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Tweets for 29 Sep 2017

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Tweets for 28 Sep 2017

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(06:57:15) @emmathegardener !!? I take great offence at those people (actually I don't offend easily and anyway you're YOU)

(07:01:18) @ESCarmchair Good morning and Happy Birthday #Belgium

(07:12:09) @emmathegardener ๐Ÿ˜›

(20:42:57) @LizaMayfield Scary! But grand!

(20:45:54) Oligarchs mysteriously vanish

(20:46:29) @LizaMayfield I don't normally dun a poem but I thought I'd give it a go...

(21:30:54) @ThePartridgePod Why do you have to have one number each? One simply can't calibrate discrete non-linear opinions oโ€ฆ

(21:32:16) @ThePartridgePod Unless it's just a ranking in a list with each index having an arbitrary value, in which case thatโ€ฆ

(21:32:29) @ThePartridgePod Also: can I have 5?

Tweets for 27 Sep 2017

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(00:30:21) @TomCampbell And if you can pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, that's all you need to know. There's a lot ofโ€ฆ

Tweets for 26 Sep 2017

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(11:50:21) Whimsy Conduit.

(13:30:59) @Bubble2009 Super! Thank you :) Sounds like a great thing to do - I'll see how the land (and weather) lies :) x

Tweets for 25 Sep 2017

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(21:01:25) Conquering my paperwork this evening. It's preferable to trying to work out what my offspring are on about. The ting goes skrra, apparently.

Tweets for 24 Sep 2017

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(07:27:48) @iainlee In case you find it useful, I really love this site - a tune-able multiband radio (based in Netherlands)

(13:21:17) @Scettimeatball @johndredge Outstanding

Tweets for 23 Sep 2017

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(22:25:37) @FlippinKath Hi, Kath. Great to catch up with you this evening! It was so wonderful to dip my toe back into radio..! DM me for audio ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ๐ŸŽš๏ธ

(22:31:36) Always nice to hear @TheGarethLloyd's @bbcintroducing show, even if only briefly. Thanks @iainlee #LightsOut #Radio #Hashtag #Random

Tweets for 22 Sep 2017

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(10:28:30) I find joy in sitting in desolation at my desk all full of snuffly cold, with the chorus to Pharrell Williams's "Happy" going round my head.

(12:02:56) @MrsPrettysHouse I'm coping :D Hope you're doing splendidly x

(12:47:01) @MrsPrettysHouse Oh heavens. Today is the Last Good Day Of The Year here, I think...

(16:20:11) @MrsPrettysHouse Good grief! For us, winter is coming. But in the meantime.. grey grey grey drizzle grey ๐Ÿ˜„

(17:14:18) @GHOGIT I've managed to get rid of "Happy" if that's any help ๐Ÿ˜„ Cheers!

(18:40:18) @fridgemagnet2 Pretty much. Although now I've got "Shot through the head, and you're to blame - wish you and this cโ€ฆ

(19:27:44) @CarolKettley @Squishies_JJ @chiefsqueeze @Cheekychops27 @gregbfc73 @platinummind Wishing you a most exemplary weekend!

(19:33:55) @CarolKettley @Squishies_JJ @chiefsqueeze @Cheekychops27 @gregbfc73 @platinummind Oh! chin chin!

(19:59:11) Dame Edith Peng and Dame Judy Dench. That's how I remember it.

(21:49:11) @chepbourne It's been a lovely day today - shame to be in the office, really! But I'll keep my fingers crossed forโ€ฆ

Tweets for 21 Sep 2017

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(12:25:53) @jamisonmatt I think you'll enjoy tidying the under stairs cupboard* more if you go to the pub first...

Tweets for 20 Sep 2017

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(16:03:40) @LizaMayfield I am very glad about that! This is really good news, right..? (Morning, btw!)

Tweets for 19 Sep 2017

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(16:39:08) @LizaMayfield Daily Greet! Happy Tuesday to you! :)

(21:15:22) RT @trevypoos: @syzygy Here's one for Gantrywatch

(21:15:52) @trevypoos <<authoritative voice>> Gantrywatch!

(21:17:12) @trevypoos God help us.

Tweets for 18 Sep 2017

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(10:29:07) This pair of robins were very keen on the idea of me filling the bird feeders this morning...

(11:02:30) @CarolKettley We're contracted by FIFA to grow 200 a year.. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

(14:58:10) I'm fairly sure there were no elephants in rooms when I was a lad. #careless

(14:58:37) @MrsPrettysHouse Good morning you two!

(14:58:42) @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse Morning lovely x

(15:00:04) I love this.

(15:04:19) @mssres Hahahaha! CLASSIC joke. You don't hear that joke any more either.. that works so well...

(20:46:55) @LizaMayfield It's ~nearly~ a bit Tuesday...

Tweets for 17 Sep 2017

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(13:02:00) RT @Halfords_uk: To celebrate #BTCC at Silverstone this weekend, we've got 2 Scalextric cars to give away! Simply RT to enter. T&C's: httpsโ€ฆ

(15:03:04) @jakeyapp A boy at my primary school's birthday was the 3rd of June. His name might be Robert. Every 3rd of June Iโ€ฆ

(16:51:33) There is #SayYesToTheDress on telly. Apparently there's something missing. My suggestion of LEDs fell on deaf ears. #SayYesToTheDisappoint

Tweets for 16 Sep 2017

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Tweets for 15 Sep 2017

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(09:35:23) Daily greet. Lime & ginger tea - really rather delicious (if you like that sort of thing). Happy Friday.

(09:37:35) #RaspberryPi is my fidget spinner.

(10:26:01) @LizaMayfield Happy Friday to you, too, earybird! :) :)

(10:28:36) @LizaMayfield It's not too bad so far - happy breakfast time!

(11:11:53) @gusman @OmarRaza @govindajeggy @FagsMagsandBags TUNE!

(13:07:07) @MrsPrettysHouse Good morning to you and happy Friday! :) :)

Tweets for 14 Sep 2017

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(08:38:02) @DoomGolly One simply can't leave back-ups to chance! :)

Tweets for 13 Sep 2017

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(12:23:43) Electric hand driers are noisy, unpleasant & ineffective. Paper towels are wasteful. I therefore proffer: an electric hand towel. #invention

(13:19:27) @CarolKettley When I have actually invented a safe version, yes. Apparently electricity and water are rather dangerous combinations...

(14:08:15) @Helidonkey @FreakyFwoof Ideally. Although I wonder if it would be better off being contactless..?

(14:54:51) Happy birthday, @helerelereno :)

(14:57:49) I know this track well - and I can't guarantee that I wouldn't react in the same way... it's frightening when one eโ€ฆ

(15:42:53) @willowHart O no. not again...

(16:32:18) @DoomGolly Morning. Trundling on, thank you! How is everything in the exciting part of the world..?

(17:53:13) @batwench I need electric clothes..

Tweets for 12 Sep 2017

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Tweets for 11 Sep 2017

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(10:19:59) @LizaMayfield My goodness ๐Ÿ˜ฎ stay safe, Liza!

(16:33:45) In terms of carpentry equipment, I just admire the resilience of a coping saw.

(17:04:07) @GHOGIT Oh it copes magnificently. Not like some saws.. just can't hack itm

(20:05:57) @DoomGolly Hang in there.. glad you're at least keeping clean! x

Tweets for 10 Sep 2017

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(16:05:24) Glorious sunflowers.. both taller than me. Quite the success this year ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป

Tweets for 09 Sep 2017

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(08:00:46) @CarolKettley Morning CK!

(08:01:23) @pearcen Pretty impressive! What's sound quality like..?

(08:29:58) @CarolKettley I'm well up there in the splendidness scale ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š The coffee is good and I'm still in my jammies ๐Ÿ˜ How's your Saturday looking? x

(08:45:49) @EmmaTofi Morning ๐Ÿ˜Š I have a theory that you wake up with the product of the sleep you had the night ~before~ last.โ€ฆ

(09:31:55) They missed a trick not putting "summer" in the middle #TooManyPunsTooLittleThyme

(09:54:37) @pearcen Totally agree!

(09:55:26) @pearcen 4 hours isn't bad.. That's about what I get on mine.. (cheapo Ali express one that I plug my own headphones into ๐Ÿ˜„)

(13:20:25) @computermuseum #3844 This might work...

(13:27:34) @ashens I saw* this and thought of you. #1980sDisTrack @computermuseum

Tweets for 08 Sep 2017

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(06:45:51) @CarolKettley @CindyMyhill @tinselshoes @misstywaters @Lopez_151171 @Chris103035931 @Woody197536 @platinummindโ€ฆ

(12:22:41) @LizaMayfield Happy Friday, Liza!

(18:32:36) @lizcrippinmusic Excellent! ๐ŸŽต๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽง

(18:33:53) @LizaMayfield Good grief!

Tweets for 07 Sep 2017

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(12:49:27) I am developing an unhealthy interest in micronations. THIS ONE EVEN HAS A HENGE! #lovely

Tweets for 06 Sep 2017

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Tweets for 05 Sep 2017

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(14:04:15) @DredgeLand I headed that someone wrapped it in aluminium foil and posted it to Munich.

Tweets for 04 Sep 2017

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(11:55:55) @julieprunes A strong 9/10 there.

(11:58:07) To celebrate the Cycle About A Bit September scheme (rain included but not necessarily necessary) I have, once again, got my bike fixed. YAY

Tweets for 03 Sep 2017

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(20:05:33) @DredgeLand You expect me to believe that?

Tweets for 02 Sep 2017

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(08:47:36) @UtterlyRoobarb Woahh!

(10:53:55) Love these pics of Beth and Lenni - off to their first #hertspride festival ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿณ๏ธโ€๐ŸŒˆ

Tweets for 01 Sep 2017

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(08:56:46) I'm glad iit's not just me.

(11:45:57) @Fi79 @UtterlyRoobarb With the best will in the world, zero won't work - some folk will always read >0 on the testโ€ฆ

(11:48:12) @UtterlyRoobarb @Fi79 Absolutely. It's a matter of intent - I won't even have a shandy if I'm going to drive. In faโ€ฆ

(11:52:41) @UtterlyRoobarb @Fi79 It's also a good example to the offspring; if they see it as 'normal' they will accept it asโ€ฆ

(11:54:06) @LizaMayfield Happy Friday, Liza :)

(16:19:24) One day I would quite like to sit on this bench:

(16:42:59) @VeryBritishLife I think both afford quite a lovely view..

(16:43:07) @willowHart Somewhere in the Alps! :) :)

(17:31:35) @CarolKettley @platinummind @kezabelle_ @Berlinseshdmtv @SeniorKev16 @Putneyman @Dave_Greenhalgh @baksey71โ€ฆ

Tweets for 31 Aug 2017

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(11:17:22) @UtterlyRoobarb Biggest hug ever x

(13:05:55) @ImagineLuton @ngyt_uk It was a wonderful day ๐Ÿค—

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