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Tweets for 30 Jan 2018

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(08:16:18) Baffled by advertising and promotions.. phone company is giving away gig tickets when you buy their phone... I'd pr… https://t.co/6FfIxCpWbm

(08:19:43) @CarolKettley Morning CK! X

(18:27:43) @JamesCridland I had to remove my earbuds midway through to let the sarcasm drip out.. 😄 Great podcast as always!

Tweets for 29 Jan 2018

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(14:57:42) @Fiona_WordsBird "Learning to hate" is a song title in itself.. 😄

(19:25:52) @DredgeLand Can I have a hairy Andy Harland badge..?

(20:23:42) @DredgeLand Gadzoiks

(20:28:52) RT @DredgeLand: The new EP from John Dredge & The Plinths, 'The Emergency EP', is out NOW! @johndredge @MJHibbett @AhhGeeProd !

Tweets for 28 Jan 2018

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(21:36:39) @Fiona_WordsBird After about the 67th listen new songs kinda.. stick with me.

(21:55:26) This is excellent news. Also: Armando Iannucci - Facts And Fancies is an absolute delight to listen to - currently… https://t.co/qepvHG0FuG

Tweets for 27 Jan 2018

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(07:26:45) @julieprunes @ACommonStarling @caremarie81 @EmdudsCo Booft!

(18:18:59) I was on the Proper Wireless this morning. You can be sure this doesn't happen very often. https://t.co/2ZoBi0jAe4… https://t.co/x1PRvqv0qd

(22:24:21) Totally putting custom earplugs in my wishlist

(22:27:59) @RobJD Thanks, bro!

(22:28:09) @johnny_winter For some it is already too late...

(22:33:15) @poots @nxmee He is a very wise young man.

(22:33:31) @pj_kent Thanks for the heads up, my friend.

(23:04:32) @julieprunes Good heavens.. not sure I've ever left enough custard behind for that to be possible!

(23:05:02) @DoomGolly Ohhh 😕

Tweets for 26 Jan 2018

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(11:03:23) @chris2400 Good heavens above! I wonder if anyone's written a book about this...

(11:04:43) @julieprunes Have you seen @PorgStrong ..? That is an account that could benefit from your artistic wonders..!

(11:56:29) I really need to improve my bacon management.

(11:56:42) @nxmee I am today. But I am HUNGRY.

(11:57:53) @CarolKettley I'm a earl/countess/timelord, and I have over a billion followers. Of which you are one of my most cherished.

(14:33:38) @GHOGIT I'm a-fried not..

(17:07:43) @CarolKettley Woahh! Has it been that long..? Not to mention that wide..?!

(19:59:01) @LutonPoetrySoc Gosh... now that's quite the question!

Tweets for 25 Jan 2018

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(12:20:58) Thing I discovered today. There's a timezone called "Western Europe Time". WET. It's the same as GMT. And UTC. And… https://t.co/gSmCmYoF12

(12:21:41) @Richard_C BWAHAHAAHA. then ~sighs~

(12:44:05) "Can I have your death pedestal when you've gone?" Should have said 'desk', on reflection...

(12:46:08) @DavidLloydRADIO I didn't know that last bit! :D

(17:26:10) @Dreamy_lyrics You deserve them :D

(17:53:33) @Dreamy_lyrics Good heavens above! MORE CIDER!

Tweets for 24 Jan 2018

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(07:59:23) @CarolKettley Morning again!

(16:17:08) @DoomGolly Oh no 😕 We're just going to have love the world that bit harder.

(22:08:18) @Chocohalix Feel better soon.. x https://t.co/j5Etqtv7Bh

(22:44:32) @julieprunes Nonn

Tweets for 23 Jan 2018

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(09:56:15) @DarrenGriffin Oh mate. I am glad your daughter is OK, and I hope things can be sorted out quickly, so you can all out it behind you.

(15:40:53) @DarrenGriffin I don't think it ever goes away..

(18:38:22) @CupOfTea69 @ThisIsTheWater @ThatsOurWaldo @Feexby23 How could there be any argument..? Cherrryy Piiieee #DougieJones

(19:42:03) @delphi35 It's outrageous. I shall have Protest Gin. And hang the washing (not necessarily in that order)

(20:45:06) @delphi35 Don't forget the gin too 😉

Tweets for 22 Jan 2018

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(08:13:44) @LizaMayfield NOOOOO! 😁

Tweets for 21 Jan 2018

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(15:32:27) @KiddarsLuck HAPPITY BIRTHENTAG! And many many more x

(18:37:17) I think the Creme Egg Pots Of Joy is actually superior to the actual creme egg on which it's based. It's the "8 Out… https://t.co/6uQUWFJIfX

Tweets for 20 Jan 2018

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(10:16:44) @RubyJubilee I'm a little irked that it's not on the BBC here, given it's made by BBC America... I've never seen it but it looks amazing!

(10:23:07) @YgrainePendragn I love that! 😃😃

Tweets for 19 Jan 2018

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(08:45:24) @CarolKettley @kydawson63 @kaycarry @jules0455 @platinummind @Nobodys_Miss @AntWBA434 @anthhanley @CateH0722… https://t.co/8A71KtEo9z

(16:50:57) Monday is "Bring your squirrel to work" day.

(16:53:08) @canuckuk Red if you've got one. Black if you're brave.

(16:55:51) @ellewadding It'll be back... those little critters know a good thing when they see it! #allovermybirdfeeders

(17:59:46) @regularjen (I've co-opted the idea from Squirrel appreciation day.. https://t.co/PP58gFUd1T )

(20:15:05) @Runefang78 Oooh! Bring them both to work!

(20:15:41) @batwench Hahahahahaha!

(20:16:04) @ellewadding I'll endeavour to remind you 😊😊

(22:30:07) It has to be said.. The Grand Tour is best appreciated when full up with gin. #TheGrandTour

Tweets for 18 Jan 2018

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(19:25:11) @DredgeLand I'm tuned in, but this tweet is pre-recorded. It's only just struck me that Curiosity Killed The Cat we… https://t.co/Di797hEbPk

(19:27:05) @WandsworthRadio @DredgeLand Sadly Keith is died. In a box #Whereskeith #Hashtagwhereskeith

(19:29:10) @ThisFoodTho Filth. But I want some.

Tweets for 17 Jan 2018

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(07:52:10) @DoomGolly My goodness it never seems to stop for you - I do hope you can find a small group of likeminded folk to have fun with!

(11:30:07) Apparently you're not allowed to poke undergrads in the shoulder and shout "WORK FASTER".

(12:15:36) @MrsPrettysHouse Builds character (as they used to say in my day 😄)

(12:16:29) @mostlygeordie I can attest to that #longdistancesister

(13:19:50) @jopijedd :D

(13:20:26) @DoomGolly That's just so crazy. I really hope there's light at the end of the tunnel. Light and fun. And music.

(13:46:14) @DoomGolly That's why I have heaps of admiration for you - I have neither the talent nor the tenacity to pursue a c… https://t.co/GytoHeOTQi

(14:27:58) Is if some kind of karma was enacting itself, the electricity has stopped working on my team's desks. Except my bos… https://t.co/0Kq5VhZDv5

(18:28:28) @fridgemagnet2 There are courses that people like me need to go on. Times have changed. Happy birth thing by the way. Expect bumpf.

(18:34:04) @fridgemagnet2 This is mandatory corporate stuff where I am. Dignity At Work and Harassment Awareness. And Undergra… https://t.co/CBC3PhEU7g

(18:46:06) @PontoonDock https://t.co/Cj1U6vTxYO

(20:41:11) @Stenbird @fridgemagnet2 Good. Grief!

Tweets for 16 Jan 2018

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(12:24:18) @mostlygeordie OH NO!

(13:33:26) @robsedgebeer @WiFiWarsUK Dude, I'm gutted for you. I hope things get sorted out quickly, and by some miracle the l… https://t.co/Cahbd0nfVu

(13:54:33) @ACommonStarling Not great. Hang in there - I hope you can find happiness.

(13:55:53) @charbhardy I am very much enjoying the mental image of you pushing it up against the piano and playing energetic music as you run...

(15:34:23) This "try to do 100,000 steps a day" thing is much harder than it looks.

(15:43:25) @ucalegon Now I'm picturing you in a Fred Flintstones car...

(17:15:17) @MrsPrettysHouse Morning you!

(22:10:44) @ellewadding Uhoh...

(22:11:28) @DoomGolly Blue skies, icy winds and an evening playing ukulele. You?

(22:55:29) @GHOGIT 32 steps is plenty... :D

Tweets for 15 Jan 2018

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(09:00:41) I was fine with this until I got to the third word... is it a professional dental term or have… https://t.co/R11lVzs7pB

(10:00:45) Today is going to need an extra run-up, I think.

(10:11:20) @Liberator_hen Bless you!

(10:13:04) @MischievoussCat @RadioLaB971fm Tuned in.. love a bit of Bastille to help me through work on a dismal Monday mornin… https://t.co/dmG6zbyBUF

(10:15:37) @Mischievousscat Bastille has LOADS of great tunes! I'm sure you'll recognise some of them. At 5am maybe your frien… https://t.co/6nUWjWmLZX

(10:19:08) @Mischievousscat Did you see there's a YouTuber who does four hour videos of just sitting and smiling, even when he… https://t.co/JSIiuVDwuO

(10:23:33) @RadioLaB971fm @MischievoussCat :D Cheers! The music's great!

(15:23:35) @JemStone I was right there until the last sentence. Then it was like: 😲

Tweets for 14 Jan 2018

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(14:12:56) @julieprunes I have a similar issue with products that start "You're going to love..." Really? What makes you so su… https://t.co/QhZTgK5MlE

Tweets for 13 Jan 2018

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(13:09:14) @KiddarsLuck Oh my!

(13:11:33) @julieprunes It's that emotionally pernicious combination of piano music and little doggies... does it every time!

(16:40:22) @birdfortytwo HAPPY BIRTHDAY regardless of ponderings! https://t.co/B2RXXlFVS6

(16:43:12) @seagullworrier I don't really have any idea what it's like.. I think I've never lived alone for more than a couple… https://t.co/u0OublC288

Tweets for 12 Jan 2018

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(20:21:39) Every day I seem to sit down on the sofa and there's an episode of "Insert Name Here" on the TiVo. Fortunately this… https://t.co/5IiPBg6ER0

(20:22:31) @mostlygeordie I hope you made it out #sortof

(22:09:31) @mostlygeordie 👏👏 oh that is magnificent

Tweets for 11 Jan 2018

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(08:19:34) @julieprunes @johndredge ..oooh Gary Davies on yet another retrospective TV show.

(08:22:40) @TheBluestStar @Scriblit I'm totally going to have to do that now.

(11:03:40) @ellewadding Sure there's not C3PO under there somewhere..?

Tweets for 10 Jan 2018

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(17:51:56) @seagullworrier CONGRATULATIONS!

(18:04:03) @seagullworrier As well you should be - I wish your eldest success and happiness.. exciting times ahead 🤗

(21:16:05) @IndFisher Whenever I eat a biscuit from now on I shall imagine I'm Gregg Wallace. It's worth it. #TeaTime

Tweets for 09 Jan 2018

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(10:21:47) I wonder if Poundland do their own version of lemsip....

(10:44:48) @BaronHawkey Science, my friend. And pecuniary challenge.

(10:45:24) @drewsonix Oooh that is good advice.. I may trundle over there at lunchingtime. Cheers!

(11:12:30) @mollywallop Oh cool.. very useful to know! Sadly there's not one in walking distance from my office (not yet anyway!)

(12:55:20) @smartie999 Ha! ~coughs on you~ 😛

(13:44:09) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield Good morning, lovely people!

(14:10:21) @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse All good with you on this rather dim and dark Tuesday?

(14:23:36) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield Wow.. that is pretty toasty for January!

(14:23:41) @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse Here too x

(15:07:05) All the DBAs are hiding...

(16:32:10) @biscuitnose Totally should be!

(17:01:14) @mollywallop Lidl does pretty well, too ;)

(17:01:31) @perrygascoine They can end up in the oddest places...

Tweets for 08 Jan 2018

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(09:33:20) @mostlygeordie "Woman tipping hand" apparently. I'm none the wiser :D

(10:51:59) @mostlygeordie Sadly I'm not sure grammar matters any more 😯🙃🐟🤞👞🇧🇯🤔

(19:55:53) @lizcrippinmusic They'll not notice..

Tweets for 07 Jan 2018

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(08:50:34) @Techmoan Oh mate - I hope you recover to full health soon.

(08:52:28) @justjane962 Please don't end up in Norwich again...

(08:55:11) @justjane962 Yikes...

(11:50:11) @CupOfTea69 @BBCArchive @whoer_pete Oh I love this so much!

(13:42:51) RT @RedTRaccoon: I'm just going to let this video speak for itself.

(14:24:23) @VeryBritishLife ~actually shuddering~

(16:21:43) What I've learned today.. this smiley thing - 😅 - means "nervous laugh" (it's a drip of sweat, apparently). I was t… https://t.co/niyRl0Zc9E

(16:22:09) @DoomGolly You and me both. REST YO BONES

(16:22:58) @ThePartridgePod Jackanackanory!

(16:23:21) @lizcrippinmusic Yeah.

(16:25:02) Tape dispenser finger injury. Taserfinjury for short.

(16:31:28) @CarolKettley I didn't even know that! 😂👞🐱🔰😅

(16:43:41) @ESCarmchair Only seems right and proper. I am a little gutted that my copy is a little warped though. Not sure Fre… https://t.co/M5jB5fN0IM

(17:37:38) @ellewadding Glad it wasn't just me!

(18:10:29) @DoomGolly Oh my xx

(18:12:27) @ESCarmchair From the price sticker, it was from "Cancer Research Campaign" - must be something like 15 years ago.… https://t.co/U8aHsPPNwn

(19:54:40) @fridgemagnet2 Sadly that may well be the Tasercase.

(20:03:45) @julieprunes @VaunEarl I fully approve.

(20:04:39) @jessiecave I am sure you will bafflehappy someone in a similar way.

(22:21:20) @ESCarmchair I very much love my rather odd record collection. I've got a surprising number of Frasier Chorus 12"s :D

(22:23:36) @MrsPrettysHouse Ah but you're young and well connected 😉 Turns out Twitter knew it all along too.. all I needed to… https://t.co/t7HqdxRSIy

(22:23:54) @fridgemagnet2 He does NOT look friendly.

(22:25:42) @fridgemagnet2 I've just had him explained to me by @nxmee - I've not seen Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Or rather I d… https://t.co/ETtGzppkP5

Tweets for 06 Jan 2018

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Tweets for 04 Jan 2018

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(12:25:09) I am very grateful to Mr @DavidSchneider for introducing me to the concept of 'Ginuary'. Now THAT is something I can get behind.

(12:25:29) @LutonPoetrySoc What an absolutely inspired idea! :)

(13:32:52) @ms_cornwall Humour, experience and luck for me :)

(23:20:41) @MelenieFW That is actually a bit of a nuisance. Makes catching up quite the challenge, too.

(23:20:53) @CarolKettley Night ma'am!

(23:31:47) @Techmoan Good gracious.

Tweets for 03 Jan 2018

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(16:58:58) @VeryBritishLife Thanks for the tip! Definitely one to watch 🤗

(17:25:15) @VeryBritishLife @donmcallister @missdianemorgan If you get the chance to listen to Two Episodes Of Mash with Dian… https://t.co/V3omdCPzKo

(17:25:31) @VeryBritishLife I did. Wonderful 🤗

Tweets for 02 Jan 2018

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(19:46:41) @nxmee @jennylandreth Oh I like

(22:52:19) @danielmaier Yay! We were just talking about #teatime the other day - we went to the recording of Sanjeev Bhaskar 🤗🤗

(22:52:22) RT @danielmaier: In other Harry Hill Things I've Worked On News, Series 2 of Harry Hill’s Teatime starts tonight on Sky 1 at 8.30. Feat. Si…

(22:58:53) @petegurr Ohhh... oh dear...

(23:16:09) @petegurr I wasn't.. should I assuage my speculations..?

(23:26:12) @petegurr For heaven's sake. Thank you for the wise counsel. Only rage would likely result.

Tweets for 01 Jan 2018

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(11:07:37) @MelenieFW @BBCRadio4 I was absolutely mystified as to how they did that.. truly radio magic! Brilliant to listen to 😊

(12:02:40) New Year's Eve 2017 will always be synonymous with a distorted version of the USSR National Anthem. Captures someth… https://t.co/qMygsD8tpp

Tweets for 31 Dec 2017

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(12:49:48) @mrsdoigy Better to be utterly butterly.

(17:03:17) I'm absolutely delighted that Life on Egg has returned for the full six episodes - as a #radio #comedy the writing… https://t.co/Zhy9gn786T

(17:05:51) @justjane962 I think a bit of all of those. A cocktail of new year chaos.

(17:15:32) @justjane962 I wish you the very same! May it be the year you smile more, dance more and sleep more!

(17:16:20) @DoomGolly Oddly enough I'm a lefty but I play right handed... badly! I've never tried a left handed instrument.. hmmmm

(17:35:15) Really impressed and just a little scared by the @VirginAtlantic ad that's playing on @tunein radio at the moment.… https://t.co/yhoAOUfNLj

(22:32:26) @EcceRita A very happy New Year to you, Rita. May it be the best year ever 😄

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