Tweets for 17 Mar 2019

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(14:44:19) @jan_doig Hope you've recovered and made a firm appointment with the sofa and some feel-good telly this afternoon.

(14:44:39) @lizcrippinmusic Such a great picture! 😍

(15:03:34) I am fairly sure I just dream a pre-roll advert for actual Spam ("Sizzle, Pork And Mmm", apparently) on #YouTube ..…

(15:47:03) @jan_doig Totally get that. But it's easy to be rather hard on oneself. Next time will definitely be better 😊 Got yourself a cuppa?

(16:53:17) @japharl @20korg @trailaurality @Auralnauts @1AbbyRoad @defactosound @d_llas @SongExploder Me too 😁🤣 #PodcastCrossover

(19:23:18) @JuliePa74145788 You've got 31 now! That's one for every day of March 😃

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