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(17:09:00) RT @nxmee: @tomscott @unnamedculprit found the 'Photo on the internet' from the latest park bench. (It was my dad) https://t.co/syYLwvLxYQ

(18:03:03) I'm well behind on my Doctor Kawashima's brain training.

(19:39:34) @DoomGolly Shame they don't come with the ears too 😄

(19:40:10) @DoomGolly PS I'm "keepunique" if you want to add me. But I'm not very good #snapchatfortheelderly

(19:43:20) It's too late and too dark to see what the Twitter app "Live" button does. I'd be more worried if there was another next to it saying "Die".

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(07:31:49) @LizaMayfield Wishing you luck xx

(11:55:22) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @439_720 @1StevieKilner @pearcen @PrincessBagel Morning superstar!

(12:04:17) @439_720 @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @1StevieKilner @pearcen @PrincessBagel It's FRIDAY for heaven's sake. That'… https://t.co/gQcE2nUI8t

(12:06:11) @mciver9acs @stevecardwell70 @LFCNev @scatterkeir @Calonyncuro2017 @actingtheparty @hilaryluke @CarolKettley… https://t.co/d0XRo5rQtb

(13:23:36) @LizaMayfield @pearcen @439_720 @MrsPrettysHouse @1StevieKilner @PrincessBagel I'm exactly the same. And that's at… https://t.co/8QPtOn92zV

(15:53:18) BISCOLATA HOMEPAGE https://t.co/WmjXjOJ6dL

(19:15:38) Good heavens. That escalated quickly (via @poots) https://t.co/KK2yRVaX0p

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(08:24:29) Feeling like a #winner today @DredgeLand https://t.co/JXNa2VdrKd

(10:27:19) @pearcen That's harsh.

(10:27:26) @UtterRhubarb Amen.

(11:51:14) @pearcen @MrsPrettysHouse Saturday morning get down to the Superstorrrrrrrr..

(11:52:43) @LizaMayfield Hugs from me xx

(13:27:05) @UtterRhubarb Congratulations. Cup of tea and a lie down I'd say.

(13:28:08) It's amazing, given how much time I spend on a chair in my job, how much I could still do with a ~good sit down~ And a nap. Always a nap.

(13:32:17) @Raspberry_Pi Soldermon Burke

(14:04:30) No busking. No bunting.

(18:55:18) @Mr_DW_Brighton There's some good sitting theory there.

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(18:02:30) @tomscott You just totally made my evening 👍

(19:40:17) @DredgeLand I'm made of pâpïér mâçhé.. Does that count?

(20:58:00) Splendid to bear witness to the #comedy doings of @DredgeLand at one of their Hove FM shows. An amusing way to spend a Wednesdayish evening.

(21:03:01) @julieprunes Splendid to meet you this evening 😊 Will have a listen!

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(11:09:24) @VeryBritishLife ~blushes~

(13:53:05) This promises / threatens to be quite a show by all accounts... #london #comedy #dredgeland #plinth #lionel https://t.co/L7tLWV2vfz

(13:55:38) Despite objections to the contrary, I will continue to attempt to start Microsoft Paint by Windows+R and typing "smaptin". #MyFavouriteTypo

(14:00:32) @GigabyteUK I do hope you can come up with a catchier name for the rather impressive "GA-SBCAP3350" - how about Orakle, Speeed or Lionel?

(16:41:26) @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse @439_720 @pearcen @1StevieKilner @PrincessBagel And to you all!

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(07:53:51) @CarolKettley Did I miss your birthday yesterday..?!?!? If so: a belatee HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (and sorry!) https://t.co/UM1jZyUqmr

(12:43:27) @LizaMayfield Hey hey :) :)

(12:56:30) @LizaMayfield Hello! :) :)

(12:56:42) @LizaMayfield I do hope you have a splendid Monday :) Damp and drizzly here..

(15:36:12) @VeryBritishLife Yes yes yes no.

(15:43:20) @VeryBritishLife 😄 sorry! Brevity is the something of something

(17:36:46) RT @ESCarmchair: You're Invited! 2017 secret ESC karaoke https://t.co/x6ddOJDHwn via @elfster

(17:37:01) @ESCarmchair @EurovisionEmily @ESCShowcase @ESCApocalypse What an interesting notion!

(17:51:33) @ESCarmchair @EurovisionEmily @ESCShowcase @ESCApocalypse Will do

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(10:51:40) @mynameisgill That is beautiful!

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(08:39:19) @bechillcomedian Good heavens that is phenomenal!

(08:42:05) @willowHart Hope you can get it over with sooner rather than later x

(08:58:13) @willowHart Best if you don't call him at this hour at least 😄

(08:59:43) @DoomGolly That's some great news!

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(08:52:31) I was rather pleased with how "I'd like my own personal personnel person" came out of my brain this morning. Doesn't work so well with HR

(09:35:54) @louiselisa3 @Cherylbaker @astonarts @mikenolanfizz @McvayBobby @CherylMikeJay Woah that is so cool!

(10:30:50) @VeryBritishLife Well indeed! https://t.co/u1uTcQ4LHK

(10:31:10) @CarolKettley @stevecardwell70 @bagseybumble @hilaryluke @aintposs @LFCNev @Barlie40 @Feebleeona @mandzvester… https://t.co/3pFkrcGcr9

(15:04:49) @CAA_Official Goths really don't like to be washed... and I can tell you that from painful experience.

(15:08:43) @fridgemagnet2 Straight outta Haywards Heath

(15:09:42) Pieter and Rita. Excellent. https://t.co/cAd4LhQ4wx

(17:32:22) @CatsAreLoud Oop! Bet that chord sounds LUSH though!

(17:38:16) @CatsAreLoud I like me an Fmaj7. Even though it's a bit of a jazz chord. And essentially just an E on the wrong frets :D

(17:38:33) @CatsAreLoud Do you upload / publish any of your playing and singinging?

(17:39:02) @VeryBritishLife That's the spirit!

(17:39:20) @VeryBritishLife Cwyyyyying... :D

(17:40:25) LIVELY! https://t.co/vMLBGMekuL

(20:57:34) @CatsAreLoud You can be assured I would be supportive and encouraging 😊 But I know what you mean - hope you can ke… https://t.co/TEy0VC6oRY

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(13:33:52) @phildr @govindajeggy @FagsMagsandBags I'm fairly sure it is, but I can't be positive...

Tweets for 19 Jul 2017

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(12:29:34) I think there may be a correlation between lack of sleep and being a 'people person'.

(12:30:00) @mostlygeordie I was thinking that - some folk are getting paid a lot for not much work!

(13:18:33) @LizaMayfield Finished work at 4.30am, and up by 11 for another day in the office 😄 Good morning 💋

(13:19:02) @VeryBritishLife A fine exception for rule provage 😄

(13:33:20) @LizaMayfield I'll get there! Have a good day lovely x

(14:21:55) Happy birthday @Feexby23

(14:26:06) @Feexby23 Or at least I think so.

(14:46:41) @UtterRhubarb Good heavens. What are you supposed to do with that? :D

(15:08:10) @UtterRhubarb Quite impressive, I'm sure. It's a little too big to stick to the fridge!

(15:24:17) "Internet of Gubbins" sounds better.

(18:31:40) @Feexby23 Wonderful! Hope it's been a grand day 😊

(20:37:36) Things I have become aware of today: Frosé and freakshakes. Both seem to me a little superfluous. This must be how it feels to be elderly.

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(07:24:20) @PrincessBagel @pearcen @439_720 @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @sarahsansom Morning :) I'm doing OK - being kept b… https://t.co/yUH7rPfKL5

(07:39:52) @pearcen @PrincessBagel @439_720 @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @sarahsansom Means we're never gonna catch you up..m

(10:02:44) Someone left a copy of Grazia in the office kitchen (clearly they'd eaten the Chomp /cc @FagsMagsandBags ). It has left me nonplussed.

(10:36:58) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @PrincessBagel @pearcen @439_720 @sarahsansom Morning my mysterious futuristic friends FROM THE PAST!

(11:28:11) @MichLdogs Wonderful - I think it's been a great year for it :) Great new twitter name & profile pic btw :)

(19:58:14) @fishplatetwo Darn it... I need to cycle to work in a bit. That could end up a bit damp 😀 thanks for the heads up! 🌨🚴🌩

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(07:29:38) @lynnjaneb Morning 😊

(09:05:47) One of the major benefits of starting work late is that I can spend far too long on the phone to various companies getting nowhere. ~sighs~

(10:57:46) @fridgemagnet2 I think you should write to Channel 4.. see what they can do :D

(11:44:52) @MrsPrettysHouse @sarahsansom Morning! :) :)

(12:19:47) @Itsstillsnowing Sending you positive vibes, support and most of all hope. And an internet hug if you need it.

(12:23:09) @johndredge @7aRecords @MJHibbett @iainlee That is SO cool! I do hoppe I get to hear it.

(12:25:22) @johndredge @7aRecords Love it!

(14:13:04) @Itsstillsnowing It costs nothing to share a little positivity.. and that's why I love Twitter. I do hope you can g… https://t.co/qwIBu55jhf

(17:36:46) Questioning how professional it is to use spiders as bullet points. Not real ones.

(17:47:51) @GreavsieE17 I'm not sure there are quite as many people who are scared of Comic Sans (but I'm happy to be corrected 😄)

Tweets for 16 Jul 2017

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(15:12:03) RT @EmmaTofi: Live stream link for non UK Whovians waiting to find out news of #Doctor13 #DoctorWho https://t.co/UUDTIf6yuh

(20:18:59) @ellewadding I'll have to check mine, too, but I'm optimistic :)

(20:19:08) @UtterRhubarb You too lovely!

(20:22:10) @ellewadding Apart from someone screengrabbing a Hopkins tweet (along with excellent riposte) I think it has all gone terribly well.

(21:03:20) @ellewadding Amen to that!

(21:49:40) @fridgemagnet2 @ellewadding Steady now... it's what she who will no longer be named would want....

Tweets for 15 Jul 2017

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(10:52:39) @sm2n Hahaha that's true!

(10:53:20) @sm2n Will take a read - thank you 🔰🎶

(10:53:40) @LizaMayfield Eep!

(13:14:34) @LizaMayfield Morning 😊 that's good news!

(17:37:59) @DoomGolly I think you need more. Run if necessary. Can you arrange an airdrop..?

(17:40:23) @DoomGolly make -> nap -> cool? That doesn't work, does it..?

(17:41:57) @brennig We saw that this afternoon! :D

(19:42:35) @brennig 👍

(19:42:47) @DoomGolly OHHHH! Hope you can get your rest / fun soon

(19:42:53) @DoomGolly OHHHH! Hope you can get your rest / fun soon x

Tweets for 14 Jul 2017

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(09:07:06) @CarolKettley @stevecardwell70 @FeistyDdraig @spans44 @platinummind Morning! And thank you :) :) https://t.co/TGrXf9FFdU

(09:07:22) @birdfortytwo I wonder what he's up to... ;)

(09:07:44) @mynameisgill Holy mother of heavens above.

(10:53:59) @Itsstillsnowing It's definitely that kind of weather https://t.co/eEjtg0nboj

(11:52:12) @birdfortytwo possibly as much as -50 :D

(12:58:17) @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse @439_720 Good morning even more beautiful ladies

(12:59:03) I've just unclicked the "Show me the best tweets first" button. I don't know how I feel about that.

(14:07:32) @batwench Haha! I don't think he's even ever heard that :D

(14:07:49) @MrsPrettysHouse I didn't even know it was there! :D

(14:11:47) @DredgeLand https://t.co/IVJ7wFN1gZ

(15:56:12) @batwench I'll stick it on the Amazon Echo later :D

(22:26:03) @justjane962 Night xx

Tweets for 13 Jul 2017

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(06:27:41) @Michael09966359 That is truly a fact that makes me happy. 🤗 Cheers for sharing it!

(11:10:25) I'm pleased my boss keeps me on a long enough lead that I can write things like "But hey, not all of our children can be pretty" in an email

(11:30:41) @pearcen Morning. Afternoon :)

(11:53:32) @pearcen Excellent

(11:54:04) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @pearcen Let's do this Thursday thing... (except those who have almost finished doing it 😀)

(12:17:14) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @pearcen I must be the only person in this group eating hot soup right now..

(13:58:33) @doothcrow *sighs*

(18:45:23) @fridgemagnet2 @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse @pearcen Company barbecues... careful now 😀

(18:47:35) @LizaMayfield @fridgemagnet2 @MrsPrettysHouse @pearcen I'm sure @fridgemagnet2 will save you one...

(19:58:39) Boy child is listening to his Daleks Doing Housework music again.

(20:09:34) @Richard_C More Basshouse.. Dirtyphonics, 28:02 and Sons Of Skaro (I made that last one up)

(20:23:03) @LizaMayfield Things are so very big.

(21:04:47) @ellewadding @Chocohalix I think it's worth a watch, as an interesting example of David Lynch's work - especially s… https://t.co/EHDSp8WV6u

(21:27:56) @Chocohalix @ellewadding It's very much of its time..

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(09:28:31) @LizaMayfield Good heavens...

(11:06:42) @johndredge You should totally have that as your catchphrase.

(11:08:14) @DredgeLand So far I have spoken to nobody called Barry, Harry or Auntie Spud today.

(11:10:02) Tricky and arcane.

(11:15:26) @bechillcomedian @steveullathorne @rankin_emma Very subtle :D

(11:47:29) @VeryBritishLife Hahaha! Well quite :)

(11:47:52) @DredgeLand Oh gosh.. completely minded my slip.

(12:00:07) @Kercal @VeryBritishLife 😀 I can see how they would have extended the narrative somewhat...

(12:00:27) @pearcen In the flush of health sir.

(12:23:38) @MrsPrettysHouse @fridgemagnet2 HELLO!

(12:28:48) @fridgemagnet2 As you well know, I consider it a musical instrument.

(12:30:14) @fridgemagnet2 @MrsPrettysHouse So maybe not me, then... I'm many things but I'm not a fascist #hippy

(12:33:56) @MrsPrettysHouse @fridgemagnet2 Morning you!

(13:19:24) @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse @fridgemagnet2 Hello hello and hello you!

(13:56:23) @pearcen @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse @fridgemagnet2 Night dude!

(19:12:03) @fridgemagnet2 @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @pearcen Night Jon Boy

(19:12:44) @sarnthil That is a marvellous thing!

Tweets for 11 Jul 2017

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(08:15:47) @lizcrippinmusic I never thought there was any doubt.. but you are weird in the most delightful way x

(08:16:44) @mynameisgill What better excuse to open your front door with a cheery "Hello Wayne!" #notaeuphemism

(13:37:48) @LizaMayfield Happy (damp) Tuesday! 🌧️☔️

(13:40:14) @mollywallop I do hope there's a site like 'Breadadvisor' to which you can submit that.

(15:04:11) @LizaMayfield Good heavens that sounds super uncomfortable!

Tweets for 10 Jul 2017

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(11:10:16) One of those work days when I've got various songs stuck in my head. (9 to 5 by Dolly Parton and The Greatest by Sia.. so far)

(11:16:11) @76Wilbury Heh. It's like a crap commercial radio station playlist. Just praying there's no Ed Sheeran coming up after the ad break :D

(11:21:56) @76Wilbury I do indeed.. on a conference call at the moment, so any kind of musical soundtrack would be something o… https://t.co/vUSDf6B0sq

(11:25:03) @76Wilbury It's a crazy time for us here... high summer and getting close to the school holidays :D All pretty well… https://t.co/7WPe8KGDyh

(11:34:11) @76Wilbury I am almost a little disappointed that there are no shenanigans round where you are. One of us should be… https://t.co/bxqXCx0xnq

(11:35:05) @pearcen Wow! That's a blast from the past.. and an absolute winner 😃

(11:52:22) @76Wilbury That, I think, is why the internet is such a wonderful (or terrifying!) thing..!

(11:59:13) @76Wilbury AND it's open 24 hours a day.. get out there and cause mayhem yer Maj 😀

(12:35:10) @justjane962 Has it started raining..?

(12:47:20) @justjane962 I've kept my washing in anyway, just in case

(13:24:45) @MrsPrettysHouse Good morning, you delightful person.

(14:29:56) @AngelaBarnes Not so sure about the three (identical?) four-colour pens, but the others seem proportionate. :)… https://t.co/iW8BCgHiYe

(14:34:04) @MrAlFox Are you sure it wasn't Dom Joly? :D That is horrendous...

(14:47:10) @LouiseStewart @OmarRaza This hurts my brain.

(14:47:39) @OmarRaza @LouiseStewart That @LouiseStewart sounds great value.

(15:08:47) @MrAlFox :D

(16:47:09) I'm glad I'm not single, because if I was, I'd take all my holiday in one go and see if I could watch every episode of Come Dine With Me.

(16:53:22) @CarolKettley I would also try to eat a whole black forest gateau in one sitting. Is that a waste of black forest gateau.? 😋

Tweets for 09 Jul 2017

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(07:54:26) @LizaMayfield Oh what a cutie!

(07:58:01) @mynameisgill @MrJordanToYou Video editing and production? Writing and performing protest songs? Mediation? Mig welding? The ukulele?

(08:00:24) @LizaMayfield You couldn't keep her?

(08:16:27) @LizaMayfield Ahh cool 😊 Did she at least inspire you to get one of your own? I can't resist a cute rodent 😆

(11:42:18) @LizaMayfield Good point!

Tweets for 08 Jul 2017

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(08:35:30) @LizaMayfield Woahh!

(12:08:27) @pearcen Quite a life-changing moment! I've never had a pop riveter... maybe I should get one! Will save me borrowing the boy's meccano :D

(12:09:23) @Herenthereshow HAPPY RETURN! Thanks for the shout-out. I reckon @MissyMWAC would be an excellent Queen Mother. The previous one was.. (1)

(12:10:26) @Herenthereshow ..quite a character, so it would continue a fine tradition. So.. what is more essential for life.. beer or coffee? Discuss..

(12:10:49) @Liberator_hen Mmmm burger.

(12:11:14) @MelenieFW Perfect weather for it!

(12:11:53) @UtterRhubarb :SADFACE: I'm here for you. As is the whole of Twitter. Except the mucky bits.

(12:12:39) @mynameisgill 😀🤨😲

(12:14:33) @mostlygeordie It looks like an LED fitting - possibly for internal lighting?

(12:15:33) @UtterRhubarb PS PIcking gooseberries is on the agenda. Daughter was in town but didn't have the heart to ask her t… https://t.co/sXFs1FmFwS

(12:35:57) @mostlygeordie Ha! Never had you down as a boyracer.. still got the topless Audi?

(13:09:15) @pearcen Oh gosh.. advice duly taken!

(14:11:51) @pearcen @VeryBritishLife A very kind offer! I can see a YouTube series 😀

(15:20:56) I find it quite baffling that people still smoke cigarettes, not least since there is a cheaper, less horrifically unpleasant alternative.

(15:41:59) @nickleach1 Not sure that's quite as antisocial #goodneighbour #slurpresponsibly

(15:58:42) Taking inspiration from @UtterRhubarb - it's gooseberry soaking time.. https://t.co/AjdVmw4kRT

(17:04:39) @seagullworrier It makes no sense. None. Baffed.

(17:05:16) Not sure I've been peng at any stage this week.

(19:54:49) @LizaMayfield Because I'm not sure what it means...

Tweets for 07 Jul 2017

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(18:29:27) @paulums "Ah let me tell you somethin'.." that we'd produced by the mighty Steve "Silk" Hurley as I recall (got tha… https://t.co/ty88EXnpwN

(20:53:16) @DoomGolly If it's USB, it may well be that the port is all jammed up - full power off, remove the mains / battery and give it another go..?

(21:04:14) @DoomGolly It's a wireless printer? Must mean either the computer can't talk to the printer or vice versa.. Seems s… https://t.co/vkCHFLWOcH

(21:11:31) @DoomGolly Wish I could offer to pop round and have a tinker.. really running out of options now.. something must h… https://t.co/A5rqneRlV6

(21:14:40) @DoomGolly I feel your pain. Hopefully google will too...

(21:16:13) @DoomGolly I have no doubt.. no shame in potentially being part of an Evil Bastard Printer Of Doom support group..… https://t.co/GpR9RGXkuz

(21:16:33) @DoomGolly Excellent. Please do a video.

Tweets for 06 Jul 2017

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(11:18:29) @GHOGIT Shhhh....

(11:19:01) @CatsAreLoud @AsdaServiceTeam Either that or it's a very weak lemon sorbet.. :D

(11:21:01) @TOther_Simon Classic. LOL.

(11:27:03) @TOther_Simon Totally.

(11:41:38) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield Morning lovely Americans! ☕️☕️😊

(11:42:33) @UtterRhubarb Did you follow a particular recipe..? (And I apologise unreservedly if you already shared it!)

(11:43:03) @UtterRhubarb Quite remarkable!

(11:45:13) @UtterRhubarb Lovely thank you!

(11:48:27) @pearcen @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield Ooh! Lovely :) Please have one for me!

(11:48:43) @UtterRhubarb Thank you! Gonna be trying to make a half-bottle very soon.. starting small ;)

(12:05:29) @pearcen @LizaMayfield @MrsPrettysHouse TWEETING FROM THE FUTURE. This makes me happy.

(12:16:10) @UtterRhubarb @Kirstin16o3 It's my plan to do a gooseberry vodka (mainly because we have loads of gooseberries in t… https://t.co/pXqiL2WRy3

(12:22:03) @Kirstin16o3 @UtterRhubarb Good heavens... I simply must get some more gin. And empty bottles....

(12:22:39) @UtterRhubarb @Kirstin16o3 Love Wilko for that sort of thing!

(12:23:07) @UtterRhubarb @tattooed_mummy Got loads on our bush!

(12:40:33) @tattooed_mummy @UtterRhubarb Wow.. they're a lovely colour! Ours are fairly plain green and hairy :D

(22:25:59) @CatsAreLoud @AsdaServiceTeam Wow.. that's more than just a squeeze!

Tweets for 05 Jul 2017

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(12:03:46) I find the concept of sound insulation in small rooms a little baffling.

(14:20:56) @mynameisgill Yellow is the new beige.

(14:28:30) @mynameisgill Does go better with blue to be fair ;)

(14:30:23) @mynameisgill Was set expressly for idle curiosity, so please do feel at liberty to save it until you are idly curious :)

(14:30:42) @mynameisgill PS Any excerpts of your dulcet lilt (no idea) online?

(14:48:53) @mynameisgill Ooh! That's pretty splendid... I hope they quote you with accuracy and completeness. Can you share linky?

(15:56:36) @mynameisgill Ahh the dreaded sign-off! No creative freedom there 😯

(16:01:44) The main reason I don't express myself through interpretive dance is that people can't read my writhing.

(17:45:53) @VeryBritishLife Thank you. Oddly enough, I blame @cloudexplosion who has been sending me terrible puns lately.

Tweets for 04 Jul 2017

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(09:19:05) @lizcrippinmusic Like.. for more than just your cars..?

(10:15:37) @Liberator_hen Duly noted..

(10:48:50) @manytypesoftea Decimalisation. Or does that count as a number..? @ThatEricAlper

(10:50:08) Happy Indepdendent Day to our American Readers.

(11:27:54) @lizcrippinmusic Cool!

(11:44:20) @ellewadding Gah!

(12:10:38) @LizaMayfield And the very same to you :)

(12:43:46) @LizaMayfield Feels a bit like I'm wading through treacle, but OK thank you :) Tea time I think!

(20:03:58) @birdfortytwo That is a lovely lovely thing.

(20:06:05) @mynameisgill #gifyourbirthyear https://t.co/W3zbNACYVu

(20:06:59) @kimi_collins I WANT TO GO THERE!

(20:07:52) @mynameisgill Good heavens nearly.

(20:08:05) @mynameisgill 1977?

(20:08:32) Je Ne Regrette Brian

(20:22:07) @mynameisgill I use it an awful lot. I don't use "woops a daisy" but I have been known to say "gosh" a bit like that Hugh Grant.

(20:23:55) @mynameisgill My children go to an inner city school and are pretty much the only ones who pronounce their 't's if that's any help? :D

(20:24:31) @mynameisgill Are you terribly posh, Gill? Most Gills I know are posh. Or northern. Or possibly both.

(20:27:17) @mynameisgill Yorkshire street urchin sounds excellent.

(20:27:50) @mynameisgill And I'm sure you have a delightful lilt. Where as I'm just a fanta.

(20:33:58) @mynameisgill Was a terrible drink pun and quite honestly I didn't really know where I was going with it. Please ac… https://t.co/SX83MjRyQE

(20:59:05) @mynameisgill Oh we're positively fizzing tonight. Seriously. I'm ~not~ posh 😀 (there's many places online that my… https://t.co/OaqFN4vxJt

(21:15:42) @mynameisgill I've played a bit with radio, voice-over and that sort of gubbins.. and also overshared on audio site… https://t.co/1oKKUd5XTJ

(21:44:34) It's too late at night to be thinking about DNS entries and the like. They must have been invented in some kind of caffeine induced haze.

(21:46:02) @ajlanghorn It is at the top level of things to do on the internet...

Tweets for 03 Jul 2017

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(10:57:35) @LizaMayfield Good morning Liza ☕️🌄

(10:58:02) @lizcrippinmusic Happily.

(10:59:26) @justjane962 Nooooo can't be having of that!

(12:50:15) "Retrieval" is a satisfyingly positive word.

(12:50:31) Even though it sounds a bit like 'evil'

(13:36:14) @SteveDoherty1 These are quite funny.

(13:49:08) .@SteveDoherty1 "I am no longer a member of the band Spandau Ballet & will not be performing with the band in the f… https://t.co/pBOcGqO71j

(21:30:55) @mynameisgill Night yer ma'amness x

(21:31:27) Totally had an AGM today and didn't die.

Tweets for 02 Jul 2017

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(12:39:21) @Feexby23 It gave me at least 85% of what I believe young people call "The Feels".

(12:40:12) RT @helenalangdon: When you know you have it in you to write the most profound novels but you're stuck writing the labels for herbs at Wait…

(12:40:39) @ESCarmchair I wish you patience, luck, wisdom and success x

Tweets for 01 Jul 2017

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(15:10:57) @Bubble2009 @poots @RobJD @GHOGIT Brilliant!

(15:11:10) RT @lutoncouncil: Aerial Arts at #HighTownFest https://t.co/YM5zMwuWlu

(15:13:04) The Luton #ukulele Orchestra at the #HighTownFestival #HighTownFest @ High Town Festival https://t.co/ghyIIB6Q4W

(21:03:53) @CupOfTea69 Gorgeous pic!

Tweets for 30 Jun 2017

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(06:44:01) @CarolKettley @Spittz900 @LFCNev @NealMartin10 @HugBoxUK @lisahughes0 @hughmarx @platinummind @bigphildaws… https://t.co/srEoot0Qkn

(06:44:54) @lizcrippinmusic Hang in there.. nearly the weekend... 😊

(21:04:09) @LizaMayfield Afternoon 🤗 I'm all tired out. You?

(21:05:02) @ellewadding Absolutely! I went through it earlier this year in the hope I could cause it to diminish but no such luck..

(21:11:11) @ellewadding Full of blinking

(21:12:28) @justjane962 Hugs x

(21:48:18) @ellewadding Frustratingly the influx balanced out the.. er.. refuse 😀

(21:49:05) @LizaMayfield Awww... Feel better soon x It's been a relentless day for me but I'm home and in my jammies now at least!

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