Tweets for 07 Mar 2019

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(08:17:49) @DoomGolly But you don't get the crash, so evens out in the end... and you'll probably outlive us 😁

(08:21:08) @dansumption @CFBClips @elsie_em Better than the video to "Wired For Sound"..?

(08:26:25) @JellyWTBelly @elenalucie_ @paulineyau @instagram Wowsers .. in that case, it's not the sort of community in which I want to be involved. 😑

(15:49:14) @ThePartridgePod The look on Alan's face when he puts the candle out with his licked finger.... #JohnGone…

(15:50:06) @ThePartridgePod Also: The state of the tributes (and yes, that does say "get well soon!") #JohnGone…

(15:55:53) Also that poor cuddly bunny.

(16:36:36) @mynameisgill Have a very happy what's-left-of-your birthday :)

(16:44:32) #WorldBookDay - excellentness!

(17:13:27) @julieprunes Good heavens...!

(18:06:54) @thisismenic70 Mmm firm favourite. #Toadhole

(21:27:31) This is very, very special.

(21:31:40) @MrMichaelSpicer I wish I'd known this before I had organised the exorcism of my Vicks 20.

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