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Tweets for 29 Nov 2017

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(17:26:33) @UtterlyRoobarb Seriously.

(17:32:55) I'm sure @KateRobbins is well aware of this... (I wasn't!)

(20:31:53) @nosuchthing I learned today (off of Twitter) that Kate Robbins (entertainer and person) is an anagram of Bronski B…

(20:32:43) @fridgemagnet2 @MrsPrettysHouse Not by Alexa at least...

(23:52:11) @mrsdoigy Been there.

Tweets for 28 Nov 2017

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(11:49:06) @UtterlyRoobarb Ugh.

(11:49:34) @CupOfTea69 Oh. Oh no. I hope you can find something to lift you. x

(16:48:24) One for @internetofshit ...

(22:01:33) It's amazing / a bit scary what Alexa can do if you allow her. Absolutely no way I'm letting her near the fridge, though.

(22:24:19) @ms_cornwall And I totally need that cheese..! 😃 x

Tweets for 27 Nov 2017

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(08:11:52) @neek71 Best I can suggest is audio squirrels.

(14:54:28) @fridgemagnet2 Yes. This is a bit much. Although not quite as bad as actually scattering your mum's ashes at work.

(18:47:31) @fridgemagnet2 It's a shame she didn't stay there really.

(19:09:27) @TOther_Simon I k'n've* agree.

(19:11:37) @DredgeLand I think it's round my house. I'll be serving jaffa cake rissoles, with dandelion and Burgon.

(19:16:23) @DredgeLand Sat lav more like it.

(19:33:59) @TOther_Simon The expression on my dear wife's face when I showed her that made it all worthwhile.

(19:34:45) @UtterlyRoobarb Pop by. I'll have some old sitcoms on.

Tweets for 26 Nov 2017

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(11:53:44) @UtterlyRoobarb NOT RIGHT

(15:44:58) RT @Linton_T_Tavern: Will look into the issue. Thanks for you comments. LTT

(15:46:57) @julieprunes Two exclamation marks. Plastic wallet. Optimal tree. It's got it all.

(15:48:56) @johndredge Dave Dee, Dozy, Mick Titchmarsh.

(15:51:32) @bnharrison @CadeRoster You use the word inveigle. Your daughter was bound to be superior.

(15:54:16) @bnharrison Legend.

(17:23:04) @bnharrison @CadeRoster 👏👏 Sounds like she has a great role model living right there.

(17:23:26) @bnharrison @CadeRoster (and my apologies for the misapprehension)

(17:27:38) When the water tank is refilling pipes in our house make a sound like a light aircraft approaching. I'm reluctant t…

(17:29:36) Also: we ended up getting some kitchen roll that had twice as many perforations as normal ones. So: half sized shee…

(17:30:11) @CarolKettley 😄 It certainly could. Don't want a light aircraft taking up my sofa space.

(17:31:50) @CarolKettley Of course, I'd always make an exception for you, so please do let me know if you're planning to fly a…

(18:19:30) @Dreamy_lyrics Next time!

(18:25:27) @sarahsansom If only I could find them again..! 😃

(20:04:30) It's robot fighting time! (we're all doing the sinister voice "spinnn eehhhhhhhhh") #RobotWars @RobotWarsUK

(20:13:33) @sarahsansom Going to have to finger all the packs In Tesco.. I'll send some over 😉

(20:39:35) Have to admit to a bit of a @Thorrobotwars Jason mancrush. Legend.

(21:39:32) RT @michaelmphysics: Not sure about the new odours from yankee candle

(21:41:05) @Liberator_hen Yikes! Night ma'am x

(21:43:27) Surely what this technology was designed for..

(21:49:08) Apparently my dear mother doesn't understand my tweets. If anybody wants me, I'll be in my mancave, looking for an errant phono adaptor..

(22:00:37) Secretly, I'd quite like foppish hair.

Tweets for 25 Nov 2017

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(09:25:11) @UtterlyRoobarb I hope it's as much of a damp squib as they sometimes are x

(10:50:56) .@Linton_T_Tavern Had a great stay, but the trouser press was broken. Still, a solid eight on ten (don't read the t…

(12:16:45) @VeryBritishLife Greetings, my friend. I'm not sure what the plan is for the next month or so.. is anything arrange…

(12:43:05) @VeryBritishLife Thanks mate!

(12:43:56) @Liberator_hen Lovely woodwork

(15:14:59) @fridgemagnet2 @nxmee There must be something you can do...

(15:19:10) @fridgemagnet2 It's like the beige metro all over again again.

Tweets for 24 Nov 2017

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(07:53:55) @Liberator_hen Boops... My alarm went off at normal time but I thought I'd overslept. Didnt like that feeling either.

(08:01:00) @Liberator_hen That's great news, save for the consequential mad dash that oversleeping tends to cause! One of thes…

(08:08:39) @Liberator_hen Oh heavens yes.. and those aches. I sometimes wonder if I'm doing life wrong 😄

(08:22:42) @Liberator_hen Thank heavens for caffeine and adventure, oh?😃

(08:22:54) @Liberator_hen Or even "eh"?

(12:10:04) @willowHart Yikes! That's so frustrating :o

(12:10:25) @CherryKaz1 Have you got one that smells like unleaded petrol?

(12:18:23) @fridgemagnet2 FULLY APPLAUD

(21:26:36) @DaisyMould Feel better soon, DM!

(22:24:40) @batwench Hugs

(22:30:17) @fridgemagnet2 What can I say.. looking for tweets about your dear wife and gin.

Tweets for 23 Nov 2017

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(21:20:19) @julieprunes Sweet lord. Quite the clientele.

(22:23:08) @ThatAgnes @thenewbrunette I fully endorse what @ThatAgnes just said. Pray continue to BRING IT.

(22:36:41) @MemoryAssistant Wasn't there also a character called Gunter Schwenz who brought light relief with occasional humor…

Tweets for 22 Nov 2017

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(19:12:39) RT @GHOGIT: Hello, I'm Dave. One of my hobbies is to draw cartoons. Here's one I drew recently while on holiday #Cartoon #GuntonHall https:…

(22:52:02) @mrsdoigy Hugs x

(22:52:15) @mrsdoigy (and I know that is too little)

(22:54:54) @mrsdoigy And thank you for your honesty x

Tweets for 21 Nov 2017

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(21:47:11) @brennig Thank you, my friend! x

Tweets for 20 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 19 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 18 Nov 2017

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(23:32:54) @batwench Advice very well taken..

Tweets for 17 Nov 2017

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(10:28:11) Packing up Tanni and Elodie, my @LindoGuitars electroacoustic guitar and uke for some musical…

(21:26:42) @CarolKettley @bearhugz45 @JoMousley @AntWBA434 @anthhanley @jall69 @platinummind @simonwelder @itsmeonlybetter…

Tweets for 16 Nov 2017

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(13:09:18) @DredgeLand @Starofkings You're the next generation of Dan and Phil. Or Little and Large. Whichever.

(16:16:57) @birdfortytwo Oh gosh. Not even half finished, though..? It's 4pm where I am..

(17:18:18) @birdfortytwo I hope there is exquisite sofa time for you soon.

Tweets for 15 Nov 2017

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(10:24:00) Just heard Tears For Fears's new song. I'm fairly sure at least half of what is going on in there is reverb. #twaseverso

(13:47:13) I'm going to have this as my ring tone. Even the bit where the presenter goes 'guten Abend'.

(22:03:04) @neek71 I didn't get where I am today without such splendid squandering of youth... hmm yeah. Explains a lot 😄

Tweets for 14 Nov 2017

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(12:26:45) I just spoke to two university students who hadn't heard of Judge Rinder... next they'll be saying they don't have time to watch Countdown.

(15:44:17) @ellewadding I think they did the "plausible deniability" module in their second year...

(18:24:28) @birdfortytwo I always thought so.. but it was a looooong time ago for me 😄

Tweets for 13 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 12 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 11 Nov 2017

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(10:34:48) Just heard an absolutely cracking bit on the horrendous spate of Nouvelle Vague Christmas music - by @quantick on…

(10:38:31) Props to the mighty @timoncheese for the tip to link BBC iPlayer Radio stuff from a particular time..

(14:20:07) @Liberator_hen Inspired by your Friday treat... 😊😊😊

(15:16:37) @Liberator_hen Terrible? Excellent I say 🤗

(23:42:41) WOAH

Tweets for 10 Nov 2017

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(10:41:30) @CarolKettley @leo_loves_u @ForeverTink66 @countrygirl78L @danielhortonseo @anthhanley @platinummind…

(12:16:26) @CarolKettley @leo_loves_u @ForeverTink66 @countrygirl78L @danielhortonseo @anthhanley @platinummind…

(14:48:15) @LizaMayfield Happy Friday! ☺️

(14:49:49) @Liberator_hen FREE RAMEKIN.

(14:53:27) @Liberator_hen LORDY!

(14:57:00) @Liberator_hen Why deny yourself such delicious pleasures? I could do with something dessert shaped now (I'm more o…

(15:12:31) @Liberator_hen Both excellent reasons :) :)

Tweets for 09 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 08 Nov 2017

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(10:48:02) @petecooper That is quite a bargain!

(11:09:23) @petecooper You could measure quite an extensive distance with that!

(11:13:12) @amnotfunny Hahhhahahahah :D

(11:17:44) @gillalexander @GreggsOfficial I tried to get a Greggsnut the other day for money. DENIED.

(11:20:38) @amnotfunny The more the merrier, I say! :)

(12:16:05) @GreggsOfficial I'll have to make my own x

(12:22:05) @GreggsOfficial Fantastic!

(12:22:26) @RubyJubilee Totally know that feeling.

(19:29:52) Smiggle gift vouchers for everyone for Christmas as usual?

(19:32:04) @mrs_forky There are no words.

(19:34:00) @ESCarmchair And The Patel Rap, surely.. (or was that actually a secret project by Dev..?)

(19:34:23) @mrs_forky The zenith of vapid excess.

(19:54:45) @mrs_forky 😄

Tweets for 07 Nov 2017

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(18:49:45) @ms_cornwall @IKEA It's your birthday? Hope it's been / it will be a wonderful one!

(20:49:59) @ms_cornwall @IKEA Well worth keeping the celebrations going! :) :)

(20:51:57) I think #MrRobot would be more realistic if Elliot spent most of an episode trying to find a micro SD card only to find that it didn't work.

(21:58:33) @ms_cornwall @IKEA I'm old.. I can just about manage 6pm to 9.30 😄

(23:17:31) @ms_cornwall @IKEA Nor do you 😍😘

Tweets for 06 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 05 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 04 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 03 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 02 Nov 2017

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Tweets for 01 Nov 2017

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(16:50:49) @DredgeLand

(19:56:14) In something of a personal record, I have spent a total of 84 minutes out of my pyjamas today. #WFH #MonthEnd #NotAsFunAsItSounds

(19:59:02) I would add that I had clothes on during that time. I did not take the entire leave of my senses and cavort around naked. #CannotBeUnseen

(22:23:56) @cloudexplosion Quite the opposite, as it happens. I'm nearly 24 hours into month end having had about 5 hours sleep...

(22:48:46) @nxmee @poots @superalora @RobJD Actually it's a bit off that Dave have just announced it, given the last episode hasn't even aired yet...

(22:52:24) @nxmee @poots @superalora @RobJD Well indeed. Although to be fair, they announced it ~after~ it had aired... albeit a bit soon!

Tweets for 31 Oct 2017

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(20:10:35) RT @fridgemagnet2: it's been a while (nearly 9 years in fact!) but me and @syzygy will be back doing some radio stuff this weekend... https…

(23:27:21) @LizaMayfield That sounds horrible. And not right x

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