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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Sunday, 4 July 2004

A soporific Sunday

Well, I can't say I've achieved much, today... last night was quite a late one for rehearsals, and, since lunchtime we've all been sitting around in the lounge watching programmes about Boeing 747-400s and building things out of scrap metal, both of which were found on the rather educational Discovery Channel.

Christopher and I have also been playing with my little webcam - I've been trying to sort out the internet feed for the website for a while, and have finally motivated myself to get it sorted. Next time there's a recording session happening in the studio, you can be sure (with everyone's permission!) that it will be streamed onto the web, should you wish to witness it.

Ella's taking more and more steps, although she can still move a lot quicker at a crawl. She alternates between hands and knees, and hands and feet. Christopher, in his usual whirling dervish dashing around the place often knocks her over, so we have to ask for some restraint as she finds her feet.

Before I wander down to the studio for the evening, I saw this in someone's signature file on a bulletin board earlier and was quite impressed:


Apparently it works by making the .jpg extension run a little script, which in turn uses an on-demand image creation tool to customise the picture. Neat, but I'm sure it'll be overused soon, if it's not already been so!

It's the final of the European Championships today, but I don't think I'll set aside any time to watch it; I might put it on in the studio.

I'm off now... to do very little in the remainder of this half-asleep Sunday evening and to take something for my occasional, yet traditional Sunday headache.

Posted by james at July 4, 2004 6:54 PM

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