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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Monday, 26 July 2004

distance over time

It's been another mixed up day; as I sit on the coach, the sun is streaming in - amazingly high in the sky for the time of day - through the left window, while grey menacing clouds drift over London to my right.

Work's been bit like that, too... the server I've been gently coaxing back to my way of thinking has decided to stop working (again), I've had yet more phone calls with a media manager in a situation born of misconception and misinformation that has certainly been brewing for longer than I've been with the department and there have been a long list of odd jobs that I've been trying to deal with inbetween. Busy, therefore, but varied.

Poor Christopher - he came stomping down the stairs this morning (it's what he does) at a quarter past six to find his bin to be sick in. He's such a good lad, and to see him suffering from any kind of malaise moves me in a unique, achey way. The same, of course, goes for his sister - especially to think back a year ago when she wasn't feeding properly. I'm hoping that this is just a minor bug, and that his aching head and tummmy recover in the next couple of days.

He wasn't well yesterday, either, but we did manage another of our 'father and son' projects - this time to tidy up the little wooden cabinet in which my studio computer resides. The problem was that the rear of the cupboard was closed, and pushing the computer far enough back to enable the door to shut caused far too much bunching of the cables, which led for a while to a really bad picture on my studio monitors. The airflow inside the box wasn't too good, either - there's a fan at the front, but nowhere for the air to go.

We systematically removed the contents of the cabinet, and then set about attempting to remove the back panel. It turned out to be easier (but noisier) than we'd thought, as a 'secret' screw (covered with a circular wooden dowel) enabled me to loosen a panel, and it was a case of hitting it in the right place with a hammer and screwdriver (yup... I can be quite savage when I need to be) that the glue was dislodged and the panel fell out. I was expecting it to have some kind of dovetail or tenon joint, but it was fairly straightforward. We scrwed the back panel onto the top (as it was previously open, and covered with an antiquated CD jukebox that I've had for three years and never managed to get to work) and set to repopulating the cupboard with the necessary cables.

A disaster befell us shortly after lunch - Christopher took great pride in announcing to Beth that I'd blown the four-way extension lead up. I'd tried to mount it, using a pair of slightly protruding screws, to the top of the cabint. However, the 'bracket' was nothing more than a cross-shaped hole in the plastic, so I had to raise them up a great deal to angle the extension block so it went on. I was a little over-keen to 'click' it into place, and inadvertently pushed the screw right into the innards of the mains block, shorting out two of the connectors. When I turned the power on, there was a 'bang' and a brief shower of sparks. Fortunately, the main fuse didn't blow, and the only casualties were the mains block and a rather blackened screw top.

It gave us the excuse, though, to wander up to Asda to buy a new four way block (for the princely sum of ?1.87) and for the children to enjoy quarter of an hour in the playpark on the way home.

As I remember, we also tried to get my (bought for a bargain price but broken nevertheless) Wavefinder to work. Almost since Beth bought it as a gift for me it's been unreliable - not least because we live in such a poor area for reception, but it seems it's a fairly poor design, and there's a good chance some of the components have exploded. I'll stick to internet radio stations and my NTL box (which, for some reason, refuses to play Radio 4) through my beloved and battered cordless headphones.

So much fun to be had with technology, eh? When it works...


Posted by james at July 26, 2004 6:51 PM

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