident, shouting from about ten minutes into any journey until arrival at the destination. Amazingly, though, she doesn't get a hoarse throat!

Another day tomorrow, then - church and a little light laundry, followed by a trip to Ashridge if the weather's pleasant enough.

Posted by james at 11:58 PM

Friday, 17 September 2004


I had an enjoyable day off yesterday, although Beth's not been very well, so we weren't particularly ambitious with our plans - ending up in town during the afternoon.

Back at work today (it's the last Friday of work before our holiday - yay!), and listening to the news, I thought: why not put the countryside alliance in a big room with the animal rights activists - it would keep 'em off the streets.

Quote from Christopher: "Orange phones, Purple Loans - you've got to have a system." He's an amusing boy.

headphone adaptorWhile I was at work, I took a brief break to build an adaptor for my phone's radio to work with my headphones. I had to do away with a spare hands-free kit (which has a fairly rare 4 pole 2.5mm jack plug) to make it, and pop to the local Maplins to buy a stereo jack socket. The diagram on the right (click to make it bigger) has the wiring I used, which seems to work with no problems. Do bear in mind, though, that there's no microphone connector, so if the phone rings you'll need to whip the plug out of the phone! I've had no problems using it, although it's only mono. The audio quality's much better through a pair of Sony Fontopias - it's rather good radio that comes with the Nokia 6510.
Nokia plug to headphone socket wiring diagram

(On the subject of which, it would appear that Diverse FM is back on-air for a month. I'm just wondering - to steal a joke from Dilbert - if it's called that because the longer you listen, diverse it sounds...?)

We're visiting Pete, Lisa and Jordan tomorrow, which be a pleasant change - we don't really get round to seeing the family all that often.

Right now, though, I'm off to Asda, for a healthy walk, and to buy some full-fat milk.

Link for the day

  • Superhero? : Beth told me about this - apparently, there's a strangely attired man wandering the streets of Brighton, being randomly pleasant to people. One to watch, perhaps...
Why is it that half of my links come from a BBC website?

Posted by james at 8:41 PM

Wednesday, 15 September 2004

Fun with RSS (if you like that sort of thing)

It's been a fairly rapid rush through work today, not helped much by my inexplicable (and premature) Christmassy feelings, which have perhaps been brought on by the earlier dusk and cool, dry air.

During brief breaks in the sift through a steadily growing pile of paperwork, I've managed to secure 'Barry', my beloved aloe vera plant, and his offspring ('Helen' and 'Daventry') in his pot - when I removed the first of his children ('Allegra'), I didn't put enough topsoil back on, so he kept flopping over, and ended up needing to be supported by a pencil. He has pride of place on a nearby windowsill - as you can (hopefully) see.

Barry on the window sill

I've also finally worked out what an "RSS Feed" is. Apparently, both my main website and this blog (though it needs a little tidying up) have one, as do many of the websites I frequent.

BBC News has the clearest explanation, and, inspired by this, I downloaded a copy of awasu and have managed to display all of the 'front page' content of BBC News, Wired, Digital Spy and a bunch of my favourite blogs in one place. Because it goes and gets the information, and, when a new item appears, a little message pops up to tell me, I don't have to go looking for things.

It reminds me a little of AvantGo but simpler, and with much more 'free' content. AvantGo tends to work better off-line, though - the two are very different.

Well, another day off (how quickly they come round!) followed by the last Friday of work before my holiday (yay!)

Oh - my web server died this lunchtime, complaining of

Sep 15 13:15:52 plinth kernel: Out of Memory: Killed process 11344 (mysqld).
and many other nasty things. After switching it off and on again, then removing yet another unnecessary scheduled task (MRTG - a network traffic graph tool) which ran shortly before the hiatus, it's been OK since.

While I checked my logs, though, I noticed that there are occasional attempts to hack into my server using ssh. Some people clearly don't have enough to do.

Posted by james at 10:25 PM

Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Meetings and servers

Well, it's been a typical Tuesday, with a collision of meetings in the morning, followed by an afternoon of sitting in a cool server room trying to coax a Windows 2000 machine to accept a set of operating system patches for which it wasn't entirely designed. As six o'clock approached, I was a little concerned at the lack of progress, although it finally succumbed to my persuasions.

Such are the trials and tribulations of my job - a job that's still a little uncertain, but I'm hoping that the current phase of recruitment for management roles will leave a vacancy I can fill. It may be as a supervisor, but that's no bad thing, as it'll mean I can move slightly away from the 'specialist' role - and, of course, it's a permanent position. I only hope the recruitment doesn't happen while I'm on holiday!

I have to mention last night - Beth prepared a most wonderful meal for me, with help from Christopher. We had a white table-cloth and candles, and when I arrived home, I found my 'going out' shirt sitting on the ironing board with some toiletries at the bottom of the stairs - it's nice to dress up for a 'proper' meal. Delicious, it was, too. It's gestures like that that make me wonder how I was so lucky to marry such a wonderful person.

On slightly less enjoyable matters [warning: grumpy old man alert!] I've just taken a look at (and listen to) the UK Top Ten Singles, and it's all dreadful. From rappers carrying out utterly unnecessary musical sacrilege of a Bill Withers song through some shamelessly mediocre pop and rock songs to yet another of the currently fasionable, yet inexplicable "response" tracks (a 'song' with the same musical and verse structure as a previous hit, but with alternative lyrics, sung by purportedly the 'former partner' and intended as a reply), there's not a song there I like or - at best - am not sick of hearing on the local radio station. I haven't checked out the recently conceived download chart yet; hopefully it'll be a little more freeform (and perhaps even interesting?) as time goes on.

Does this mean that I'm an definitely in my mid-thirties now? I had promised myself I'd never stop enjoying pop music and, with S-Club and even (dare I admit it?) Girls Aloud, I thought I was doing quite well. Time, I think, for me to write that Number One Hit Single. Or at least a song for Eurovision that won't make it past the UK telephone vote.

Linkage for the day:

  • http://www.gutenberg.net : an extensive repository for out-of-copyright books. Perhaps I'll find something interesting to take on holiday!

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Monday, 13 September 2004


Another week's turned up (on time), then.

It's been a sociable weekend, with Jon staying overnight on Friday and Al popping by for a pint and a game of pool on Saturday. we visited the 'local' pub - an establishment that we used to frequent at lunchtime in the early days of our friendship, as the place of work, where we first met, stood at the top of the hill. It must be ten years since the early days of Marconi Instruments. It would appear, though, that it's ten years since the pub had a refit, or (according to the strange woman who served us) any new customers. The tall metal sign has been buckled double since the strong winds of a couple of winters ago. Christopher and I went for a wander first thing on Sunday morning, to take some other photos of local landmarks. They're in the (slightly re-arranged) gallery.local pub

We also visited Dad and Rita for the first time in months - they recently moved to Hitchin, and the house needed a lot doing to it, certainly to make it safe for the children to wander around it. In spite of Ella's malaise (we had to visit to the unsettlingly minimalist NHS Walk-in Centre for a long, tedious wait followed by an examination by the nurse to check that her rash, which appeared to have worsened, wasn't anything really horrible) she was cheerfully wandering around the ground floor, with no apprehension of Dylan, who mooched around, equally unconcerned.

I'm trying to avoid computers a little more. It's all too tempting to switch on, and browse around the 'net - or worse, have a tinker with my version of the 'motorbike that spends most of its time in bits' the beloved Linux server that sits under the stairs. With any luck, I'll be weaned off 'em by the time we go on holiday!

Utterly unrelated links of the day:

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Friday, 10 September 2004

Better, but mono...

I don't think I've been particularly well over the past couple of days - a few bad nights' sleep followed by headaches in the evening haven't helped much. Now, though, I'm ready for a fairly busy weekend, hoping that the weather holds out for a trip into the countryside with the children.

Ella's illness might restrict us a little - from what Beth tells me, she's got "Fifth disease" - a viral infection that causes her to run a temperature and have a rash - it's not quite as bad as it sounds. She's a fit little thing, though, so she'll be through it soon enough.

I'm heading home from work a little earlier than normal today - Jon's popped by on his way back to Sussex, so it's worth spending as much time with him as possible.

Have I mentioned my shiny new phone? It's got a smashing purple cover for it, now - and a radio - I'm listening to PM at the moment, through the little hands-free kit thing. Unfortunately, it's only working in one ear - I've been looking on the internet for an adaptor so I can use my lovely Sony in-ear headphones, but I'm not really spoiled for choice. This one looks like a bit of a bargain, at ?4.79, although I can't be sure it'll work perfectly (perhaps an email might clear that one up); there's a much more swanky one made by Skullcandy which which costs nearly ?20, but has extra buttons and things. Of course, there's always the Official Nokia stereo headphones, but that's yet another pair to carry around with me. We'll see how things go... I might just hack up a cable and try to make my own!

Have a good weekend!

My Nokia 6510

Posted by james at 6:35 PM


There seems to be so much going on at the moment that fitting it all in is a challenge! It's not helping much that I'm fighting off a cold, I think (moderately successfully so far, but I won't speak too soon!)

I've made some lists - one for work and one for home - as it's quite satisfying to tick bits off as they're done. I'm not making particularly quick progress on the work list, as yesterday was fraught with interruptions, but there's always tomorrow...

Speaking of which, I've got a fairly social weekend coming up - Jon's popping by on the way back down south after his camping holiday, Alec's popping by during a rare visit to Luton on Saturday evening, and we're going to see Dad on Sunday, for the first time since he moved to Hitchin.

Link of the day, then:

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Wednesday, 8 September 2004

Briefly Wednesday

A very brief one this evening - I'm going to try and go to bed a little earlier tonight, as I woke up extremely tired this morning. The sandwich making can wait...

Today's zipped by - it didn't help that I missed the early bus, and the later one was badly delayed in traffic this morning, so I arrived a little late. Still, I managed to get most things done, although I'm a bit overwhelmed with the long list of jobs that seem to have all arrived at once!

The journey home wasn't quite so straightforward, either - apparently the coach driver who was supposed to be running the half-past-six bus couldn't actually find it up at the airport!

But I'm home now, and Beth has been heroic, preparing some delicious sausages and mash with onion gravy as a midweek treat. Yum (and plenty of it!) I'm a lucky man (especially since Beth's still suffering from a cold!)

Just one link today:

  • http://www.kidcarpet.co.uk - a hairy bedraggled bloke who makes some ... interesting electronicky music (including a wonderful interpretation of Van Halen's "Jump"

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Tuesday, 7 September 2004

day off with (or without) alarm

It's been another glorious day, and I've been fortunate enough to spend it all with the family. Unfortunately Beth and Ella seem to have caught colds from somewhere, which has hampered their enjoyment of the warm outdoors, but Christopher and I have certainly made the most of it.

In fact, there were grey clouds and a chilly breeze as we made our way to the car shop in Stevenage, where I'd arranged for the car alarm to be sorted out. We arrived a little after nine, and, once we'd dropped off the keys, and Christopher had taken a close look at the Peugeot 307 Convertible - he's got a 'thing' at the moment about cars that have retractable roofs - we wandered around the Old Town, where we chatted, played, and (hopefully) he learned about as disparate subjects as churches, pendula (penduli?) and the planets of the solar system.

Once we'd received our car back (with the suggestion that we leave our sun visors folded up, and the headrests folded down when we leave the car parked) we returned home, to relax for a while (and help Christopher write his blog) before leaving for the birthday party of a family friend.

Fortunately, we were able to play outside, which was in good shade, so I'm sure we'll all sleep very well tonight!

Back to work tomorrow - I'm aching a bit now. As Beth said, I'm in my 30s, so I can hardly be expected to keep up with the children!

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Monday, 6 September 2004

Public works of art

Having listened to the tail end of Front Row on a few trips home from work, it seems that there's beeb a new culture emerging, in recent years, of public art - works of sculpture and visual poetry that isn't restricted to galleries.

A fairly obvious one is the Broadcasting House project - a giant canvas on the 'prow' of the old building.

The SourceThen there's the new sculpture recently unveiled at the London Stock Exchange - it's called The Source and changes moment by moment, 'stimulated' by news feeds. I'd love to go and see it.

This evening, I heard about three new bridges to be built at the terminus of the Grand Union Canal in the Paddington Basin - Helix, Rolling Bridge and the Langlands and Bell bridge. Hopefully I'll have the chance to visit and, perhaps, photograph them at some point.new Paddington Bridges

The Freedom TowerRight now, though, I'm watching a programme on Channel 4 about the Freedom Tower and the associated power struggle between the designers. Another sight to add to the list...

Posted by james at 9:10 PM

office moves and busy weekends

Friday came to an end with plastic crates being jammed to capacity with the contents of my desk. It turned out to be a bit of a rush, but eveything had made it to the second floor of Brock House in one piece when I arrived this morning. The only minor casualty was Barry, my beloved Aloe Vera plant, who is in dire need of repotting, so he's currently being supported by an old leaf and a pencil(!) after being left with my boss - who has an impressive collection of office plants, although none have the personality of mine!

So to the weekend. Saturday was mainly taken up with a day out at a children's indoor adventure place with a few families Beth knows. I wasn't really feeling very well - perhaps the continual interruptions of our sleep during the week had taken their toll, and I woke up with a headache and some dizziness that lasted most of the day. Still, the children enjoyed themselves, and hopefully wore themselves out!

My old friend Tamara came to visit after church on Sunday - she's Ella's godmother. Life's been busy for all of us, so we'd not met up in a long, long time, but it was a wonderfully warm day, and the children were on and off of the terrace with bubble mixture and radio controlled cars all afternoon. Beth cooked a delicious meal for us all, which was tasty and healthy. Tamara's a very talented photographer (her website includes some enthralling natural phenomenon photographs, and a small collection of quite breath-taking portraits of our little ones. My favourite one is this one of Christopher. Hopefully we'll have the chance to take some more, especially now that Ella has developed some very cute expressions.

The erstwhile minicam I carry around with me will never be a match for sophisticated equipment and finely honed skills (in fact, I have difficulty pointing it in the right direction, as the viewfinder is frankly rubbish!) but I took this picture of Christopher with his cherished birthday present (bought with the gifts of money he received from friends and family). I'd very much like to teach him to play, although we'll probably take it very easy to start with.Christopher and his guitar

Speaking of which, there have been two new interesting channels that have recently appeared on Sky's channel line-up:

  • The Musician's Channel [Channel 475] : During the day it features sessions by new and unsigned bands, and in the evening, it broadcasts half-hour lessons on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and singing. The style is a little 'QVC'ish, with an overenthusiastic presenter stretching things out to fill the twenty-five minute slot, but the lessons are generally very well structured, and the main tutor is (certainly from what I've seen) a virtuoso.
  • Pulse Unsigned [Channel 905] : This is a radio station, playing only music by (surprise surprise!) unsigned bands. I've not heard much of it (Christopher tends to have control of the remote during the day, and I tend to listen to GBS FM or BBC7 of an evening) but it seems to be a little unadventurous for my liking, playing either rock, indie or dance, but nothing more unusual than that. [see comments for Pulse Unsigned's reply]

I tend to rely on Media UK to find out about what TV and radio stations there are on all the different platforms.

Nearly home, then. I'm taking tomorrow off, so we can (hopefully) get the car alarm sorted, and then we're popping down to London to have lunch with some friends. It's Mother's birthday, too - I've been a little remiss and not sent the present and card off yet (Sorry, Mother!)

Oh - while I still remember - I received the letter on Saturday that I've been hoping to see. It's from the Inland Revenue, telling me that, because I'm not very interesting, I don't need to complete a tax return next year (yay!) Unfortunately, Beth will, as she's now self-employed, but hopefully it won't be too onerous a task for someone with her form-filling skills!

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Friday, 3 September 2004

Indian Summer?

September has certainly started without the weather realising it - we've had clear and sunny skies for three days solid, now, which made for a pleasant day off yesterday.

There was plenty to fit in - a McDonalds breakfast as a treat, followed by a wander around Stockwood Park where, unfortunately, Christopher managed to trip over within twenty seconds of reaching the play area and graze his elbow rather painfully. Ella didn't stop running from one corner to the other, as is her way (now she can walk, she's certainly going to make the most of it) although Christopher was somewhat more subdued as a result of his injuries.

We took a walk along the nearby bridleway that led to the M1 Bridge that Beth used to visit as a child - it must have been both children's first view of the motorway from above. Annoyingly, the concrete sides of the bridge reach up four-and-a-half feet, so Christopher needed to be picked up (gingerly) to see car after van after motorbike whizz hypnotically underneath us. Hanging off the zenith of the bridge, accompanied by a nearby solar panel, we saw a pair of TrafficMaster cameras, placed there to keep an eye on the traffic congestion. A sticker was attached to these devices, clearly stating "THIS IS NOT A SPEED CAMERA. THIS IS NOT A TRAFFIC CAMERA" - perhaps some foolish or perversely principled people had misunderstood the purpose of these in the past.

Once we'd wandered round the beautifully maintained gardens of the Stockwood Park Museum, Christopher was a less pre-occupied by his malaise, and we arrived home for lunch hoping we'd not caught too much of the sun. We visited Asda in the afternoon, then I helped Christopher sort out his books, which had been strewn over the floor owing to their sheer quantity and some seriously unfit-for-purpose bookends. I decided to modify them, using some bits of left-over hardboard, so that they were held in position by the weight of the neighbouring books, and I was fairly pleased with the results, considering I very rarely do any DIY.

Beth had her Slimming World class in the evening, while I ate my curry (I only now see the irony in that combination of extremes) and returned with three certificates - slimmer of the week, slimmer of the month and "First Stone off" - and a large carrier bag of fruit treats as a reward. I definitely admire her achievements so far, and I'm confident that she'll achieve her objective. It's really difficult to resist eating sensibly in sympathy with her, so I'm sure I'm benefitting, too.

I popped over to Suzanne's, once Beth had arrived home, to take a quick look at her computer, which was refusing to access the internet. Although I have no formal qualifications, I'm still really glad that there are very few problems that I can't deal with - although Pete's recent enquiries about what you could do with an Apple Macintosh G3 had me stumped! So much for my broad knowledge...

Today's been a busy workday - fitting in the usual tasks between yet more server failures (this one, apparently, was bound to happen eventually, although now it has, the server's gone out of warranty, so we'll have to pay for replacement parts!) last minute problems with Radio 1's preparations for the weekend and, most importantly, emptying the surface of my desk into two bright purple and yellow crates for the office move at the weekend. It's amazing how many wires I've got, stringing bits and pieces together - I suppose I need my toys! I'm really lucky to have my own desk, although I recall, when I first started, it was being used as a 'junk dump' and I spent a couple of hours clearing it off to make it fit for purpose, which gave me an early opportunity to find out what was about and where it should live.

Now, though, I'm on my way home again - a little later than normal, as the half-past six coach didn't turn up. Time for a weekend, I think. I hope it's a bit quieter overnight, though - Ella's been a little unsettled since she's started teething again, but much less forgivable has been the disturbance of our car alarm, which has seen fit to sound upwards of four times a night over the past few nights. Never, though, does it misbehave during the day. We're taking it to the garage for investigation on Tuesday - it can't be a moth. They don't live that long, do they?

Random links:

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Wednesday, 1 September 2004


Not much to report today - I spent most of it at my desk, scratching the surface of a vast amount of 'big' things that I'd need several weeks to sort out, were it not for near constant interruptions of 'we need this now' phone-type calls. It wasn't all bad - I managed to cover a fair amount of ground, and pick up some important knowledge.

I'm taking my usual Thursday off tomorrow, in spite of the Bank Holiday (I have an understanding boss who's doing the same on Friday), although I kind-of justify this by keeping my phone switched on. I'm not sure what we've got planned, but I'm sure we'll make the most of it.

I'd almost forgotten... I've been summoned for Jury Service towards the end of the year - in some ways it's quite exciting, although it's an onerous task. It'll certainly mean a up to a fortnight off work, but from what I've heard, the circumstances in which a juror operates is far from stimulating, so I'll be paying a visit to the local library beforehand, I think. I read so few books - and complete even fewer - that the tedium and extended waits will present a useful opportunity to catch up.

Hopefully I'll finish the Air and Angels backing track later - it's encouraging to have a slightly later evening to do some studio bits.

Posted by james at 8:41 PM

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