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Tweets for 27 Feb 2019

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(08:45:16) @captainrobs @Engineer_Andy Crazy that the restaurant proprietors are happy to let that happen πŸ˜‘

(08:47:23) @Engineer_Andy The difference between a lovely cosy Indian restaurant and a sparse, resonant trendy pub... I know what I prefer!

(16:56:00) @julieprunes Postposterous!

(19:17:20) @thisismenic70 You are very good at this...

(20:30:15) I'm not much into soft drinks, but @vimto's Watermelon, Peach, Strawberry, Rounders, Goldfinch Joy and Whimsical An… https://t.co/7g0P4itb95

(22:44:28) @RobJD That second mortgage was worth having the restaurant practically to ourselves.. #MaybeNot

(22:51:34) @ThePartridgePod "Coming up, we'll be talking vegetarianism and gambling" ... I wonder if the veggies got bumped by… https://t.co/G30DXrq0ez

Tweets for 26 Feb 2019

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(17:08:34) @johndredge You could get a big shop in, and give away the song one lyric at a time written on each item to neighbours and doommongers?

(22:40:34) I am delighted this episode touched on a real bugbear of mine - poor acoustics and bad noise at restaurants. I real… https://t.co/fKGlwAqhhq

Tweets for 25 Feb 2019

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(07:50:42) @thisismenic70 Morning 😊 I wish the very same to you. There's sunshine and blue skies - hopefully the good times won't be far behind πŸ˜€

Tweets for 24 Feb 2019

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(14:15:45) Bring me sunshine... https://t.co/tUQMzdbN1P

(14:43:53) @seagullworrier Not quite that far.. just a 30 mile round trip to Hemel and back 😊

(18:16:55) @wuthering_alice Woahhhh! I love everything about this - am I allowed to watch this even though my offspring have grown up?

(18:19:08) @wuthering_alice YAY!

Tweets for 23 Feb 2019

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Tweets for 22 Feb 2019

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(11:38:01) @thisismenic70 That's not a joke, it's a work of arrrrrt 😁

Tweets for 21 Feb 2019

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(08:21:05) @TOther_Simon Since my offspring have become teenagers I have made a point of saying "What's this..? It's got a good beat..." #HughDennis

(09:01:04) My morning has been entirely improved by the wonderful revelation that there's a an "Allow explicit content" settin… https://t.co/4k3lg1dSUN

(09:16:06) I can't help but love this - it's Incorrect Music in the modern idiom…

(17:18:30) @thisismenic70 GOOD TIMES #MoreGallivantsForAll

(19:24:37) @mostlygeordie It's been quite the day 😊😊

Tweets for 20 Feb 2019

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(07:54:57) @CarolKettley Such lovely things - and wonderful to count blessings like that. May I offer, to complete the set:

(08:03:23) @CarolKettley You too! Thank you for the smile this morning 😊😊 x

(08:14:33) @ellie_made It's all gone a bit Brexit... https://t.co/ImAbqWNqpg

(08:20:31) @PontoonDock Even more beautiful...

(08:23:26) @thisismenic70 Love your curious robin. We have one called Clarence who pops by on occasion 😊😊 https://t.co/0W51Oma7hL

(08:26:32) @thisismenic70 And they seem to be intrigued by humans

(18:16:08) @thisismenic70 Adorable!

(19:48:22) @PhillipaJC Grand! Hope it all goes well 😊

(19:50:40) @herzleid At one point I was thinking "That's got 41% alcohol in it..?" And then I noticed the quotes and it all made even less sense ...

(22:17:28) @herzleid It's a revelation!

Tweets for 19 Feb 2019

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(07:52:40) @jan_doig I would absolutely love to see the scientific basis for this... (Also: please let me know how you get on 😁)

Tweets for 18 Feb 2019

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(10:59:00) @gavinshuker @TheIndGroup No great surprise, but I completely understand the reasons. I think you've done the right thing.

(11:22:21) RT @LittleRedShow: A new space for creativity and friendship in Eastbourne. If you have skills to share, spare time to volunteer, stuff we…

(21:33:37) @thisismenic70 I think it's quite coot.

(21:34:44) @julieprunes Oliving your best life.

(21:42:27) @johndredge Me too, mate. Some of the finest podcastery ever made. You were ahead of your time. And in some ways yo… https://t.co/YENUGVroGZ

Tweets for 17 Feb 2019

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(08:15:07) @Flaminhaystack Oh that is such a horrible situation. I really do hope your contribution to the best interests of y… https://t.co/hcXGCtlglV

(08:15:46) @thisismenic70 I endorse this idiom.

(11:23:14) Who'd have thought... there actually WAS a Father Jack Hacket... not sure he was quite as loud or offensive, thoug… https://t.co/qNQQLNG5N7

(16:49:53) @julieprunes @j1jem You truly are Greater London's very own Jessica Fletcher.

(21:01:24) @fridgemagnet2 Yikes. In a very rich way.

Tweets for 16 Feb 2019

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(12:32:03) @thenewbrunette @ellewadding You're going to a disco that starts, as I would put it "Just before tomorrow." Baffling..!

(12:32:40) @emsquare_d Those books were a mainstay of my childhood 😊😊

(12:36:49) @ellewadding Rather tragically I tend to opt for "The blue one, please" when asked which I'd like from the online s… https://t.co/Ai1vPc3B9z

(14:40:44) When I am a elderly, I will take every opportunity to tell many stories of derring-do and derring-probably-shouldn'… https://t.co/1M5jmzVvS4

(14:41:20) @thisismenic70 πŸ˜†

(16:32:07) @RobJD Sadly not.. fortunately I found a replacement power socket on eBay for a few quid that I will try to fit whe… https://t.co/1PZDekEajQ

(16:33:56) @RobJD Which means, of course, I will find the original bit when I have completely ruined my laptop trying to fit the new one 😁

(16:34:30) @fridgemagnet2 Fair point...

(16:39:43) @johndredge - Pig

(16:40:23) @willowHart Any chance of a nap..?

(16:55:26) @willowHart Shame they don't have a soft furnishings section 😁😁

(16:56:24) @CupOfTea69 You most definitely look Still Young (and are so at heart!) So all is good 😊😊

Tweets for 15 Feb 2019

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(19:30:34) Interesting #comedy programme on @itv2 - "The Stand Up Sketch Show" - stand-up with short "Drunk History" type sket… https://t.co/Ku4zGznHiZ

(19:52:21) @johndredge @itv2 Not sure the trailer did it justice - nice to see some small-scale stand-up.

(20:08:14) @charliegould What a legend.

Tweets for 14 Feb 2019

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(17:09:46) @Flaminhaystack @Toblerone Woahhh! That is so cool!

(19:49:40) Hemel is other people.

(19:50:08) @lizcrippinmusic That is so wonderful 😊😊

(19:50:32) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 Impressive work @fridgemagnet2

(19:52:11) @lizcrippinmusic Please let me see it!

(20:00:05) @the_sammster @julieprunes Freecumulation... best I can do 😊

(20:11:21) @mostlygeordie But funnier.. 😁

(20:17:12) @Maria_Moyses Would be interested to know how that sounds...

(20:50:57) @jan_doig I didn't even bother clicking the link... 😁

(20:53:44) @manytypesoftea Good 'eavens.. it is, isn't it! Even came up on my Twitter Birthdays calendar and I totally forgot!… https://t.co/tmL6wm8FCb

(20:57:14) @JasonHazeley I had never appreciated it. Having read that, I certainly do moreso.

(21:00:07) If anyone wants me I'll be downstairs looking for a tiny bit of my tiny lappytop that appears have broken off, rend… https://t.co/2Bmhem7IB3

Tweets for 13 Feb 2019

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Tweets for 12 Feb 2019

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(08:25:06) @20korg @leilabattison @ProfJEdworthy @SenSoundSpace @defactosound @d_llas I truly LOVED this episode - thank you s… https://t.co/oKZXpZsmMV

(08:26:19) Really enjoyed this episode of Twenty Thousand Hertz. I truly hope that hospitals will sound completely different i… https://t.co/TYZKxUNd5A

(17:10:33) @jopijedd @jonholmes1 @BBC6Music @talkRADIO @BBCRadio4 @BBCRadio2 Listen Against is one of the greatest radio progr… https://t.co/eRyjF6r288

(17:31:00) @rosehczxcds @JKCorden Youth hostelling with Chris Eubank...

(17:44:10) @jonholmes1 @jopijedd @BBC6Music @talkRADIO @BBCRadio4 @BBCRadio2 @alicearnold1 #legend

Tweets for 11 Feb 2019

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(08:24:38) @jan_doig Not wrong at all. Hugs x

Tweets for 10 Feb 2019

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(16:34:52) Pretty much sums up my bike ride today... #graffiti #motorway #bikeride @ M1 Northbound https://t.co/LO5PEk0b1P

(21:19:52) @fridgemagnet2 True, but that way London lies... 😁 #ItsGrimEverywhere

Tweets for 09 Feb 2019

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Tweets for 08 Feb 2019

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Tweets for 07 Feb 2019

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(21:05:27) @OmarRaza @EdinburghTVFest @bbcwritersroom @bbcthree BOOM! Hope you totally win!

Tweets for 06 Feb 2019

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Tweets for 05 Feb 2019

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(07:47:53) @ellie_made That's my morning music sorted..! Cheers πŸ€—

(11:23:25) @ellie_made LOVE THIS! (I want to make More Glitter For Straight Men a thing)

(11:26:02) @JamesCridland @Podnews What were they expecting to happen after those 3.1 minutes..? And what has happened in thei… https://t.co/Syne1EI3JH

Tweets for 04 Feb 2019

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Tweets for 03 Feb 2019

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(11:52:28) @ReluctantRelict "Runcorn, Greater Ilford" 😁 You can certainly tell when a recruitment agency are relying on computers πŸ€”

(12:08:54) @miz_shake68 Pretty woeful! (Not sure enough goes in at care homes to require a specialist in sexual health... 😁)

(12:10:46) @thisismenic70 Good grief - quite a shock! I'm still not sure about the wires bit, though... was it just stringy cranberry sauce..? 😁

(12:11:36) JOYFUL https://t.co/7CtAguk6tA

(18:11:21) I wonder when the phrase "fit to be tied" fell out of common usage. If, indeed, it ever was (and I am not simply making it up 😁)

(18:11:59) @FlossieTeacake Absolutely... I am sure you brought joy to many πŸ€—πŸ€—

(18:31:25) @Runefang78 I guess it's to be expected that nobody says it any more..!

(18:33:13) @FlossieTeacake Funnily enough I did the main guitar and singing (for the first time ever) for a service this morni… https://t.co/pAA6tIP2go

Tweets for 02 Feb 2019

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(11:01:48) @ms_cornwall Happy Saturday to you, too 😊😊

(13:28:50) @TNLUK The Olympic indoor bike riding road at the Olympic Park, Olympic Games Road, London. #RaceToTheNumbers🀞

(13:54:00) My CV must be really, really, really bad (for reference I've been in IT/broadcast operations for over 25 years..)… https://t.co/5uXLdhf3mK

(14:01:04) @mrsdoigy In many ways I could do with one #IWantToBeALlamaFarmer

(14:03:40) @CupOfTea69 Well indeed πŸ€”

(16:18:52) @fridgemagnet2 It may well be the best they can offer the likes of me...

Tweets for 01 Feb 2019

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(09:34:21) @julieprunes @sohotheatre @Abandoman Good times!

(14:06:41) @Writerer Oh noooo. :(

(14:10:43) @mrsdoigy @Writerer Aye. A true great. But his spirit will SO live on in the glory of satire.

(14:17:00) @mrsdoigy @Writerer Absolutely - beautifully put.

(23:18:26) @julieprunes I so totally wish I could do that 😁

Tweets for 31 Jan 2019

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(17:41:55) @ellewadding It's the RH% which is the killer... blows right through me! #CyclingHomeNow #PrayForMe

(18:21:32) @ellewadding Home and I can feel my fingers again! My word that was a wind-chilly little bike ride! Wishing you and… https://t.co/OOWPwk2GS9

(18:25:17) Two lovely men from @jlandpartners (sadly not called John & Lewis as far as I know, but very friendly nonetheless)… https://t.co/UZPf2bXeoZ

(18:25:25) @amycassy83 Brrrrrrr

(18:57:11) @streakmachine @jlandpartners cheers! I do hope so, despite the hard water in our area! 😊😊

(18:57:49) @amycassy83 Not worth the risk.. it can mess up a camera! Hope you're back in the warm soon 😊😊

(18:58:27) @CarolKettley @jlandpartners Yeah.. and even better, it's not a fussy eater.. fine with leftovers πŸ˜‰

(18:59:17) @Flaminhaystack Lovely cheery bright and warm photo 😊😊 just what's needed right now 😊

(19:28:09) @fridgemagnet2 @jlandpartners It's worth checking #CustomKitchenDeliveries

(20:27:00) @brennig @jlandpartners Absolutely! πŸ€—



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