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Saturday, 15 November 2003

House names

House numbers are boring. In fact, some house names are, too. Now don't for a moment think that I'm one of those individuals who insists on buying a personalized number-plate for their car. "Personalized" can simply mean a few initials, which is a little pretentious, but not unacceptable. However, the temptation to resort to desperate measures involving screw heads, bizarre lettering and sometimes more imagination than most people can muster to extend their clearly inflated personality onto the front and rear of a car* is too much for some deluded individuals, and in a way I pity them.

That, however, is merely a long-winded and opinionated aside. Back to house names. According to the Halifax bank, the most popular names to call home are:

Position House Name
1st The Cottage (1st)
2nd Rose Cottage (3rd)
3rd The Bungalow (2nd)
4th The Coach House (5th)
5th Orchard House (12th)

These names seemed to me to be predictable and uninspiring. In a fit of rebellion, I unofficially (and ironically) dubbed our previous house "Shania Twain Mansions" (it was a tiny two bedroom modern dwelling seemingly made entirely out of Weetabix) and our latest house is known - to friends, suppliers of junk mail and whimsical competition entries - as "Geri Halliwell Towers."

How, I found myself asking, would I make the name permanent? Once again, the Halifax banking shop has the answer:

If you do want to name your home for the first time - or change its name - and it already has a number it is important to contact your local Royal Mail delivery office. If the name clashes with a very similar one nearby you may be asked to choose an alternative. You should also inform all those who need to contact you by post including the local authority, household utilities such as gas, electric and telephone as well financial organisations such as your bank, building society and insurance company. The Land Registry also welcomes details of new names and name changes.

So now I know. All I need to do now is persuade Beth that it's a fantastic (or at least not unbelievably stupid) idea, register the name and then, of course, buy a plaque.

*I am a founder member of the "It's only a car" campaign. I'm sure there'll be a blog entry about it sooner or later...

Posted by james at November 15, 2003 8:10 PM

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