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Tuesday, 19 August 2003

Here, wormy wormy...

It's certainly been a busy one at work of late - chasing after this nasty Windows vulnerability and the reasssuringly unirritating lovsan (or "Blaster") virus that exploited it.

Fortunately, a lot of the servers we use are Windows NT, rather than 2000, and the virus wasn't written to infect tgem, so there's been less urgency to run the patch over all 250 servers we look after.

That said, dear old Microsoft have brought out a handy program that checks the network for vulnerable machines, so it makes it a bit easy to check off the ones that need doing.

It's been fun with PCs at home, too - the Linux box that hosts this website decided to stop being on the internet on Sunday. This completely unexpected problem happened while I was at work, so I had to talk Beth through connecting her PC straight to the internet, so she could continue to work on the Digital Spy website forums and the like.

Then there's the laptop - Christopher, who's just had his 4th birthday, tends to use it to play his computer games. However, half of them don't run on Windows 2000, so I finally got round to completely reinstalling it with Windows 98SE. (well, actually Windows 99 - a bizarre hybrid version of 98SE and ME that came my way a few months ago, thatg I can find no mention of on Google).

The reason I'd installed Windows 2000, however, was because this particular laptop was originally a company PC, and the BIOS configuration was locked with a password, so I couldn't get it to boot off a floppy. I had to disassemble half of the PC to get to the CMOS batteries so I could temporarily disconnect them and cause the necessary security amnesia. One of the irritating side effects of this is that now the keyboard's back on, it keeps sending out spurious 'g's. Most irritating, and yet another thing to fix!

But I've done enough of these re-installs to know which bits to save (there's nothing worse than losing favourites, personal address books, documents, wallpapers and the like when a hard drive gets formatted - as I've found out the hard way!) so once I had it all back together, it's been a tedious, but straightforward re-install.

However, having a four-year-old son who can get hold of CD-ROMs stored in the least accessible places has its down-sides; several of them are scratched (hopefully not permanently) so my next job is to make 'spare' copies of all of them so he can destroy them as he will...

This has been a dull entry, for which I apologise. I'll leave you with two nice links, one of which I stole off the ever lovely b3ta newsletter:

And with that, I'm off to bed. Late - especially since I'm giving blood in the morning. However, I'll hopefully get a bit of a lie-in, as Christopher's at his grandparents, so I'll not be woken up at half-past six with some bizarre question about the Sky box!

Posted by james at August 19, 2003 1:14 AM

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