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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Wednesday, 30 June 2004


It's been a crazy day for anyone who wants to do any kind of wheeled travelling around London; people took to their bikes, and the rest of the traffic ground to an unceremonious standstill. Our company wheeled out some of the oldest buses I've ever seen, to help ferry the employees to such delightful locations as Liverpool Street, Victoria and Waterloo.

I was going to link to this site (warning: contains strong language) as it's a list of daily overheard conversations on the tube and thus, in some tenuous way, related to today's tube strike but, having experienced daily tube journeys for a couple of years, I know for a fact that nobody ever talks to each other and mobile phones don't work. Perhaps he lives in the 'overground' region... or he's clearly making it up.

Hot on the heels of handy clothes folding hints from yesterday, comes a collection of myths about batteries. There's so much to learn about on the internet...

I've got tomorrow off; I'm hoping it's as nice as today (not too warm, with just the occasional shower) so we can go and get some fresh air.

I was thinking about refections (it's something I'd like to tell Christopher about - I've brought home some shiny stickers for him - but I can't quite work out why light bounces off a metal surface!), and came to the conclusion that water is amazing... it can steer photons, crush a polystyrene cup (I saw it on a television programme), turn into drizzle and makes for a healthy, thirst-quenching drink. Oh, and it can sustain the phenomenal sea monkey (of which Christopher has a number as pets).

Well, it's going to be a long journey home, so I'd better sit back and enjoy it...


Posted by james at June 30, 2004 9:21 PM

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