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Tweets for 29 Sep 2018

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(17:13:21) Hangover: the case for the proseccution

Tweets for 28 Sep 2018

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(09:10:51) @mynameisgill It's jumped the baby shark (do doo do-doo do-doo)

Tweets for 27 Sep 2018

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(06:30:33) @davewitchalls I would draw your attention to the lack of CTRL...

(06:41:07) @davewitchalls 😋

(09:14:21) My ability to do words has gone amiss. Ten minutes to recall the word 'containment'. TEN MINUTES. #oldage

(09:23:16) @ucalegon BADUM TISH!

(22:47:25) @neek71 This is why the elderly love Countdown, isn't it..? A reminder of all those words they've forgotten 😆

Tweets for 26 Sep 2018

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(14:58:33) I think the most worn out letters on my work keyboard truly validate my engineering credentials...

Tweets for 25 Sep 2018

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(12:12:47) Benefit inclined?

(12:20:40) RT @ucalegon: @syzygy Benefit Cumberbatch.

Tweets for 24 Sep 2018

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(12:22:10) I've just been told I am currently winning a Fantasy Football league [a] that I had completely forgotten I had join…

(12:37:57) @Richard_C I shall click on one of those advert links that appear when I play a game on my mobile and let you know how I get on. $$$!

(19:26:05) @SmaugIsMyBitch 😬

(20:29:42) @fridgemagnet2 It could still happen. If football is still going in 13,300 years time...

Tweets for 23 Sep 2018

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(07:25:42) @wuthering_alice A refreshing perspective... thank you for sharing 😊

(11:51:21) @JoPlattTweets That's so lovely.

(11:51:52) @artistsmakers Is it on fire..?!

(12:05:51) @artistsmakers @EnvAgency @ThanetCouncil Dear heavens above. What a disaster - and an avoidable one at that!

(12:59:19) @emsquare_d Switzerland is a very, very strange country. Very.

(14:16:46) @emmaevictoria Long may that continue!

Tweets for 22 Sep 2018

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(21:25:10) @bbcpaddy @CLNicholls Harsh!

Tweets for 21 Sep 2018

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(10:12:55) @erincandescent @nevali Wow.

(10:31:52) @Lindylooloo HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

(10:33:38) @Tomingram80 @DunlopBTCC @Brands_Hatch @SpeedworksMS @ColinTurkington Whatever happens it's going to be an amazing…

(19:28:28) @CarolKettley @PoeticJustice23 @Petwill1 @PeteThePict @PinkDolphinMLtd @platinummind @DjDrummerwhiz77 Thank you Sup…

(19:36:27) Living my Beth life.

(19:50:38) @brennig Sounds a bit punk...

(19:56:35) @brennig Thought it sounded a bit fishy ...😉#genius #poet

(20:00:50) @batwench @poots I try my Beth.

Tweets for 20 Sep 2018

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(07:01:46) @hellymoo Happy birthday 😊🎂

(21:03:12) @DredgeLand @johndredge @WandsworthRadio Precarious broadcasting. I note that no pictures appear to exist of Mr And…

(21:11:58) @AhhGeeProd Your analysis of Columbo was incisive to say the least. Literally. The least.

(22:09:43) @Jedshepherd @OKimmyrobertson WOAHH! Legend!

Tweets for 19 Sep 2018

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(15:18:29) There are a number of people in this office who could easily be Sacha Baron Cohen characters... I'm not discounting myself from that list.

(15:19:10) @CupOfTea69 I will get you an airhorn for Christmas.

(15:20:51) This is quite wonderful #Goodies

(16:35:47) @yorecomputer "Lynn I've pierced my foot on a spike!" @AccidentalP

(17:09:09) A Bollywood Game Of Thrones I'd totally watch that.

Tweets for 18 Sep 2018

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(10:39:32) Good morning. Summary of today so far:

(10:43:15) I love the animation and the sentiment. Well worth a watch

(10:44:53) @Taylors That's really interesting.. it's only when the coffee cooled a little that I could taste the roughness of…

(11:33:00) @Flaminhaystack Hope you can make it back to your desk without bumping into anything #ouchy

(12:03:24) @Flaminhaystack I think there is a lesson in there for us all. #GetReckless

(12:05:06) @fridgemagnet2 That is a lot of drama for a Tuesday morning!

(13:14:56) @Flaminhaystack I hope you have many more lovely times together. You're both quite beautiful.

(13:16:52) Notable afternoon incidents so far

(14:46:24) "I don't believe a name can define what you're like" claims Norman Atif De-Terminism.

(17:14:09) @VeryBritishLife It is not beyond the realms of possibly #freethelegs #dressdownTuesday

(18:28:32) @Genloo Utterly baffling.

(21:50:59) @fridgemagnet2 All the best ones. And turps.

(21:59:26) @DoomGolly Really hope you can escape! Be careful..!

Tweets for 17 Sep 2018

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(10:03:54) @mostlygeordie ~whispers really close to the microphone~ I want to make you feel mildly uneasy...

(10:05:38) @Volfsball What a cracker!

(10:10:10) @mostlygeordie On the upside, it's nice that people who are so pleasured(?) can have that pleasure bestowed upon th…

(10:14:28) @Taylors Just made some of your #HighVoltage for the team today. Reactions range from "Is it safe to drive after th…

(10:22:05) @WandsworthDD Intriguing.. or is it the general annoymence of the ads?

(10:53:23) @cjcheesecake Do they still do prawny wotsits? #notaeuphemism

(11:10:22) @WandsworthDD I guess that's the benefit of a free trial of premium.. if you can do everything you want with it (an…

(11:15:19) @WandsworthDD I've not got premium but the curated playlists offer quite a lot of good stuff. I also rather enjoy T…

(11:20:59) @ACommonStarling You seem perfectly excellent to me. Can I be your friend please? I come with good credentials (ref…

(11:22:57) Summary of today so far:

(11:24:52) @wuthering_alice Great look... kinda more plum in the photo. I want to do that, but have too much grey #oldbloke

(11:28:38) @WandsworthDD PS Please do let me know how to follow you(?) on there so I can see what wonders you uncover....

(11:29:24) @DunlopBTCC One of the best races this season!

(15:17:09) @CarolKettley @LadyLaLa_121 If Super cK @CarolKettley follows you, you must be one of the bestest :)

(16:02:05) @CarolKettley @LadyLaLa_121 Hope you're doing splendidly on this rather unusually warmular Monday afternoon!

(16:05:39) @CarolKettley Totally know what you mean ... none of this "no point opening the window" business! All good here...…

(16:11:56) @CarolKettley What a kind offer! I'm in no mad rush to go anywhere... If someone could invent a wheelsofa... now you're talking 😆

(21:20:39) @mostlygeordie Why does that somewhat validate it in my (deranged) book..? 😁

Tweets for 16 Sep 2018

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(16:43:30) @Stenbird @Helen1Bowler @alix266 @WotsOnMel That is such a great photo!

(21:22:43) @JadeEdwards9 @McDonalds Oh man...

Tweets for 15 Sep 2018

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(06:57:55) @WandsworthDD @shokmunky Definitely worth trying the free version - lots of music with interruptions that run close…

(17:24:28) @mostlygeordie It's always worth a second visit!

(17:25:47) @trevypoos I would very much like that. I've got an outline for a 30-45 second piece.. any good?

(18:15:48) @trevypoos I'm sure I can do video... Do you have a link so I can get an idea of style..?

Tweets for 14 Sep 2018

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(15:14:34) @EmpJNorton I am struggling to compose a setence (even with emojis) that can sufficiently express my bafflement.

(15:35:28) @EmpJNorton Oh gosh. They need to write that in big on the packet. #ICouldEasilyMissThat

Tweets for 13 Sep 2018

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(09:02:11) @julieprunes PLEASE DON'T GET NITS

(09:40:00) RT @spankybackpack: This terrifying graphic shows how global warming will leave most of central London underwater within 50 years. https://…

(11:28:33) @IAmSimonHarris Oh that is magnificent.

(11:30:20) I'm not sure I was quite ready for this either...

Tweets for 12 Sep 2018

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(20:29:35) @fridgemagnet2 @PontoonDock I'll still be putting it in your birthday card if I win.

Tweets for 11 Sep 2018

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(09:20:24) @JRhodesPianist @SonyMusicGlobal It's not about the joy of music any more, is it, @SonyMusicGlobal? Please be assur…

(11:45:04) @CupOfTea69 Saw this and thought of you... #RainyDay

(20:42:47) @johndredge I claim my being.

(20:43:42) @thingy_person Good evening. I've not seen Community at all...

(20:44:04) @lizcrippinmusic Woahhhh

(20:45:55) I think @fridgemagnet2 and/or @PontoonDock would appreciate winning this. And me, of course, obv.

(21:00:01) @thingy_person That works perfectly for me. And when I do watch Community I'll be all like "That's just like the Se…

(21:20:04) @thingy_person Odd is very good.

Tweets for 10 Sep 2018

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(11:09:44) @julieprunes @DerrenBrown @theparapod That is magnificent. A brain a mouth and POWERS. I wish I had powers.

Tweets for 09 Sep 2018

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(20:36:44) @fridgemagnet2 That is well up there with the best pointing pictures I've seen this term.

(21:12:51) @jakeyapp @siralexlowe @ladycariad @ruthbratt @jonholmes1 @harrythepiano Great work sir.. I listened again(st) on a…

Tweets for 08 Sep 2018

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(09:12:10) @fridgemagnet2 Niche is what it's about! I think ten minutes espousing the virtues/vices of, and maybe - who knows…

(09:27:25) Good morning. Sharing this edited clip of Barrack Obama's speech not just because of the eloquence and sense of its…

(09:41:40) @johannariley @nowthisnews You and me both!

(09:46:37) @johannariley @nowthisnews I was about to write "I wish I could get into the mind of someone who doesn't like to he…

(09:47:37) @jakeyapp What in heaven's name are you going to do with that..? #TheBigOne

(20:26:21) @birdfortytwo Excellent. I shall do my bit in a couple of weeks, too! #giveblood

(20:26:39) @CarolKettley Yum!

(20:29:43) @CarolKettley Elloo elloo! I don't get round these parts much any more (ooer missus!) but that dream slice was too…

(20:39:29) @birdfortytwo Absolutely!

(20:39:52) @CarolKettley True! 😂

(22:06:48) @JasonHazeley @gralefrit EXCELLENT reference to three record producers in this week's #Agendum - in fact, cracking…

Tweets for 07 Sep 2018

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(10:40:50) People don't use the word "din" any more. I shall endeavour to bring it back into common parlance. Mind you, people…

(11:24:57) @SteveDoherty1 @StuartMaconie Stuart Mcojone...

(12:33:24) @VeryBritishLife That took me a moment ... very subtle!

(12:34:45) @ellewadding As in "What is that racket? You're making quite a din!" I wonder if it's because there is no proper wo…

(13:42:53) @jopijedd Good heavens.. and there's not even a Tandy nearby any more...

(13:43:20) @thisandtatt The word not the noise, I'm guessing 😄 I have a number of online accounts with the name "cacophonyx" - a little Asterix-y...

(13:45:37) @jopijedd I still use it for old-school MIDI... Maybe it was a Disco Bus 😄

(14:50:22) @Genloo You make quite a din when it's time for dindins?

(15:49:36) @fridgemagnet2 You are the third person to allude to that wonder of electronic connectory... I think that says a lo…

(18:05:45) @fridgemagnet2 We should have a convention.

(18:06:27) @birdfortytwo You are the second person to mention rackets. Excellent person.

(19:08:58) @fridgemagnet2 There have been some bad, bad connector inventions - SCART and micro-USB for two. THere's a podcast in this, y'know.

(19:45:33) @Williamandrews @bechillcomedian @esf_hk @PunchlineClub @ComedyClub4Kids What are the chances!

(19:46:27) @mrs_forky Good is... well.. good.

(19:53:54) @thenewbrunette Our piggies are strictly Shoulder Pigs.

(20:01:48) @WandsworthDD Happy Friday! #gin

(20:03:54) @mrs_forky Without change we cannot develop.. can only be a good thing... if (extremely) challenging at times. And…

Tweets for 06 Sep 2018

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(08:39:41) Wow.. @SpotifyUK have got their free mobile service absolutely spot-on.. playing just enough music to make it worth…

(08:40:22) @ellewadding It is, oh my yest.

(12:16:28) @birdfortytwo Super many congratulations!

(12:19:00) @EmpJNorton I'm 'aving Zoups

(12:56:33) @EmpJNorton Pasty to let bits drop into soup out of #grammar

Tweets for 05 Sep 2018

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(07:10:48) I don't watch much telly, but I would be very surprised if no agency has yet made use of the Awolnation song "Sail"…

(09:15:18) @RadioKate Totally know what that's like... but very rarely happens to me!

(12:10:02) @EmpJNorton GOOD MOVES!

(12:29:48) @thenewbrunette @CalamityMaclean You've got a catchphrase? This:

Tweets for 04 Sep 2018

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(10:15:59) Can anyone from my lovely twitter thought-crowd tell me the name of the novel that involves a fast food place that…

(10:16:29) @TeresaHummel1 How have I not followed you before..?!

(10:17:28) @kyleswager That was a lovely tribute to @RatKat on the News show yesterday - my thoughts are with his family. @BritishTech

(10:19:00) @JamesCridland @gregjames Clearly the perfect face for radio :D

(10:32:12) @perrygascoine Ha! :D Probably...

(13:27:40) @boggits THANK YOU! One of my favourite books of all time. That has set my mind at rest.

(13:27:43) RT @boggits: @syzygy Good Omens - one of the four horsemen

(13:27:59) @MrsPrettysHouse It's a great premise..!

(14:46:51) @teresahummel Good heavens..! I'll get it reported as spam.

(14:48:13) @teresahummel Reported and blocked like a boss. Does this mean you've achieved social media notoriety?

(22:04:24) @mostlygeordie I am going to have to confess only to having watched the first series... I had to be in the right fr…

(22:04:43) @fridgemagnet2 @boggits An absolute cracker of a book.

(22:19:11) @mostlygeordie On your excellent recommendation I may well have to do that now! :) :)

Tweets for 03 Sep 2018

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(12:27:44) This is EXCELLENT EXCITING.

Tweets for 02 Sep 2018

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(21:05:56) @BarbaraBorgelin @StoneygateSound Love that view 😊

(21:19:14) @nevali Hope fixage happens soon.

(21:57:55) @DerrenBrown A vegan will never know that joy (the egg poaching, not the announcing to the world)

(22:00:05) @HORP @DerrenBrown Coddling. Heh.

Tweets for 01 Sep 2018

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(09:29:54) @bibberlycheese I guessed the theme and now have it bowling around my head on a loop 😁 Thank you for sharing your t…

Tweets for 31 Aug 2018

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(18:44:47) My word this is good. Makes me proud to be... a music lover.

(20:10:15) @georgehart22 Really enjoyed your #comedinewithme week - thanks for making it so entertaining #fabulous

(20:14:10) @DoomGolly You too, superstar x

(20:14:32) @EcceRita Hang in there. Preferably in a darkened room.

(20:14:43) @ms_cornwall You too!

(20:18:49) @theguyliner Propaganda - Duel

(20:21:32) @SuziOvens @theguyliner I bought the 12" of that just so I could get more of it #goodchoice

(20:24:10) @husseybyname @theguyliner @kiramadeira Thank you.

(20:24:51) @nevali @theguyliner Oh what a sound.

(20:25:43) @MissLouJohnston @theguyliner Amen.

(20:27:14) @SmudgeEFC1985 @theguyliner Waterboys "How Long Will I Love You?" kicks that one out of the park #originalandbest

(20:27:55) @theguyliner Oh and Waterloo Sunset by The Kinks. This is such a great thread.

(20:29:08) @TonsOfShillings @theguyliner One of 1985's finest.

(20:29:54) @iamboabie @theguyliner That really was quite an album.

(20:30:38) @Nndroid @johnharris1969 @MatthewdAncona @theguyliner Very very good.

(20:31:17) @Mikeynod @theguyliner Oh you.

(20:33:11) This thread - including quite a few replies - is a real celebration of everything I love about pop music. What a ti…

(20:35:46) @SuziOvens I'm doing month-end work at 11 and a have a healthy penchant for good writing... happy to help.

(21:02:47) @theguyliner Phil Collins - Take Me Home. It's got Peter Gabriel on backing vocals. Gets me every time.

(21:16:53) @emsquare_d Uhoh... normally that's Radio 2's job 😁

(21:36:43) @SmudgeEFC1985 @theguyliner You may have heard a rather commercialised cover version in recent times...

(21:37:22) @EcceRita I'm very happy to know that!

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