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Friday, 30 January 2004

Blizzard? Call that a blizzard?

I can't remember what day it was last year that we had all that snow business, but it's happened again. It seems a little strange that the same complaints are being dragged dustily out of the whinging wardrobes - "Why weren't the roads gritted? Why did the Highways Agency let this happen?" The simple answer, I believe, is that this is an occasion that - like Christmas - happens about once a year. Unlike Christmas, however, one cannot make preparations for it, by wrapping presents, putting out mince pies and going to midnight Mass.

Which is why I s'pose I was fairly philosophical about being jammed up in the snowbound traffic (we were coming home from Beth's parents' house, which is four miles away by road, just as it was starting) for two and a half hours, and relatively accepting of the situation, were it not for the occasional irritation of people blocking off junctions and roundabouts. The children behaved wonderfully (thank goodness!) - we were fortunate that it was early evening, so Ella could doze, and there were enough bits and pieces in the car for Christopher to play with. It was a long journey home, though, and we were all feeling drained as I drove cautiously - and the wrong way* down our street.

Beth's brother was stranded at work overnight, unfortunately, and there were plenty of anecdotes spoken on local radio the next morning as I prepared to attempt a journey into work.

A report I heard on PM this evening puts my woes into perspective, though - the town of Bam, in Iran, suffered an earthquake that caused so much damage that people have had to sleep in tents in the street for a month, with houses completely rased.

If the worst we get is a bit of snow, I'm counting my blessings! Here are some photos I took last night - when things had improved somewhat.

Our road, with snow on it.
Our road, with snow on it. Note the cars all pointing the correct way.

The patch of grass that goes along the main road.
The patch of grass that goes alongside the main road. No traffic, though. It was the next day.

Snow, our terrace and a bit of garden.
A view of our terrace and a bit of the garden beyond. Snow can make anything look good. Even Luton.

*The main road was still blocked up, even until I went to bed after 11pm, and the other route involved a narrow, icy road that went up and back down a tight, steep hill. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Posted by james at January 30, 2004 8:10 PM

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