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Tweets for 29 Oct 2018

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(14:13:06) @Superblouse I'll let you know next month when I'm there(!)

(15:06:08) @Superblouse I hope it continues that way. And Bon Anniversaire!

Tweets for 28 Oct 2018

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(18:16:01) Halloween baking with girl child... Not bad for a first attempt... but we'll see what the poor victims at work make… https://t.co/emIH2qvt02

(22:37:21) Quite an excellent piece of art, that #InsideNo9LIVE https://t.co/2HlXUeiR6v

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Tweets for 25 Oct 2018

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(08:55:48) @ellewadding Double double seat? Woahh

(11:30:17) Always great to hear new music and support emerging artists - a sweet ballad by @BarbaraBorgelin https://t.co/ObXxWrdioD

(12:08:30) One of our daft neighbours appears to be playing football songs at loud volume out of his window. This is a strange neighbourhood indeed..

(12:12:55) I have also been made aware of something called the "Meet Me At McDonalds" haircut. Very little about this modern w… https://t.co/Dk4eVVgNli

(14:23:33) @LizaMayfield Oh my... That sounds loud!

(14:23:48) @tweeting_frog I'm not sure either..!

(14:44:03) @LizaMayfield They don't sound like great neighbours... I hope they give it a rest at night!

Tweets for 24 Oct 2018

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Tweets for 23 Oct 2018

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(20:43:44) @KittyCostanza There's also that sotto-nasal voice that some podcasters put on that raher irks me. Although to be f… https://t.co/94RGbcE1J5

Tweets for 22 Oct 2018

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(20:13:13) @fridgemagnet2 @peasbloss Good heavens..! Small world!

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Tweets for 15 Oct 2018

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(21:05:21) @CarolKettley Sleep well and very effectively! All the best dreams :) x

(21:09:58) @CarolKettley 😴😴🏕️🏔️🎗️🏏🎲🎷

(21:13:03) Casual #hampster https://t.co/8C8u4nwt3U

Tweets for 14 Oct 2018

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(13:53:03) RT @zx0085: Taking "Bad Lipreading" to the next level.. "Last Wave" by @tmbg from the I Like Fun album appears to have been written by watc…

(21:38:46) I have a (fairly generic) Google mail account that often gets strange emails that aren't for me (banking, music str… https://t.co/PRrlw3SSDe

Tweets for 13 Oct 2018

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(16:07:12) Welcome to St Tesco's @ Birmingham, United Kingdom https://t.co/cjhro8SlOA

Tweets for 12 Oct 2018

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(10:35:12) @geri50nico Oh mate!

(10:35:34) Happy birthday to @JQP74 - whose birthday it is TODAY! (hence the happy birthday)

(12:59:49) @doothcrow Sad trombone? :D

(13:05:12) @doothcrow Ahh sorry.. my imediate thought was audio that you would "what I can lay under the line".. my misunders… https://t.co/9JxCorJfah

(20:51:35) @doothcrow Ahh... Not quite sure that quite hits the mark, but it's hard to find public domain stuff that quite captures it...

(20:56:39) @doothcrow Amen to that... There's only so much one can (and should) do...

Tweets for 11 Oct 2018

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(11:57:24) Hungry eyes. Hungry heart. Hungry kneecaps.

(12:06:51) @benbakerbooks @MrKenShabby I'd never seen that before.. brilliant impressions!

(12:07:22) @johndredge We've all got LCD televisions now... (and LCD stands for Lowest Common Denominator :D)

Tweets for 10 Oct 2018

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(12:16:04) RT @TOther_Simon: https://t.co/iI5CQ8G7vK

Tweets for 09 Oct 2018

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Tweets for 08 Oct 2018

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(20:08:32) @lutoncouncil Upwards is the only answer #FirstEverTownWithAMezzanine

(20:20:07) There must be an easier way to get stuff off my phone than by a USB cable and windows explorer... in fact I'm fairl… https://t.co/xAb90eP03y

(20:57:58) @brennig Going to get right onto Ali Express and see what I can find !

Tweets for 07 Oct 2018

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(10:50:14) @nxmee I can't imagine.

(18:12:52) "I would of" ..! 😲 #DoctorWho

Tweets for 06 Oct 2018

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Tweets for 05 Oct 2018

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Tweets for 04 Oct 2018

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(20:42:54) What I learned today: there's an American senator* called "Heidi Heidcamp". I hope that every mention of her is pre… https://t.co/B7d8RRACUW

Tweets for 03 Oct 2018

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Tweets for 02 Oct 2018

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(08:30:10) Same... https://t.co/mbWYeUEd8w

Tweets for 01 Oct 2018

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(09:26:10) It's a "That packet of Hula Hoops isn't going to last long" day today. #Monday

(09:27:13) It's #InternationalCoffeeDay today. And @edtjones's birthday. AND @boggits's birthday. So I shall raise a mug of Hu… https://t.co/iKkXZxKXM2

(18:07:35) @trevypoos I'm watching a video of a puppet watching a video of people watching television....

Tweets for 30 Sep 2018

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(13:38:51) @mrsmoneypenny1 Have you tried Touring Cars..? Theres a race on ITV4 very shortly; great racing - and always lots of drama! #BTCCFinale

(13:42:27) Thoroughly enjoying the #BTCCFinale - hoping that @Tomingram80 carves through the field with no ballast and wins his first championship!

(13:44:07) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird https://t.co/HMU5A3cCV2

(16:46:42) @Tomingram80 @SpeedworksMS Go get 'em! 🏁🚗👨‍🔧🤗

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