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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Friday, 23 July 2004

more retro-type yabberings

Not only am I in my own demographic (well, I think so), but I seem to be in my own generation at work. Some students were having a conversation about Captain Planet and I had to admit that I had no idea who he was [or that apparently the theme tune was written by Phil Collins]; there's a large gap in my children's television experience - I can name all the Fimbles, and know what the Shiny Show is, but anything between the Mysterious Cities of Gold and rugrats TV is beyond me. Neither the students nor the rest of the engineers seemed to know who Captain Zep (Super Space Detective ... with cardboard filmsets) was, though. Was I imagining it? That said, we found common ground in the unrealistic CGI of Knightmare.

"Where am I?"
"You're in a room!"

Apart from that brief period of whimsy, it's been practically non-stop at work - I have done more yabbering today (in the course of my job, I ought to add) than normal. Conversations were had with the aforementioned vacation students (typical that I was in that generation of university attendees for whom an opportunity to work during the summer holidays wasn't available *snort*), media managers, senior editors and people training me to use the internet to connect into work. I'm surprised I got anything done. But today was rewarding in its way.

Last night, Joanne's PC was finally repaired - Christopher helped me swap out various bits until we managed to identify the offending article. I had a spare CD-writer (having looked on the internet for confirmation that the old one is something of a lemon) and, having installed the free Open Office - in lieu of a Microsoft Office licence, as it's pretty much compatible - I shut down and went to bed. I can only hope it switches back on.

Tomorrow, it's band practice day - I'm going to be in Kent with the rest of Jude trying out a new drummer. We'll not be leaving until half-past ten, so at least that'll mean a bit of time with the children.

So to the close of another week, then. I'm tempted to go to Paris - they've closed the motorway along the Seine and turned it into a beach. They'd never do that with the M1 past Luton, though, more's the pity (as I've often said - I don't think we could live further from the seaside than here!) But I'll probably make it as far as Kent and then come back.

Two links from the day's daft office emails:

Have a good weekend!

Posted by james at July 23, 2004 8:36 PM

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