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Tweets for 29 Jun 2018

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(10:29:51) The battery on my work laptop is on its way out... https://t.co/eCpAch9HvY

(20:35:03) This evening I witnessed the mighty @GeorgeFouracres pioneering the technique of stealth #radio4 comedy script turn… https://t.co/YgotP5Trgp

(21:33:11) @SantanderCycles Help.. I docked my bike 30 minutes ago but it still says my ride is in progress.. what can I do? T… https://t.co/MNjqInWCdF

(21:45:45) Looks like it was taken to a police station miles away.. Free ride for someone.. thank heavens they docked it https://t.co/UhfkFSTqja

Tweets for 28 Jun 2018

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Tweets for 27 Jun 2018

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(10:14:01) @neek71 @LondonWaterloo @TfL Good. Grief.

(10:15:49) @neek71 @LondonWaterloo @TfL PS I'm intrigued that @NeilMossey knows you... a delightful confluence of my lifetime and timeline!

(10:17:42) @MelFFW @johndredge Back from the halcyon days of quality comedy podcasts. Exquisite work :)

(10:20:10) Do people still say "Now look here!" ..? Or has it gone the way of "Very well, then." ? (so only now exist in the w… https://t.co/6DlH9ae1RV

(10:41:53) @edmorrish Any idea who wrote that? Such a shame they weren't credited!

(12:40:29) @neek71 @LondonWaterloo @TfL @NeilMossey Absolutely! Fine men both :)

(14:14:31) @mrsdoigy Does that count for today, too?

(14:19:26) @johndredge Predictions for the next @iainlee incidents:

(19:27:46) @johndredge Didn't even bother..

Tweets for 26 Jun 2018

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(13:18:04) @JadeEdwards9 @UKClioCup @Croft_Circuit @CandeoVision @GrangeDevelop @MilltekSport @juliewinch @JakobEbrey… https://t.co/C5B7WpOmiw

(13:49:36) The installation of productivity tools requires me to close down my email and my Skype while it carries it out. Whi… https://t.co/y6I0oJISpW

Tweets for 25 Jun 2018

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(11:11:52) It is sad that I am so bothered by this poor use of English... https://t.co/myfMV5QqnN

(11:27:27) My crowning achievement of the day so far has been to bring in some an upholstery cleaner thing to sort out my offi… https://t.co/WCpluBbt41

(12:26:57) @Stenbird Oooh..! I'd not realised that was in your ball park, let alone your wheel house. Or indeed your solar farm. Thank yous 🤗🤗

(15:41:22) @johndredge Wrinkly

Tweets for 24 Jun 2018

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Tweets for 23 Jun 2018

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(21:25:09) @Liberator_hen Looks like you're building a robot wars robot..

(21:26:01) @delphi35 Thought it was a bit much for a papercut...

(21:26:47) @Liberator_hen Just think how devastating it would be, driven by a hamster ☺😄

Tweets for 22 Jun 2018

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(06:31:19) @mrsdoigy Morning. Just about awake...

(06:57:37) I quite like that one of the folks in the call centre thinks I'm called "David". It's like a secret second life onl… https://t.co/lJ6MivU3xI

(07:45:44) @GHOGIT 😄😄😄 Oh dear!

(11:46:45) @IcelandFoods - your Stonebaked BBQ Meat Feast #pizza is pretty much the best shop-bought pizza I've ever tasted. E… https://t.co/xfeIXkJbNe

Tweets for 21 Jun 2018

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(06:40:22) @Stenbird Good heavens... most impressive!

(06:40:40) @brianashton Coffee tweeting...

(06:42:05) RT @poots: "Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men…

(10:49:02) @CarolKettley @platinummind We're part of the furniture 😉

(12:07:58) Picasso politics.. eyes to the left, nose to the right...

(12:42:13) @prc320 Heh.. not just me then!

(12:53:17) What are we doing about this Trump visit, then? I think we should all hide, turn off the lights and pretend we're o… https://t.co/L9B2KDMOew

(15:24:43) @batwench @TheMuppets Haaaa!

Tweets for 20 Jun 2018

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(20:36:50) Where do you go for your bric-a-brac? I find TK Maxx is ideal.

Tweets for 19 Jun 2018

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Tweets for 18 Jun 2018

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(12:23:20) I've not seen any of the Kickball Cup yet, but I hear that Rolando and Some Other Portuguese Men (as I believe the… https://t.co/yrniwIVBhV

(16:42:17) @LizaMayfield Good afternoon evening!

(17:48:20) @mrsdoigy Well done them! Are they the ones that make all that noise (not the vuvuzela one)?

(17:49:06) @jopijedd Half the cast of Brookside too, it seems...

(19:53:26) @rach_hopkins @UKLabour @RiversMarkD @lutoncouncil Top bloke.

Tweets for 17 Jun 2018

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(18:27:32) @julieprunes Is this that kickball thing about which people have been all going on about? GLOBAL HYPERCOLO[U]R thou… https://t.co/rH5lMbnYDC

(19:27:35) On my bike ride this afternoon, I happened upon this (not quite work safe) chalk grafitti - a reference to series 1… https://t.co/rQGMiuW8oF

(19:29:31) @VodkaGothBitch Brilliant! I was at a recording of Never Mind The Buzzcocks a few years and had an aching jaw from… https://t.co/7eiHkvRy1s

Tweets for 16 Jun 2018

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(02:50:08) @julieprunes - an excessively flamboyant Scrabble move

(02:51:40) @CarolKettley @PeteThePict @Pedro1964va @fairwarning101 @bigphildaws @andee_67 @platinummind We wish you a happy we… https://t.co/m4XIrdUoDN

(19:46:02) If, like me, you want your #Pebble #SmartWatch to work when Fitbit pulls the plug at the end of the month, #Rebble… https://t.co/TFGH69EooF

Tweets for 15 Jun 2018

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(13:13:37) It's about this time on a Friday afternoon that I start praying for no crises or emergencies, so we can all get home in good time...

(14:29:54) @VeryBritishLife A Good Sit Down.

(14:36:22) @VeryBritishLife Hahaha! You may well have inspired me...

(14:36:27) RT @VeryBritishLife: @syzygy A good sit down sounds like a sequel to the James song for people of an age that heard it first time around.

Tweets for 14 Jun 2018

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(06:36:42) @Stenbird I'd love to go to an island, for example the Isle of Wight. Any good?

(07:18:21) @Stenbird I'll add it to the list... under Scilly.

(13:24:17) Just my luck to get #Molossia in the office #WorldCup sweepstake...

Tweets for 13 Jun 2018

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(11:53:19) @willowHart Oh dear.. definitely worth getting a professional verdict (and some human compassion!) if you can.

(12:34:48) @artistsmakers @dlwp I spent many happy childhood years living there 🌊🌤️

(12:34:56) Seconded. https://t.co/TMVGnzeHgN

Tweets for 12 Jun 2018

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(07:33:41) Morning. Eschewing the bike this morning to take Geoff The Glitchy Robot Car to the exhaust place. He sounds like a… https://t.co/pqFG75SJ02

(10:33:39) @JQP74 Thanks chief! You too. Love your morning tweets by the way - always gets my day off to a positive start 🤗

(10:35:12) @RobJD Hahaha.. the opportunities for puns are manifold.. 😆

(10:35:55) @johndredge Giles?

Tweets for 11 Jun 2018

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Tweets for 10 Jun 2018

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(17:10:13) @mrsdoigy That revelation was made to me today. Apparently the Ireland and England teams have swapped members in th… https://t.co/5sEBPnxe6M

(18:01:38) @brennig Now I ~did~ miss that, it turns out.

Tweets for 09 Jun 2018

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(19:49:25) @CarolKettley Strong look!

(20:22:24) @CarolKettley Oh most definitely intended as a compliment.. not much time left this evening to use 'em!

(20:24:41) Well it has been quite the day, with Hangry Jeff's annual outing (he eats the bits of garden we don't want), some M… https://t.co/V3bIWt5Dls

Tweets for 08 Jun 2018

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(09:57:02) Look out for my new book "ASMR in the open plan office environment"

(12:41:30) @CuriousUkTelly Stopsley Sports Centre... can only have come from one person...

(14:32:59) @johndredge Oh I still use that regularly. Generally in the event of a mishap. I'm bringing mishap back...

(15:03:52) @nxmee @bbccomedy @DaftLimmy @poots @RobJD That is literally all I need for the World Cup.

(20:54:18) @willowHart It's more of a rarity that I actually do have any :D

(21:03:16) @willowHart Not on the Twitters, for sure :)

(21:04:58) Today has been practically mishap free, although the strimmer appears to have taken on a life of its own. Which imp… https://t.co/tDcWUJW4WM

Tweets for 07 Jun 2018

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(14:39:59) @Ariadnes_web Oh noooo.. I am so glad you made it home OK. Hope it's a sprain not a breakery.

(16:31:20) @Ariadnes_web @AvenSarah @enriquenieto @stu_art_ist @voiceovergirl @bigbluewolf_ @jojoeffe That is SUCH good news..… https://t.co/GYwOLBqpVU

(16:50:08) All I need to communicate is that the plumber's been and the front of my shirt is a bit damp. #airlockinthebathroomtaps

(18:00:46) @Richard_C @thethe Oh wow! ENJOY!

(21:18:29) Ada the #guineapig expects treats.… https://t.co/vXzL11ebkT

Tweets for 06 Jun 2018

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Tweets for 05 Jun 2018

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(10:34:45) @julieprunes It's going to take a lot to beat puurrrrrpllleee (to the tune of Africa by Totototo)

Tweets for 04 Jun 2018

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(07:14:41) Odd things I saw yesterday: a woman driving while blowing up balloons and a discarded decapitated speed camera (or… https://t.co/5veL3uOD6K

(07:15:12) @ms_cornwall Happy Monday to you 😊😊

(07:18:50) @mrsdoigy Absolutely no point in asking them 😄 half of the time we're fighting them even though they run our lives!

(07:24:32) @poots And if you thought Brighton wasn't exciting and fun enough.. 😄 https://t.co/oVdu9kRw14

(11:35:35) @Mad4mogzz I was fairly sure I saw a yellow balloon in her mouth when she first drove past me, and when I caught up… https://t.co/zIXDX7TaYW

(15:12:19) @PrincessBagel ... https://t.co/80hdXtGZUp

Tweets for 03 Jun 2018

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(10:59:56) @DredgeLand @RoughGiraffePod Quality moves there.

(11:02:21) @thingy_person Smart! It'll look smashing once the grout's on 👍

(11:04:48) @mrs_forky There were good times, no doubt. Bonding. Dancing. Fun. And you're only 6 (or so) weeks from the big holiday. It's all good 🤗

(11:26:44) @julieprunes Absolutely. Earbud hell. A close second is any previously unidentified spot that one ends up scratchin… https://t.co/AR1tpXEURg

(12:12:02) @mrs_forky Oh dear.. a lot of challenges to overcome - and time well spent doing it. I hope you can get some YOU time soon!

(12:38:20) @ms_cornwall Awww! What a lovely leaving gift! Hope there are lots of hugs to share.

(12:45:25) @HoveFMRadio @DredgeLand @brightonfringe @Caxton_Arms @Hove_Weather @HovePlinth @BTNPalacePier @HoveBeachHuts Magni… https://t.co/fNnKWgjKiK

Tweets for 02 Jun 2018

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(06:15:38) @julieprunes Urrgghh. Morning 😊

(15:55:07) RT @poots: What a day! #OU_ceremonies https://t.co/9TDLOBlOAH

Tweets for 01 Jun 2018

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(20:09:14) Having a sit-down after a drive back from Oxfordcestershire, I thought "I'll do that eBay listing my Dad asked me t… https://t.co/NIVIidBPfs

Tweets for 31 May 2018

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(06:25:43) @ESCarmchair There's quite a few that I don't know.. will have to check them out because your musical credentials are strong.

(09:05:21) @AndyWalker67 @IcelandFoods @DavidHasselhoff Slightly different company (Farmfoods isn't on Twitter) but I see your point..

(09:05:43) @IcelandFoods I love you.

(11:14:09) @DoomGolly Sending big hugs x

(11:16:02) @MadameJo_Jo Divided equally between the two floors..? 😁

(11:42:44) @DoomGolly I'm doing OK thank you.. wish I could come and make you a nice cuppa!

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