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Tweets for 30 Jan 2019

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(12:24:35) @johndredge Just a month? Yup... ain't gonna work for you no more!

(12:25:40) Things I would never have imagined I'd hear from an intelligent colleague with a well-rounded appreciation of comedy: "Who's Mitch Benn?"

(12:26:14) @neek71 Tragically, so am I... #nocureforbrextration

(13:31:04) @afoxinlondon Ha! True (and meta!)

(20:08:34) @ellie_made Wow! That's quite something!

(20:08:39) RT @ellie_made: Every year there's going to be a song that challenges the rule against live instruments on stage (even if this one looks a…

(20:19:16) @ellie_made Absolutely.. utterly unnecessary flaps but adds to the theatre! 😁 I'd love to do something that innovative 🤗

Tweets for 29 Jan 2019

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(09:44:42) Ooh. I do like the word "flustrated."

(09:52:12) @jamisonmatt "And loo I did cry out in the depths of my flushtration" 😃🙃🤪

(09:53:03) @CarolKettley *whispers* I don't think it's actually a word ;)

(09:53:53) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird I think @MitchBenn does it best... without having to resort to using a Tiny Hipster Guitar ;)

(11:07:45) @CarolKettley 🤣

(11:16:51) @alexfoxinlondon I like the new name. It's very you...

(17:25:16) @AhhGeeProd Good heavens.. a year ago already?

Tweets for 28 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 27 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 26 Jan 2019

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(14:30:36) @regularjen All of my t-shirts are folded that way - they go in the drawer much better. Pro tip: if you can, fold t… https://t.co/yXGQkjWEQ2

(14:34:10) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird While I remember there's a hilarious "Mark Steel's In Town" on Hastings on iPlayer... Be… https://t.co/A6vSmf5IwE

(14:36:09) @Liberator_hen Lovely! The chaps at the tip have/had a treat in store :)

Tweets for 25 Jan 2019

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(10:02:36) @UrbanFoxxxx That's an album title right there...

(21:12:30) @lucywasere She's great! (Only just watching it now 😁)

Tweets for 24 Jan 2019

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(07:54:41) @Flaminhaystack Really vibrant and strong colour; you bring some brightness to this winter dismality 😊

(08:02:20) @fridgemagnet2 @ellewadding Absolutely.. not bad for midwinter..! #StillCouldSnow

(11:33:46) Untied we stand...

(11:34:20) @ellewadding @fridgemagnet2 Pretty hazardous! I still think it's worth repeating: REMAIN INDOORS! #hibernationseason

(12:11:25) @FinalBullet Quite the bot!

(12:14:40) @FinalBullet WOW! Even more impressive (and makes me wish I had any idea of what was going on!)

(13:26:53) @fridgemagnet2 @ellewadding Looking forward to the summer/autumn season of game shows...

(13:30:40) @johndredge Lionel. He's gone home.

(19:16:59) RT @neek71: @syzygy Derided we fall

Tweets for 23 Jan 2019

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(22:09:33) @ellewadding REMAIN INDOORS. (That 'sun' icon is a bit optimistic...)

(22:24:51) @ellewadding Ahhh that makes sense! Although thats a lot of relative humidity for no clouds.. Wouldn't like to be out on it anyway 😁

(22:25:06) @ellewadding ^that's

Tweets for 22 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 21 Jan 2019

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(08:40:32) An excellent (as always) article by the estimable @JamesCridland about the move of the Fortunately podcast exclusiv… https://t.co/k0hbzcRgX3

(08:43:11) @johndredge I'd like to submit my answer to today's quiz. My answer is "Peter Lumps". That's "Peter Limps"

(08:44:06) @OfficialDaveFox That's neat 😊

(15:18:53) @ms_cornwall Fingers crossed / thumbs pressed here, too!

(16:54:52) @johndredge Not sure there was a link that didn't mention Sky Queueueueueueueueeueueue, though.. #Sponsorship #WellyFullOfBeans #20pberbean

Tweets for 20 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 19 Jan 2019

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(11:04:47) @JaxDress @lutoncouncil It's so tough to depend on the financial success of a company - a market is part of the fab… https://t.co/BXzXSK1VGV

Tweets for 18 Jan 2019

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(20:54:50) Watching the #ComeDineWithMe North Herts all-in-one I think it could well be the definitive episode if anyone wante… https://t.co/RfHVbrfPEr

(21:17:19) @lutoncouncil I really hope you can get everything stacked up so it falls into place perfectly.

(22:15:37) Oooh! @thegrandtour took the new McLaren to my darling race track of joy @thruxtonracing ... That makes me happy. O… https://t.co/P3GXvFbszJ

Tweets for 17 Jan 2019

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(23:05:29) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 It's only fair given it's his birthday an' all.

Tweets for 16 Jan 2019

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(13:01:51) @Tomingram80 @SpeedworksMS @ToyotaGB @BTCC Magnificent!

Tweets for 15 Jan 2019

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(22:04:12) Voted.. lots of fine stuff to choose from, so a worthy celebration of comedy! (And Mrs Brown's Boys) https://t.co/5b7Kbli1Ka

Tweets for 14 Jan 2019

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(08:03:56) @julieprunes I love this.

(08:29:23) @julieprunes It is genius and in her position I would be delighted to receive the peculiarity orsbitol or not 😁

(21:46:39) @BBCSounds @poots Here's what I"m going to do. Every week, I shalll play the "Fortunately" podcast (which isn't on… https://t.co/2cG2S49RJP

Tweets for 13 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 12 Jan 2019

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(13:47:14) @julieprunes Bwahahah!

(17:49:36) Catching up on @FIAFormulaE - great to see that @BBCSport now has some top level #Motorsport... although with the i… https://t.co/yhKjPUds3N

Tweets for 11 Jan 2019

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(10:37:04) Bring back Bring & Buy Sales!

(12:42:05) @SueAtkins Love your work!

(17:28:14) @Kercal What a great way to end the week!

(17:50:48) @Kercal Excellent! :) :)

Tweets for 10 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 09 Jan 2019

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(11:31:12) I think might I have quite a sedentary job; my watch just congratulated me on a good night's sleep when I stood up to make a cup of tea...

(16:43:27) @julieprunes It's going to be hard to improve on the old way, back when Jesus got his first tipper truck from the Wise Men.

Tweets for 08 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 07 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 06 Jan 2019

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(17:35:47) @julieprunes I'm going to show my daughter this and then continue chuckling.

(19:52:41) Just watched an episode of "I'll Get This" - something of a rare gem and has a warm intimacy in the photography tha… https://t.co/jBXP54EkxX

Tweets for 05 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 04 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 03 Jan 2019

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(13:07:16) @thelocalscooter Sounds kinda carb heavy. Any cheese involved..?

(13:20:24) @karenjeynes I hope you weren't patisserie-pating in it...

(13:23:52) @thelocalscooter Oh my. That's tantamount to a nightmare!

Tweets for 02 Jan 2019

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Tweets for 01 Jan 2019

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(21:32:21) @julieprunes Has there been any more windypops controversy?

(21:35:55) @julieprunes #Abategate

Tweets for 31 Dec 2018

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(10:06:28) @PontoonDock Same to you, mate. Going to be a very different year I suspect...

(11:35:47) @PontoonDock 😁😁

(12:59:46) @slandi @mcfontaine @macolgan @Omaniblog @sm2n @jn2n @ernmander @dean_read @sassycat38 @therutharnold @boydjane… https://t.co/vcnFAKSkQV

(17:06:20) Preparing for #NYE2018 festivities with some #Taskmaster silliness - mainly some poorly thought out challenges and… https://t.co/GflkoLihgc



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