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Tweets for 29 Jun 2017

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(08:48:17) I am delighted to have used the word "ribald" in conversation this morning. And it wasn't even about @InsideTheBot and their sex robot lair.

(10:39:47) Off for a comfort break. That's to imply I wasn't comfortable. I wonder if I will be when I get back. I do hope they've brought a sofa.

(11:03:19) There's something charming about someone starting a response to a group skype conversation with "Dear all.."

(12:06:04) @PrincessBagel @MrJamesMay OUTRAGE!

(12:06:37) I wonder if I might turn up on Streetview.

(13:05:13) @CarolKettley That's mildly disappointing..

(13:13:26) @CarolKettley It must be nearly time for a cup of tea. SURELY there's a cup of tea somewhere..?

(13:14:13) I always get a bit of a 'proud parent' moment when I see an ad for something one of my offspring is appearing in.. https://t.co/WAWMxtVDNW

(13:14:25) @CarolKettley Oh on the contrary!

(16:25:26) Should be called Stephenage.

(19:36:58) @meljpollard Tom Selleck..?

Tweets for 28 Jun 2017

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(11:02:31) I'm slightly damp.

(11:22:23) @MrsPrettysHouse Bit rainy out 🌧️☔️ Morning btw

(11:33:15) @ellewadding I kinda like it :)

(11:33:26) @mrs_forky I'm heading that way now...

(12:14:49) @mynameisgill Forced reboot is always a good one.. "My PC's just about to restart.. I'll try and rejoin when it comes back" :D

(12:16:21) @mrs_forky Sadly, I'm merely 'mostly dry' now...

(12:24:26) @ellewadding I quite like not having to water the plants... I'd rather this than the 30+ degrees of last week. But… https://t.co/OwEt1lCkNL

(13:29:22) @ellewadding I think I might be a viking.

(15:18:10) @DoomGolly #TheMoreTheMerrier ..? (morning btw) Also: we don't get wint'o'green anything here...

(15:25:58) @DoomGolly Woahh.. even more rainbow now they're.. well.. a little fragmented 😊

(15:26:34) @DoomGolly Happy Wednesday! Hoping for 0.00% sneeziness!

(16:34:30) @sarnthil Wow.. looks like it!

Tweets for 27 Jun 2017

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(07:37:22) @lizcrippinmusic Sounds like a German techno act from 1995...

(09:02:05) It's all very well changing your mind, but I'm not the first in line any more. #AbbaGoneWrong

(09:31:44) Digging through log files this morning.. the cause of these SOAP exception errors is slippery...

(11:36:43) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @439_720 Morning superstars!

(13:39:09) @UtterRhubarb I have a half bottle of vodka specifically for that purpose. My worry is that I might drink it before I get round to it..

(19:07:34) @ESCarmchair There will always be competition. And you are YOU. Bring it.

Tweets for 26 Jun 2017

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(06:23:17) @debsylee Morning 😊

(10:52:41) @diddlysquit1 Super elegant!

(13:58:34) @LizaMayfield Aftermortherning! Hope work hasn't left you any nasty surprises / they have not used your desk as a d… https://t.co/4dP1srV4Z8

(14:02:50) Another week begins and I still haven't had any coconut water.

(14:16:10) @CarolKettley Totally! (Tropical) :D

(14:16:23) @debsylee Hope your day has been splendid so far! :)

(14:50:23) I was a little disappointed when I discovered that Imagine Dragons weren't Welsh.

(15:03:32) @CarolKettley Nooooooooo! They are.. in my imagination..

(15:07:34) @ESCarmchair You raise a very good point. They'd likely be draped in Welshish flags and everything. I clearly don't… https://t.co/mzObFysX8i

(15:08:10) @CarolKettley Yikes!

(16:37:33) @LizaMayfield hugs xx

(18:18:59) I don't often buy CDs these days, but I •had• to have this one, so saved up enough pocket money… https://t.co/nrE96rwPVG

(19:36:43) @fridgemagnet2 Did you put the 20p off stickers on there...?

(20:23:10) @fridgemagnet2 Seems to be a lot of it about. Have you checked Poundland?

Tweets for 24 Jun 2017

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(20:43:40) @ellewadding Good heavens, Elle.. that's no reason to beat yourself up. Two and a half ~packets~... now that is dirty x

(20:44:38) Been doing a load of videoings of late. Not like me.

Tweets for 23 Jun 2017

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(09:43:31) @UtterRhubarb TUNES!

(09:45:00) I've done little more than send snippy emails this morning. Time for coffee...

(10:37:16) @justjane962 Morning x

(10:42:29) @ellewadding I have literally no comprehension.

(10:59:38) @TOther_Simon Please...

(11:46:16) @mynameisgill Stay strong (and don't forget that taste is almost entirely smell.. ;)

(16:25:03) @VeryBritishLife Absolutely gorgeous purple flowers!

(16:40:18) @MrsPrettysHouse A belated good morning to you! :)

(16:40:25) @UtterRhubarb Mmmm rhubarb.

(17:41:02) @UtterRhubarb Crumb(le)s..! Your talking goes very well with gin and vodka.

(17:41:37) @VeryBritishLife Oh wonderful! And an idyllic, friendly part of the world, too. Enjoy 😊

Tweets for 22 Jun 2017

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(11:15:13) @LizaMayfield hug hug hug x

(11:16:39) This is in case I forget. Ed Sheeran style song idea about the SSL cert expiring in my keystore. I feel so insecure now the trust has gone..

(11:33:13) @pauldmorgan That made me laugh far more than it really should have done. Do you happen to have Sean Paul's WhatsApp number..?

(11:33:41) @pauldmorgan Reminds me of.. https://t.co/P8tGqNiXox

(12:06:59) @UtterRhubarb That's not a great thing. Nice new twitter name by the way. It's hard to find any that aren't in use..!

(14:07:27) Nobody is taking seriously my concern about the poor air-tight performance of the Team Biscuit Tin. This vexes me somewhat #soggybiscuits

(16:06:43) @wuthering_alice Yik :(

(16:31:10) @dellama There's no faulting your logic! #cleanupbeforetheweekend

(16:59:16) @dellama Crumbs are my enemy :D (which, to be honest, is partly obviated by slightly soft biscuits, but THAT'S NOT THE POINT :D)

(18:52:14) @justjane962 WOAHHH

(19:34:52) @justjane962 I didn't even know Whisky Flavour Custard.

(19:35:06) @justjane962 But would quite like some now.

Tweets for 21 Jun 2017

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Tweets for 20 Jun 2017

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(13:03:30) @LizaMayfield Morning ma'am. It's warm, but I'm in the office, so moderately safe from the heat here! 😊 How are you?

(13:05:52) @MelenieFW WOW... that is stunning!

(13:53:02) @LizaMayfield Yikes! It's fairly pleasant indoors.. hope you do too!

(14:18:50) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield Good morning to you Sheleileigh!

(15:41:19) It's not my plaice to carp on about my failed attempts to be a sole trader; I knew there had to be a catch... https://t.co/rJGjBGj5Iq

(15:52:15) It's afternoons like this that make me wish for the heat death of the universe.

(15:53:12) Ideas I have had in desperation to cool down the world number 1: solar powered air conditioning with the pipes going into space.

(15:53:52) Ideas I have had in desperation to cool down the world number 2: removing just enough matter from the mass of the earth to widen its orbit.

(15:54:35) @ucalegon Delayed because of overheated conduits.

(15:57:50) @CarolKettley That kinda moves the warm air around.. I want to be rid of it. RID I TELLS YA! :D

(15:59:20) @fridgemagnet2 Flippin' useless... https://t.co/RN7TXEfYK2

(15:59:38) @CarolKettley The warmth is making me tetchy. Whatever that means... :D

(16:16:15) @fridgemagnet2 I won't have that name mentioned in my presence.

(16:47:25) @mynameisgill *opposite of love emoji* I hate it when that happens.

Tweets for 19 Jun 2017

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Tweets for 18 Jun 2017

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(11:57:23) @fridgemagnet2 Where the heck is Brockdish? PS didn't fall off

(14:50:57) @VeryBritishLife Cheers! 😊🚴🥓

(21:22:03) @CupOfTea69 Wow!

Tweets for 17 Jun 2017

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(11:56:06) @LizaMayfield Morning SuperLiza!

(11:56:57) @MelenieFW We let our two loose in Poundland 😀

(11:58:13) @MrsMummy Me too! What recipe are you using? Or will you be doing it in the dishwasher? (which is, apparently, a thing)

(12:17:50) @lizcrippinmusic That is SO good!

(12:37:31) @LizaMayfield Pretty roasting here today.. hope your Saturday has got off to a good start!

(12:47:08) @LizaMayfield Hope you can find a nice shady place to keep on relaxing!

(17:13:37) @lizzysometimes PLEASE GO AND SIT DOWN.

(17:16:44) @lizzysometimes Grand. If I could, I would bring you a Pimm or two. And a plaster.

Tweets for 16 Jun 2017

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(14:56:17) @CarolKettley @platinummind @jall69 @soo_ska @1974Bennyboy @JoMousley @IamGaryAllen @MonacoGP @Eddiesmate1… https://t.co/1P3biRP1nn

(20:47:56) @soo_ska greetings to you - have a splendid weekend!

Tweets for 15 Jun 2017

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(10:29:39) @LizaMayfield Good morning Liza :)

(10:48:56) @emmathegardener To the cherry picker? ;D

(13:30:40) I have just had my name forgotten on a conference call. When reminded: "Oh I should have remembered that; it's my husband's name." Ha.

(14:06:55) @MrsPrettysHouse @PrincessBagel All so unnecessary.. x

(14:07:14) @MrSacs Now that's a good idea...!

(14:12:52) @MrsMummy You should totally get a plaque.

(17:59:56) @seagullworrier Odd behaviour. She would be better off working somewhere else. As would you (be better off with her… https://t.co/Fa9FV1gB7G

(18:01:20) I'm a bit of a mess all in all at the moment... that is my self-reflection as I wait for my dinner to settle before going for a bike ride.

(18:01:56) That last tweet was not very interesting but true. Warm weather doesn't suit me...

(18:24:10) @MelenieFW Oh definitely like that one.

(18:26:28) @mostlygeordie 💜 all mainly on the front of my face 😀

(21:01:23) @MrsMummy The what now..?!

(21:47:36) @ellewadding Thank you xx mainly it's the inside of my head - not least my sinuses that are fighting me at the mome… https://t.co/02YWQF3A5A

Tweets for 14 Jun 2017

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(10:15:34) @Liberator_hen Morning. Most days my hair is still wet when I cycle in to work, so my head is in a Most Unacceptabl… https://t.co/4v9dhlZPcm

(10:17:39) @Liberator_hen Blehh to the other women. WHAT ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE?

(14:05:26) Is it wrong to be a little suspicious of websites that appear in Times New Roman font..? Because I am... #cssfail

(14:08:53) @Liberator_hen Hang in there. Preferably horizontally.

(14:53:34) @MrsPrettysHouse Daily greet. And a very splendid Wednesday to you and Mrs Pretty.

(16:37:07) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield I feel your pain. Both of yours. Pains.

(16:42:24) @justjane962 Cheers!

(16:43:07) @birdfortytwo ~sighs~ Anything I can do to help?

(16:56:27) @justjane962 Better get some more..!

(18:47:23) @birdfortytwo Always, ma'am.

Tweets for 13 Jun 2017

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(17:25:19) @MrsPrettysHouse Happy happy joy joy!

(19:46:42) @LizaMayfield @StephenKing That.

(19:47:45) @MrsMummy I often resort to Mr YouTube's Video Emporium for an alternative to mainstream televisuals...

(19:48:19) @CarolKettley Nanight x

(19:50:02) @frak Yes! Except wood pigeons. Wood pigeons are doofuses. Doofii? (actually we have robins who are often happy to… https://t.co/D8mqNW4UyK

(21:23:37) @frak Wonderful photos! It's just so hard not to be distracted from the job at hand by such a gorgeous companion! 🐤

Tweets for 12 Jun 2017

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(12:31:01) @Pc_Winter It's easy if you know how. Sadly, I have no idea how...

(13:53:04) @Feexby23 "Tell you what, kids and women... don't listen to the internet; come here and let John tell you how to smash the patriarchy". 😂😂😂

(14:35:55) @OmarRaza SUPER EXCITED!

(16:25:44) @Feexby23 @Loll73 Thank you for the greeting in this episode. And for the Liquorice Allsort discussion. A matter of some import in my house.

(16:26:10) @ESCarmchair Being niche is cool.

(16:26:25) @PrincessBagel YIKES/great!

(16:28:12) @meljpollard Time for summer to begin! :)

(16:46:17) @Loll73 @Feexby23 It would split the vote.. my sister-in-law doesn't like bobbly ones. It's all about choice..… https://t.co/ycRuVulOTn

(16:48:56) @Loll73 @Feexby23 @MaynardsBassett It'll all be OK, @Loll73... I can contact the @MaynardsBassett Consumer Care Tea… https://t.co/eZeQD9x8oJ

(18:41:26) @Feexby23 @Loll73 @MaynardsBassett Strong views. But does that not obviate the notion of "allsorts"? Also: our loca… https://t.co/J4sd3Ak2n0

(18:43:41) I've been keen to use the word "vituperative" in conversation today but I had neither opportunity nor a clear recollection of what it means.

(19:26:15) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Magnificent! Hope all is good with you and nobody is being vituperative (unless you want them to be!)

(20:11:13) @Mad4mogzz It's general horribleness and negativity. Can't be having any of that round here.

(22:17:14) Off to bed with this quite gloriously directed piece of slapstick / terrible sequence of events playing in a loop.… https://t.co/joEanDzbks

Tweets for 11 Jun 2017

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(22:21:46) @lizcrippinmusic I'm possibly too.

(22:24:09) @lizcrippinmusic Excellent. I, on the other hand, am going to sleep! Night! :D x

Tweets for 10 Jun 2017

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(08:24:46) To the people who picked the beans; those who roasted them, shipped them, ground them and packed… https://t.co/wKRftPXhlq

(08:42:39) I think this is my favorite emoji 🤗

Tweets for 09 Jun 2017

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(11:22:41) @CarolKettley @sparkie316 @lisahughes0 @HugBoxUK @platinummind @Stuarty2112 @RealDealPostie @DiamondTimelord… https://t.co/p4XkZ1OwKM

(13:43:13) @PontoonDock That makes an official Stretch Limo ;)

(13:49:43) @paulums Happy twitterversary. It's changed, hasn't it? Been a little over 10 years for me :)

(21:33:07) @lizcrippinmusic Oh he does do wonderful things.

(22:07:08) @Liberator_hen night :)

Tweets for 08 Jun 2017

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(07:27:20) @seagullworrier Hmmmm...

(09:09:54) RT @stephenfry: Vote vote vote. I know you don't want to, but please do. It's your vote that may bring change & a dash of hope & belief. So…

(09:24:02) @sarnthil @HelloPaperspace OUCH :|

(09:47:43) "I’m totally happy for my rusty charabanc of supposition to be unceremoniously driven off the road by fact" in an email. Quite satisfying.

(10:30:04) @elenacresci @wuthering_alice I am so delighted you made me aware of that @tristandross tweet :D

(11:29:43) @Stenbird OH SO CLOSE

(12:12:46) @NivenJ1 BLESS YOUR SOUL

(12:13:54) Should have taken Tim with me to vote #HamstersAtPollingStations

(12:15:02) RT @guinea_tweets: I see your #dogsatpollingstations and raise you #guineapigsatpollingstations https://t.co/mqFywAEa0t

(12:15:44) @ellewadding And if you can't be bothered to vote, BE BOTHERED TO DO SOMETHING FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE!

(12:15:58) @VeryBritishLife I'm not sure they realise...

(12:32:19) @libdemdaisy GOOD LUCK TODAY! #VoteDaisyCooper

(12:49:57) If I'd had the presence of mind to do so I would have asked for my desk to be declared as a polling station today #dayoff #GE2017

(13:05:55) @MelenieFW That is a smashing photo :)

(13:06:28) I didn't know that @lutoncouncil had a @YouTube channel: https://t.co/CBbqayssEg #YouTube #Luton

(16:13:25) @sarnthil @HelloPaperspace BLEHH. Nice cup of tea will hopefully sort it. They could at least give you doughnuts..

(20:46:03) @MrsPrettysHouse @439_720 @LizaMayfield @1StevieKilner I'm doing fairly well cheers! https://t.co/9Vuz3aZYpp

(21:52:50) @1StevieKilner @MrsPrettysHouse @439_720 @LizaMayfield It was a rather delicious glass of @GuinnessGB HopHead 13 😊

Tweets for 07 Jun 2017

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(14:10:52) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield @439_720 Good morning superstars!

(14:44:58) @439_720 @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield Daily greet! :) :)

(15:21:09) @Liberator_hen You'll wish you never said that... #rainingstaples

(21:37:10) @ellewadding I wish us all well. Hold hard, dear Elle!

(21:38:15) @CarolKettley Good night, ma'am! Let's all batten down the hatches for tomorrow!

(21:38:31) @majesticbint Chin up!

(21:40:29) Right. I'm going to get an early(ish) night, so I can cycle up the hill & do my democratic duty: the easiest colouring in competition EVER.

(21:42:44) @VeryBritishLife Hope and friendship. Let's do this.

Tweets for 06 Jun 2017

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(10:26:08) My feet are still damp.

(10:26:24) @lizcrippinmusic Lovely!

(10:26:33) @LizaMayfield Good morning groovy! It's a damp one here to be sure!

(10:38:06) @LizaMayfield Yikes! Bet it's like being in a sauna!

(10:38:14) @lizcrippinmusic It was early.. :D

(11:53:36) @GHOGIT 😆

(11:55:20) @CarolKettley OOH FLUFFY!

(12:02:49) @fridgemagnet2 Good cycling down that way though

(12:50:26) @MrsPrettysHouse I've got them nicely aired (much to the detriment of my poor colleagues :D)

(13:00:06) @PrincessBagel It's warm and damp here. Warm. Damp.

(13:58:39) @PrincessBagel Oh I wish #officepolitics

(14:02:51) Hey @gavinshuker .. you don't have a 2017 election song.. do you? East Yorkshire's @GregKnight does: https://t.co/2zZwid5Zpa #GE17 #GE2017

(15:18:04) @PrincessBagel Not any more, no... 😆

(16:22:58) The biscuits have been taken away from me.

(20:36:06) This. Quite wonderful. https://t.co/LO6yDF0x6f

Tweets for 05 Jun 2017

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(11:27:56) @mynameisgill TYFFM. That's internet language (ie. I made it up) for "Thank you for following me". Have lovely day!

(14:03:42) @fridgemagnet2 @victoria_impact Not in that photo...

(14:04:00) @fridgemagnet2 Some things never change....

(14:04:24) @fridgemagnet2 Watfield, though? WATFIELD?

(14:17:18) 10 Ways You Might Be Sucked In By ClickBait..

(15:25:39) @poots I should take a leaf out of that book :D

(15:41:55) I get an unnecessary amount of satisfaction from clicking the 'no response required' button on Outlook appointments.

(15:46:21) @VeryBritishLife That is quite brilliant. But that abuse is rarely deserved.

(17:52:17) @ellewadding @poots I probably should have. You are ace.

Tweets for 04 Jun 2017

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(07:49:55) Morning. Let those of us who care, share and seek unity & peace, stand together and keep doing what we do. Love to those who have lost.

(15:42:46) @CupOfTea69 Delectably Denise 🤗

(15:53:43) @MrsMummy You and me both, ma'am. The lovely far outnumber the lowlife x

(20:25:59) @LizzyWelshCake Woahh!

(20:49:18) @Superblouse I think we all were 👍💜

Tweets for 03 Jun 2017

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(20:44:30) @hergiebird Magnificent.

(20:44:41) @VeryBritishLife Fake news central 😀

(21:11:38) @VeryBritishLife I enjoyed it - really hope you do too!

Tweets for 02 Jun 2017

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(13:05:07) @MelenieFW ...with no problems :D

(15:03:51) @EmmaTofi Self-defenestration. A very real issue.

(15:35:07) @birdfortytwo Strength and patience to you all! x

(20:21:39) @Superblouse Frome!

(20:22:29) @SazJayney Good luck Sarah! Hope it all goes well 🙃

(20:56:05) @CarolKettley @platinummind Oh aren't you a gem! Thank you 😙 https://t.co/0f6MVWOQHD

Tweets for 01 Jun 2017

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(09:27:23) @MelenieFW @Arthur_Strong YAY!

(09:27:50) @prof_elemental @FatherofTheProf Happy birthday to the pair of you!

(09:30:44) Office mid-morning meal: savoury snack -> sweet snack -> coffee. Or I could just eat my lunch now, like in the good old days.

(10:52:06) @LizaMayfield Morning :) Hope you had a splendid sleep :_

(11:22:01) @LizaMayfield I'm a bit hay-fevery today.. got the sniffles! :D

(12:06:02) @justjane962 Wow.. you are super prolific at the moment! Hugs, too x

(12:34:32) @MrsPrettysHouse Goood morning you!

(19:48:56) @EcceRita Ahh sad to hear it. Hope you get some time at least to appreciate yourself today.

Tweets for 31 May 2017

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(10:17:55) @fridgemagnet2 That appears to be pleasantly situated.

(11:22:21) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield Morning :) 😘😘

(11:53:23) @MrsPrettysHouse @LizaMayfield Hey hey hey! :) :)

(12:30:34) I've got the theme to Count @Arthur_Strong's TV show stuck in my head.

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