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Tweets for 29 Nov 2018

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(09:07:30) @nevali Wireshark..?

Tweets for 28 Nov 2018

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(12:35:42) I am SUPRA excited about @ToyotaGB returning as a manufacturer in the #BTCC - when Aygo to see the races next year,…

(12:55:42) @ToyotaGB I was going to do a "Corrola-tion is caus(e for celebr)ation" in my Previa-s tweet, but that was just a W…

(19:14:18) @RobJD @ToyotaGB @Tomingram80 Let's hope this Yar-is the year!

Tweets for 27 Nov 2018

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(09:26:26) Before you read this tweet, I'd like to tell you about the tweets of @nxmee - interesting student insights. Now ba…

(18:22:38) @VeryBritishLife @nxmee He might learn something (I've got nothing worth learning 😁😁)

Tweets for 26 Nov 2018

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(10:57:19) You got it right, @nxmee ... it was indeed doctored.

(17:04:30) @christopherw @plenty @essity @Sofidelsharing It kinda makes sense...

Tweets for 25 Nov 2018

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(09:11:55) This is my current jam - can't beat a bit of peculiar #folkmusic on a Sunday morning @thisisjinsy #AllTheFeelberries

(13:17:36) Quite impressed - @BBC3CR is playing #PinkFloyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond. Love that song.

(13:18:46) @mostlygeordie @BBC3CR Blissful, isn't it! (And great to be indoors 😁)

(14:16:49) @CarolKettley @BBC3CR Oh you youngster... You should stream the "Wish You Were Here" album on that splotifier or wh…

(14:17:16) @VeryBritishLife I shall see if it's on that Optimus Prime or whatever it's called...

(14:18:52) @CarolKettley @BBC3CR Rum works just as well... definitely worth doing - it's a thing of beauty 😁

Tweets for 24 Nov 2018

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(09:56:23) @gill_pee Congratulations! 🤗🤗

(10:00:50) @the_anke That sounds like a good deal. With cameras I always buy the best I can afford, so if you also see an 80D…

(20:02:37) @AshleyPaulette It's from 2016. But just as utterly unspeakably appalling today..

(20:03:52) @Superblouse Lastic band?

(22:00:03) @seagullworrier Turn it up!

(22:00:26) @guineapig66 Night night 🐹

(22:04:01) @CarolKettley They'll show themselves by their silence #parp

(22:06:07) @delphi35 @Scotlandteam That is remarkable!

(22:10:52) @delphi35 Right! I had half an eye on the Wales match a couple of Sundays back and every time they did a close up o…

(22:20:59) @delphi35 Yikes! Hppe everyone is home and all dried off now!

Tweets for 23 Nov 2018

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(15:07:05) @pauldmorgan @BBC6Music @Richard_C Excellent choices!

(20:36:55) @fridgemagnet2 It's a cat against resisting gravity 😁

(20:40:50) @fridgemagnet2 That wall won't watch itself. And thank you belatedly

(20:50:52) @mrs_forky I didn't even know that existed. Shows what a cracker of a song it is!

(21:06:21) @mrs_forky Interesting..! And very much of its time!

Tweets for 22 Nov 2018

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(13:57:05) @hergiebird Quite a cavalcade of catterage!

Tweets for 21 Nov 2018

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(07:25:24) @brennig Thank you 🤗🤗

(12:14:40) @neek71 Thank you, Nick! I shall raise a glass to you my fine friend!

(12:14:45) @johnny_winter YES!

(12:38:23) @grahamdunning Unexpected item in baggage area..?

(13:42:12) @CarolKettley You are lady of the dance!

(17:38:49) Happy birthday to the estimable Mr @pauldmorgan

(18:52:42) @pauldmorgan Cheers!

Tweets for 20 Nov 2018

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(22:08:17) Oh this is quite something (h/t @canuckuk)

Tweets for 19 Nov 2018

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(10:16:12) @VeryBritishLife Not even my dear wife listens to the crap I come out with... :D

(18:48:08) @DaylightGambler I think a few radio station apps aren't much more than that...

(19:30:29) @neek71 @beardyman @BBCRadio4 @hughbon Cracking!

Tweets for 18 Nov 2018

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(11:46:50) RT @Tomingram80: @syzygy Cheers James @DunlopBTCC and the awesome fans and followers is just the best you’re so right! Ready for take three…

(15:46:47) @Flaminhaystack Nop.

(16:02:55) Wow... if I didn't think the Macau Grand Prix circuit was savage enough, I've just seen footage of the incident whe…

(16:50:04) No. I've never wanted to print page 2 of a 50 page document and typed '2' into the 'copies' box instead. Ohhhhh no. That's never happened...

(17:14:00) @CarolKettley It's fine. IT'S ALL FINE! :D

(17:15:24) @ms_cornwall You can do it!

(18:04:00) @ms_cornwall All nice and chilled here thank you! xx

(18:25:30) @VeryBritishLife Utter chaos.

(19:07:51) Help me Rachel Adedeji #DoctorWho

(19:53:31) RT @RadioInTheUK: #DoctorWho #Amazon #AlanPartridge

(21:20:48) Really impressive work by @Beardyman and his voice & looper on this week's @BBCRadio4 #NowShow #comedy podcast - re…

Tweets for 17 Nov 2018

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(23:31:57) @Tomingram80 #BTCC is still the absolute best motorsport championship and in no small part down to your amazing rac…

Tweets for 16 Nov 2018

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(15:53:41) @viccracknell I wasn't aware of that - must have been one of his first 🙃 Still not really a fan, though... I'm stil…

Tweets for 15 Nov 2018

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(10:51:31) In the light of the #JohnLewisChristmasAd, a shortlived office debate has ensued, with some of my colleagues offeri…

(11:09:34) @lizzyangelpod2 Classy Giraffe!

(11:14:42) @Liberator_hen "You may be having issues locating your remote control. Please do be aware that the random nature of…

(11:36:47) @lizzyangelpod2 I hope your day has started wonderfully.. all a little grey here, so the colour is much apprecaited 🥰

(11:56:25) @Simon_Pegg That is an absolutely cracking bit of satire... where did you find it?

(11:57:24) @lizzyangelpod2 Ooh smashing.. sounds like you're in a much lovelier place!

(11:58:56) @Simon_Pegg Excellent..! Cheers :)

(12:07:49) @lizzyangelpod2 That's only up the motorway from me.. hopefully the skies will clear here in Bedfordshire :)

(13:07:47) @em_cooper Plenty of space available if you want to have a go.. ;)

(17:26:15) @smorris @regularjen And me!

Tweets for 14 Nov 2018

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(11:16:23) Due to a workplace mishap (involving a kitchen work surface and spilled water) my trousers have a slightly damp sea…

(11:19:12) @Richard_C Going to come to work in waders tomorrow.

(11:20:52) @CarolKettley It is ~not~ a dignified look.

(11:46:37) @AhhGeeProd I'm ever so grateful... have a seat.

(11:46:51) @CarolKettley I CANT EVEN SIT DOWN 😁

(12:16:53) @pauldmorgan @Richard_C Urrrgghhhhh ~shudders~

(13:25:56) @VeryBritishLife Hanging round my neck....

(14:14:55) @CarolKettley So she's repeating everything that's being said..?!

(18:38:18) @ellewadding I will be leaving a slightly damp mark on their desk to illustrate my disgruntlement.

(18:54:27) I just saw the most peculiar interstitial advert for @FIAFormulaE meets #Fallout during a phone app game... worth w…

(21:50:29) @MichLdogs Wishing her a swift recovery. Stay strong.

Tweets for 13 Nov 2018

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(12:13:45) @TomCoronel @fia Good luck! Always such a dramatic race!

(14:28:23) Always lovely to hear new music from @BarbaraBorgelin ... voted!

(14:58:36) @nxmee ... may be something useful here ...

(19:41:26) @em_cooper Bonsoir..!

(19:44:02) I've always found the word "thinkpiece" to be rather Orwellian... not sure I like it.

Tweets for 12 Nov 2018

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Tweets for 11 Nov 2018

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(21:45:31) Can't beat a bit of acoustic music on a Sunday evening #eclecticshedexperience @ The Lifeboat Tavern

Tweets for 10 Nov 2018

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Tweets for 09 Nov 2018

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(10:01:14) I may be a grown adult (apparently) but the #AskTheNincompoops podcast amuses me greatly. -…

(10:03:29) @CarolKettley @quinlan_carrie @AndyStanton15 Have a listen. It is really very silly.

Tweets for 08 Nov 2018

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(13:30:06) @dansumption Wowsers..!

Tweets for 07 Nov 2018

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(21:21:21) YAY! #zapped is back on @davechannel! @sharonrooney is in it and v. funny bonus!

(21:47:09) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 I made it 39.774

(22:02:30) @fishplatetwo @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 I am a silly billy.

(22:04:00) @KateWilliamsme @davechannel Totally agree!

Tweets for 06 Nov 2018

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Tweets for 05 Nov 2018

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Tweets for 04 Nov 2018

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Tweets for 03 Nov 2018

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Tweets for 02 Nov 2018

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(14:05:04) @CarolKettley @platinummind Thank you, superstar! 🤗🤗 Have a brilliant weekend xx

Tweets for 01 Nov 2018

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Tweets for 31 Oct 2018

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