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Tweets for 30 Jul 2018

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(09:36:55) @julieprunes Bubbly breakfast bar. Brilliant.

(09:44:50) RT @iiTalW: People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

(11:19:19) This is really useful to know - especially when the hot weather hits again! #Travel #Luton https://t.co/TguIwOYBMt

(15:26:50) @Screwfix Hello. I was just assisted by (I believe) Shannon, a very helpful, pleasant member of your customer servi… https://t.co/PkrcqgbSGH

(20:18:49) @MelFFW I know the feeling..!

Tweets for 29 Jul 2018

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(13:59:39) @nxmee Just as well the cake was cut into quarters ...

(14:01:51) When I washed my hair this morning it felt like it does just after I've been swimming... I'm beginning to wonder if… https://t.co/kjAE0gY7us

(15:10:02) Just catching up on the #BTCC - I'm rather unsettled by Ash Sutton's car being monochrome instead of the usual blue… https://t.co/hTRl2CYm2k

(15:10:56) @willowHart I'm using some special "Municipal Baths" shampoo :D

Tweets for 28 Jul 2018

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(16:01:57) @mynameisgill EXCELLENT! 🥰 I need to find some Hampshire trousers. Are they even a thing?

(16:02:08) @paulums Never too much.

(16:02:26) @ellewadding Good heavens. I'm veritably basking!

(16:02:57) @julieprunes This is what radio used to be like. And in a way, still is. But only a bit.

(16:04:25) RT @flowingdata: Getting a head start https://t.co/L3PMnoyc0u

Tweets for 27 Jul 2018

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(14:41:50) I have been compulsively looking at the weather to see when it'll stop being quite so warm. Every time I look, it s… https://t.co/jjgQ7YHvSE

(14:59:53) @VeryBritishLife I suppose there are worse ways to direct one's rage... the barometer is reading 'changeable' right… https://t.co/iXwKkWgMJ0

(15:01:01) @CupOfTea69 lovely lunar haiku :)

(15:15:44) @StormGarelli @VeryBritishLife https://t.co/YEiYMPO6Jr

(15:16:40) @lizzyangelpod2 It are a bit toasty....

(20:50:53) @mssres Booyah! #syzygy

(20:51:18) LU2 0/10 #uksnow

Tweets for 26 Jul 2018

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(09:23:43) @jopijedd Woahhh!

Tweets for 25 Jul 2018

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Tweets for 23 Jul 2018

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(08:53:27) @Mad4mogzz @BBCRadio2 Oh that is a cracker!

(10:53:40) @VeryBritishLife @sm2n That was good fun.. I got most of the obvious ones(!) 😃

(14:57:46) @fridgemagnet2 @fishplatetwo I actually really like it.

(20:34:33) @fridgemagnet2 Wish I'd known about this when I were a lad... https://t.co/M8rvnGxRK1

Tweets for 22 Jul 2018

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(13:11:19) @fridgemagnet2 Absolutely gorgeous.

(14:34:24) Absolutely perfect. https://t.co/4F4taYmvMy

(21:12:49) @seagullworrier In this weather a small mercy

Tweets for 21 Jul 2018

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(08:34:50) One of those mornings when I can't tell whether it's my son's music or the cold water tank filling.

(08:47:15) @peasbloss He's only home for the summer and fortunately we have neighbours that play something approaching music a… https://t.co/DhahgtSjQT

(08:57:46) @peasbloss Awww.. we have that to come.. I guess that's why we try to order grandchildren for the part time chaos that brings..

(09:34:57) @jopijedd Bring back Jean Michelle Jarre, Vangelis or even Jean-Jacques Perret foe that matter 😄😄

(10:34:53) @fridgemagnet2 Yes. Yes it is.

(12:23:48) @fridgemagnet2 You are too much.

(12:25:34) I wonder if guinea pigs and other rodents just hear a growling rumble when humans talk to them. Like everything spo… https://t.co/jG2vJaFltG

(12:26:05) @mostlygeordie We had rain last night.. no evidence of it today 😊

(15:02:14) One of the games we have invented, called "Rocket Bucket" #familySunday @ Moneyhole Playing Fields https://t.co/zThhxwOp0F

Tweets for 20 Jul 2018

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(12:09:19) @jopijedd Hmm.. you've got me looking now :D

(12:11:43) @fridgemagnet2 Windows XP Coach Edition... one of the finest.

(12:12:11) @willowHart It's not recommended.

(12:13:21) @ellewadding Good grief. I'm so unangry I can't even construct a sentence :D

(12:28:51) @willowHart Awww... have a nice cup of tea.. that helps de-explode heads.

(14:18:04) @jopijedd Heh. You are definitely an endangered species, sir!

(14:46:56) @thisistomgreen Wow....

Tweets for 19 Jul 2018

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(07:13:24) @mostlygeordie I think so, yes 😉

(17:15:43) I feel ya bro. https://t.co/UOYQx193Ul

Tweets for 18 Jul 2018

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(09:40:12) I'm so impressed by @George_Ezra - he writes some incredibly memorable, timeless and catchy songs, and sings them b… https://t.co/03G1ColyVo

(10:20:37) @julieprunes @WalterPresents Oooh... will check!

(11:50:11) Is it too much to insist that I'm referred to in the office as "Tremendous Basil", "Mandibles" or "El Presidente"?

(13:20:25) @bermudianbrit @robwilliams95 @george_ezra Instant classic: https://t.co/YTJt34oLae

(13:21:11) @Liberator_hen I love it :)

(13:21:28) @johndredge May I have a thing, please. And do let me know if you see any beans on the corner.

(13:30:08) I don't think I'm ever going to get used to disappointing people.

(16:10:20) @MelFFW Don't worry.

(17:40:28) @VeryBritishLife I meant it one way, but thought it was amusing that it could be taken another... 😄

(18:39:21) @sarahjaneuk Oooh... let's say yes 😄

(19:32:56) @sarahjaneuk I'm just missing the cricket bat 😄

(19:36:02) @ellewadding @Twitter I am gently enjoying the irony of liking of this tweet.

(19:36:11) @DredgeLand BARGOON

(20:46:30) @ellewadding Thank you! 😊😊 I don't get out much.. 😄

Tweets for 17 Jul 2018

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(14:59:28) @julieprunes 🔝🤗🖇️

Tweets for 16 Jul 2018

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(10:38:28) That speeches(?) by Donald Trump and the lyrics of songs(?) by Post Malone and Drake aren't disregarded as juvenile… https://t.co/23MkVBEHuy

(11:18:29) I have the patience of a saint. Specifically St. Jerome. https://t.co/A8IPWLdCez

(11:18:52) @nxmee That made me laugh too much.

(11:19:41) RT @nxmee: @syzygy Are you telling me this isn't deep? https://t.co/1zjE6AuDz6

(12:41:36) @Liberator_hen I hope you dip the end of the banana into the custard pot and bite it off. That's how I'd do it. I think...

(13:49:54) @Liberator_hen Works for me!

(19:47:13) @VodkaGothBitch Happy birthday tea!

Tweets for 15 Jul 2018

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(08:45:17) Daughter to her mother: "I'm 18 layers deeper into the internet than you are..." I don't know what that means - the… https://t.co/1zVcytH9NL

(08:54:33) @thingy_person Vardy Annuals?

(08:56:04) @thingy_person 0% vegan? (actually I wonder if any of the premier league players are vegan. Surely we would have heard)

(08:58:24) @wuthering_alice I am now exceedingly worried. She's asked for her pocket money in Ethereum... (maybe not, but it's only a matter of time 😄)

(10:24:25) @tetley75 @thingy_person OHHH! of course.. I thought I had heard it somewhere else #PSDontPassToVardy

(10:24:55) @wuthering_alice Nah. #Sunday

(10:33:29) @wuthering_alice I hear ya.

Tweets for 14 Jul 2018

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(15:50:59) @canuckuk That sounds like the opposite of a Justin Bieber lyric. https://t.co/JxZqiRcE9h

(15:53:12) @canuckuk Oh you!

(15:56:28) @canuckuk I should never underestimate you 😄

(20:28:33) Pretty much... https://t.co/1SOTtarm2e

Tweets for 13 Jul 2018

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Tweets for 12 Jul 2018

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(10:47:23) @WordsWFriends Hello! I've not been able to play Lightning Round games for nearly a week - I've reinstalled and res… https://t.co/w0SxnKvlRc

(17:13:27) @intlBeige I, for one, am delighted.

(17:13:57) @mostlygeordie What a complete waste of this earth's precious resources.

(19:12:12) @seagullworrier You must have been, like, 2. Excellent marks btw

(21:23:04) @seagullworrier Naturally...

Tweets for 11 Jul 2018

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(09:18:38) @mrsdoigy I am now.. is that any help?

(19:49:12) @julieprunes Because THAT'S HOW IT WORKS. Our undergrad has been re-iterating the direction football has been going… https://t.co/aJnbcx2Y7z

Tweets for 10 Jul 2018

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(09:00:23) @seagullworrier Sadly I think it's frightened away a lot of the smaller birds.. :/

(09:01:29) Satirical comment about the poison chalice of Tory Leadership being topped up with novichok

(13:29:09) @benpartridge I am very much in favour of any involvement that the Beef & Dairy Network might currently be having i… https://t.co/c0G3ATd58m

Tweets for 09 Jul 2018

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(09:24:16) @mostlygeordie HAPPY TWITTERVERSARY FAM!

(19:58:17) @lutoncouncil Love those flowers! Great pic 📷💯

(19:59:58) @ms_howard Aye. It's your birthday fortnight after all (belated festivities btw)

Tweets for 08 Jul 2018

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(07:48:24) @paulums That is a peculiar thing.

(08:23:45) @poots Hopefully not! 😃😃

(14:35:43) @fridgemagnet2 Good grief. I'm surprised more stuff hasn't started falling off the walls here #BluTackHoldsThisHouseTogether

(14:36:47) @mrsdoigy My Sunday is extremely dozy. But I'm still a-trundlin' on. Tea?

(14:41:00) Popping out to the terrace to clear up what appears from the 'birdcam' to have been a rather vicious sparrowhawk at… https://t.co/wq4ztiFvrr

(16:05:54) @seagullworrier Absolutely..!

(19:57:34) @HughesPeg Beautiful! Which cathedral is that.. Not sure it's tall enough to be Salisbury...

(20:16:00) @HughesPeg Lovely! Haven't been there for many years..!

Tweets for 07 Jul 2018

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(13:01:00) @mostlygeordie Love me a frightwig.

(13:01:20) @mrsdoigy Emergency JustEats?

(13:04:28) @mrsdoigy Excellent. And that'll hopefully give you the energy to get to Aldi when nobody else is there!

(13:04:40) @sm2n @jamfolder Oh man. That was good.

(22:01:06) The was some musical doings this afternoon with the Luton @ukimaniacs at the High Town Festival. If you were there… https://t.co/1wvWewvaSx

Tweets for 06 Jul 2018

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(11:03:34) @mynameisgill It really is like nothing else on earth!

Tweets for 05 Jul 2018

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(09:24:49) @mynameisgill Amen to that!

Tweets for 04 Jul 2018

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(14:29:32) Today is a day of small victories (so not HMS Victory)

Tweets for 03 Jul 2018

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(13:47:06) @kirstynewton PLOPPY and SCAMP

(20:56:51) Wow! Well done #England for so decisively scraping through to the next bit of football playing. #WorldCup2018

(20:57:32) @mostlygeordie His loss. For sure.

(20:57:48) @mrsdoigy That looks amazing!

(21:01:33) RT @Baddiel: It’s just about still coming home. https://t.co/NCwuVW9aCi

Tweets for 02 Jul 2018

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(19:30:08) @hergiebird Hello! I'm not too bad thank you... slightly melting! I prefer to play with the back of my index finger… https://t.co/rrcLlxDC3E

(19:30:59) @hergiebird BTW I don't really vary my strumming style.. it's up/down in 8th beats strumming some of the time and m… https://t.co/YyLPGkcWBY

(20:12:31) @hergiebird The island strum works really well for most songs, yeah.. I've got a couple of YouTube videos of songs… https://t.co/M8FbeVsgzD

(20:26:11) @hergiebird Guitar Stealage Pattern Strum FOR THE WIN!

(20:26:45) @hergiebird PS Don't take it as definitive from me - I totally taught myself so almost definitely have it wrong.. w… https://t.co/16BH2RfOeF

(20:33:53) "I love you, you love me

(20:37:40) @julieprunes LIK DIS COS I CRY EVERTIM

(20:41:48) @CarolKettley Good heavens. Was there ever any doubt? 😃😃

(21:17:09) @fridgemagnet2 It is. With a generous sprinkling of modern idiom to render the song utterly incomprehensible, despite its banality.

Tweets for 01 Jul 2018

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(21:14:48) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird Good grief. That's me scuppered then.

(21:18:57) @fridgemagnet2 I went to Sheffield to escape the heat. IT DIDN'T WORK.

(21:24:21) All of this is true. https://t.co/nqorv0Jjey

(21:25:57) SCIENCE https://t.co/EkAUb0lOhD

(21:26:47) @CarolKettley GOOD TIMES! (Although they're also very warm ones too..!)

(21:28:58) @CarolKettley It's still mid-20s out there now..! I'm OK thank you dear, cK.. bedtime calls I think

(21:46:24) @CarolKettley Bon nuit, madame! x

Tweets for 30 Jun 2018

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(14:06:01) Just spoke to a lovely chap called Karl from @SantanderCycles who sorted out the little issue I had last night when… https://t.co/cAaOUzORvl

(15:33:02) @emilylloydsaini Loved your performance at the Radio Theatre yesterday! Hope to hear more of you on #Radio4 #comedy soon :)

(16:41:59) @fridgemagnet2 Pretty much... not sure there's a piece of technology that doesn't benefit from a bit of that, these days...

(16:43:28) @canuckuk @lutonhooestate I live quite near the Industrial Zone.. Not much chance of our houses being knocked down.… https://t.co/wKZjGr8McV

(17:46:54) @canuckuk @lutonhooestate Given all the other noisy, smelly gubbins that goes on here it'll be Just Another Thing.. but I see your point!

(20:49:33) @ms_howard Definitely seaside season.

(22:31:37) @ms_cornwall Alphaville - Forever Young

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