Tweets for 19 Mar 2019

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(09:55:29) @johndredge Excellent!

(11:19:37) @JuliePa74145788 Best way to achieve that is to post some interesting/hilarious/cute/impressive tweets ... people t…

(17:11:45) @JuliePa74145788 Hello :) I'm more or less OK - how's your day gone so far?

(17:13:49) @mrnickharvey Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek

(17:14:27) @jiminkendal @mrnickharvey Passenger do some very effective songs.

(17:19:44) @julieprunes Good heavens... a bit #FagsMagsAndBags #RitterSport

(17:27:41) I'm still not sure why electric lorries aren't a thing. There's plenty of space for batteries...

(17:28:12) @jan_doig I think I will save valuable moments of my life by not reading it :)

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