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Tweets for 30 May 2018

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(10:20:03) @ms_cornwall Happy Wednesday to you!

(10:23:19) @poots @Bubble2009 Brilliant! Proper overalls and everything!

(21:38:54) @WorldBollard True...

Tweets for 29 May 2018

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(10:34:47) @JamesCridland 🤨

(10:39:01) Listening to an American work colleague telling the tale of a trip to Scotland at the weekend, including visits to…

(10:39:43) @Morrigans_Flame Is it brown? Do they do brown lipstick? I have no idea - I'm an idiot.

(11:01:29) @mrsdoigy 😄 I'm fairly sure there isn't an American equivalent at least 😄😄

(11:03:52) @Morrigans_Flame That's useful to know. Did you reach a conclusion as you what colour your lips are..? Also: does it taste nice?

(11:04:23) @mrsdoigy 😄😄 Black (or white?) pudding is about as close as it gets...

(11:04:56) @mrsdoigy Or maybe smart price own brand sausages #WhoKnowsWhatTheyContain

(12:03:15) @mrsdoigy Same here..!

(13:11:16) Looking up how bad boiled sweets are for me. Boiled sweets. That is such a great name. Boiled.

(16:36:27) @julieprunes Oh now that is a VERY good colour. Please now only go to places you coordinate! (which is pretty much everywhere!)

Tweets for 28 May 2018

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(09:44:42) Springwatch on the telly, grey skies outside, sweaty indoors and no inclination to put a wash on. Truly a 21st cent…

(10:10:56) @johndredge Excellent. Have a best one!

(17:18:02) @CarolKettley Ooh that is a lovely colour!

(17:19:10) @Liberator_hen You're you already, and therefore fabulous by your very nature - but you can be the you you want to…

(18:30:30) @Liberator_hen Ahh you'll get there - I have no doubt. I'm trying to work off some middle aged excess.. stopping dr…

(18:31:24) I've little memory of my childhood, but sucking the melted goodness out of an ice pop takes me back there every time!

(19:08:51) @Liberator_hen Excellent! Let's do this!

(19:13:04) @Liberator_hen I downloaded an app for an abs workout last week. Started playing ads at inopportune times so I got…

(19:47:43) @toosurreal @Liberator_hen Nice tip - cheers!

(20:04:03) Funny orange sky.

(20:07:57) Attempted evidence of orangitude. May well end up being a storm. Again.

(20:52:36) @VeryBritishLife sad about the stickiness. but thank you!

(21:18:49) @ellewadding Gotcha. Not sure any rain made it here yet..

(22:01:31) @batwench It can't help that I make up words with reckless abandonecessity.

Tweets for 27 May 2018

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(07:32:55) @meljpollard Ahh yes.. an argument I know well (I'm not allowed to play with Lego any more 😄)

(10:41:03) @johndredge A lie-ability

(10:41:39) @johndredge You weren't swayed by the experience..?

(12:05:37) @VodkaGothBitch BARGOON!

(12:20:00) This is what the web is for #computinghistory

(12:24:08) @thingy_person Which shade are you opting for?

(12:47:52) @thingy_person Very much anticipating the outcome - please send pics! Quite a warm day to be doing paintery.. should dry soon though! 😊😊

(12:48:59) @thingy_person PS I like the middle one too.. not too black, and not too green 😊 🖤💚

(18:39:36) @lynnjaneb Love the purple tips!

(18:42:56) Successfully avoided getting lightninged on/at with my Sunday afternoon bike ride. My neck hurts now though. I blam…

(18:50:05) @CarolKettley Mmmm.. now I want my nails painted 😄😄

(18:50:15) @ms_cornwall Here too..

(20:38:29) @CarolKettley You're in.. a lively shade of purple would be perfect 💜

(20:39:03) @Genloo I'll have some sent down your neck of the KABLOOMZY!

(20:39:20) @MrsPrettysHouse I'm a wreck, Shel!

(20:42:38) @EmdudsCo Sometimes, but tends to be more of a positive discrimination for me; it's a terrible thing and I know I s…

Tweets for 26 May 2018

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(15:53:00) @seagullworrier I don't have a front garden in my pyjamas

(20:44:42) YouTube is full of people mainly called Dan.

(21:07:44) @guineapig66 N'night!

Tweets for 25 May 2018

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(07:04:21) @sarnthil 😱

(10:34:32) It appears on my cycle to work this morning, my clothes have adopted all of Luton's tiny insects.

(10:35:12) @miz_shake68 @MotorServUK 👍 Always great to hear!

(10:35:29) @julieprunes @GreggsOfficial I'd buy one of thems.

(11:49:23) @DoomGolly Its only about 2 miles to cycle, but it would appear so! 😃😃

(12:15:16) @DoomGolly I go over what can loosely be described as a river on the way, so I guess it's to be expected. You may b…

(12:54:54) @DoomGolly Luton could so easily be a Pratchett creation...

(13:51:52) @WandsworthDD Quite..!

(15:05:01) Just had a Hersheys "Take 5". That's one hot mess of a chocolate bar

(15:26:58) @EmdudsCo Nicnesssssss!

(18:31:19) @mostlygeordie Some things never change! 😃 Is it really ten years already? So glad you're still in my life, fam!

(18:35:38) @WandsworthDD Goting to wing it during this bank holiday weekend - hopefully I'll be able to stretch my legs, other…

(18:36:58) @mostlygeordie Good heavens.. what was I on back then? 😄😄

(19:15:58) @CarolKettley @HillWalker70 @PawBlakNme @platinummind Thanks CK! Have a great hank boliday weekend!

Tweets for 24 May 2018

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(11:52:59) @nickleach1 Ooh now that looks lovely.

(11:53:19) @ms_cornwall HAPPY THURSDAY to you :)

(11:54:25) @DavidLloydRADIO Pretty much my halcyon days as a teenager. Truly wonderful. I remember the "Lotto 6-49" adverts..…

(11:54:46) @Morrigans_Flame Blimmin yes!

(13:11:34) Trying to work out how many afternoons it would take to build a robot to replace me.

(14:42:20) @VeryBritishLife hope and nuts.

(16:04:15) I think 10% of people do 90% of the thinking.

(16:18:07) @biscuitnose That's kind of a lovely thing for the SENCO to have perceived about you, but quite a tough undertaking…

(18:48:31) @RobJD @poots Haha exactly.. 😄

(22:50:29) @Jimmyb558 @DavidLloydRADIO @TheRadCaroline Thank you for setting me straight... I preferred Laser 558, but also lo…

Tweets for 23 May 2018

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(13:49:24) I'm preparing for when something dreadful befalls me and my picture ends up on the news - no way there'll be a grai…

(13:49:24) My dear wife @poots comments on the number of selfies I take; understandable given that I'm a plain, boring middle-aged man.

(15:00:07) @Bubble2009 @GHOGIT @poots @RobJD I had to look up where that was.. plenty of parking nearby! :D

(17:11:22) @thingy_person If I had known that a train driver could make entertaining announcements, I would have wanted to be one when I was a kid :D

(22:03:08) @thingy_person All wins in my book! And makes me admire him all the more.. which line is he on? (if you don't mind me asking)

Tweets for 22 May 2018

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(11:03:03) @Morrigans_Flame Yes. Yes they are. 💯🚳

(11:03:42) @johndredge You're overqualified.

(12:35:44) @SmaugIsMyBitch @Morrigans_Flame I'm a little bit frightened now and will spend the rest of the afternoon under my desk.

(12:36:47) @davidschneider HAPPY BIRTHDAY. HAPPY.

(12:50:26) @Morrigans_Flame @SmaugIsMyBitch I think those are very much in evidence with that video. Trying to compensate with…

(16:14:00) OK.. there's

(16:16:43) Not only am I entirely unmoved by this, but I am also slightly troubled by the sheer quantity of other recent duck-…

(21:03:47) @ThePartridgePod Is this something to do with you?

Tweets for 21 May 2018

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(10:25:22) @pearcen Happy Birthday my friend!

(10:25:49) @mrsdoigy Thank you. You too! x

(16:41:11) @Itsstillsnowing It's definitely that time of year. Excellent!

Tweets for 20 May 2018

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(16:10:02) @Tomingram80 @SpeedworksMS @AdvantagePriCon @Reismotorsport @logisticspeeps @SolerandPalau @HansfordSensors…

(17:38:13) Me looking scruffy with the legendary @Tomingram80 who - I understand - broke the race lap record at…

(17:40:48) @CarolKettley @Tomingram80 @thruxtonracing Aww thank you my lovely! It's been a smashing day out and I hardly got s…

(17:49:26) @CarolKettley Oh wonderful! Not sure there's much better than dinner and laughter with a great friend! Hope you get to do it again soon 🤗 x

(17:53:13) @CarolKettley It's already in my Goolge Colander don't you worry. There will be 🍾🍸👑🎂🎉

(20:25:17) @jopijedd @Tomingram80 @thruxtonracing An absolute gent and ferociously entertaining driver.

Tweets for 19 May 2018

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(14:24:15) @AlanHydeStudio "Nifty Shades of Goff" - oh that is very good. @jgmotorsport

Tweets for 18 May 2018

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(09:48:01) @RubyJubilee @PerryFellow Happy birthday!

(16:01:12) @mrsdoigy Oh my. Will there be respite from twist-rounding at the weekend?

(19:37:45) I've just put on the Gadget Show for the first time in a while. They're still shouting enthusiastically. I'll miss…

(21:53:28) Wow... Android is getting clever - it's categorised my pictures into Types Of Thing!

Tweets for 17 May 2018

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(06:48:29) @mostlygeordie Nobody I know does..

(07:22:23) @sm2n Brilliant!

(11:53:50) Absolutely cracking song - from @BBCRadio2's Forgotten Gems playlist.. have to admit this passed me by!

(11:57:27) @tweeting_frog @BBCRadio2 Must have been a bigger hit in Europe - barely scraped the Top 30 here!

(18:52:46) @Barwickgreen @Hobgoblin_beer Hadn't realised hobgoblin make an IPA now... must try it! (despite the excess grapefruititude)

(20:49:52) @Bubble2009 @poots Goodness me! I can hear .. whichever!

Tweets for 16 May 2018

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(10:44:22) @mynameisgill Working from home YAY

(11:01:11) It's often easy to forget how far technology's come, but having to upload knowledge management articles using a too…

(12:18:19) @Morrigans_Flame One of those days when the biscuits go more quickly than expected...

(13:50:53) @WandsworthDD They're pretty nasty - I'm not allergic but my car gets all sticky! Half of my family are allergic to conifers...

(14:24:50) @WandsworthDD Proper baffed (as the young people used to say about 3 years ago)

(16:30:09) @UKClioCup @EppsRacer @BradleyBurns06 @RenaultUKPR @RenaultSportUK Well held, @EppsRacer !

(20:28:39) @WandsworthDD I have teenage offspring. They think I'm desperately uncool (as is quite their right)

(20:47:45) @WandsworthDD True! I quite delight in it, to be honest :D

(21:11:54) This is quite something..! Thanks Joel!

(21:19:36) @guineapig66 Night. I try to be quite amusing too. But mainly kind. And asleep x

(21:21:25) @KateWilliamsme Oh gosh. Hadn't heard about that. Camomile tea all round and I hope it's all a distant memory soon.

Tweets for 15 May 2018

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(08:44:23) @smartie999 Clear and straightforward! :) :)

(21:07:30) @bethmichaelfox @poots I wonder if there are harmonics that we can't hear..

Tweets for 14 May 2018

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(07:36:03) @ms_cornwall Oh my! I hope you can get some sleep soon x

(07:37:36) Just been handed today's challenge: get through the work day unscathed and fully clothed. Wearing in a new pair of…

(11:41:48) @nxmee Baffling. I think I had a pinterest account once...

(11:42:17) @johndredge How did you get on?

(11:42:39) @Morrigans_Flame This sounds like a bizarre Taskmaster challenge.

(11:43:48) @mynameisgill *applauds*

(11:48:36) @poots Another excellent Pocket Exponent. 👏

(12:10:51) @MrsPrettysHouse Work-related trouser loss. It's a real condition.

(12:11:11) @MrsPrettysHouse PS morning!

(12:11:34) @MrsPrettysHouse (I made it up :D)

(12:31:49) @Martha_Gill I guess on Twitter I can be a little more like I want to be (positive, encouraging and - hopefully amu…

(12:33:23) @CalmWaters73 @Dreamy_lyrics Hugs to you both. x

(12:34:31) @CalmWaters73 @Dreamy_lyrics It's been a long time, but you're often in my thoughts, even if not in my timeline x

(12:34:43) @CalmWaters73 @Dreamy_lyrics (Because of Twitter's rubbish algorithms)

(12:34:50) @Dreamy_lyrics @CalmWaters73 Amen to that!

(14:08:33) @CalmWaters73 @Dreamy_lyrics Awww :) Well you were certainly at the forefront of my mind on Sunday night - with a q…

(16:46:55) @em_cud I want to call everyone gammon. Like a term of endearment. I LOVE YOU GAMMON!

(20:51:17) Victory @DredgeLand banana bread - splendid memory of 123-321 success last week with @WandsworthDD and…

(20:54:20) @willowHart Q: What cheese can you use to get a bear down from a tree?

(20:56:21) @WandsworthDD @DredgeLand @carpet_martin Ohhh! I'm taking it into work with me tomorrow.. I can save you a slice though! 😊

(21:04:28) @julieprunes @DredgeLand @WandsworthDD @carpet_martin YOU'VE STILL GOT IT?! #aspic

(21:09:52) @julieprunes @DredgeLand @WandsworthDD @carpet_martin That's quite a shelf you've got building up there.

(21:20:07) @WandsworthDD @julieprunes @DredgeLand @carpet_martin Really struggling to resist fish puns, but it's just too late…

Tweets for 13 May 2018

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(07:40:59) I can definitely only function this post-#Eurovision morning due to coffee. God bless the growers, the pickers, the…

(10:52:08) @sarahjaneuk I wasn't aware of that..! So much learned😊😊

(18:42:43) @emmaevictoria Wonderfully delicate!

(19:50:06) @brennig I am entirely baffled.

(20:19:15) If ever there was evidence that I'm no athlete - I managed to take longer to cycle 26 miles this afternoon than the…

(20:29:07) @mrsdoigy Here's a tweet you might have missed... (maybe everyone's recovering from last night's #Eurovision fun :D)

(20:29:33) @seagullworrier Good heavens. That's looking proper alive.

(20:31:14) @seagullworrier I suppose I'm going to have to look up when Michaelmas is (used to be a term at university :D)

(20:31:30) @mrsdoigy BOOYA! :rockfingers:

(20:33:21) @mrsdoigy ALL the vibes.

(20:35:42) @mrsdoigy (That's why I sometimes record the gigs... shhh :D)

(20:36:09) @mostlygeordie Just wow.

(20:36:30) @mostlygeordie Catchita Wurst right there

(20:37:07) @seagullworrier Good grief. That'll be a while then..! Might get even more bushy!

(21:09:31) @mostlygeordie (I have to give @poots the credit for that one!)

(21:10:02) @ellewadding Absolutely - pretty much perfect. And everyone out seemed to be in good spirits, which always makes it more enjoyable :)

Tweets for 12 May 2018

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(11:46:08) @HoveFMRadio F to the M.

(11:47:41) @lizcrippinmusic Haven't had one in quite a while.. where did you last see it..?

(12:49:23) @lizcrippinmusic Will do!

(15:30:42) @MJHibbett @amazingradio?

(15:39:10) @MJHibbett @amazingradio I guess you've pursued all the fine options you've followed with @johndredge and the Plint…

(19:05:44) Popping over to @EuroSyzygy to save you the wailing...

Tweets for 11 May 2018

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(08:36:31) @Richard_C The German language is so exceptionally good at that!

(10:14:28) I've just discovered how to spell dachshund. It's not straightforward.

(11:44:42) @LizaMayfield HELLO JINGER! Oh what a cutie!

(11:46:42) @LizaMayfield It is! I hadn't realised that "dachs" is German for "badger" - we don't call them "Badgerhounds" though :D

(12:03:36) @LizaMayfield Heehee.. I can see why! :D

(18:17:22) @mrsdoigy That's a great album title :)

(18:41:20) @PicturesFoIder That is the saddest thing I've ever seen.

(18:50:26) If you like your #music all electronical and modern, I'm proud of my boy @AntiviralMusic who's just released his de…

(20:05:47) Having caught up on the second #Eurovision semi-final, we are now introducing our daughter to Father Ted s2e5 on…

(21:27:31) @mrsdoigy Thank you. That's lovely and entirely reciprocated.

Tweets for 10 May 2018

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(11:30:30) @poots I completely agree. Sadly it is those who are angry that don't seek the common ground and elements mutual un…

(11:37:20) @poots Would have helped if I had written proper English in that reply..! #notenoughcoffee

Tweets for 08 May 2018

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(06:27:05) @AndieDelicacy If it's any consolation, I have emerged from a shop on the way somewhere and ended up turning back t…

(06:28:33) @AndieDelicacy Also: I have a pathological inability to be early and/or navigate my way out of a supermarket car park.

(12:06:23) @AndieDelicacy That would be wonderful, but I fear we would never meet to organise it (especially if I need to go t…

(12:07:06) @WandsworthDD @DredgeLand My banana is knackered :o

(12:08:52) I can't put a binliner in a pedal bin. I can never be a polymath.

(12:10:21) Britain's Got Telnet #geektv

(12:10:35) @Liberator_hen Yikes!

(12:12:26) @Liberator_hen Absolutely! Our dear old car needs its air conditioning recharged (apparently freezer spray from Poundland won't cut it)...

(12:20:35) @julieprunes NOOOO!

(12:57:56) @AndieDelicacy Nahh.. they're all mine :D I have a morning voice, an evening voice and a voiceover voice. RACHEL ADAJEJIIIIII!

(12:58:02) @AndieDelicacy PS Will do :)

(15:23:28) @WandsworthDD @DredgeLand half an hour on a Sadiq Cycle and another hour on a Thameslink train.. there wasn't reall…

(15:37:08) @Helencakefiend Yikes! Hope everything is completely fixed soon (I have no idea about medical things)

(15:38:21) @mrsdoigy Oh gosh. Allergies or bug? Rather way I hope you feel far better soon and can get some curative sunshine.

(15:38:30) @mrsdoigy ^either

(15:39:01) @ms_cornwall Good idea.. kettle's on!

(15:49:27) @mrsdoigy Ahh that's good to hear 😊😊

Tweets for 07 May 2018

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(09:54:30) @Popcorn_Heart_ [1] Happy birthday

(11:17:12) @Popcorn_Heart_ [1] You're most welcome

(11:18:30) This will stand the test of time.

(16:19:34) @Bubble2009 Oh wow! I did the very same yesterday 😊😊

Tweets for 06 May 2018

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(08:00:41) Morning morning. Reading through what Twitter has deigned to show me, it seems like most of what's written these da…

(08:01:16) @Liberator_hen Splendid idea 😊

(08:02:25) @ellie_made Oh gosh. Bit early for jazz

(10:25:33) @mrsdoigy Now that sounds like quite the busy morning! I hope you can find a tree to sit under with a book later 😊😊

(16:03:34) @fridgemagnet2 @MrsPrettysHouse Looks smashing... and lovely and quiet - the bank holiday crowds haven't descended on you yet then..?

(16:18:58) I'm absolutely delighted - and grateful to @lutoncouncil - that the

(16:19:36) @produceremma So cool that you're there! Hope you're having a magnificent time!

(16:20:27) @fridgemagnet2 @MrsPrettysHouse Cool (or indeed warm!)! Hope you've had a lovely weekend so far. Got out on my bike…

(17:02:10) @fridgemagnet2 @MrsPrettysHouse Not a bad run - hopefully you'll feel more up to it as time goes on. Can't believe…

(19:31:09) @nickleach1 @lutoncouncil Nope.. it runs in parallel. They've thought of everything! Certainly better than the coun…

(20:30:33) @ms_cornwall What makes you say that..?

(20:54:10) @ms_cornwall I always trust my feelings 😊😊

(21:02:17) @ms_cornwall I'm a bit allergic 😄😄

Tweets for 05 May 2018

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(13:55:52) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 That looks gorgeous!

(13:56:23) Wonderful cartoons!

(13:57:09) @julieprunes Good 'eavens...

(17:18:44) @TOther_Simon Try to retain control.

(22:03:31) @birdfortytwo There's a tumblr blog / coffee table book in this...

(22:05:09) Rather more excited about going for a spring time cycle ride tomorrow than I should be....

(22:18:39) @CarolKettley Thanks smashing lady. Hope you can get out into the sunshine too!

(22:23:14) @CarolKettley Wonderful! Hope the birds are in as good voice tomorrow! x

Tweets for 04 May 2018

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(10:02:20) @ms_cornwall Morning morning!

(10:15:26) @mrsdoigy Morning. I'm not!

(14:31:25) @mrsdoigy I'm in hiding... 😄 Hope you've had a good day so far.

(16:27:31) @lizcrippinmusic OH NO!

(16:28:41) @DoomGolly Funnily enough I was going to tweet that I would consider myself a polymath were it not for the fact tha…

(16:30:32) @DredgeLand 14. Making a note.

(20:05:30) @willowHart @lizcrippinmusic I try to maximise it..

(20:09:15) @lizcrippinmusic @willowHart That is how I think life should be.

Tweets for 03 May 2018

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(14:37:37) @fridgemagnet2 Ha!

Tweets for 02 May 2018

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(10:27:55) It was a non-Fika Fika day today.

(10:28:05) @elainovision Absolutely love your twitter names :D

(10:29:25) @johndredge @claregrogan2 OHHH! But one day you will find your very own Clare Grogan Equivalent.

(10:32:08) I love everything about this.

(10:33:01) @simontuff FOMO BONDING

(12:00:11) @MrsPrettysHouse I'm drinking coffee called 'Fika' but not hanging out with my friends...

(12:32:42) This looks amazing. Such a shame I can't go.

(12:37:58) @Richard_C CLICKETY

(12:40:35) Bacoin. This is why I could never go into marketing.

Tweets for 01 May 2018

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(11:11:59) @ms_cornwall Morning! Looks it!

(11:24:16) I wonder if the listening figures for online only UK radio stations are published anywhere... somewhat makes sense…

(12:03:52) @ESCarmchair Indeed!

(12:04:06) @ESCarmchair Is there an SoA this year btw?

(12:09:12) @ESCarmchair Hurrah! I'm totally there.. sorry I missed the tweets :)

Tweets for 30 Apr 2018

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(20:57:50) @ESCarmchair That's a shame... I'm not really a party animal, so I quite like letting them get on with it and I'll…

(21:52:19) @ESCarmchair Never say never, dear Ann. If ever it's won by a nearby-ish country (France.. Scotland.. Kent) we're hoping to go :)

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