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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.

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Sunday, 12 October 2003

Children - growing up fast!

Shortly after Ella's birth (over six months ago, now!) I created a simple website to put photos of the darling little thing on. As with many of the best intentions, it's not really been kept up-to-date; after about three weeks I stopped putting pictures on it.

Seeing as this is as good a place as any, I thought I'd post some pictures of our two wonderful children. At least there are no irritating pop-up adverts on this site (although it makes up for this by taking ages to load - sorry!)

Here they come, then...

ella in a pretty bonnet
Ella in a pretty bonnet (Jul 2003)

smiling ella
A smiling Ella (Jul 2003)

sleeping ella
A sleeping Ella (Sep 2003)

hungry ella
Ella and her bottle-holding skills (Oct 2003)

ella encounters reflection
Ella encounters her reflection (Sep 2003)

christopher and crane
Christopher playing with his crane (Aug 2003)

christopher and godfather
Christopher and his Godfather, Paul (Jun 2003)

This, hopefully, won't be a unique event - once I have a collection of good photos, I'll put them up here.

How are they doing? Well, we've been a little worried about Ella - she seems to suffer from reflux, and, having also had a bug last month, her weight went down below the 0.4th percentile (that's to say 99.6% of babies in the UK weighed more than her at 5 months!) It's been rather strange, though, as she is as cheerful and energetic as one would expect a six-month old to be - in fact, possibly moreso, just like her brother. Having seen a consultant, we've put her on a 'stay down' formula, and combined with a voracious appetite, she's made great progress over the last few weeks. She's also been waking up less at night - which is a bonus!

Christopher is doing well, too He's still attending pre-school three mornings a week; because he turned four in August, it would have been unfair to plonk him straight into school, as he would have been by far the youngest. But he's got an amazing imagination, and can work out some fairly tricky problems, which is good to know. He had his pre-school vaccinations last week, and has been a little under-the-weather since. This isn't really surprising, as he had six different vaccines (if you count the controversial measles/mumps/rubella combination as three - we decided to go ahead with it, but that's not to say it wasn't - and isn't - nervewracking).

I am in no doubt that I am incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful, friendly, well balanced children - it's just a shame I have to go to work and miss much of the week with them. Speaking of which I'd better finish this entry and get some sleep...

Posted by james at October 12, 2003 9:59 PM

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