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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Saturday, 1 November 2003

Listen again...

While I remember, I thought I'd mention the Listen Again service that BBC Radio offers. It's amazing - when there's nothing of interest on the radio, it's possible to hear programmes that I'd not heard about, or couldn't listen to because I was working, sleeping or doing family things. Unsurprisingly, Radio 4 has the greatest interest for me, as there are regular broadcasts (such as Feedback) and comedy programmes (such as the moderately hilarious Marcus Brigstocke's Giles Wemmbley Hogg Goes Off) available on the web which I would otherwise miss.

Radio 4's programme list can be found here.
Radio 2's programme list is on their 'listen live' page.

What's even better, though, is the variety of niche, whimsical and science-type programmes that I would make arrangements to switch on, but never get round to it. A great example of this, that I would recommend to anyone with an enquiring mind, is the ten programme set of Five Numbers and Another Five Numbers". These are light-hearted, but content-rich quarter-hour expos?s of 'interesting' mathematics. My favourite episode was the one about pi.

If I have any slight niggle about the collection of programmes available to hear again, it's that not all of the creators give BBC Radio the right to publish them on the internet, so there's a chance that something will only ever be available when it's actually on air. For example, I couldn't listen to The Pet Shop Boys documentary on Radio 2 over the past couple of weekends because other things were - as usual - going on.

But all-in-all, it's yet another example of the BBC's massive on-line resource (something which several members of the government believe encroaches on other commercial companies' interests, and probably should be banned... or something) of which I and at least a number of other people make use every day.

I'll also admit that it enables my iPAQ to masquerade as a rather impressive (although probably overpriced) personal radio- yet another handy thing to do with a PDA, a pair of headphones and, where necessary, a mains adaptor(!)


Posted by james at November 1, 2003 11:55 PM

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