Tweets for 15 Mar 2019

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(08:22:15) Here's a #TopTip - when stockpiling medicines and the like for the forthcoming hay fever season or #Brexit, I tend…

(08:22:26) @willowHart Afternoon to you too. Sleep is great though...

(08:28:55) @willowHart True! I hope you get the chance too 🤗😴

(16:53:35) There are a few Android apps that don't exist that I'd quite like to make. I wonder, if I sat down after Sunday lun…

(16:56:31) @afoxinlondon I really don't understand humanity's mawkish obsession with such things, nor the media's requirement…

(20:47:01) @ellewadding You and I both.

(20:52:52) @mostlygeordie That's made my Friday - I'm in love that we're in-between days of Glastonbury main stage.. and it al…

(21:01:54) @andytuk Fisher Price excellence!

(21:05:19) @andytuk @rainbowtaylor I'm sure we had that one too... I think it was part of a bus :)

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