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Tweets for 27 Feb 2017

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(11:42:25) @lizcrippinmusic That's not how I remember "Are Friends Electric" going...

(11:43:56) @mostlygeordie @BBCRadio2 Have to say she held it together OK.. :D https://t.co/vuzYt6XCkH

(13:22:20) Keeping it together. Keeping about 80% of it together. 60%.. 40%.. uhoh... anybody fancy a game of metaphysical pick-up sticks..?

(15:06:26) @SheleileighLaw I think I might just have a nap. Don't tell my boss ;)

(17:38:19) @trevypoos Good luck chief. I'm Monday.

(17:38:48) @LizaMayfield Eeep! Glad it's over!

(19:53:06) @lizzyangelpod2 Both in how it works and who is on it. But still many friendly folks ☺

(19:53:21) RT @mrsdoigy: Writers!! Good advice here! https://t.co/wZG8anVeZj

(19:54:14) @MarekLarwood Congratulations Mr @kmlarwood - clearly a talented band of brothers ☺

(20:05:03) @lizzyangelpod2 Good heavens.. in three weeks time it'll be ten years for me (!) But I dont think I'm going anywhere ☺ good to have ya here!

Tweets for 26 Feb 2017

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(19:00:26) @helerelereno Still v winter

(20:11:09) @wuthering_alice Elements of the periodic table?

(20:16:17) @wuthering_alice Excellent choices! Especially magnesium. WHITE FLAME!

Tweets for 25 Feb 2017

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(17:06:31) @justjane962 Glad to hear it :) :) xx

(17:06:38) @justjane962 And indeed see it :)

(17:07:25) It's a chilly hands afternoon.

(17:27:03) @Scriblit people called Dave or Janet.

(17:47:08) @Scriblit Oh wonderful choices! Thank you :)

(17:47:43) @CarolKettley His blimmin' lyrics make no sense-a.

(17:49:01) @timoncheese Zoik.

(17:50:01) @CarolKettley I Feel It Coming sounds like something Michael Jackson would've done :D What ya listening to, by the way? Radio or collection?

(18:20:10) @justjane962 It's been a bit of a low-key one so far, but pretty good :) Hope there's plenty to keep you smiling :)

Tweets for 24 Feb 2017

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(11:42:27) @goitsagch Still going. Might have to cancel it soon, not least because I probably won't be able to fit the results in Excel ;)

(13:43:25) My throat is complaining of a general exception error. Not sure I like the cut of its jib.

(13:45:09) @VeryBritishLife Thank you! I will be administering ginsip later.

(13:49:06) @ellewadding NOOO! Don't breathe in(!)

(13:49:58) @DoomGolly Raising a mug to you, ma'am :)

(13:50:24) @qqtx But mid-morning matters! :D

(13:50:39) @jamisonmatt oooh!

(13:51:25) @rwnash Good grief.. there are some delicious beer prices (used to nearly £5 a pint in London!)

(13:57:05) @DoomGolly Bring it! https://t.co/jSUcOAnW24

(13:57:17) @rwnash Oh man, with pleasure!

(13:59:54) @DoomGolly That's my Big Mug For Herbal Tea.. I've got a Slightly Smaller Mug For Essential Coffee Drinking too. I'm just a mug head :D

(14:02:22) @DoomGolly Heh.. I think it's safe to say that all my favourite mugs are broken. Which could be a poignant song lyric.

(14:02:53) @DoomGolly Oh not at all.. I'm just very difficult to handle when I've had too much coffee.. this is a kindness ;)

(14:05:27) @DoomGolly ~sighs nostalgically anyway and reaches for a Nice biscuit~

(14:07:21) @DoomGolly You do realise this makes you a legend in my eyes?

(14:08:19) @DoomGolly Give in to the delicious orangey bit! (Chocolate/Orange is the ideal accompaniment for gin - as will be outlined in my book :D)

(14:15:02) @DoomGolly @annmaikilker YIIIIII! Is she OK?

(14:15:15) @SheleileighLaw Will turn it off and on again. With ginsip :D

(14:16:17) @DoomGolly Heh. Fully justified, and to heck with the consequences!

(14:16:36) @DoomGolly @annmaikilker I want to come to one of your dangerous soirées... :D

(15:01:01) @LizaMayfield Oh man! Hope your car gets its 'good behaviour' sticker soon!

(15:25:18) @LizaMayfield BOOM!

(15:25:25) @LizaMayfield (or light vapour)

(15:26:56) Wow.. @Official_WSR is going to be a strong team - great they've retained Rob Collard .. was a bit worried for a while! #BTCC @BTCCCrazy

(18:44:57) @CarolKettley @NealMartin10 @LFCNev @DogsTrust @HugBoxUK @wayne_robb @RobLathro @HillWalker70 @sharpy170 @Toolip7 Ooh that's cool! Thankoo!

(22:50:48) @justjane962 Night ma'am. Not far behind you 😴

Tweets for 23 Feb 2017

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(18:31:28) @goitsagch Not yet 😃

Tweets for 22 Feb 2017

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(10:43:20) I'm a little anxious about my database query which has so far taken 25 mins to run, because [a] I can't use the database & [b] I fear DBAs.

(10:44:37) @SazJayney YES! Happy birthday !:)

(11:14:15) @jopijedd It's still going... (looking through all activities for a particular sub-string.. was never going to be tidy!)

(11:53:23) @boggits I am OPS! :cries: (excellent picture, by the way.. that's going on my monitor! :D)

(12:26:47) Little bits of paper that personalise my work space... #monitordecoration (thanks to @boggits… https://t.co/1TmPPRNWw9

(12:39:36) @SheleileighLaw Well indeed.

(12:39:50) This is my life now. https://t.co/gFmPLqwl8N

(12:41:18) @LizaMayfield YAY! and YAY!

(14:36:02) @LizaMayfield Hope you've got some great birthday plans ahead!

(14:37:17) @Feexby23 NOT NEWS :D

(17:51:32) @MrsCupidStunt hugs.

Tweets for 21 Feb 2017

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Tweets for 20 Feb 2017

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(11:16:46) @CupOfTea69 Hugs anyway x

(13:54:13) @Bubble2009 @poots @RobJD I will never underestimate @GHOGIT's abilities to scupper things 😉

(18:29:24) @justjane962 https://t.co/jvucs13Ueh

(20:11:17) @justjane962 Goodness me!

(20:13:02) Catching up with the most excellent and baffling bit of motor racing - the @FIAformulaE ... like Formula 1 meets Scalextric

(20:53:56) @mssres That does sound rather excessive if it's the case...

(21:02:00) @JoolsAWilson Clarence! (h/t @CupOfTea69)

Tweets for 19 Feb 2017

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Tweets for 18 Feb 2017

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(10:39:45) Good morning. So far topics of conversation in our pyjama lounge have been variously hexadecimal, Sheffield, isopropyl alcohol and coffee.

(12:02:13) I'm sure I already knew this, but it seems the band "Ned's Atomic Dustbin" was named after a Goon Show episode - https://t.co/V38fV93yzx

(13:49:11) @johnny_winter At that time of the morning, a necessity 😂

(13:52:49) @lizcrippinmusic Oh gosh. Hope you can turn it around xx

(13:52:58) @lizcrippinmusic Ahh good.

(13:54:20) Ate too much lunch. Oops.

(15:27:46) @SheleileighLaw Fair. But harsh ;)

(15:28:12) @lizcrippinmusic Oh brilliant! Hope you're enjoying.. it takes a few episodes to get into its stride, but it's definitely my favourite.

(15:29:40) @ThatAgnes Good grief!

(15:30:14) @DeeSelected Always such lovely photos! Hope you're having a great weekend :)

(15:31:38) @seagullworrier Good heavens. I'm glad I don't play word games with you...! (oh...)

(16:39:49) @lizcrippinmusic Yay!

(18:51:12) @SiriouslySusan I guess it's kinda like a box :D

Tweets for 17 Feb 2017

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(10:36:54) @CupOfTea69 Wow!

(12:45:53) Great article about one of @EwenRankin's old computers.. ;) https://t.co/P5Xdd1BSUE

(15:45:51) @LILLYTHEPINK1 That is a lovely thing!

Tweets for 16 Feb 2017

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(10:42:45) @seziE18 Absolutely!

Tweets for 15 Feb 2017

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(07:54:48) @EcceRita ☺ Good health definitely makes a lot of other things possible! I'm doing pretty well thank you - how about you?

(08:01:44) @justjane962 I felt like it was Wednesday yesterday. Imagine my disappointment today. I feel your pain, sister.

(12:18:18) @LizaMayfield It's a good morning from me.

(12:20:47) @LizaMayfield I'd say you're looking great today, but I can't see you, so I'll assume you are and say it anyway! :)

(13:36:43) @justjane962 Yes! NO! So I'm not all right! BWAHHHHH

(14:53:04) @justjane962 Half a day by now... bargain ;)

(15:08:56) @johndredge In a minute.

(15:09:29) I'm doing this. (When the weather gets better!) https://t.co/cKHFssV4pg

(15:11:14) @petecooper @smorris Some beautiful juxtaposition on my timeline... https://t.co/hRKShDrZjX

(18:33:36) @CupOfTea69 wow!

(21:03:45) @SazJayney I remember that! Also I love the font on your phone clock display 😊

(23:11:36) @LizaMayfield What did ya do? :D

Tweets for 14 Feb 2017

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(12:30:41) @SheleileighLaw Good morning, Sheleileigh! Pub?

(12:32:02) @petecooper That's novel.. but I'm struggling to work out why they'd do that..? :D

(12:32:19) @lizzyangelpod2 And the very same to you, Jayne! Happy Valentine's Day!

(12:39:13) @petecooper Oh that IS clever! Makes sense now..!

(13:21:22) @RadioKate Yikes!

(16:29:34) @PrincessBagel So beautiful it makes me cry. And get my shovel out.

(16:30:58) @EcceRita The story of - most of - our lives!

(16:31:57) Excellent :) https://t.co/Y8AmA6m6FN

(16:35:16) @CarolKettley Once a geek child.. always a geek child. MAKE THE METAL THINGS FIGHT EACH OTHER! :D

(17:01:05) @CarolKettley She's got at least one more in the house like me :D

(17:30:26) @ThePartridgePod I'm only here for the dented packaging.

(18:49:20) @lizcrippinmusic awww! I'm so glad it's worked out well ☺

(20:01:58) Out on a Valentines Day date with @poots to the Space Age Lidl. #romance

Tweets for 13 Feb 2017

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(12:54:38) @slandi Excellent move, sir.

(13:17:05) @SheleileighLaw Good morning :)

(13:57:34) @SheleileighLaw Hope all is good with you in this cold and sleety world!

(14:10:11) @smartie999 Good heavens!

(14:11:29) @SheleileighLaw Woahhh! Just blue skies and aviation fumes over here..! #naturaldefrosting

(14:14:55) @smartie999 The perfect place to sit and watch it unfold... :D

(15:06:17) @smartie999 How the Wessex was won ;)

(15:58:16) This pretty much sums up my day :D https://t.co/NtwYIXlJeF

(21:42:01) @SheleileighLaw Even if I did have Flash, it wouldn't have helped 🙄

(21:42:19) @fridgemagnet2 And we thought Farage was bad. Farage IS bad.

(21:43:40) @seagullworrier Hang in there. It will get better x

(21:43:49) @seagullworrier Yes.

Tweets for 12 Feb 2017

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(17:05:18) @lizcrippinmusic It was a very enjoyable weekend and I felt it was a success - thank you for your kind hospitality and patience!

(18:59:17) @CupOfTea69 @VeryBritishLife @scatterkeir @HarmonyEvencake I have no truck with zombies. No truck at all. I really need a truck.

(20:43:27) @lizzyangelpod2 Aww you too! Chilly chilly out there, so let's stay in! :)

(20:43:49) @seagullworrier Good grief.

(21:07:50) @seagullworrier Great work if you can get it ;)

(21:19:29) I spent the weekend in Wales - too busy to check Twitter and Facebook. Have just seen the face of Trump for the first time in days. Ugh.

(21:30:55) @zany_zigzag Weekend with friends, working on a studio project :) :happyface:

(21:53:35) @nicky_doubleU Good night! :)

(22:06:02) @FinalBullet Cillit bang is NOT an option.

Tweets for 11 Feb 2017

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Tweets for 10 Feb 2017

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(11:04:49) @ellewadding Happy nearly the weekend :)

(14:11:59) @Stenbird That's 9am our time ;)

(15:48:27) @Feexby23 Good heavens!!

(15:57:55) Going west...

Tweets for 09 Feb 2017

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(12:09:21) @sm2n @poots WELCOME

(12:10:05) Therapeutic Penguin.

(12:24:08) @Tuglets Amen to that! :)

(12:49:03) @PrincessBagel Totally can and totally will. And you've got happy Twitter folk to keep you going :) Hang in there! https://t.co/sbhcVHGFkx

(12:49:22) @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield Morning glamorous wonders!

(13:04:58) @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield We had a couple of flakes earlier, but nothing since... likely to stay that way!

(13:16:14) @prof_elemental Absolutely.

(13:29:43) @birdfortytwo I hope they improve. Always here if you need an encouraging word :)

(13:31:34) @birdfortytwo I'm sure it is - better is ahead!

(13:37:26) @birdfortytwo (Soon be half term, too!)

(23:17:44) @lizcrippinmusic Don't count your chickens (when there's a ssssnake in the building 😉) x

Tweets for 08 Feb 2017

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(13:07:39) @RubyJubilee fantastic pic!

Tweets for 07 Feb 2017

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(11:41:09) Working late. Doing things. YEAH.

(11:41:26) @lizcrippinmusic OH NO! Hope today is better x

(11:57:50) @SheleileighLaw Heh. It's OK.. I only just posted it. And don't even get me started on the whole "We'll show you want we think you want" biz

(13:56:39) @chchchchelsea Happy birthday!

(14:42:23) @justjane962 Did you come home with a jar of jam? :D

(18:03:02) @justjane962 I had biscuits instead of a personal trainer. But was indoors all day. Comme-ci, comme-ca :D

(19:51:15) @mostlygeordie Perfect place for a p-up :D

(21:53:02) @CupOfTea69 Ugh. And one reason why I would never, ever work in commercial radio again.

(21:56:19) @CupOfTea69 I prefer 'radio presenter' or 'idiot with a microphone' :D Neither are wanted by radio stations now. They want 'liner monkeys'

(21:59:02) This is why I'm so glad I don't work in commercial radio any more. I left just as it was going that way. Bring back… https://t.co/uXmpWHbMkH

(23:10:41) @wuthering_alice Good heavens! And he is a slightly appropriate man.. would love to know what he said :D

Tweets for 06 Feb 2017

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(11:38:58) @YourMrBumbles Good heavens!

(11:53:55) @YourMrBumbles In all honesty I would hope the person being disciplined would realise that that company is NOT a suitable one to work for.

(11:55:22) @CarolKettley @gingleberries How about "Isuzu Trooper" for someone from Northern Ireland?

(13:13:53) @lizzyangelpod2 pie. cake. All the major food groups :)

(15:24:53) @hellymoo That is my FAVOURITE of all time. Shame it's [a] socially unacceptable and [b] only available in a multipack with other flavours.

(18:25:19) @lizzyangelpod2 I have soup too.. with a cheeky pasty - it's the custard creams I struggle with 😉

Tweets for 05 Feb 2017

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(18:08:05) Adding salt to sweet things (apart from breakfast cereal) is quite the vogue, but it kinda works.

(18:23:08) @ms_howard That really is superb.

(18:24:42) @ms_howard Finnemore is a legend. LEG. END.

(18:25:03) @VeryBritishLife Exception. Rule duly proved.

(18:37:46) Happy 5th of February everyone! /HT @ms_howard https://t.co/VkWQMP0zE6

(19:25:31) @neilsleat Amen.

(19:28:46) @ReluctantRelict Will def try that!

(21:16:38) @EmmaTofi bring it! Death* or glory.

*sugar crash/hangover

Tweets for 04 Feb 2017

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Tweets for 03 Feb 2017

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(07:47:35) @CarolKettley is that like the advert for that breakfast cereal "raisin in the middle!"..? (morning)

(08:22:05) @Feexby23 I'm just going to stay at home and play with Lego...

(09:53:10) Went to see @CirqueEnchant with the family last night - stunning acrobatics, and loved the vocal performances by @BeauxHarris & @Cookmusicuk

(11:07:07) @BeauxHarris @CirqueEnchant @Cookmusicuk Wishing you more success and excitement for the next performances, and a restful weekend :)

(11:07:48) @hellymoo You can have a bit of my straight banana #brexit

(11:08:41) @seziE18 @TicketmasterUK @edsheeran @JamiroquaiHQ Good grief!

(11:09:16) @pauldmorgan Or skew-riff..? :D

(11:59:51) @EmmaTofi 'Feed a cold' they say :D

(13:54:42) @Mangowe Now that is a little gem.

(16:34:28) @LizaMayfield Woahh. Never see 25% extra here :D (But I guess it doesn't mean they're 25% bigger :D)

(16:50:55) @LizaMayfield 25% extra air!

(18:15:41) @wegotthistweets #mothergoosegoestothezoo https://t.co/eOlwgrQ2Kc ... last part to suggest I paused the podcast & watched the whole thing 😃

Tweets for 02 Feb 2017

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(08:50:26) @MsYellowHat It's a good analogy. Wandering around trying to get a game.. hopefully a "peripatetic goalkeeper" could become like a thing.

(08:53:10) @MsYellowHat Definitely an era of historical significance (but not for good reasons)

(10:18:51) Summary of pop music from 1990 to 2015: I would do anything for love but I won't catch a grenade for ya.

(10:20:05) @lizcrippinmusic Excellent words. And I think anyone who doesn't have that shadow of a lack of self-confidence & self-esteem is deluded.

(10:27:40) @Chelledogs Looking great :)

(13:18:28) @PrincessBagel I'm having a day... best I can muster right now :D (no eating soap at least)

(13:18:37) @SheleileighLaw Morning ma'am

(13:20:16) @wuthering_alice Chase it now.. gives you better opportunity to chase it again tomorrow if they've still not done it. 48 hours is enough :)

(15:57:04) @schmiedesgruebl Bwahahaah

Tweets for 01 Feb 2017

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(09:30:02) @justjane962 Isn't that, er.. three.. er..? Oh... hang in there!

(09:32:03) @lizcrippinmusic I'd put some tunes on and lose yourself in the bliss of creativity. Nobody can touch that :)

(09:34:23) @brennig Utterly.

(09:35:40) If it all looks bleak and dismal, seeming worse than you could ever know, take comfort in the fact you've just got one margarine on the go.

(09:40:00) This morning my colleagues are mostly complaining about where I've put my mind palace (and the condition I've left it in).

(09:41:13) @badpenny1931 Good morning :) I think it's a solidarity button. The little star (remember those days?) would be more appropriate, I s'pose!

(09:48:24) @poots It's got a bit drizzled on..

(09:48:48) @badpenny1931 That's what Facebook have introduced... I guess it's just a matter of time. Have a great day!

(10:15:43) @leica0000 Like the bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow... and we know that can never be found :D

(11:28:41) Some phone conferences are a bit like the weather before the news on @BBCRadio4; only when it's nearly over I realise I've paid no attention

(11:29:01) @justjane962 OWIE x

(11:47:13) @justjane962 Afterwards ...

(11:51:38) @timoncheese Ugh.

(12:29:39) @SheleileighLaw It's a "Sherlock" thing :D

(12:30:13) @justjane962 Hahahahahahahahahaah. I am SO rubbish at jokes.

(12:31:31) @SheleileighLaw It's true! Good morning :) https://t.co/yC9YBfaZwP

(12:42:56) @EppsRacer Gah! https://t.co/Et30NcqfRp

(14:33:01) @treehouse_radio @1969Steve Tuned in.. a bit late, but stealthy listening at my desk :) 1985 was the best year in pop. #FACT

(14:37:23) @1969Steve All good. 1984-1986 will take some beating for innovation and sheer pop joy. All I can say is: don't mess with MY toot toot.

(14:59:53) Stock images of grinning people on website home pages REALLY annoy me a bit.

(15:30:14) @1969Steve In glorious mono!

(15:32:18) @1969Steve Good grief this is awful. The fact people bought this can be the only explanation that Jive Bunny had a career as a result.

(15:35:47) @tweeting_frog And then Mr Blobby had a hit single. Wouldn't happen now.. surely..?!

(15:46:13) @tweeting_frog Definitely the latter...@1969Steve

(15:59:52) @ellewadding https://t.co/cdfbzAoQ1W Makes me happy.

(16:00:29) @1969Steve Thanks for the entertainmentification.

(18:41:40) @paulwebster It would be curmudgeonly to be any more than a bit really annoyed ☺

(18:42:35) @ellewadding I've been a fan of his for decades ☺

(18:55:17) @vobes You're far from a stock image, and it's always great to see you grin! Hope all is well with you.

Tweets for 31 Jan 2017

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(11:55:18) @willowHart it is strange..!

(12:12:38) Workplace grumblings about how 'cookie crunch' can be considered a breakfast cereal. It's just biscuits in milk..? https://t.co/PZAZG79YWl

(14:48:19) @HarmonyEvencake sad and happy face

(17:18:52) It is "it is what it is", but it isn't "It isn't what it isn't." Is it?

(17:19:25) @mrs_forky Not massively surprised, but at least (in theory) that will improve in time!

(17:40:34) @mrs_forky I guess your body knows best (mainly your eyes :D)

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