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Tweets for 30 Oct 2017

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(15:45:14) Thank you to @cloudexplosion for introducing me to to the wonder which is @MemoryAssistant - do you remember when jam only came in bags?

Tweets for 29 Oct 2017

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(12:57:20) RT @DredgeLand: The #DredgeLand Podcast Spectacular. Live and Simulcast with @HoveFMRadio

(12:58:17) @CarolKettley My old what..?

(13:09:45) @CarolKettley Don't go there 😄 #oldman

Tweets for 28 Oct 2017

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Tweets for 27 Oct 2017

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(13:15:18) @sezleanne Good. Heavens.

(17:32:06) @CarolKettley @hughmarx @lisahughes0 @HugBoxUK @platinummind @lisa_jc2109 @Gobbygritlet @snowangelmrsp @Norveilex… https://t.co/jNdwfXuMHq

(18:12:43) @ESCarmchair I'm fairly sure I did...

(18:14:17) @ESCarmchair (isn't thar the day one endeavours to look the most wondrous/dashing? I would not be a very good frien… https://t.co/gncrDt3d2J

(18:15:08) @ESCarmchair And why my phone insists on autocorrupting "that" to "thar" is beyond me. I'm no pirate..

(19:00:51) @ESCarmchair Absolutely.. I literally physically cannot believe it was 5 years ago. You looked glorious and fantast… https://t.co/nG12GOOBkp

Tweets for 26 Oct 2017

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(10:24:17) @UtterlyRoobarb Why not slag off Clarkson? Instant agreement (surely?)😃

(13:03:56) It was worth coming back to work just to read an email about a Pivotal Cloud Foundry and its associated loggregator. WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! 😱

(15:38:19) @WigmoreL Oooh.. not yet!

(16:12:22) @UtterlyRoobarb How did it go..?

(16:16:47) I could spend most of my life living in a Ginsters paradise.

(17:00:35) @UtterlyRoobarb Oh that sounds fantastic! FAR better than anticipated, I'm sure, and no need even to turn to The Clarkson Conversation

(17:11:50) @VeryBritishLife Hahaha! True...

(20:26:00) @boggits @Blesskitten I see ya! *points to the back* (I think!)

(20:26:44) HA! https://t.co/hikZBe1ACx

(20:37:35) @JeanieFinlay Is this in BRITAIN? 😯😱

(21:48:19) @ESCarmchair They're missing a trick...

Tweets for 25 Oct 2017

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Tweets for 24 Oct 2017

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Tweets for 23 Oct 2017

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Tweets for 22 Oct 2017

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(08:14:56) @petecooper Yikes! Hope you made it back OK..

Tweets for 21 Oct 2017

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(12:26:58) Of course, people having the most creative (if sometimes off-kilter) solutions when intoxicated is how we now have the word 'gineus'.

(12:27:34) Of course, it's quite a responsibility having the biggest space telescope #hubblebrag

(18:35:16) How do you get a Viennetta in a bottle..?????????? #taskmaster seriously. ???????? @AlexHorne

(19:17:57) It seems Richard Ayoade and I share the same taste in sunglassery. Not sure I wear mine with such elegance. https://t.co/AuLAv5z4f3

Tweets for 20 Oct 2017

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(06:55:36) @CarolKettley @platinummind @Berlinseshdmtv @Gurcharan247 @sparkie316 @ColinBa60931122 @neilt76 @Marshall5Sharon… https://t.co/0q08G5Pq9K

(07:02:42) @DoomGolly GOOD LUCK!

(07:03:39) @ellewadding @BBCRadio2 @achrisevans I've got respect for Evans trying something new.. guess it doesn't always hit home 😊 🎤🎤

(07:05:06) @jonmosesvocals Wishes for a swift recovery for your daughter, mate. Being a parent is tough... but there'll doubtl… https://t.co/GZS4PDyHhz

(07:36:38) @mostlygeordie @ellewadding @BBCRadio2 @achrisevans @BBC6Music I've not listened to morning radio in quite a while.… https://t.co/UBJ9QSqIXV

(07:38:43) @Lycan33 I totally get that.

(07:40:22) @Lycan33 👍Counts as a win in my book!

(07:42:05) @mostlygeordie @ellewadding @BBCRadio2 @achrisevans @BBC6Music The only background noise we have is the squeaking o… https://t.co/x2u9CM33uz

(07:45:17) @mostlygeordie Yeah me too. Nearly the weekend Yay!

(07:48:33) @mostlygeordie You too, fam! •sighs•

(08:00:10) @mostlygeordie @ellewadding More this type.. https://t.co/cZoOddMyrm

(08:00:47) @mostlygeordie @ellewadding I would add that the one on the left is •not• in the mouth of a giant fish.

(08:04:32) @ellewadding @mostlygeordie Which takes us, rather beautifully, back to where this all started #WellPlayed

(10:09:46) @mostlygeordie @ellewadding Woahh..! That looks like something @poots would enjoy browsing :D

(13:14:08) I wonder what the difference is between a gecko and the get-go.

(14:32:11) @fridgemagnet2 You cold be pight their.

Tweets for 19 Oct 2017

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(07:43:46) @mrsdoigy Morning. Hopefully that means tomorrow will be better.

(11:27:06) Something on or near my desk smells like musty dampness. I'm this close ->| |<- to Cillit Banging everything within a 2 metre radius.

(11:47:27) You may already be aware of this, @poots xxx https://t.co/KuGtDp1JbT

(11:47:49) @CherryKaz1 Quack!

(13:33:04) @mostlygeordie I shall have a rummage..

(14:55:51) @batwench EVERYWHERE.

(14:56:45) No, YOU have put a large amount of information on the clipboard.

(16:04:16) @contrarywitch I'm sure you are most delightfully fragrant and quite the tonic, unlike my desk, which principally s… https://t.co/dHJJDz53IP

(18:39:08) Just been to @Asda and, for the 15 minutes I've been in here they have played the same song over and over again #FearForTheStaffMentalHealth

(18:41:22) @mrs_forky @asda It sounds like Smart Price Adele. And it is, indeed, on a loop. It's making me feel quite anxious.

(21:06:31) @MrSacs @asda Arrrrghhhhh!😱

(21:46:58) @contrarywitch I did not, my aromatic pal. Mind, I'm eyeing my work bag with suspicion. It has been out in the rain… https://t.co/UU0v0mHFPo

Tweets for 18 Oct 2017

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(20:01:21) "I'm like a bowl in a charity shop" - what my beloved daughter heard. She is a comedy genius: see also the "Cambridge And" (vs Oxford Comma)

(20:35:36) @LizaMayfield Mmmmm prawns!

(21:13:37) My name is Plinth. And I am flunky. https://t.co/uCAUz9CMtJ

(21:21:02) Massive Robot Wars. Kinda scary in its way. #MegaBots https://t.co/hHsQc5s9sm

Tweets for 17 Oct 2017

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(11:40:19) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 Good. Heavens.

(11:40:53) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 "For extensive eye health checks, please dial 8"

(11:42:39) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 Hopefully not migraine heavens!

(12:03:13) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird FIRE. THERE IS A FIRE.

(12:44:02) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird It is a matter of some parental pride that both my offspring know that number off by hea… https://t.co/y70PoLYOmt

(21:23:04) A happy birthday (or what's left thereof) to Mr @jakeyapp today.

Tweets for 16 Oct 2017

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(08:17:38) RT @Tessthepilot: Please retweet, let's see if I can get some Airlines to notice and hire me 😃👩🏽‍✈️

Tweets for 15 Oct 2017

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(13:29:53) @julieprunes Angry mob with knee-jerk reactions.. this is starting to look like a dystopian Folies Bergere… https://t.co/OpvXy8A0du

(16:49:31) @petecooper FULLY yikes.

(16:49:54) @CarolKettley Pottering.

(17:03:25) @CarolKettley EXCELLENT. A woman after my own heart!

(17:10:50) @CarolKettley Oh she'd be happy for me to be out of the house and still tidying up :D

(17:19:39) @DavidLloydRADIO I just enjoyed another great #RadioMoments Conversation - @patsharp sounds like a thoroughly decent radio bloke. Cheers!

(18:00:52) The mighty Richard Ayoade presenting #HIGNFY this week was a masterstroke, but the highlight for me was the feature… https://t.co/p966rBrvn1

(20:04:24) Absolutely brilliant.... https://t.co/m5RPJc6mBs

(21:24:28) @mostlygeordie Yikeses!

Tweets for 14 Oct 2017

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(13:06:12) @LizaMayfield !?

(15:12:36) @LizaMayfield Ouchy x

(17:34:38) @lizzyangelpod2 Wow. That is baffling... an extension of their personality, sadly.

Tweets for 13 Oct 2017

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(06:35:05) @intlBeige @weekendery Wow.. that sort of thing can go either way. Hope you had success, mate, and got a merry tune out of it 😄

(06:49:29) @mostlygeordie Eep! hope it goes ok x

(11:12:18) @intlBeige @weekendery I've had a bit of a look and it would appear not! That will have to be remedied.. :D

Tweets for 12 Oct 2017

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(07:18:06) I miss beer, cigarette and bleach* adverts. I mean.. how am I going to be able to tell which one is best?

(12:18:47) @DredgeLand I prefer a mixture of gin, Bob Marley, trapezoids and unusual goal celebrations.

(12:21:05) @DredgeLand Floor. If you can have a floordrobe, you can have a flooresk.

(12:21:46) I still haven't been to Greeggg''sssss

(12:22:19) @Mad4mogzz I'm sure some lagers do that, too...

(17:41:15) @lineation @DredgeLand What about 220μF 4v capacitors? (I know opinions can be somewhat polarised)

Tweets for 11 Oct 2017

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(07:05:15) @justjane962 I'm guessing this wasn't a trial run for your #sleepout

(10:30:51) @justjane962 Ha! Bit nippy for that!

(10:32:26) @JamesCridland Yes for UK on mobile.. will confirm on desktop when I'm back at my desk. Top.

(10:56:12) @JamesCridland No worries. I've just realised that my work computer is connected through a proxy in the US - for wh… https://t.co/ZEJoE4k6u6

Tweets for 10 Oct 2017

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(21:38:25) @hergiebird Hugs x

(21:39:58) @DredgeLand I'm not the deckchair checker - I'm the deckchair checker's aunt, and I'm only checking deckchairs cos… https://t.co/JlpLazEXWR

Tweets for 09 Oct 2017

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(13:37:16) @mrs_forky @TheLastLeg @poots I think I can be fairly sure that is in no way down to you 😄

Tweets for 08 Oct 2017

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(10:57:17) @EmmaTofi That is a marvellous jumper.

(10:57:35) @mrsdoigy Hang in there... hoping for better.

(17:30:41) Thanks to @nxmee I have discovered my Android phone's "night mode". If it can also shout "GET TO BED" while I languish on the sofa: TOP WIN.

(17:33:00) @CarolKettley @nxmee That'll do me!😃

(17:34:46) Watching @TheLastLeg and enjoying the way @poots shudders and we both go "ugh" in unison when almost any Conservative MP is mentioned.

(17:50:01) @fridgemagnet2 @nxmee Excellent. It's what I would do... and then uninstall it when I've set the volume to the appropriate level.

(18:02:22) @technicalfault Such perfect weather!

(19:45:57) I love this. https://t.co/SRf0uCfiav

(21:16:53) @mrs_forky @TheLastLeg @poots Wouldn't be surprised... dare I ask yours?

Tweets for 07 Oct 2017

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(11:29:21) @johndredge Is it a magic porridge pot?

(17:17:54) RT @Stubbssy: @RobotsLive #BlueMenace https://t.co/xKQMdVULfj

(17:33:10) @Stubbssy @RobotsLive The blue meanies are clearly superior.

(18:16:18) Lucky @superalora was able to take on arena hammer button pressing duties at @RobotsLive at #Stevenage - good times! https://t.co/XR8PeWgTgZ

(19:11:55) @RTaylorHastings @Stubbssy Thanks for a great show this evening 😊 @RobotsLive

(20:04:23) @DoomGolly Totally.. I only have one pair of monitors, but I mix a lot through headphones so that helps. The kitchen stereo knows all, too 😊

(21:33:47) @DoomGolly I do most of my stuff after family bedtime..

(21:56:24) @DoomGolly Boom! You got TUNES then 😃

Tweets for 06 Oct 2017

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(10:04:36) @ESCarmchair Hope you can! Thank you for the opportunity to do some Eurovision music.. my recipient hasn't acknowle… https://t.co/bgEnuIAwYK

(12:13:22) @ESCarmchair Actually he has seen it.. Yay!

(12:14:15) @ESCarmchair There is a lot that goes on in your mind, I think... x

(12:15:23) @ESCarmchair Also: people are less interesting than you'd think.

(16:30:34) @ESCarmchair @ellie_made I wonder if maybe your feeling of prohibition is being expressed through your body languag… https://t.co/E4Z1zxMg6m

(18:15:06) @ESCarmchair @ellie_made I'm referred to as "weird" by a few folks at work. Normal people are excruciatingly dull 😄… https://t.co/wxrpZwwKRY

(19:33:13) @ESCarmchair @ellie_made I do hope so too! Hang in there x

(19:34:21) @CarolKettley Quite. Right. Too.

(19:35:00) @Feexby23 Doing my best, sir. Doing my best. You're jolly grand as well. x

Tweets for 05 Oct 2017

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(08:46:46) @EcceRita Morning :) That's encouraging. It's a lovely blue sky morning here in the home counties.. I'm at my desk… https://t.co/7YGtN2z2cx

(15:09:11) @sarahsansom Hope it goes OK!

(15:14:11) @PrincessBagel Doubtless you've already seen this.. brilliant! https://t.co/N5NUMVK4F2

(15:14:59) @MrsPrettysHouse @pearcen BUY MY PRODUCT. (Where my product is social media lifestyle marketing. Webinar)

(15:16:27) @pearcen Come back soon! I pop in and out, to be honest. I very much like @MrsPrettysHouse's pub analogy. But I get… https://t.co/iD5xtkOrdx

(17:42:34) @PrincessBagel Brilliant!

(21:21:59) @EcceRita Oh that is wonderful - long may that continue, and well may you sleep!

(21:26:20) @EcceRita And you!

Tweets for 04 Oct 2017

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(07:34:46) @EcceRita Oh wonderful.. especially since those things can really slow you down! Keepingy fingers crossed things im… https://t.co/1Qf7reGoFg

(07:41:36) @justjane962 For me, it's an opportunity to express myself and enjoy self-expression of others. Also it's a remarka… https://t.co/Zg96uXqUhZ

(07:43:53) @CarolKettley @justjane962 Morning lovely cK.. we're at the pointy end of another day on planet earth.. let's do this 😊😊 x

(10:55:38) @lizcrippinmusic Eep! What happened to the old ones..? I hope it's not your precious guitar that needs replacing 😳

(10:56:55) @lizcrippinmusic oooh! Cool! :) :)

(11:57:42) I think I shall watch this for the next ten minutes while I eat my pasty. Lovely. https://t.co/mXT1CWqdMG

(15:40:47) Digestives truly are the indestructible biscuit.

(15:46:17) @nxmee Fair point.

(15:46:36) @LizaMayfield Greetings!

(21:02:51) @EcceRita Hoping for the best! How are you faring..?

Tweets for 02 Oct 2017

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(08:36:50) @EcceRita Morning 😊 How's the head?

Tweets for 01 Oct 2017

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(10:25:53) @UtterlyRoobarb Is it too late to apologise?

(10:49:14) @AlanHydeStudio BEST GREEN FLAG LAP MUSIC EVER (arguably the best pop song in its standard form) #btcc #brandshatch #bhcommsbox

(14:49:14) #bhcommsbox I'd love to know what the reverse grid looks like; see how close Sutton & Turkington will be.. at the start anyway! #BTCCfinale

(15:58:54) @UtterlyRoobarb I'm not here very often, but if you want an encouraging word and a cheery hello, I'm just a DM away x

(20:46:58) @EcceRita Sleep deprivation definitely gives rise to headaches. I do hope you can get things sorted x

(21:31:59) @EcceRita Oh I very much hope so too! Keeping my fingers crossed that you find peace and some contentment x

Tweets for 30 Sep 2017

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(15:22:19) #bhcommsbox Getting spits and spots of rain again...

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