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Tweets for 29 Apr 2018

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(11:01:12) @mrsdoigy Hope you feel better soon x

(11:01:31) @ESCarmchair I don't know.. maybe I've thought it but didn't say it, in which case I'm sorry...

(19:16:36) It's only when I finally read the small print on this DIY pack that the realisation dawned: I rarely do any of thes… https://t.co/gXws16nOkF

Tweets for 28 Apr 2018

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(09:52:58) @mrsdoigy Arggghh! I vaguely remember one from last night when I encountered Jonathan Ross in a corridor; he was ab… https://t.co/d2SmwhBwxX

(19:51:40) @lizcrippinmusic I hear you.

Tweets for 27 Apr 2018

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(06:29:48) @TOther_Simon It's like Twitter is developing sentience... https://t.co/DjTOcTQGHW

(06:45:04) @Liberator_hen Morning 😊

(07:14:26) @Liberator_hen Definitely worth it for the lunchtime results.. Unless like me you sometimes forget to take it out o… https://t.co/K3wzJPKW3U

(07:47:32) @Liberator_hen Ohhhhh! Been there as well! Have a great day.. Hope it's less drizzly where you are 😊🌧

(10:40:11) @julieprunes I love that they just thought "Ahh to heck with it.. this can be for the whole year". TWO SESSIONS though? Nice one!

(10:43:36) @HQvoice You've lost none of your charm :)

(11:06:46) I think I had a dream either last night or the night before when I came up with a minute of actually quite funny, i… https://t.co/740wRXoy8E

(11:33:14) Best thing the Pointer Sisters ever did: https://t.co/j81LKitxnZ

(11:33:30) @HQvoice They're called that for good reason :) :)

(11:46:13) "Piping hot" What's all that about?

(11:47:56) @nevali @HelenZaltzman Absolutely!

(15:24:43) @herzleid So the food's got to be boiling..?

(15:25:06) @fridgemagnet2 That's a nightmare. Expect a owl in the post.

(15:26:14) @HelenZaltzman @nevali Thanks Helen. That's just the sound I want to hear from my microwave meal for one... "Ensure… https://t.co/cqMHcg0dr0

(15:38:29) @JadeEdwards9 @ClothingExpress @UKClioCup @DunlopBTCC @ACEntTech @DoningtonParkUK GOOD LUCK this weekend!

(15:39:46) @julieprunes @rinksy ~applauses~

(18:26:27) @herzleid Mmmm appetising 😄😄

(21:06:15) @mrsdoigy Good evening 😊 I'm in Luton and London tomorrow. There may be singing and tea. How about you?

(21:12:05) @mrsdoigy Cool... sounds like something to look forward to! Please do some dancing for me.. I have no such ability!😃

(22:23:14) @mrsdoigy Sounds like brilliant fun! ENJOY!

(22:25:38) @fridgemagnet2 You should totally get yourself one.

Tweets for 26 Apr 2018

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(06:52:41) @ms_cornwall Be well and Viel Glück!

(06:57:55) @DredgeLand I'll give you join us at seven if you're not careful. Brit pop request: Not Allowed (Back) There Again… https://t.co/CbnWuwI2o0

(14:42:51) I love that "wi-fi" is actually short for Wireless Fireless.

(17:36:16) @julieprunes Or "Whiffy" as I'd doubtless end up calling her.

(17:38:04) With all the folk with strange names that appear in #GameOfThrones, I can't help but hope there's a character in th… https://t.co/fvKUfmNSjg

Tweets for 25 Apr 2018

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(09:19:31) @willowHart Oh my :/ I hope you can keep your fluids up and sit indoors somewhere where you can enjoy the sunshine. Feel better soon!

(09:20:12) @julieprunes That could so easily be a song lyric.

(09:21:40) @EmdudsCo It's like Ed Sheeran meets the Arctic Monkeys.

(10:16:20) @julieprunes ~applauds~ Magnificent.

(10:17:43) @julieprunes @jonholmes1 @lewismacleod @ConMend @terrymynott @AlexSievewright So glad Radio 2 is doing comedy again...

(15:39:35) @ms_cornwall My day is MODERATE thank you :) How's yours lovely?

Tweets for 24 Apr 2018

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(13:31:43) Tea time conversation today meant my Keralan colleague was introduced to the wonders of Creature Comforts. Absolute… https://t.co/qm6LOVIRUq

(13:32:34) @willowHart OH NO! Feel better soon x

(13:32:51) @ms_cornwall Pressing thumbs that you prevail!

(14:30:35) @DoomGolly Can't believe I missed your State Visit!

(21:54:17) @DoomGolly Hope so! Wishing you safe travels if you have any more to do - otherwise happy unpacking!

(21:56:02) @mostlygeordie Oh I have made all my international colleagues FULLY biscuit aware 🤗 Sometimes I even share some of mine... 😉

(21:56:47) @DoomGolly Or as we call them: "proper sweets" 😃

(21:57:08) @DoomGolly Ahhh! Hope you're home and cosy soon then 😊😊

(21:57:33) @julieprunes Yeek

(21:59:36) @DoomGolly Never stops for you, does it! I'm in awe.🤙👍

Tweets for 23 Apr 2018

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(09:31:20) @intlBeige YEEK!

(09:31:55) Product idea: USB phone charger plug that connects to to the internet

(09:59:44) @jopijedd You're clearly the big thinker mate.. hadn't even occurred to me :D

(15:27:58) @ms_cornwall Wow! Intended, I hope!

(15:28:13) @ms_cornwall Me too :) I've been busy at work, but it's been quite interesting!

(15:49:19) @mrsdoigy Urgh. Hope you're OK.

(21:29:56) @TOther_Simon I really hope he tours it!

(21:34:09) @TOther_Simon Ahhhhhh (combination of tragical realisation and breathing out)

(21:47:54) @MichLdogs Sleep well 😴😴

Tweets for 22 Apr 2018

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(08:28:16) Happy birthday, @johndredge. May all of your plinths be free of burgons.

(14:53:01) @julieprunes @johndredge That is exceeedinglingly goodish.

(15:12:55) Going to think twice about using @EventbriteUK to sell tickets to my next performance of Uninhibited Flailing And F… https://t.co/ZJnDTocL9Y

(15:16:47) @MrsPrettysHouse I've not heard of them.. Will have to take a look!

(16:21:59) @seagullworrier I like..

(16:30:25) @seagullworrier It's win win!

(16:35:50) @Superblouse I think you'll find it was.

(16:36:20) @ms_cornwall Warm breeze..?

(16:38:09) @ms_cornwall Ahhh!

(20:50:58) @ms_cornwall I'm a little sleepy. How's you?

Tweets for 21 Apr 2018

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(08:40:02) @julieprunes Looks like a really drab music video by Sparks..!

(08:41:21) @TOther_Simon Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs TOther

(09:03:40) @Russw777 @DavidLloydRADIO I really enjoyed this Conversations episode - sad that I never got to meet you during my… https://t.co/V7tCtP4XsZ

(09:11:38) @mrsdoigy Ohhh! Never too old ma'am! They've been around for longer than most teenagers. Totally get the scaredy cat thing though!

(10:10:27) @mrsdoigy @ENTERSHIKARI @RouReynolds Heehee 😄

(10:11:08) @MrsCupidStunt I have a headache and haven't even showered yet. You are doing far better than I.

(10:12:40) @star_curl Lovely smile and that's what counts (unless it's one or those scary filters that makes a weird smile, bu… https://t.co/9aQ0mUE4S3

(10:14:10) @MrsCupidStunt Sounds like a debilitating vicious circle to me. Please don't be so hard on yourself. What would Flylady do? 😃😃

(10:24:41) @MrsCupidStunt Right. And who are we to ignore her excellent precedence?

(18:32:14) Hopefully this will prevent anyone else experiencing such indignity (via @thenewbrunette) https://t.co/fzyjtxPys9

(19:45:43) @julieprunes Can I have a rear view mirror cover?

(19:50:57) @julieprunes That's how I drive normally, so that's good! But it's a niche market.. I was thinking more covering the back than the front :D

(19:56:33) @gaptoothmusic Cool! Having a catch-up of your Soundcloud musics!

(20:20:31) @Ariadnes_web Much respect.

Tweets for 20 Apr 2018

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Tweets for 19 Apr 2018

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(11:39:39) @MrsCupidStunt Not really.. tends to be a bit of a shock when they go for me!

(12:44:14) Happy birthday @Doctoe! 🐱

Tweets for 18 Apr 2018

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(16:52:49) @TOther_Simon OH EXCELLENT choice!

(16:53:06) @TOther_Simon Can't believe I didn't spot it..!

(17:33:14) @TOther_Simon The recording really sounded a bit live too.. like the mic wasn't there(!) the visible but inaudible mic.. magical!

(17:45:20) @TOther_Simon Fantastic performance nonetheless! And excellent visuals (still not quite sure how you got the fish t… https://t.co/EJXxgUlUq2

(17:46:53) @TOther_Simon Ahhhhh! NICE! ()) <- forgot to close my parenthesis earlier #pedantic

(20:49:42) @CarolKettley @justjane962 And so young too. Lovely bloke - and made his name on the wireless.

Tweets for 17 Apr 2018

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(10:37:29) @willowHart GOOD LUCK to big one!

Tweets for 16 Apr 2018

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(10:48:16) @BootstrapCook My advice is that to value your personal time outside work. Family time is so important - children g… https://t.co/yEtMKQn7yi

(20:11:04) @ms_cornwall I'm fairly splendid thank you. Just had so chocolate 😊 How's you?

(20:11:21) @ms_cornwall ^some ..😄

(20:11:31) @willowHart I like!

(21:18:57) @ms_cornwall I couldnt help myself.. I've got one Easter Egg left if you'd like some..?😊😊 🎈

Tweets for 15 Apr 2018

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(06:58:40) @DoomGolly Oh wow... this game is totally my happy place... been rocketing through the levels. Let me know if you want a hint for level 31 😊

(10:54:20) @DoomGolly All I would say is don't be afraid to connect a red phone to a white photo... I'm working on the princip… https://t.co/nsjWkx6Xj3

(10:59:53) @DoomGolly I'm a bit worried that I'm playing a completely different version (Android on a phone).. https://t.co/DHdVcGqPff

(11:04:28) @DoomGolly Screen shots any good to you..?

(11:05:26) @ms_cornwall Frohe Sontag! 🤗

(11:06:05) @thenewbrunette GOO LUC ANYWYAYS

(11:06:44) @TheBluestStar Nah.

(12:38:27) @DoomGolly Hope it's a good one.. Music knows no weekend boundaries...!

(12:54:31) @DoomGolly I'm doing my best.. it's stopped raining here so I should go and get some exercise really 😄😄 Have a good one x

(21:10:33) @TOther_Simon Happy birthday for yesterday by the way!

Tweets for 14 Apr 2018

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(17:16:17) @MelFFW Love it when that happens.

(17:19:23) @justjane962 I love a little robin!

(18:41:30) @justjane962 We're really lucky to get sparrows and robins to our bird feeders.. very few owls, though. I love wood… https://t.co/OnzZxRSG4L

(19:21:46) @justjane962 Good heavens!

(19:22:02) @sm2n @LutonBID Thank you for your support today mate!

(22:39:25) @DredgeLand Did any of them win? I do hope so.

(22:51:18) @DredgeLand I did, but dropped some of them on the way back. Going was flat to clonky.

Tweets for 13 Apr 2018

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(14:06:49) Looks like I'm going to be playing my #ukulele towards an unexpecting #Luton public at about 12:45pm tomorrrow (14t… https://t.co/slQbz1RUIn

(14:14:32) @willowHart A bit of both :)

(14:21:40) @mrsmoneypenny1 @CJ1751 Awww 😊😊

(18:26:43) @brennig Thanks mate! I'm fairly sure there will be video evidence 😊 have a great weekend 👍

(20:43:30) This is the joy of #nature, #photography, #faith and #history. Lovely. https://t.co/xLfaG3twTV

Tweets for 12 Apr 2018

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(09:22:12) I make better coffee than Nicki Minaj #probablytrue

(09:56:52) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Your boyfriend is an asset. For sure.

(09:57:13) @VeryBritishLife You're missing nothing. Except maybe poor coffee. Hope all is good with you!

(09:59:39) @LizaMayfield Quite the shirt indeed! :D

(09:59:55) @VeryBritishLife Quite so. Respect isn't hard.

(11:12:23) @LizaMayfield Morningafternoon :)

(11:15:31) @LizaMayfield I'm moderate to good thank you.. ready for my lunch! :) Got coffee?

(11:20:04) @LizaMayfield Excellent! Hope it's a good one! 🤗

(11:20:24) @debsylee Afternoon fabulous one!

(12:29:00) @willowHart Not yet...

(12:29:32) @GHOGIT 😆

(12:43:44) @willowHart I was born hopeful (is that a thing..?)

(16:38:51) @lizzyangelpod2 Lovely smile despite the dismal mist!

(16:39:05) @johndredge @FlippinKath It's about once every 12 years for me.

(16:39:22) @StevenEagell @SETLetchworth Great colour!

(21:37:44) @julieprunes @FlippinKath @iainlee Always a winner. Sort of 🤗It was quite the rollercoaster (caught up on the YouTu… https://t.co/uwGqdt6tlK

Tweets for 11 Apr 2018

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(12:10:33) @MrsPrettysHouse It's OK.. sorted it out and feel much better now!

(15:56:28) @JamesCridland Cracking episode as always. You deserve an award.

(16:12:27) So good..! https://t.co/MMgOWM5nk5

(21:17:25) @FlippinKath @talkRADIO We'll meet again...

(21:30:48) Putting things in the calendar that I really thought I had already put in the calendar. I am slightly surprised my… https://t.co/izTeeEsFjS

Tweets for 09 Apr 2018

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(12:12:13) @ms_cornwall That's not quite enough :o

(12:17:31) A pair of historic(al) legends! https://t.co/4hRoIybHSM

(15:28:39) @julieprunes I know the last two... I'll also offer you:

(16:17:59) @ms_cornwall Mine neither...

(16:18:17) @ms_cornwall My body doesn't like to get up at all...

(17:10:20) It's one of those evenings cycling that I really feel like I'm in the sky #mist #lowcloud #amazingflyingbike

(19:30:23) Facebook just called me a 'Rookie' (apparently they're taking on crowdsourced recommendations like Google Maps). Ch… https://t.co/bHyZyN4cd2

(20:50:35) @manytypesoftea There's never a good time for that to happen.

(20:51:36) @VeryBritishLife This may be a time for that Next Thing to turn up... got any ideas?

(21:07:30) @VeryBritishLife Heh.. We can only hope!

Tweets for 08 Apr 2018

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(16:19:50) @LizaMayfield Whom do they remind you of..? #intrigued

Tweets for 07 Apr 2018

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(10:17:20) My sister has told me of a new radio station: United DJs (https://t.co/w2XEg3H7ai) - a venture by Mike Read and Da… https://t.co/KxZbuJvYTR

(10:27:32) @Richard_C I was delighted when I saw that the estimable Mr Paul Easton had uploaded it. Worth a watch - but wear c… https://t.co/Pp2uDI3BQB

(11:09:31) @Richard_C Ohh. Oh dear lord.

Tweets for 06 Apr 2018

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(07:59:23) @TOther_Simon Masterful! Excellent boinging too. Cheers mate! Please let me know if you need votes or anything for the competition 👍👍

(08:55:24) @justjane962 @CarolKettley That's so lovely :) You rock, cK!

(08:57:51) @ellie_made Strong look!

(12:17:58) @lizzysometimes True.

(12:19:01) Something invisible is also indivisible.

(14:36:37) @DeanAbbott I applaud what you wrote in this blog.

(16:23:06) @sarahsansom Yup.. but it's a bit old-hat now :)

(17:03:37) @sarahsansom 😄😄 not sure the Youth these days would get it..

(20:06:05) @FinalBullet And now I have clicked it and it will appear EVERYWHERE :D :D

Tweets for 05 Apr 2018

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(13:07:34) @kydawson63 Cheers! You too

(13:08:12) Every time I go on a conference call I discover my mic muff is missing. Can't be having that.

(16:36:14) @batwench Right!

Tweets for 04 Apr 2018

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(07:03:44) @ms_cornwall splendid!

(11:35:35) @TheBluestStar Good heavens. That's why tea was invented: dream exorcism in a mug.

(12:15:17) @SamRSparrow Interesting blog post.. I have to admit that London is an occasional tourist destination for me - when… https://t.co/G6F2UK6pAQ

(12:30:20) @cigarboyrick82 Impressive! 👍

Tweets for 03 Apr 2018

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(09:43:11) There... I fixed it. #accessdenied #grumpy https://t.co/OqZiKBmUOe

(09:47:03) @intlBeige A bit of symphonic metal wouldn't go amiss.. Trans-Siberian Orchestra or something..?

(09:48:38) @nxmee Nice work.

(09:55:52) @intlBeige Sweet!

(15:28:13) @MenWithVenUK @enright_kerry @Radigan This is a remarkable piece of music. I'm very much enjoying it. Like the fant… https://t.co/e2ddEG1Kxd

(21:25:37) Extensive ukulele and cowbell action this evening. This bodes well for the future of music.

(21:27:37) This is remarkable. #music https://t.co/a3TVtOb0Ex

Tweets for 02 Apr 2018

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(08:17:07) @mynameisgill Good heavens.

(08:20:31) @ACommonStarling It's totally fine. That's what it is. So many battles are fought in our own minds and souls. Sendi… https://t.co/Vzaep5jFR3

(08:20:50) @lizzyangelpod2 Here too! Have a lovely one x

(08:28:24) @sidneyg156 heard Persephone this morning. Great song!

(08:30:11) @JamesCridland Compliance, though..! 🤗

(10:02:30) @RuthBlackett hot hot hot hot hot ham

(10:04:21) @EllesBell Small comfort but: bless you. And spring may be here soon... ish.

(10:10:26) @TOther_Simon Wow... that is so wonderful! Love it when that happens. So so so so (x2000) rare though for me.

(11:13:19) @TOther_Simon Excellent! I hope I get to hear it! And good luck!

(11:16:57) @CarolKettley Easter Egg? Enjoy! (I've held off so as not to spoil my lunch :D)

(11:19:13) @CarolKettley 😀Good advice, ma'am! Gone are the days when I'd nom all my Easter eggs in one day... could well last… https://t.co/1fue5BDjvU

(11:31:22) @birdfortytwo Me neither. The garden needs pottering in. I am not keen.

(11:35:04) @birdfortytwo Maybe after lunch. And I will reward myself with a little gin if I do.

(12:48:18) @shiftrunstop Great podcast (as always!) I could even answer some of the quiz questions. It kinda ended rather abru… https://t.co/ifZZqrIOe4

(14:01:53) @jennytaylor1 Happy birthday, indeed, to you.

(15:20:51) @ms_cornwall "I only want to see laughing..." ?

(16:53:24) @ms_cornwall Lyric from Purple Rain.. (although I messed it up! Sorry!)

(19:09:03) @holly @trixiemattel 😀 Pretty.

Tweets for 01 Apr 2018

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(08:49:28) @smartie999 Hope you're feeling better sweety. Happy Easter

(13:32:35) @PrincessBagel Happy Easter!

(16:40:35) @MrsPrettysHouse @PrincessBagel And the same you you ma'am!

(17:37:15) @smartie999 Making you a toastie as I type xxx

Tweets for 31 Mar 2018

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(16:50:49) @Confused_com Ahhh the old "Retail Shop"...

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