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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Tuesday, 20 July 2004

reunion and radio

I've not written much over the past few days, in spite of how much has gone on! It took a few days to recover from the sedation - in spite of the relief of having the all-clear. This - of course - means another visit to my GP, to investigate other possibilities. Sounds like fun...

At least it meant that I could spend the day with the family - I'm not sure what we got up to, but it was my last opportunity to walk Christopher to pre-school, and we played "Scrapheap Challenge" with Lego while Ella was asleep. Our challenge? To get a duplo train to complete a circuit of the railway track, using his lego, which fortunately includes a couple of 'custom' pieces, with springs and gears that ultimately spin lego axles at various speeds, so we just needed to find a way to apply the turning force to the wheels. Hopefully he learned something - I have to admit enjoying playing with Lego, even though I'm 32!

Saturday was a busy day - Jon popped up to visit (we were playing Radio Stations that evening), and accompanied us to my sister Cath and fianc? Martin's house for an afternoon of pizza and family reunions. It was phenomenal - seventeen of us - all of my brothers and sisters, their respective partners and offspring, my mother and - of course - Jon. Thanks to him, of course, the opportunity arose to have a group family photo - possibly the first since Beth and I were married. The gallery has all the pictorial evidence.

We arrived home and, while the children - exhausted from a run round the garden on probably the sunniest day in July so far - went to bed, Jon and I set about preparing for the Image FM broadcast that we were going to do that evening. As ever, everything was really last minute, but we made it througbh the fours of internet 'webcast' without too much incident. Annoyingly we had a 15 minute dropout during Jon's show, but I will fine tune all the technical kit before next time (yes... I probably said that at the end of the last one as well!) Check out all the Image FMs we've done in the sound archive

Some family friends popped over on Sunday afternoon, and we all visited the Stevenage Brewsters - a family restaurant with its own children's play area. It wasn't too busy, but there's always the concern that the children will end up being injured or intimidated by rambunctious play of other children. Ella, though, enjoyed walking round the outside playpark and climbing the smallest of the equipment - fortunately, it was clear as most of the children preferred the challenge of the larger apparatus.

Another weekend rapidly came to an end, then - this one closed with some exhausted children (and parents!) - in fact, it's amazing that it's Tuesday already.

I was on the coach trundling up the motorway when I saw a couple of unusually painted buses, both empty save for a capped driver - they were signed as "Location Diners", and I could only imagine what sort of eating environment a bus might be! I guess it's a bit like a marquee on wheels. Thank heavens, therefore, for the website! Thinking of this, if I were to open a restaurant or takeaway, the first thing I'd do is put the menu on the internet, as there's nothing more frustrating that not being able to find the menu in the copious kitchen drawers.

Enough of my moaning! Unrelated links of the day...

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