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(21:05:12) @Flaminhaystack Ahh what a good lad!

(21:07:12) @Flaminhaystack I have no doubt that he can sense your appreciation and that will do so much to encourage him 😊😊

(21:11:20) @Flaminhaystack Also, I hope it cools down soon!

Tweets for 28 Dec 2018

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(19:57:27) @thingy_person Not even for breakfast ..? I wish you success - and will do my best to follow suit!

(19:59:46) @thingy_person I shall heretofore invent the Emergency Pocket Salad...

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(14:30:44) @Flaminhaystack Love this! Sheer joy 🤗

Tweets for 24 Dec 2018

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(19:28:19) @KatDevlon Thank goodness... Her guardian angel was looking after her for sure!

(19:30:06) Legends!

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(20:13:17) @julieprunes @martinkelner @talkRADIO Happy Tequmpet anniversary 😊😊

(20:14:00) @BarbaraBorgelin @ParaplyMusic @MoonDreamsMusic @support_acc1 @viccracknell @Only_rock_radio @Goodmusicradio5…

Tweets for 21 Dec 2018

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(09:03:55) It seems the words "love" and "compassion" have been co-opted to mean "desire" and "sentiment". That's why I love t…

(09:05:06) Unless you're a medibot from Doctor Who.

(09:06:55) @totkat That makes me go "urrgghhh"

(18:17:20) @mrsdoigy Absolutely! Let's try and inspire each other x

Tweets for 20 Dec 2018

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(17:06:10) @Helen_Monks Hello! Absolutely ~loved~ your contributions to the @TheOneShowShow - you add a vibrancy and enthusias…

Tweets for 19 Dec 2018

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(08:29:58) Oh this is brilliant...

(14:05:16) Whooosh!

Tweets for 18 Dec 2018

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(07:43:52) We got it sorted... thank you @Tesco for saving Christmas!

Tweets for 17 Dec 2018

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(11:37:49) @Fi79 Have a jolly happy birthday!

(21:33:01) When the @Tesco Foodbulance substitutes out-of-date gossip rag for the exciting anticipation of going through the t…

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(20:59:57) @Susan_Rae1 @PrueLeith @bbcpaddy @RegentStCinema @FineFint @TheBandBegins @wahaca @ITVChase Yes. Yes you do. Please…

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(12:37:30) When scientists discovered absolute zero, they didn't take into account windchill factor. #Brrrr

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(12:31:26) @unicorn_mama06 Oh brilliant.. great movie, and perfect for festive excitement!

Tweets for 12 Dec 2018

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(18:34:18) @wuthering_alice This is an excellent and frankly underappreciated thread. Please do keep (sheep?) it up! #sheepoftheweek

(22:52:30) @wuthering_alice I shall keep my eyes peeled for more :) :)

Tweets for 11 Dec 2018

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(07:40:08) @signaturefish @PCAlanPlod As I understand it they'll get charged for repairs if they do...

(07:41:09) @davey @dcakraemer @pingualoty @lloyd_rm Good use of interrobang

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Tweets for 09 Dec 2018

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(21:39:11) Once again "Knitted Character" is in position at the top of the Christmas tree... far superior to any Shelf Elf...…

(21:58:38) @SeaniesBeanies Yes. Yes we do.

Tweets for 08 Dec 2018

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(12:36:48) This is a clever bit of lateral thinking - @BirdsEyeUK have designed these boxes to close without fish fingers fall…

(12:47:51) @CarolKettley @BirdsEyeUK I am •very• easily delighted 😁 SpongeBob is my hero 😉

(16:53:28) @Fi79 Dream job 😊

(17:02:09) @Fi79 Sounds like a really rewarding role... I totally should look into theatre tech opportunities.. enjoy the show!

Tweets for 07 Dec 2018

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(10:46:21) Checking my certificate validity #justincase

(10:55:22) @MrMichaelSpicer I love that the backing music sounds like a very austere version of Blondie's Atomic.

(10:59:14) @MrMichaelSpicer You are truly the apogee of random plonkers and I love you for it.

(11:02:46) This.

(20:57:39) @scarlettbrown89 Great name to be fair 😊 (just watching that episode now 😁) #CDWM

Tweets for 06 Dec 2018

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(17:37:29) I went into a branch of @TKMaxx_UK's "Home Sense" stores for the first time today. A true joyful wonderland of quir…

Tweets for 05 Dec 2018

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(17:39:21) @mostlygeordie #heatshrinklove

Tweets for 04 Dec 2018

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(07:43:51) @lizcrippinmusic Wow! Hopefully that'll get you through the winter 🤗🔥🤗

(07:45:37) @mynameisgill Glorious... but a bit chilly!

(07:52:16) @mynameisgill Yup! Hope you're wrapped up all cosy for when you disembark/alight/detrain(!)

(07:55:27) @mynameisgill Perfect. I'm going to be rocking a stylish (?) "Fleece and snood" combo as I cycle into the sunrise later...

(14:30:25) @ms_cornwall Magnificent!

Tweets for 03 Dec 2018

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(07:44:46) @ms_cornwall I absolutely love flea markets... just don't get many of them here...

(07:48:54) @HughesPeg Champion!

(13:55:20) @ms_cornwall Such wonderful things though... I can understand why! :)

Tweets for 02 Dec 2018

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(08:05:15) In this thread it appears that "Fairytale of Wigan" is being written...

(17:43:21) @julieprunes Good griefenstocks!

(18:35:49) Good heavens.. @BBCOne are giving their #Christmas promos the full John Lewis treatment...

(19:29:49) Just the fact that Kevin Eldon was in this weeks #DoctorWho makes it my favourite episode. Truly brilliant.

(19:36:57) @tweeting_frog @BBCOne Oh that is really great to know - you weren't missing anything with the John Lewis one.. jus…

(19:53:17) @foxinclothes But wasn't it fun?

(19:54:59) @Lady_Of_Ostia Wasn't he magnificent..?

(20:14:37) @foxinclothes True! Crazy stuff goes on in Bob Fossil's zoo...

(20:20:35) @HackHitchin Hello! Do you take donation of bits? I've got all sorts of things (some working, some broken) that I h…

(20:21:28) @foxinclothes Yup... totally agree! I think Matt Smith was pretty much the only one who found his feet pretty much immediately...

(20:23:35) @foxinclothes Y'know I questioned myself as I was typing my reply... David Tennant was amazing.

(20:44:00) @foxinclothes It's like Adrick, Tegan, Nyssa and Turlough all over again! (If they were, indeed, all in there together)

(20:45:06) @HackHitchin Network cables, audio cables, battery chargers, headphones, microphones, a broken multimeter (was work…

(21:47:40) @HackHitchin Absolutely - I shall endeavour to find a good home for them 😊 cheers!

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Tweets for 30 Nov 2018

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(14:36:04) @CarolKettley @justjane962 @craigjones01 @platinummind @Berlinseshdmtv I nominate the Anni-Frid and Agneta ones out…



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