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Tweets for 30 Dec 2017

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(21:51:22) @mrsdoigy Uhoh. That's me. (I'm more of a high functioning sociopath btw)

(21:51:37) @MelenieFW Quite enjoyable. Is that Instagram's filters..?

(21:57:16) @TOther_Simon One of these days I'll get to see you guys play live. Or livid.

(21:57:49) @mrsdoigy 🙄🤪

(22:00:59) @TOther_Simon I hope so 😊

(23:17:00) @MelenieFW Good heavens..! They're all doing it now 😄

Tweets for 29 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 28 Dec 2017

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(21:29:45) @mostlygeordie Seaton! I've been there :)

(21:31:57) @mostlygeordie Next time I'm up there, I'll give it a go!

(22:29:53) @ThePartridgePod Since the bouncy castle incident, I don't think Dave Clifton has any credibility left...

Tweets for 27 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 26 Dec 2017

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(09:27:31) @PlainTalkingHR @TheGarethLloyd And to you, Bina! Hope you had a lovely day x

(22:53:28) @DoomGolly That looks like a snow-bear! Gorgeous setting..

(22:58:57) @lizzysometimes certainly has...

(23:00:01) @lizzysometimes 😱

Tweets for 25 Dec 2017

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(09:59:23) Happy Festive Christmas!

(10:01:08) @lizcrippinmusic Feel better soon my lovely.

(10:01:23) @mrsdoigy Happy Christmas!

(10:01:58) @ellewadding And the very very same to you x

(12:58:37) @tweeting_frog Happy Christmas to you, too, Clare! Many blessings of the season x

(13:00:41) @CarolKettley Super festive! Have a wonderful day! 🎄 x

(13:01:48) @Fi79 Happy Festives.. I, and Twitter, doubtless will be around to share the rest of the day x

(21:17:32) @claudiahaun @ms_howard Happy Christmas to you wonderful people!

(21:19:54) @fridgemagnet2 Good heavens. Happy Christmas anyway. I think.

(21:20:23) @hergiebird Get better soon!

(21:20:44) @pearcen Hope you get some rest soon chief.

(21:22:09) @mostlygeordie Happy Festives, sister from another mister (And Ms) That looks like one of them posh Dyson things! NOICE!

(21:22:47) @TheGarethLloyd @PlainTalkingHR Good heavens! You must have been, like, 7 or something. Congratulations and happy Christmas!

(21:25:50) @KiddarsLuck So good to have that warm contented family feeling. What this time of year is all about. Happy Christmas x

(21:26:59) @LutonPoetrySoc I loved the line "Love is wise, hatred is foolish."

Tweets for 24 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 23 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 22 Dec 2017

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(08:43:55) @LutonPoetrySoc Oooooooh! Yes!

(12:37:48) @DunlopBTCC And the very same to you! Thank you for all the excitement and entertainment this year. TOTALLY the bes…

(20:22:04) What is the acceptable limit of Baby Bels to eat during Taskmaster? Asking for a friend.

Tweets for 21 Dec 2017

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(09:54:39) @ellewadding It is sad, indeed. Twitter's changed - but it's nice to see some familiar friendly faces still around…

(09:57:03) I'm sure I could write a thesis on the psychological design decisions around "making the waiting indicator on the c…

(11:54:53) @JuliaHass That is brilliant.

(12:16:01) @DredgeLand Sladebells

(12:16:22) @VeryBritishLife Will have to look out for that - thank you for the recommendation!

(12:16:47) @Midgetgems26 That is brilliant :)

(12:17:12) @MelenieFW I hope it all sorts itself out in the next few days.. be well! :)

(12:30:44) @willowHart Almost definitely, as I was saying to Justin Bieber, just the other day - social media redefines the wh…

(12:47:18) @willowHart If she's going to look over your shoulder I may as well give her something salacious to read 😉

(12:48:02) @VeryBritishLife And the very same to you and your excellent family. I hope 2017 ends with you in the best of health and happiness 😊😊

(18:02:41) Rest awhile. Or a while.

(20:19:11) At the cinema so not able to skip the adverts. My goodness they're an interminable lot of noisy twaddle. Do I have…

Tweets for 20 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 19 Dec 2017

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(11:12:30) I'm a little bit in awe of stevefryer's mug #GoT #TopMerch

(11:36:24) @JamesCridland @tomleykis A very happy, joyful and contented Christmas to you both 😊 🎅

(11:36:32) @willowHart Totally love it!

Tweets for 18 Dec 2017

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(07:59:19) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter Oh my. That was wonderfully challenging. Given that it was the same 45 seconds of mus…

(07:59:56) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter PS if I can find a way to bring production time down, I would absolutely love to do radio again.

(08:03:31) @JamesCridland Really interesting bit in your newsletter about loudness 'requirements' - quite a lot of technical s…

(08:04:21) @neilcochrane1 @johnny_winter It generally took about 3 times as long as the show itself (Though I'm sure it wasn't obvious at times 😄)

(11:36:52) @Liberator_hen It is festive.

(11:54:25) @Liberator_hen Are you looking to be pulled? (I'm really sorry) I was going to say something about a novelty inside…

(17:58:30) RT @skillsmcgill: The singer from Slade has the most unusual middle name.

(20:30:21) Sticky sticky stick stick.

Tweets for 17 Dec 2017

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(08:49:55) @KiddarsLuck Ohh 😕

(11:54:38) @pearcen Cheers! (Sort of!)

(11:57:04) My Windows 10 has just had an update. It seems think it is now a room in my house, since it boasts 'people' which i…

(12:04:07) @jgamet My OCD is really hurting with those front wheels...

(12:10:19) @pearcen Oh excellent choice sir!

(14:37:55) If anyone wants me I'll be up at the tidy tip. Snapchatting.

(20:03:25) @KiddarsLuck I went to Peterlee once. To see the Apollo Pavilion. That's all I've got...

Tweets for 16 Dec 2017

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(21:49:18) @emsquare_d Amen to that. Made my childhood science.

Tweets for 15 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 14 Dec 2017

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(18:03:30) @neek71 Sweet lord...

Tweets for 13 Dec 2017

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(12:59:20) @mrsdoigy Moderate 😊 You?

Tweets for 12 Dec 2017

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(08:14:22) @76Wilbury @GettingShirty @BaronHawkey @mrs_forky

(08:32:07) @BaronHawkey @76Wilbury @GettingShirty @mrs_forky

Tweets for 11 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 10 Dec 2017

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(09:07:13) One of the things I love most about the snow falling is the peace it brings. Nobody can really do anything except h…

(09:08:08) 8/10 LU2 #uksnow #uksnowmap

(09:08:36) @mrsdoigy Good heavens.. hadn't spotted that it rhymes 😄 Morning!

(09:15:47) @mrsdoigy It's pretty relentless here, too..!

(09:59:05) @contrarywitch Hope you've got some sturdy snow boots!

(11:26:47) @pearcen If I could send you some I would, my friend!

(11:26:55) @ellewadding You too!

(12:10:00) Quite a clever idea... if it works! I've just reported a burst water main near our local Tesco by clicking on a map…

(12:36:18) @mrsdoigy Twitter hugs to you too!

(13:19:13) @LizaMayfield Me too! When it's untrodden and folk haven't ventured forth yet.. 😁

(13:22:27) @birdfortytwo Sort of.. there's a heartwarming movie on, and I'm drinking coffee. Oh and I can't get off the sofa (as usual :D)

(13:27:55) @lizcrippinmusic @birdfortytwo The end result will be worth it, for sure!

(13:47:20) @lizcrippinmusic @birdfortytwo If not sooner... wouldn't that be great!

Tweets for 09 Dec 2017

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(09:40:16) @TOther_Simon What an absolute (Christmas) cracker! Love it 🎩🌁🌲🥃🦆🏥💯

(09:49:22) @TOther_Simon Totally know that situation... great fun song nonetheless. What's Uke bridge(?)?

(16:17:51) @ThePartridgePod In case your listeners are interested in a very economical Christmas present.. the two Partridge p…

Tweets for 08 Dec 2017

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(23:12:15) @matt It has been on my mind a lot in the past day or so how this tweet has made me feel. A combination of dismal h…

(23:27:57) @matt Heh.. I am clearly a elderly... 😄 I'm still not sure what a duo leaper is... your point stands. Perhaps I sho…

(23:28:54) @matt PS I know Dan and Phil because my daughter is utterly obsessed with them 😄

(23:31:30) @LizaMayfield Woahhhh!

Tweets for 07 Dec 2017

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(13:34:32) I do appear to be slightly losing it after a couple of overnight workings. An edict has been sent out by work over…

(14:09:44) @MrSacs It is to what I aspire...

(15:39:19) That feeling when it turns out that, of the three work calendars that have different duties, the one that has me on…

(15:51:16) @justjane962 Oh lordy... Hopefully it'll be a peaceful one for both of us..!

(19:42:49) @jamisonmatt That's exactly what port 3 is designed for... 😉

Tweets for 06 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 05 Dec 2017

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(15:38:34) @smartie999 @76Wilbury You can have a go on mine if you like :) :) x

(15:39:15) @Becsywecsy Definitely a 'him'? What ya gonna call him? Sam is a good name.

(15:45:15) @76Wilbury @smartie999 It are got SNOWMANS ON IT (I could even bite off bits of the chocolatey thing at the bottom…

(15:46:25) @smartie999 @76Wilbury Hello, stranger! I'm adorably tolerable thank you. Happy holiday home departure.. may there…

Tweets for 04 Dec 2017

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(12:55:03) @tezzer57 That is such a lovely photo!

(12:55:40) @JoOstermeyer Sweet lord.

(20:54:32) @mynameisgill Good luck anyway! 🤞

(20:57:00) @mrsdoigy I've got enough bacon left for a sandwich tomorrow morning 🤗

(21:32:03) @mrsdoigy Mmmm delish! Pop round tomorrow.. you can have half a round 😊😊

Tweets for 03 Dec 2017

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(11:11:38) @UtterlyRoobarb Hugs. Hugs and tea.

(19:56:02) @ThePartridgePod The "Christmas in Norwich" clip from Knowing Me Knowing Yule came up on my YouTube feed.. I couldn…

Tweets for 02 Dec 2017

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Tweets for 01 Dec 2017

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(08:04:33) @UtterlyRoobarb I have days like that. Have a good one nonetheless x

(08:05:07) @mrsdoigy Back to bed..? Or is that not a possibility?

(08:11:18) @UtterlyRoobarb Recharges the batteries in a way..

(08:16:36) @UtterlyRoobarb I'm game if you are... packet of jaffa cakes and a phone full of podcasts and I'm good for the morning 😄

(08:21:50) Not sure how this works...

(08:29:53) @UtterlyRoobarb Fitful dozing is the best I can muster... rest well dear you x

(18:35:06) @mrsdoigy I hope you are relaxing and depainificating this evening... I've just left work 😊

(18:51:37) @mrsdoigy Thank you! There will be pyjamas imminently. I recommend

(19:07:39) @mrsdoigy 🤗🤗 maybe with a smidgen of gin... enjoy!

(19:53:23) @UtterlyRoobarb 😠

(19:54:00) @lizcrippinmusic 😯 You OK?

(19:54:37) @Liberator_hen Nahh. They'll get two doors tomorrow..

(19:55:01) @rshields646 @Liberator_hen 😐

(20:32:40) @lizcrippinmusic Heh.. not sure what they can give you for that!

Tweets for 30 Nov 2017

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(10:50:53) @KarenPerkins17 Totally what we need right now. That and more hugs generally.

(18:59:56) @mrsdoigy Comes round so quickly. Good night, Russell.

(19:00:09) @Liberator_hen Yikes...

(19:24:46) @Liberator_hen Hopefully it'll remain like that..

(19:30:51) @Liberator_hen Oh most definitely.. my cycle home was rather chilly!

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