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Tweets for 30 Aug 2018

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(17:32:52) Adding some audio colour to today's Working From Home situation was the game of "Is it [a] @AntiviralMusic's noodli…

(20:01:15) @ms_cornwall Super cheeky!

(21:01:18) @Fabgal Totally agree! One of my favourite contestants ever 👍 #cdwm

(21:12:15) @Stenbird Oh those post-apocalyptic spiders...

(21:42:55) @Stenbird Such a shame they don't have sentience nor respond to persuasion...

Tweets for 29 Aug 2018

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(11:07:15) @lizcrippinmusic For me it's about a day and a half...

(16:04:24) @iainlee ^a owl

(18:58:14) @johndredge Glowy

(19:10:12) @DredgeLand Zombie by The Cranberries and Bries Toastieses

(19:17:13) @bibberlycheese Is there a feed for my podcatcherer? :)

(19:39:58) @mrchrisaddison @govindajeggy I would pay to hear that. FIVE ALIVE!

(20:49:19) @bibberlycheese Okey doke.. will click and download in the old-school way 😊

Tweets for 28 Aug 2018

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(11:32:08) @julieprunes @BAnswerphone @Darren_Dutton @drivelsieve They are genius, aren't they!

(11:33:39) I am a long long way away.

(13:26:03) @mostlygeordie It's a bit of both.. #existentialbinoculars

(13:26:53) @ReluctantRelict It's ok.. I brought a packed lunch #existentialpicnic

(13:29:34) @RobJD I think this educational piece of musical performance fairly well sums it up.

(16:27:12) @ReluctantRelict Well that would've been a much more interesting way to spend a Tuesday afternooon..!

(21:10:25) @nickleach1 Excellent choice!

Tweets for 27 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 26 Aug 2018

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(20:01:03) @RemeMick @teawithlemon Me too.

Tweets for 25 Aug 2018

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(11:16:59) @DoomGolly That is such an evocative photo - love it!

(11:19:31) @batwench Lookin' the real deal there - well maybe not quite enough soot yet! :D

(20:37:16) @GrantBaugh @dktz @markedly I always had this nagging question.. "Why do people make such a fuss about a lunar ecli…

(20:39:52) @GrantBaugh @dktz @markedly Having discussed my shameful ignorance with my family I think it was the whole "Dark si…

(21:09:16) @fridgemagnet2 Missed it first time round - thank you for reposting it. #goodmove

(22:00:53) Is it just me, or does the latest version of #GoogleChrome run really stupidly slow on Windows..? Even writing a si…

(22:02:37) @OwensDamien @JeanieFinlay Ludicrous Haunted Pencil. Excellent.

Tweets for 24 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 23 Aug 2018

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(22:11:20) @RJB__29 @GravyLobes We call it "the endy bit" in our house. No idea about the extra "y" ... nor indeed my family in general...

Tweets for 22 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 21 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 20 Aug 2018

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(10:13:54) @billyinafield @mrsdoigy Like you do...

Tweets for 19 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 18 Aug 2018

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(20:30:21) @VeryBritishLife Wise beyond his years...

(20:35:31) @fridgemagnet2 Bless their nylon shirts...

Tweets for 17 Aug 2018

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(11:50:35) @johndredge how did the gigs go? Hope you had TOP FUN!

(11:51:17) @johndredge I'll bet. Well done, mate! Hope to get to see you on the next one! :)

(14:36:36) @nxmee The Room goodness in case you want to get any of your mates together...

(14:37:01) @jopijedd Seriously? I've got her CD.

(15:25:06) @jopijedd To be fair, though, some weird stuff happened in the 80s.. "Is it a dream?" Classix Nouveau etc

(15:58:46) RT @saveourtownltn: It's time for people power versus PLC power - be a part of the #saveourtown campaign and join the thousands of voices c…

(16:19:08) @PontoonDock It's just that 'turny backy on openness' thing that makes me a bit sad.. but hey.

Tweets for 16 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 15 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 14 Aug 2018

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(10:30:58) @Bubble2009 Can't believe I missed it! 😁 Thanks for the link x

(21:56:16) @MrElliotMason @drivelsieve Thank you @MrElliotMason for obliquely introducing me to the unsung legendarity of Caro…

(22:51:56) @superalora This.

Tweets for 13 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 12 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 11 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 10 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 09 Aug 2018

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(13:22:07) Dampnessabounds. I approve.

(13:53:21) @willowHart I'm hoping for sunshine and a cool breeze, with rain overnight to keep things lush. It's not too much to ask is it? :D

(16:39:52) @ellewadding I think I might be developing a geneallergy...

Tweets for 08 Aug 2018

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(10:15:17) @mrsdoigy OHHHHH

(10:15:51) I think I managed to strain my throat with a big yawn yesterday. This means I am now middle aged. And sleepy.

(10:17:09) @julieprunes Absolutely horrendous. And that's quite a slope it's on.

(13:56:25) @simon_toon That's a matter of perspective... :D

(14:00:12) Normally when I go on a not-in-the-slightest bit MAMIL leisurely bike ride, I listen to radio comedy. Tonight, for…

(14:56:35) @julieprunes MY LIFE IS RUINATED.

Tweets for 07 Aug 2018

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(06:50:57) @VeryBritishLife Ohhhh that is frightening..!

Tweets for 06 Aug 2018

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(12:25:43) I mean what I say, but I don't often remember that I said it...

(12:26:16) @fridgemagnet2 That is a potential death trap.

(12:26:26) @nxmee TIMBERRRRR!

(12:29:13) Despite being in my mid-40s, my brain is still perfectly happy to work as follows:

(14:14:32) @MelFFW All the major food groups.

Tweets for 05 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 04 Aug 2018

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(14:05:39) @LizaMayfield Almost doesn't look real! More like a dessert product with legs ...

(14:07:16) I really am not treating the fan in the lounge with the care it requires.. pretty much all that gets me through the…

(14:07:52) @ms_howard Post migraine gin, perhaps?

Tweets for 03 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 02 Aug 2018

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Tweets for 01 Aug 2018

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(12:04:39) I for one am quite excited about this... if it's good enough for our Prius and some of those posh Ferraris...…

(12:27:46) "I'm not really in a position to dig through a bucket of dead fish to find the alive one." I have no idea what that…

Tweets for 31 Jul 2018

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(21:43:28) RT @UKClioCup: FOLLOW / RT to enter our draw for tickets to see the @DunlopBTCC & #ClioCup at @RockinghamUK Sunday 12 August.

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