Tweets for 11 Mar 2019

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(19:32:17) @Flaminhaystack It's not "Pen Pineapple Apple Pen" you're talking about, are you..? #So2017

(19:34:26) @TheGarethLloyd Great work on the Luton Council OB - thank you for sorting it. #NewlandsPark #saveourtown

(19:35:49) Well done to everybody involved πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ•Ί "L-U-T-O-N ... we're gonna #saveourtown" 🎢

(19:37:19) @Flaminhaystack I'm baffed, then.

(19:37:53) @CarolKettley Oh my ... MOAR IRON FOR CAROL!

(19:38:37) @fridgemagnet2 #UseTheForce

(19:39:52) @thisismenic70 Apparently robins declare and defend their territory through song. And occasionally dance and pub qu…

(21:09:11) @canuckuk It's a planned development at J10 of the M1 to fund the new stadium in Luton... it's about as close as th…

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