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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 28 August 2004

bank holiday weekend

To compensate for yet another (the possibly all-time-longest?) almost interminable blog entry, I shall attempt another brief report for the last couple of days. Yesterday was a Good Day Off - we popped into town for breakfast (it's about the only time I ever go to McDonalds these days, and the longer I stay away, the less edible I find the burgers, although the food they serve before half-past ten isn't so bad) and then dropped Christoper off at the summer playscheme he's been attending - and enjoying - all week. It's organised by the Pentecostal Church in town, and appears to be energetic and good natured, with a Christian theme and a good ratio of helpers to children.

We were, understandably, a little concerned to start with, as it's the first time he's spent practically the whole day away from the family, but it was encouraging to see him emerge with a smile at the end of yesterday's session.

Beth, Ella and I popped to Hemel Hempstead to start - can you believe it? - on the Christmas shopping, and some birthday present buying. It's a busy time of year, certainly for my side of the family! Then, once we'd retrieved Christopher, it was the rundown to the evening, when Beth went to her slimming meeting and I did some tidying up, while listening to one of my German colleagues who has a show between 7pm and 8pm (our time) every Thursday on Radio CT in Germany.

Back to work today, then - it's cheered up a little, weather-wise, which bodes well for the weekend - but I needed my raincoat as I caught the bus this morning. I seem to have spent much of the day writing a "method statement" for a rather tricky firmware replacement that I'll (hopefully) be doing on Tuesday, and distracting myself looking at some forum software to play with at work and, erm, at home. Suzi suggested that it might be an idea for the website - I'll give it a go, but it remains to see whether anyone'll use it!

As I researched my options for forum software, I came across a remarkable website that lists web forums in order of popularity (mainly by posts). It's interesting to note that Digital Spy's forum is the 141st most popular on the internet - evidence that it's gone from strength to strength since the days of the digiNEWS network.

Oh - I almost forgot - one of my colleagues informed me that there would be a small live music session in the 6music rest area, and I wandered up the fifth floor to see a performance by Ed Harcourt who played keyboards and sang some very passable songs. I took a couple of little photos as he played - just to prove I was there!

So to the weekend, then - we've not got much planned, but it would be great to get out and about (in spite of the roadworks, engineering works and flight delays that seem to be about to blight the Bank Holiday!)

ed harcourt singing and playing

Posted by james at August 28, 2004 3:57 PM

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