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The life and times of james Hart: his family, his music, life in Luton and his occasional escapes onto the internet.


Re-using an old Android phone as a DIY cycle computer
Upgrading Linux.. the slow and painful way
Birdcam - the YouTube generation
British Touring Car Championship - May 2014
Shortform happenings...
Lego Galaxy Squad at the National Space Centre!
An afternoon on Dunstable Downs
Back Garden Bird Webcam
Podcasts... still!
Silophone - an amazing on-line audio effect, and it's still going!
'Free' cloud storage (the cheapskate's approach to backups!)
Happy New Year
A (long overdue) day trip to Bexhill
Owl + USB energy monitor - how to get live data from it (techie)
Debut and procession
"Just popping to the hospital..."
A morning at the Birds Of Prey Centre at Shuttleworth
Router woes and fast broadband...
An unusual but nostalgia-inducing email...
Audioboo: They Might Be Giants at Koko, Camden
Holland Park
Google Android Smartphone review: Samsung I9000 Galaxy S
Audioboos: German trip audio diaries
Audioboo: Portal 2 anticipation boo
St George's Day(ish!) Parade 2011 (audio blog)
Audioboo: Mothering Sunday and other things
Audioboo: The Rebecca Black Phenomenon
Audioboo: Saturday morning gardening with Lenni
Audioboo: Rubbish gardening
Big Bang Science Fair
Audioboo: End of a happy Christmas Day boo
The Sony MW600 bluetooth headset.. quite handy!
Audioboo: Under the (snowy) weather boo
Ten Easy Christmases - a quick quiz
Norfolk Children's Book Centre...
An autumn half-term full of delights...
An audio recording from AudioBoo
An audio recording from AudioBoo
AudioBoo: New Studio Arrival boo
Sunny September Saturday!
Audioboo: London Zoo - The Rainforest Life boo (post sloth escape attempt)
Audioboo: Amazing Disappearing International Space Station Boo
An audio recording from AudioBoo
Chris's cookery course (and other holiday activities...)
Jon and Lisa's Wedding - 20th August 2010
"The Someries" executive lounge - it was my idea!
AudioBoo: Radio reflections at the compost bin boo
AudioBoo: Musicians at Stockwood Park, Luton
AudioBoo: Don't put a three-year-old chid on a garage roof
syzygy : that word game!
audioBoo: "The Story Of Plastic Thing boo"
audioBoo: First Parent Consultation boo
audioBoo: Sunny Saturday Skateboard park boo
Retro computers and... er... music!
An audio recording from AudioBoo
Wicksteed Park - a hidden gem in Northamptonshire
An audio recording from AudioBoo
Is this summer?
audioBoo: Continual birdsong boo
audioBoo: Rambling powercut boo
Studiology (and "Finchley Road")
An audio recording from AudioBoo
Luton Airport - so quiet (AudioBoo)
Mary and David's Wedding
A Heath Robinson Recording (AudioBoo)
Our first visit to Ashridge of 2010 (TwitPic)
Stockwood Country Fair
"Finchley Road" (and this time of year)
An audio recording from AudioBoo
Music 2010...
Bird table version 2 (and 'stick soup')
AudioBoo: Transition Luton Hustings, 25th February 2010
Bird feeder cam..!
Half-term fun and action!
New(ish) year..?
An audio recording from AudioBoo
A photo from TwitPic
Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre - and Santa!
BBC iPlayer on the Goodmans internet radio (and elsewhere!) - techie
Vive La Difference (in Luton..!)
Luton's 2009 Firework Display
Dark clouds and sunrise..
"Chris TV News": Hi-tech half-term homework!
A narrowboat trip up the Grand Union Canal
Doves and London Bulgarian Choir - amazing!
Holiday at Winchelsea Beach - October 2009
An audio recording from AudioBoo
Internet radio and wi-fi radio directories... the pitfalls!
Bletchley Park
OK, I'll admit it - I really like LEDs.
Normality (mainly) in autumn...
A photo from TwitPic
A photo from TwitPic
Summer holidays...
A photo from TwitPic
A photo from TwitPic
A photo from TwitPic
A video from Vox
A video from Vox
An audio recording from AudioBoo
An audio recording from AudioBoo
An audio recording from AudioBoo
An audio recording from AudioBoo
An audio recording from AudioBoo
An audio recording from AudioBoo
A photo from TwitPic
An audio recording from AudioBoo
A photo from TwitPic
An audio recording from AudioBoo
An audio recording from AudioBoo
AudioBoo: Day 2 part 1: post-surgery boo
A photo from TwitPic
A photo from TwitPic
AudioBoo: Day 1 part 2: spinal surgery boo
AudioBoo: Day 1 part 1: Hospital admissions boo
A photo from TwitPic
AudioBoo: Day 0 part 4: Frustration and Wetherspoons
AudioBoo: Day 0 part 3: phone frustration
AudioBoo: Day 0 part 2: Whitechapel
AudioBoo: Day 0 part 1: Luton Railway Station
AudioBoo: Audiobook Audioboo
AudioBoo: Luton Airport Apron boo
AudioBoo: End Of Tuesday Wrong Button Pressing boo
A photo from TwitPic
A video from Vox
AudioBoo: Late Night Visitor Boo
The chronicles of life - Web2.0 style.
Start of summer (and seaside).
The UK Centre for Carnival Arts, Luton : the ugliest building in Bedfordshire?
Lots of podcasts...
Lots of weekends...
Off on my own (a bit)... and how to find my way about.
Just updated to Movable Type 4.25 - checking the Twitter feed still works!
Goodmans CD1505Wi (and similar) - comments, news and an excellent blog!
On-line fraud - lessons learned (hopefully by Play.com, too!)
Weekend away
Can I get the MT-Twitter plugin to use TinyURL?
Google Maps over 3G / GSM on the i600 (techie)
Royal Institution lecture, class assembly and clock change...
Hobnobbing with the stars (well, being a 'hanger-on' anyway!)
Fire station!
A home-made cloche... to avoid a late frost (hopefully!)
Pre-spring weather and lemony electricity!
What do people use Twitter for..?
Things to do with YouTube... amazing!
Wii and Bubble Clock...
Dramatic Chords..!
new song demo: 'no advice'
Snowday 2009!
Post-Christmas.. resolutions?
Missing calls on the Samsung i600 with a 3G SIM?
Coffee with the Vobes at Monmouth Coffee House.
Skyfire browser for the i600 (and other Windows Mobile 5 Smartphones) comes to the UK
Goings on...
iPod Touch.. another new toy!
More things to do with an i600...
Orange 2G pay-as-you-go SIM... how to get a (free) upgrade to 3G
Goodmans CD1505Wi wifi micro CD system - a review
A rambling internet radio pre-amble (or 'My Life as an Anorak')
Qik! Get the cameraphone! (techie)
A visit to a World Service Transmitter site...
Nasturtiums - even in October!
Birthday party in Didcot (or at least half of one!)
Today's the day the guinea pigs get their bath!
Berocca - blogger relief (and some fine marketing!)
Family catch-up...
The North South Divide - 8 - 'sky'
Watching TV on my i600 and the mac mini... (techie!)
The National Space Centre - another fun day out!
Radio Pop!
TomTom voices - child stars!
Zoom H4 - firmware update!
Luton Airport - off their trolley.
Woburn Safari Park - Wonderful!
'secret' - the card game!
Smartwater and Immobilise..
Family photos..
Visitations and vacations..
London tourism...
A slight digression...
(not even nearly) Daily Photo Of The Day : DJ Pony!
Haircut, breakage and general relaxation!
Adding microphones to church sound reinforcement - economically!
Daily Photo of the Day : hoop-la!
A new Discovery!
Two weekends (with work in the middle!)
Diamond (but avoiding the Jubilee!)
More things to do with an i600...
sports day and course...
Pictures from our holiday...
Busy weekend!
At four with nature...
Quick note: Neuros OSD and the joys of stream_fuse
Quick note: i600 MAC address and turning off inadvertent dialling..
Windows Mobile Smartphone review: The Samsung i600
Weekend away...
More things to do with the Neuros OSD (including being frustrated)
Neuros OSD - the fun that can be had...
TV transmission.. more gadgetry!
studio project photos...
Daily Photo of the Day : the green
While the cat's away... party!
Curtains and gardening... and more, I've no doubt.
Holiday week.. and signage!
Things to do on Good Friday
Early Day Motion: Photography in Public Areas.
Catching up.. and Neil Gaiman
Daily Photo of the Day: cars
Daily Photo of the Day: branding
Daily Photo of the Day: landing
Daily Photo Of The Day: Blackbird
Daily Twitter digest on Movable Type - the old-school way...
Web 2.0... it's like spaghetti, except with tubes.
Daily Photo of the Day : Mothering Sunday Flowers
Daily Photo of the Day : written in light
Lenni as Pippi Longstocking
Daily Photo of the Day: City
Daily Photo of the Day: Mr. Nelson
Cheap PVR and Geek Music...
Daily Photo Of The Day : FISH!
Growing vegetables is fun!
Web 2.0 - so much to see and do.
A daily photo project...
The Garden Plan for 2008...
Here come 123 podcasts...
Tech toys (for TWiTs?)
Half-term week of novelty...
Adjusting bicycle cable-fed disc brakes...
Hedge Trimming!
Quick! Catch up!
Angels and root beer..
Well done, Beth!
The first long commute of 2008...
Radio Birdsong is back (for now)!
Make your own bird feeder stand .. from bits and pieces!
Microsoft and movie...
Luton's Great Outdoors
Internet Radio.. a petition
Bacon, Guinness, Coaches and a return to work..
interfaces to review..
First post..
Too many browsers...
Petitions, Phones and Purchases...
Lenni's debut performance?
Weekends toward Christmas...
podcast! danger!
Carpet kid..
King of the toolkit...
Cold out, but busy inside...
While I remember...
The Harlequin Ladybird
More on radio and music..
notes from a small mind...
Things to do...
broken boilers and general upkeep...
studio bits, workmen and colds...
Workmen, lights and potential sales...
The technical revolution...
coach crash, crumpets and comedy.
Weekending things
they might be videos..
Wicksteed Park, Radio 4 Comedy podcasts & Surrealist Headline Generation...
moblog : 29-09-2007 at 19:32
How to moblog with Movable Type on a Mac ... maybe! (Techie)
moblog : 28-09-2007 at 15:55
Radio 1 cart player...
2007 St Albans Beer Festival
geocaching in Luton..
Monday morning...
moblog : the new playpark in People's Park
DAVE! (and angels)
busy weeks and shiny web links..
First day at school...
Our holiday in County Durham...
summer holiday...
family and friends...
end of term...
drums, vans and bakeries
replacement and randomness
one-legged MP3 player (or how to fix the H320/H340's headphone socket!
Tuesday moaning?
sleepy science
Vanburger - our friend's fight against eviction
Disappearing from the airwaves...
waiting and TVs..
results and catch-ups...
small voice... big internet.
carpet, energy and mysterious flowers..
still here, but I need to get out (in the garden) more..!
Cassiobury Park
Hampton Court Palace Flower Show
a week gone.. a weekend ahead..
traffic, traffic, traffic..
whirring and bargains
new website!
rescue and irritations...
quick update and gems..
warning: risk of flooding
Weekend reminiscences and intentions!
facing up to work and Luton...
salvage! podcast!
backups, robots and free wi-fi
Fetes, recycling and iMovie
detox (ish!) and in-blog entertainment
interviews, music and caffeine freedom
Nightshifts and trivial USB pursuits...
preschool, go home and recycling
seaside, software and.. er.. something to do with lighting.
scratch and play...
breakfast and incidents (audioblog)
twittering and things to do on the mac..
Too much Justin Fletcher and bad singing on children's telly?
Radio wrongness?
a few random bits of stuff
rock and roll deafness...
lettuce, elections and Flash...
webbys and urban folklore...?
Luton Scouts - St George's Day Parade 2007
Vista disappointment, overnights and a brief worrying moment
Extreme Gardening!
recovery and gardening
sick day and associated (lack of) productivity..
Outdoor life..
Flight of fancy
kickabouts, penguins and incomprehensible Japanese text..
googly eyes
try this for size, mate..
Things I don't have time to do [techie]
"When I say Ikea, thou shalt not say.."
kid! carpet!
project of pop
Generic Host Process for Win32 Services - nasty error!
Not in the slightest bit snow.
another four days of work over...
Rock lobster podcast!
random things for Sunday evening..
Another sunny day..
heroes and eclipses
mac mini memory mistake - bean there, done it..
overambitous? A spectrum of delights..
doorstops and resurrections..
tags and cheese
snowy and worky
plenty to do...
hot fuzz..
mac shoutcasting.. the saga continues! (techie!)
lists, mac streaming and trimfones
working my way through 2007..
rehearsal pics and workin'...
tasty wine... and real ales!
sunday papers...
child-friendly games
sounds like Christmas is on the way...
on course for carpet laying..
sickness and upheaval.. but it's not all bad..!
'tis the season (Autumn, actually)
podcast, party and video (game) players
back, music and mac browser
jingles and holidays..
Road works, videos and Lee Valley
gettin' around...
miniature railways, tube tomfoolery and emerging bands...
Education and dynasty...
birdfeed and TV science
crane flying
game for a distraction from work (and travel!)
holiday : audioblog 02-09-2006
holiday : audioblog 30-08-2006
holiday : audioblog 27-08-2006
technology going northwards..
windmills and birthday weeks..
police! drama! vehicles!
summer holidays and the plant challenge
barbecue, alpaca, pylon...
podcast meetups and synths
heat heat hot
last of the seven plus four...
birth and video
unsafe pavements and strange street furniture
heat treatment...
festivals and freecycling...
kitchen tables, gardens, football and work...
too hot, homely Excel-lence
websickness (or something)
half-term away...
phone resurrection
Birdsong and bizarre car comedy
whoosh goes the weekend.
tiny mac thing (a bit techie)
Saturday night entertainment, rain and hackers...
The day of rockoning!
seaside, nights and TV mixups
spring sunshine and ... oh, the usual!
Elephants, internet radio and cheesey wotsits
grinding to a halt... (techie)
Our first geocache and contraptions
Birthday and comedy
beauty and books.
birthdays, youth hostels and wagon wheels
meetings and music (of sorts)
courses, recordings and webcasting (perhaps)
ripping irony and spots
changes, rage and podcast
weddings and videos of uniqueness
courses, dinnerbells and content filtering
Britain, Britain, Britain...
first gig of 2006 and free things!
An alternative to reality?
computer music special!
new year... same old blog!
it's still Christmas!
Festive Tunery...
The blog is back (with a bit of luck!)
another strange weekday...
Hemel explosion - what we saw and heard...
Linux... printers and disaster prevention(!) [techie]
Course and Commute
Christmas lights... it's getting to that time of year!
Yay! Combination DAB radio & MP3 players...
Mighty Boosh tickets competition...
General Technology Failure at line 1...
technopodcasts and digital radio rants...
Indian cuisine and wind-up DAB
SBES, blind rage and a free book!
car surveys and comedy
Family weekend!
food, cars and comedy
school, telly and technology (woo!)
Airport expansions and other stuff.
not for want of trying...
Greetings from Luton.
back to work...
Peace and quiet in Herefordshire
...and the weeks whizz by...
Yarr! I'm a bit achey...
rehearsal and photoprinting
Ukulele mashups, talkaoke and radio wrongness
brief update on things...
on the nightshift...
CDs, convivialities and celebrities.
internet audiofest...
windy weekend (or not)
Lots of sitting down involved...
Cars, Bristol and puzzles
alert, hearing and JCBs (naturally...)
the future of rock (kind-of)
Busy week
Tuesday landings
radio revolutions & tall buildings...
Nearly six...
birthday parties and country walks
sunshine, showers and popcorn
launch break...
phone, plant and pickle
in the most delightful way...
not enough hours...
REM in the great beyond
world travel...
Indoors on a day like this?
goings-on (and goings-off)
sunny sunny
Cover versions and remixes...
Long weekend... short blog entry!
late finish...
uncertain state
hate something.. change something..
sound and music..
future hopes and family time...
Melting and making poverty history
midweek recovery (Tag 4)
In the swing of things (Tag 3)
eight euro supper yum! (Tag 2)
Grüße von einer deutschen Tastatur
Guten morgen aus Deutschland (Tag 1)
led astray...
This is the coastal town...
Charm Offensive
Bank Holiday tuneage...
AAC+ and VoIP on my iPAQ (techie...)
radio - modern and ancient
park life
MIDI and workings
eurovision and nightshifts
toothache and commuting...
general catch-up
still safety-conscious...
tyres (or not) and voting
High Speed Silliness to a Russian Trance Soundtrack
Street furniture?
animals, lectures and coaches
music, musing and mazing
Li'le bi' o' politics, theyarr..
weekend away..
long weekends and "free" ipods
Birthdays and horseys
April foolishness
TV distractions (and intranet messaging)...
BBC job cuts
Brigg Stow
Day in the countryside...
Quiet weekend...
TV debut, and time off...
Mothering Sunday and Children's radio
information for money...
March already?
The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy - The Movie!
AACPlus (Techie)
Sunny day - not snowday.
Petals around the rose
tummy bugs and free time...
Courses and reward
PC upgrades and hammering
Streaming media and things...
Limited Travels
Manic Wednesday
wanderings and mixers
Just... Look Around You (series 2!)
Life on shift
rebuild ... again! (or "overuse of bullet points")
Quiet weekend...
Weekend and cover versions
Shift patterns and speech synthesizers...
Copying video clips onto a Nokia phone... (techie)
Knighthoods and football. An obvious combination (?)
Christmas and webcams...
Pre-Christmas plumbing.
Two hats, two working days.
Festive decoration
Busy busy busy
Critical point...
Stage one complete...
busy week - peaceful weekend (hopefully!)
obey your supervisor...
Non-stop Monday.
application form...
wireless headphones bodgery
Drizzly ol' Monday
Dynamically changing wallpaper in Windows 2000 / XP - Techie
not much...
one less transmitter
Changing times...
Christopher FM
John Peel
nothing taken for granted...
Fun... erm... with javascript [techie]
this service will be delayed for...
my life in five words.
nobody at the door...
When EU documents go... a bit awry.
Too early to mention Christmas?
End of Sunday (already?)
return from holiday...
Demob happy
Traditional Sunday
Oxford reunited
Fun with RSS (if you like that sort of thing)
Meetings and servers
Better, but mono...
Briefly Wednesday
day off with (or without) alarm
Public works of art
office moves and busy weekends
Indian Summer?
Monday-ish Tuesday?
dodging the showers
out and about ... a bit.
bank holiday weekend
taxes, texts and statistics
week on wheels
midweek miscellany
What do points make?
damp amusements
humidity, and inexplicable websites.
Thank heavens for fans!
unexpected tempest
still (and) warm
getting there slowly...
Saturday stuporstore
day-off objectives ...
wrestling match
distance over time
more retro-type yabberings
blasts from the past..
Wednesday already?
reunion and radio
Image FM ... a shameless plug
Technology, eh?
Family day
office warmth
A soporific Sunday
Sunshine-and-showery Saturday
bus stop
open farm
Tuesday evening
Sunny Monday
family time...
"Ed and Kate is [sic] getting married"
Natural History
Sounds Expo 2004..
Christopher's debut CD
Blizzard? Call that a blizzard?
Into 2004...
Christmas type photos...
junk texts and advent calendar competitions...
miserable failure
Long-awaited update...
Royal Victoria Docks
Theatre of Dreams
House names
Pret am Anger.
Decisions: "make" or "take" ?
Listen again...
Handy (and free) iPAQ software (techy)
Wi-Fi Hotspots and iPAQs (techy)
Flat Pack Furniture...
Saving a PC - james's simple guide (techy)
Fun with iPAQs (techy)
Children - growing up fast!
... too little time ...
Here, wormy wormy...
Heavens to murgatroyd..
4th August 2003

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