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Monday, 23 August 2004

week on wheels

Another week begins, then - we're rapidly running out of August! It would appear that the weather has pre-empted this, by greying out the sky and liberally sprinkling water - this doesn't bother me at all, though farmers seem to be suffering from the incessant dampness.

For some reason there's not that much to report of late - although 168 hours seems a lot to fit into a week, over half of it seems to be spent at work (my boss and the other specialist have been on holiday and off sick respectively), asleep, travel(l)ing or any combination of the three.

Beth drove up to Birmingham for the afternoon on Saturday to see some friends, so I took the children on a bus ride into town. It's amazing, now that Christopher's five, that it would cost £2.70 for the three of us (£3.60, when Ella's older!) to spend less than ten minutes in a bus, driving us to and from the town centre - especially since I could get a return to Bristol on Megabus for £2.50!

Fortunately, my season ticket entitles me to free local travel, too, so it only cost fractionally more than it would to park for the hour we spent shopping. But it still doesn't seem to work out...

Enough of my moaning. There's nothing better than to find out something new and unsual - today, for example, I was informed that ants 'milk' aphids. I had no idea that any other creature did 'farming' like we humans do. Nature is so complicated. It's probably best if I leave it alone - except wasps, who deserve all they get from my small collection of hard flat objects.

Hmm... it would appear, though, that wasps can actually be beneficial as, rather than keeping them like pets, they eat aphids. So... I'm not sure what to think any more. Well, actually, I do. Wasps are still horrible, and there seem to have been more of them this year. I have to shake out the duvets at the end of a warm day, for a start, and that annoys me.

Before I vanish, here are some customary links:

That's it from me... it's Tuesday tomorrow. I could never get the hang of Tuesdays.

*There seem to be more flexibly spelt words around than ever before: "yog(h)urt", for example. I wonder if, in a hundred years time everything will be spelt in "text speak".. "trvlng"... "ygt"... "nTdsStblshmntRENsm"... it'll never catch on.

Posted by james at August 23, 2004 5:38 PM

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