Tweets for 13 Mar 2019

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(07:45:27) @fridgemagnet2 We are all doomed.

(07:47:49) @willowHart Yeah... I'll bring the cocktail shaker..

(07:48:11) @jan_doig 24 hours too late but HUG

(10:09:14) There is a special place in hell for Ticketmaster and anyone else involved in it. I do wish bands and artists would…

(11:10:50) @fridgemagnet2 There are plenty of them out there already :D

(14:10:27) @mergyeugnau Wow... fantastic photo!

(16:54:51) @jamieoliver Rich beef sausages.

(17:43:40) @mergyeugnau I've spent the last hour trying to think of an owl-based pun, but couldn't think of one #Twoo

(17:43:57) @neek71 ~shudders~

(18:23:13) @Flaminhaystack How did you take that..? It's an amazing photo!

(18:24:11) @willowHart Top of your head..?

(18:25:18) @Flaminhaystack 👍🏻fab pic (helps that the subject matter is worthy of capturing 🍷👩‍🚒)

(20:47:31) It baffles me that the US doesn't use chip & PIN. Or at least it doesn't seem that way.

(21:00:24) @mostlygeordie

(21:21:04) @MrSacs All rather complicated!

(21:22:14) I've been told by very reliable American sources that chip and PIN is common on current accounts but less so on cre…

(21:34:37) @MrSacs It definitely feels like the future!

(21:35:15) @mostlygeordie That's the sort of question I think I'd need to be given time to confer 😆

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