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Tweets for 30 Jan 2017

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(12:20:47) @LizaMayfield Bonjour! :) Have a fab one!

(12:24:52) @smartie999 That's a short story right there in one tweet!

(14:30:28) @schmiedesgruebl For crying out loud...

(14:37:50) @schmiedesgruebl It'll all be over soon (I really, really hope. And not in a bad way). PS Will reply to a thread you posted on FB soon :) x

(15:00:19) @JamesCridland Next week: German?

(15:05:28) If @Aiannucci is advocating it, it's worth doing. https://t.co/6gOWnFgeuN

(15:06:44) @gavinshuker Just thought I'd let you know I signed it. Not sure I want that man anywhere near my house. @HoCpetitions

(15:34:52) @louiselisa3 Thanks for the follow. I will do my best to be scintillating.

(17:32:57) @MrJamesMay https://t.co/Ia5ZVXN1kC

Tweets for 29 Jan 2017

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(19:36:32) @ellewadding @mostlygeordie @paulmilham @Chocohalix I'm well up for talking bollocks & being nice... please count me in!

Tweets for 28 Jan 2017

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(15:58:22) Doing some simple circuit design (and finding nothing of use in my 'junk box') - takes me back to my teenage days of simple electronics...

(16:00:36) @CarolKettley Absolutely.. especially when it's chilly outside and I've not got the energy for anything more challenging :D x

(22:41:31) @fridgemagnet2 I'm TTLy out of chips... and have much less capacity than I'd thought, despite all my resistance to throwing stuff out...

Tweets for 27 Jan 2017

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(10:59:39) I'm finding it harder than ever to believe anything I read on the internet... and I thought I was cynical before!

(11:01:48) @lizcrippinmusic Welcome to my world :D

(11:37:29) @contrarywitch Oh gosh. But what I write is true - my tweets are the best tweets.

(11:37:40) @VeryBritishLife I.. er.. nope, can't.

(11:46:57) @VeryBritishLife But does that mean I can but I'm not sharing all the facts..?

(11:52:26) Playing a game of "how long will this query run before the DBAs come and ask me what the heck I'm playing at"

(12:38:52) New tyres time. Getting @DunlopLive Blue something-or-other ones because @DunlopBTCC (and good fuel rating)

(17:32:57) I like Mel out of Bittermelonsoup but seeing her on telly is like watching my sister's awkward friend.

(17:34:43) @Doctoe EVERYTHING is good about that picture.

(17:34:55) @Doctoe Especially the hat. And the medal. And the smile.

(19:42:54) Watching A Shambles For #Eurovision... Mel Giedroyc is rocking the "half bling, half binbag" look. #Blingbag #EurovisionYouDecide

(19:50:22) Song number one: Dismality 7/10 #EurovisionYouDecide

(19:51:41) @justjane962 @CarolKettley @DropDeadChocs Need to teach your pooch to share πŸ˜„ You can have a go on my baby bel if you like?

(19:54:03) @CarolKettley @justjane962 @DropDeadChocs I couldn't possibly comment #lovemybabybels

(19:56:04) Song 2: Where's the hook? Dismality - 8/10 #EurovisionYouDecide Seriously next year I'll change my name to Little Mix Sheeran and write one.

(20:02:29) Song 3: Someone snuck into Moldova and nicked their song. C'mon.. who was it..? Dismality 5/10 #EurovisionYouDecide Winner so far.

(20:03:07) @Mad4mogzz Please don't hold your breath.

(20:04:41) @hellymoo I've always got sugar in my shaker.

(20:08:44) Song 4: I'd never dare tune my snare down that far. This is a bit ploddy. Bring back the dubstep :D Dismality: 6/10 #EurovisionYouDecide

(20:15:16) Song 5: I really hope something happens in this song. I think if you play it backwards it's "Let it Go" Dismality: 6/10 #EurovisionYouDecide

(20:24:26) Song 6: I think about 30% of this song could be excellent - the rest makes it go on too long. Dismality: 7/10 #EurovisionYouDecide

(20:31:32) @jopijedd I can literally only remember the last bit of the last song that goes 'What are we made of?' and that's after two listens. Bleh.

(20:33:55) @willowHart Need more gin.

(20:42:53) This is fully the best bit of the whole show so far #EurovisionYouDecide #WhyAustralia

(20:55:30) YAY! The one I thought that was least dismal won! I am SO good at this #EurovisionYouDecide

(21:15:43) @qqtx There is solace in small achievements.

(23:14:23) @willowHart Yup... they love a bit of it (& rather counter-intuitively, Australia's part of the European Broadcasting Union, so qualifies!)

Tweets for 26 Jan 2017

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(12:58:00) Today's view is of a training room. I think I'm in the North. It's hard to tell from here....

Tweets for 25 Jan 2017

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(10:03:18) @qqtx It's baffling. I guess they think "it's bright enough". I put my bike lights on 'extra flashy' - I'm desperate to be seen! :D

(10:42:12) @TOther_Simon I like that his speech bubble was correctly punctuated.

(10:42:28) @TOther_Simon But my goodness that is bleak!

(10:45:48) In this age of technology, why can I not press a button to remove people shouting from pop songs? I mean "Wit a bang bang" adds nothing.

(10:45:58) Of course, I blame Pato Banton.

(10:46:13) @TOther_Simon What things? :)

(12:15:14) @1969Steve Thanks for uploading this - was working last night, but would've listened otherwise!

(12:53:33) @SheleileighLaw Indeed. You'd not get that with the fine prog rock pieces in the 1970s. Yodelling, maybe. But not "wit a bang bang."

(13:05:00) @LizaMayfield morning! :) It's a misty one here.. can barely see 100 yards. Hope you're having a splendid one

(13:09:19) @LizaMayfield Oh gosh.. completely the opposite trouble we have! Drive safe!

(13:36:39) @LizaMayfield you're on!

(13:43:31) Berating software for continually apologising about having encountered an error, rather than closing & letting me have another go. #worklife

(15:16:56) @bedshatecrime @bedspolice @TSLTStockwoodPk Dude. Cool name.

Tweets for 24 Jan 2017

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(08:25:40) @Feexby23 Heh. pollux.

(08:26:41) @Feexby23 I really need to brush up on my astronomy (and down on my idiocy πŸ˜„)

(08:28:07) Working from home this morning without broadband... it is possible, but I'm going to need more stamps...

(08:29:57) @smartie999 GOOD TIMES!

(08:30:15) @justjane962 morning ☺ Me too...

(09:59:47) @brennig Struggling a bit with string dampness :D

(10:00:09) @justjane962 Isn't it! And I'm on a late shift at work today, so blehh #moarcoffee

(10:00:28) @willowHart There's a fairly tame robin in the garden, but I can't get it to carry my laptop...

(10:35:53) @fridgemagnet2 I took one to the tidy tip just last week.. now where's my Freeserve CD?

(14:19:44) I have just had an inhumanly objectionable amount of garlic for lunch. Tarring, feathering and ejection from the office may well ensue.

(14:38:02) @CarolinaAppling Me too - we're no vampires!

(15:36:29) @tweeting_frog If there are any in my office, I'll soon know it! (grins)

(19:00:55) @justjane962 Heh. I'm shovelling custard creams down me.. I'll survive. Hope you're all home and cosy :)

(22:11:02) @justjane962 Excellent.. hope you can stay cosy until then!

Tweets for 23 Jan 2017

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Tweets for 22 Jan 2017

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(08:21:57) @justjane962 Don't what ever you do give him a Twitter account πŸ˜„ Morning

(12:04:54) @justjane962 πŸ˜„ Have a great day... bit nippy out!

(21:30:03) @mrs_forky Honestly, that is a completely typical thing. This too will pass x

(21:32:43) @justjane962 My phone is so knackered that if I make a call on it, there is a 50% chance that the person at the other end can't hear me :D

Tweets for 21 Jan 2017

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Tweets for 20 Jan 2017

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(08:25:13) Remember 'Look-In'? Here is my pal @JohnDredge & his friend called Martin, presumably, with their 35-year-late revi… https://t.co/CKwmo8V86q

(08:26:12) @EcceRita Sounds like a Good Thing :) My evening was peaceful, ta - board games with the offspring (a rarity!) & wrestling with cardboard :D

(08:28:26) @johndredge and Cannon and/and Ball.

(12:44:42) @lizcrippinmusic Wow! :) That's really cool! Hope your cold is all but gone x

(12:44:57) @WonderKatu Good heavens.

(12:45:20) @LizaMayfield @SheleileighLaw Let's do this!

(12:57:26) @LizaMayfield @SheleileighLaw Give it until 8pm our time (3pm yours?)

(13:22:28) @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield https://t.co/H5kNoKafPx

(14:45:05) @ellewadding The last paragraph is perfect. In fact all of it is really.

(14:45:32) @ellewadding PS Not least because I'm rather spoiled by Elementary, which is exquisitely written, on the whole.

(14:46:29) I'm only here for the SHA-256 certifictates.

(15:38:45) @petecooper Your head is on the right way, I think. (depending on the celebrity, I guess!)

(15:40:25) Watching the Washington Post live coverage of the Inaugageddon (Inaugolypse?) while I ply my trade. My #American pals: is that the best one?

(15:41:52) @petecooper The Seven Stages of Bankruptcy.. that's a book in itself, sir.

(15:51:56) @HarmonyEvencake Rich people are walking, poor people are being teargassed.

(15:55:26) @HarmonyEvencake Whole thing makes me feel quite uncomfortable, but it kinda calls for being watched.

(16:15:36) @FlossieTeacake I share exactly your thoughts.

(16:19:31) "The woman in white coats.." They're coming to take him away? #Inauguration

(16:20:35) @Lady_Of_Ostia https://t.co/ct0zu3PyuB That was 2009, it would appear..

(22:30:09) @Feexby23 Welcome back, chief.

(22:32:23) @CarolKettley @justjane962 @SweetWickedRed @platinummind @alexs_journey @FeistyDdraig @simmo1ks10 @simms206 Super epic thank you! :) x

Tweets for 19 Jan 2017

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(11:50:53) I'm so glad humans evolved to be wireless.

(13:08:50) @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield Good morning! :)

(13:09:18) @LizaMayfield Really baffling that we're still using diesel - the particulates are dreadful for the environment. SOLAR POWERED BUSES YEAH

(13:09:44) @EcceRita Hang in there! There may be doughnuts..

(13:10:23) @ellewadding Does https://t.co/AUfBtuSgxc help?

(13:20:32) @GHOGIT Ha! True... or Vince Extension Lead when he's out and about...

(13:30:17) @LizaMayfield Baffed, mate.

(13:47:43) @VeryBritishLife I'm halfway there... :D

(14:03:31) @EcceRita I'm good thank you - fit as a fiddle (we're not talking a Stradivarius, though :D) Hope you can conquer the big pile of work! :)

(14:03:55) @EcceRita I'll pop by with some if you like.. doughnut delivery service.. this could be fun! :D

(14:13:41) Flatley my dear, I don't riverdance (give a damn)... #Partridge https://t.co/V0b3ksbKLt

Tweets for 18 Jan 2017

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(09:39:15) @BaronHawkey Me too

(09:41:26) @MelenieFW That is a glorious breakfast (and a pretty cool phone case :D)

(09:43:04) @meljpollard I struggle with Tuesdays, but everyone has their bete noir. Hope your day improves - looks like it might :)

(10:06:58) @MelenieFW I guess I should have said "Jour Noir" :D ~raises a coffee mug to success anyway~

(13:18:27) @PrincessBagel @MrJamesMay I hope stuff stops happening quite so much but enough.

(13:19:06) Brr. Bit nippy out.

(13:58:58) @Stenbird you're almost equatorial, ma'am!

(15:20:12) @willowHart So much sticky. Stickers mainly.

(15:33:01) @willowHart Or at least why, when you try to remove them, do they not like to come off in one go :D

(16:17:52) @willowHart True.. true!

(16:57:02) @TheGarethLloyd Oh that is pretty special.

(21:54:51) @GHOGIT Oops!

Tweets for 17 Jan 2017

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(11:37:58) @keithchegwin Happy birthday. You may be happy to know that you share your birthday with @fridgemagnet2, who is merely 75% of the way there.

(11:42:17) Happy birthday to @FridgeMagnet2 - a friend who's stuck me through thick and thin. And I'm no longer thin...

(11:47:55) @CarolKettley Hahaha! True.. :D @fridgemagnet2

(15:51:54) Once again, I have the urge to buy some isopropyl alcohol. I might just put it on my Amazon wishlist as a hint.

(15:52:11) @fridgemagnet2 You have done it well and consistently.

(16:38:07) @bitman Always best not to get them confused...

(16:47:29) @bitman I always find appreciating the bouquet to be just about enough...

(16:47:48) Every large corporation should provide laptops for employees to kick down the stairs.

(16:52:36) @justjane962 LET'S ROCK.

(19:27:03) Just to let you know: I, too, have turned down performing at Trump's inauguration; a shame, since I've been working on an epic airhorn solo.

(19:28:12) @willowHart I hope at least Twitter shows the respect you deserve x

(19:45:49) @fridgemagnet2 That is a tragic waste

(19:46:36) @mrs_forky A grave misjudgement in my opinion...

(20:23:25) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird BEIGE CAKE. Excellent.

(20:25:18) Playing "You Don't Know Jack" with the offspring. That is family Tuesday evenings, that is.

(21:41:21) @SheleileighLaw @fridgemagnet2 Now you're talking... I wonder if we could do a radio show thing.. hmmm...

(21:43:03) @SheleileighLaw @fridgemagnet2 Will see if I can arrange something .. yes - we'll need it!

Tweets for 16 Jan 2017

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(00:01:35) Drifting off to sleep with the @samsimmonss' "Little bit sad" song running round my head. His #radio4 programme about birds: worth a listen.

(12:49:03) I'm having one of those days where I'm gravitating to the conclusion that I am being dimwitted in many, many ways. Not encouraging. BAH.

(14:54:55) @poots you'd be surprised... maybe I'm not asking the right questions? :D

(14:58:28) @GHOGIT I'm going to put today down as a poor example :D

(14:59:17) @VeryBritishLife Heh. I am counting my blessings....

(14:59:28) @SheleileighLaw Thank you! :)

(14:59:35) @jamisonmatt Oh lordy...

(16:10:28) @Stenbird AARG

(18:20:51) Not often we get a plane over our house.. looks like either stacking or aborted landing at @LDNLutonAirport #Luton… https://t.co/hoqt67DJWx

(18:21:44) @seagullworrier Woahhhh...

(18:31:03) @prc320 It appears to have come to a halt second time round.. phew! :)

(18:31:27) @seagullworrier This could certainly prompt some difficult conversations.. do you even know which neighbour took delivery..?

(20:16:03) @fidunn @prc320 Bwahahaha! What goes around our house, comes around our house, as they say..

(20:30:37) @lizzyangelpod2 You and me both, but more the latter than the former (and facebook!)

(20:45:24) @ThatAgnes I found that the Neilmed sinus rinses really helped.. not pleasant, but quite effective.

(20:57:37) @lizzyangelpod2 It's good for keeping up with family & for virtual reunions with old school pals, but Twitter is always more interesting :)

Tweets for 15 Jan 2017

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(08:58:26) Good morning. Discussions of heatshrink (not heat sinks) in the house over breakfast.

(09:01:19) @badpenny1931 Good morning ☺

(09:31:18) @ellewadding Good morning ☺ It's OK.. a Missing Sock Crisis has moved the subject of discussion on a little. All good with you?

(09:32:17) Is it wrong to want the David Cameron "Doopee doo" as my text message alert? Especially with the "Right..." at the end

(15:05:18) @GHOGIT If you did it would be more troubling! :D

(15:06:11) @ellewadding We tend to declare Odd Sockage to be perfectly acceptable :D I'm just getting over Festive Cough of Doom. Can't complain :)

(15:06:16) @ellewadding Get better soon, ma'am!

(15:39:27) @ellewadding That is a very apposite name. If we can avoid spending too much time in that horrible slizzle (sleety drizzle) we'll be fine!

(15:50:56) Cutting out and sticking. Of paper. A perfect Sunday afternoon activity.

Tweets for 14 Jan 2017

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(11:28:41) Demingification of the kitchen bin with Cillit Bang and a kettle #SaturdayMorning #achievement #DomesticSkillzors

(11:36:25) Of the myriad ways to make proper coffee in our house, the #AeroPress is definitely the smoothest and quickest. #BlessTheCoffeeGrowers

(11:39:08) @BTCCCrazy Wonder if he'll join Subaru.. I think he'd be a good fit.

(11:39:37) @BTCCCrazy Although his season with JP wasn't the smoothest..

(11:42:37) I love this... the #AlanPartridge of the 12th century πŸ˜ƒ https://t.co/yn5PkFzHaq

(11:43:29) @VeryBritishLife Working on my topknot & big bushy beard as I type... πŸ˜‰

(18:31:28) @VeryBritishLife Haha 😁 just the "Pseud" bit would do πŸ˜‰

(21:20:55) @LizzyWelshCake Please let me know x

(22:51:36) @SazJayney One of my favourite films! Enjoy :)

Tweets for 13 Jan 2017

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(18:00:07) @CupOfTea69 You're on holiday - you can do what you like! :)

(18:02:31) There's pizza in the catalytic converter, and an episode of Elementary on the dehumidifier.. Friday night is ON.

(18:02:44) @chepbourne Are you doing OK? x

(18:08:34) Doing stealthy Dad dancing in the kitchen to the boy's blogstep or whatever it's called these days.

(19:29:12) @MrsCupidStunt You look proper happy :) Have a lovely weekend :)

(19:30:47) @RubyJubilee Gah and indeed bah. Can say nothing more without sounding oafish.

(19:31:55) @VeryBritishLife I think we had that at our wedding... Nimrod has a similar effect :)

(20:30:22) @RubyJubilee Wonderful! ~raises a glass to you~

(20:30:43) @VeryBritishLife oh wonderful ☺ Music makes the moment!

(20:31:18) @chepbourne I am so glad. I've just come off call, so relaxing and enjoying a peaceful Friday evening ☺ Hugs from us all x

(20:31:41) @CarolKettley @StevieJB2371 @jall69 @gumbo1968 @BoingBoingThud @JoMousley @AnnParkes2 @platinummind @HappyChappyBoy Mois de la Bonjella! xx

Tweets for 12 Jan 2017

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(13:55:32) Out of the "rather unusual company name" frying pan, and into the "baffling company name" fire.. https://t.co/SqNgoY378o Just Alt Tab it..?

(19:07:06) Not really cycling weather #uksnow @ Luton https://t.co/Wn49eH7Qvq

Tweets for 11 Jan 2017

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(09:45:46) My work laptop is in a great mood today. It's just been tinkered with by a man from Dell (not monte, but he said YES anyway).

(10:25:36) @justjane962 Good morning. It's not great out there. I'd say in here. With coffee and doughnuts.

(10:27:01) @shwood Oh I do hope so. What are you doing up at this time of the morning?

(12:50:40) @justjane962 REMAIN INDOORS https://t.co/L04n6QY1z7

(13:45:22) @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield Morning you too

(13:45:32) @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield You two too! :D x

(14:29:35) @LizaMayfield :) Not too bad, ta :) I have lemon & ginger tea and plenty to be doing :D How about you? x

(14:46:31) @LizaMayfield Buzzin'! :)

(15:56:28) I've just discovered @kcconfectionery Dinner Mints. The wrappers say "I LOVE YOU" AND the sweets clear out my sinuses. What's not to like?

(15:59:43) @CupOfTea69 Lil Dinner Mint. Bwahaha

(16:07:30) @CupOfTea69 There are so many things wrong with that :D

(16:48:24) @Simon_Pegg @RealTimVine Or do the pen behind the ear routine..?

(16:52:45) @crabbyknickers A happy birthday to you! :)

(17:31:27) @Bubble2009 @RobJD @poots @GHOGIT @nxmee @superalora duly noted! Will put the chains on my bike tyres. x

(17:32:03) @crabbyknickers Hope all is fair to middling with you ☺

Tweets for 10 Jan 2017

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(13:43:47) It's a nice day for some quiet weeding.

(13:45:54) @puntofisso @dansumption WOAHH. But if you put a comma it works..!

(13:58:27) @VeryBritishLife Bwahahaha! :D

(21:58:24) @CupOfTea69 @VeryBritishLife Uhoh.

Tweets for 09 Jan 2017

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(09:01:10) @JamesCridland Made perfect sense to me. Linear streaming with an on-demand connection is incompatible; UDP relay or similar would help all.

(09:01:45) @JamesCridland ~clicks opposite of like~

(09:04:31) @JamesCridland I get the opposite when they do rooftop scenes on Elementary.. such loud background noise in dialog(ue); muted otherwise. Ew.

(09:46:55) @JamesCridland Aye. Kinda like IPv6... who's going to make the first move..?

(13:18:07) I would like to do a survey on which is the best doughnut.

(14:27:46) @willowHart Mmmmm :) I'll be honest.. had a yumyum earlier. Mmm!

(14:28:00) @kibbutzshorts Gosh... that brings the range down a bit :D

(17:14:05) @justjane962 Maybe.... https://t.co/MeKPFegIrI

Tweets for 08 Jan 2017

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(21:38:02) @fridgemagnet2 Miaow.

Tweets for 07 Jan 2017

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(12:22:39) @chepbourne I think it's possibly a cold.. I hope you're feeling much better now, and keeping warm! :)x

(12:22:50) @EcceRita Thank you, Rita. Keeping warm and cosy! :)

(12:23:08) @CarolKettley @scatterkeir @claire_bookworm @Dee_DeeJane @Scorpio_RichLee @j7bmd @platinummind @pitlanejane thank you lovely! HAPPY W'KEND!

(12:23:30) @Dreamy_lyrics Thanks, Joanna. I'm sure there's a grapefruit equivalent of raisins. Or.. is there..?!

(14:52:27) @chepbourne Splendid! I've got a bit of a sore throat but I'm indoors and warm, so can't complain! :) Love to everyone! x

(14:54:26) @LilacNun 25. I missed the multiplication sign :D (And it's all about BODMAS or whatever it's called)

(14:55:17) @LilacNun @fourhourtarget @BaronJenks Oh gosh. I only just spotted that, too. *sighs*

(14:59:50) @LilacNun Assuming the pair of wine glasses are as 'xy' (i.e. x times y) 5+2xy=9; xy=2. therefore x=2/y. so answer is: (20/rightwineglass)+5

(22:43:50) @LizzyWelshCake oh you x

Tweets for 06 Jan 2017

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(09:34:56) @chepbourne Thank you! I'm able to work from home today - avoids spreading the germs! :) x

(09:35:16) @CupOfTea69 @JuWinterbone Oh my!

(14:48:42) "kli myriad" backwards is "dairy milk". Nearly.

(14:49:09) @EmmaTofi I did not know it was even a verb :D

(18:29:26) Didn't work. Sick as a.. not dog. Not parrot. Hmm. I think grapefruit.

(18:59:50) @mrs_forky At last I'm home (sic) :D Have a good weekend! x

(19:00:18) @TreehouseDarren Oh I really hope I'm not that sick! Hope all is good with you!

(19:24:07) @TreehouseDarren Get better soon, mate!

Tweets for 05 Jan 2017

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(12:53:39) @LizzyWelshCake That's something I struggle with - both singing and remembering them!

(12:54:55) @petecooper @magento Good. Heavens. Did it work?

(12:55:51) I want to be sold to Facebook for 5.2 million pounds.

(14:35:47) @petecooper Doomed indeed.. I find an in-place *nix update greater than about 1 major version ends in tears, too...

(15:44:07) @petecooper Oh man... lots of files can take a lonnnng time!

(20:28:36) @peasbloss Pretty much the same. Except watching the RI Christmas lectures... the offspring are paying no attention :D

(20:55:04) @peasbloss They're definitely on iPlayer :) Speaking of which.. I think there's an Outnumbered to catch up on too :)

(20:57:15) Is it possible to be flu-ey just for an evening and feel top and sprightly the next day? I do hope so. I'M A MACHINE YEAH.

(21:20:20) @peasbloss Thanks for the heads-up.. I'll moderate my expectations :)

(21:50:28) @peasbloss I'll let you know what I think (if it makes any impact at all ;)

(21:50:38) @LizzyWelshCake Gonna power through it! :) x

Tweets for 04 Jan 2017

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(08:02:51) Morning. Second day back to work objectives: Get my password right first time, and entering 2017 instead of 2016 at least once. Or twice.

(11:21:26) @willowHart You could pass it off as a new year's resolution ;)

(11:22:14) @fridgemagnet2 Always start with low expectations..

(11:28:11) @willowHart Oh gosh... Happy New Routine! :D

(11:29:57) "Red is for dance. Blue is for pop." I had no idea that's what the Human League did.. https://t.co/frPh1qAqWD

(14:08:40) @SheleileighLaw And good morning to you :) Hope it's a lovely one!

(15:06:15) @LizaMayfield I wrote off yesterday as a poor start. BRING IT ON, WEDNESDAY! (the fourth)

(15:24:59) @CarolKettley I wouldn't even dare writing a cheque these days.. my handwriting is barely legible :D

(18:44:43) @justjane962 Amen to that! πŸ’ͺ🏻

(19:21:08) @justjane962 Oh I wouldn't be that daft! https://t.co/iQnhZbc7ad

(22:51:39) How many IDE hard drives does a person actually need..? Whichever way I look at it, it's: fewer than I have. #bitofatidy

(22:59:06) @CarolKettley Sleep well, cK!

Tweets for 03 Jan 2017

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(16:28:18) @justjane962 I reckon first day back after Christmas: 5 hours; second day: 6 hours; third day: 7 hours, then back to normal. Are ya with me?

(16:29:10) Nearly done. NEARLY.

Tweets for 02 Jan 2017

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(16:12:28) @justjane962 It's blessed well freezing. Just been out to sort my pushbike for the commute that starts again tomorrow. Brr. Hang in there! x

(21:39:34) @LizzyWelshCake Ever so achievable. And yes I saw it ;)

(21:39:59) @jopijedd Good luck sir

(21:44:12) @LizzyWelshCake I can do ten... but only if I have deadline. And at least one of the songs tend to be a bit weird.

Tweets for 01 Jan 2017

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(00:07:52) Happy 2017. Happy. x

(00:08:30) @PrincessBagel happy new year you x

(00:51:40) @SheleileighLaw cheers! And to you when it arrives x

(00:52:06) @LizaMayfield and a merry 2017 to you! x

(16:19:59) Let meeeeeee sanitise you.

(22:40:02) Best bits about #Sherlock - #1 - the locations. Some breathtaking shots of London within and without

(22:42:46) Best bits about #Sherlock - #2 - pausing credits to see who we recognise (Marcia Warren from @AliceLowe's Wunderland & @Sacha_Dahwan)

(22:44:30) Best bits about #Sherlock - #3 - looking at Benedict Cumberbatch & imagining he's what Ben from Outnumbered would look like when he's older.

Tweets for 31 Dec 2016

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(12:18:25) @CarolKettley Yay! And a splendid and excellent 2017 to you too! may at least 47% of your dreams come true x

(12:52:46) @AthleticoMince I wanted the songs. Happy new year (with the face of Greggg Wallace. T H E F A C E O F G R E G G G W A L L A C E). xx

(17:43:40) @vobes And the same to you, Richard. Wishing you and your family success, happiness and adventure in 2017. Great to hear your NE ☺

(18:17:44) @zany_zigzag I can think of worse things to happen to you :P

(18:32:00) @justjane962 Happy 2017! x

(18:33:16) @DavidLloydRADIO @SerenadeRadio Lovely RadioMoments, by the way - thank you! :) Happy New Year!

(23:40:14) @justjane962 @Pembsbandb @JDGEstateAgent @jk291056 @Viafairyland @officialmikegal @TetleysTea @JayManser @johnbro67… https://t.co/cTHqfc8oHb

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