Tweets for 09 Mar 2019

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(08:49:24) @jan_doig Yup.. it's a thing. #Catholic

(08:57:28) @jan_doig I had a lot of education at home on the matter; I recall (albeit vaguely) going through the Catechism in…

(12:17:37) @jan_doig Wasn't that a book..? 😄

(12:50:53) @thisismenic70 Heh. You call it a George Formby as well 😄😄 #MyKindOfGrill

(12:52:22) After 40+ years of unsupervised tooth brushing, why is it that within 10 seconds of starting, most of the toothpast…

(12:56:40) In other news: is it just me or are the websites for local newspapers so beset by adverts for utter garbage that th…

(14:45:50) @afoxinlondon I think it's a function of habit & the lack of consciousness at the time I'm doing it; just shows bad…

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