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Tweets for 30 Dec 2016

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(07:29:39) @PrincessBagel I'm all like "Alexa, what day is it..?" 😃

(07:31:13) @justjane962 Ha! Science. Morning 😃

(07:33:47) @JQP74 morning. Me too!

(11:42:22) @Faulko1 @simon_tuck @lisacov19 @SalesSouthview @Hannahloupunton @WMIOM @GarethCV Thank you - and have an entirely brilliant weekend!

(13:14:33) @MelenieFW Wow!

(18:25:24) @PrincessBagel they're all the rage.

(22:49:00) @batwench @PrincessBagel @mullerBiker Haha! Genius.

Tweets for 29 Dec 2016

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(13:40:50) @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield Morning, Liza and Sheleileigh!

(13:41:55) Small victory of the day: finding the right type of peculiar mains connector for some LED tube lamps and ordering them from China. Lovely.

(13:45:46) @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield Lovely crisp winter afternoon here... lovely to look at :D Have a good one! x

(15:39:40) @smartie999 my guess is the "source" button at the top.. if you have satellite or cable, use the arrow buttons to choose HDMI and click OK x

(16:26:37) @CarolKettley @Faulko1 @platinummind Oh I don't suffer 😜 happy Twixtmas! Have a Twix!

Tweets for 28 Dec 2016

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(08:09:04) RT @ao: It's #WinWednesday! You can win these @SonyUK In-Ear Wireless Headphones! 🎧🎧 All you need to do is RT for your chance to #WIN! http…

Tweets for 27 Dec 2016

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(20:05:52) @CupOfTea69 It's that much more important that we do. As a tribute x

(20:21:40) @CupOfTea69 We need to be those good things. Live. Laugh. Love. Laugh. And be excellent to one another.

(21:29:54) @VeryBritishLife @CupOfTea69 Yes. Happy birthday. Hugs.

Tweets for 26 Dec 2016

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(11:24:16) @fridgemagnet2 hope you don't have it already!

(13:37:52) @fridgemagnet2 😁 Obv. Should have given you my copy with a carefully written commentary in the margins 😁

Tweets for 25 Dec 2016

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(06:58:15) Happy Christmas. Need coffee.

(08:33:32) @JQP74 Cheers John! All the very best festivities to you and your kin!

(08:34:07) @Mad4mogzz Happy Christmas.. hope that tea is just the way you like it x

(12:00:35) @CarolKettley @justjane962 Happy Christmas Carol & Jane! Thank you for the smiles this year x

(12:01:38) @Tesco Ahhh... fair enough. You too. Now get yourself home and enjoy your festivities! x🎄

Tweets for 24 Dec 2016

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(08:59:33) Happy Christmas Eve. I'm off to Argos to get a bargain. Failing that, the Shell petrol station on the A5.

(16:12:03) 'ere, @Tesco - saw this on a relly visit... we get your foodbulance round at least once a week but we didn't get on…

(16:33:21) @tweeting_frog Thanks, Clare! I wish you and your family a wonderful, blessed Christmas!

(16:33:43) @SheleileighLaw never too late!

(19:35:42) @goitsagch @Tesco :festive sadface emoji:

(20:05:13) @brettsr To you too!

(20:58:58) @birdfortytwo AMEN AND ALLELUIA!

Tweets for 23 Dec 2016

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(13:58:13) @CarolKettley @craig0829 @Lazeru5 @Tweetspetes @SweetWickedRed @MissionD3 @Hello_U_Its_Me @dr_monks_1 @MeAndMyCrown I wish you a merry one!

(15:30:54) @LizaMayfield YSPLS!

(15:31:03) @SheleileighLaw And the very same to you, ma'am! :)

(15:31:41) @TrapOne_ I hope your departure isn't too bittersweet - and of course, good luck for the future!

Tweets for 22 Dec 2016

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(12:58:32) @MrsCupidStunt Need to get a person in?

(17:25:06) @VeryBritishLife Amen to that, old friend.

(17:27:00) @hellymoo

(22:11:34) I doubt there was - or ever will be - an era that offers a better combination of things than #Taskmaster, #Elementary, #gin and #DairyMilk.

(22:14:04) @justjane962 Lordy. One of the last songs to be banned by Radio 1 😁

(22:15:32) @justjane962 I literally haven't heard that in years!

(22:28:14) @justjane962 Filth! Gets me in the mood for some late 80s pop though ☺

Tweets for 21 Dec 2016

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Tweets for 20 Dec 2016

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(07:27:16) @Bubble2009 @RobJD It's going to be a great 2017 season ☺🏁

(10:37:26) Oh man... just had a Napoleon Zwart Wit Salmiak candy ball. Who makes a sweet with ammonium chloride in the middle?! I may not survive this.

(11:13:47) @herzleid I never took to Salt liquorice but this.. a long sucky trek through sweet saltiness with a pay off of noxiousness.. took me aback!

(11:14:02) @herzleid Still doing a bit of a shudder :D

(13:20:37) @herzleid Yeek! That's like turbocharged sherbet!

(13:21:26) @herzleid Quite the taste sensation..!

(13:22:21) @herzleid Kinda makes me wonder if there are some traditional British snacks that might not travel well... best I can think of is Twiglets..

(13:53:29) @herzleid If ever I pop to Sweden I'll be sure to drop some off 😀 @bummulstussen

(15:11:31) @CupOfTea69 Worth checking it see if it's being marketed as a Scandinavian puzzle toy. Albeit one not suited to the under 7s.

(15:12:34) @cigarboyrick82 I find it amusing that Audi's putting animated indicators on their vehicles, given their drivers consider them optional :D

(15:12:46) @justjane962 Frozen pipes.

(15:12:56) @justjane962 And strange foodstuffs.

(15:13:17) @LizzyWelshCake OOOH! (My Karaoke Secret Santa video really sucks :D)

(15:29:17) @CupOfTea69 TOYS WILL BE TOYS :D Sharp, dangerous STABBY TOYS.

(16:28:37) @LizzyWelshCake All (fairly deliberately) filmed with the selfie camera on my phone #JJAbramsItIsNot

(18:36:48) Y'know who I haven't seen for ages? Those two comedians who were Big Cook Little Cook. I hope they're OK.

(21:32:29) @willowHart Are they still on CBeebies..?!

(21:32:47) @LizzyWelshCake When it's finished ☺

(21:33:03) @LizzyWelshCake Please can I see yours?

Tweets for 19 Dec 2016

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Tweets for 18 Dec 2016

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Tweets for 17 Dec 2016

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(10:02:38) Poundland Bakewell tart thing. The breakfast of champions. Will remember to peel off the foil backing this time.

(10:06:29) @badpenny1931 Morning☺ is that not the French pronunciation? Or should they be going the whole way, pronouncing his first name Frenchly too?

(10:10:33) @VeryBritishLife I specifically ordered a non-iron thumb... morning!

(11:14:04) @vobes I hope the logburner is doing well! Have a lovely weekend :)

(20:52:41) Just been to see Rogue One. I can completely understand the parallels made with the political history of Milton Keynes.

(21:11:21) @Pc_Winter In a roundabout way...

(23:51:04) Sometimes parenting is seriously rewarding. My son was extolling the virtues of Aphex Twin this week. @nxmee has EDM credibility.

Tweets for 16 Dec 2016

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(22:22:36) @Parkin25Marie Ahh.. I would have had them!

(22:38:41) @CarolKettley @HugBoxUK @DogsTrust @alanmichaelstan @Irishman782 @platinummind @Dee_DeeJane @Scorpio_RichLee @jall69 HAPPY FESTIVE FRIDAY! x

(22:39:25) Darn it. Forgot the figgy pudding again. I won't let carol singers go until they've had some.

(22:44:40) @SazJayney That's not wine! :D

(22:45:32) I've had a great idea for a song.. it goes "In a perfect world" over and over for about four minutes. WHAT DO YOU MEAN SOMEONE'S DONE IT?

(22:46:20) I want to be a pipistrelle.

Tweets for 15 Dec 2016

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(21:25:36) Challenge: Removing the backing of a sticky thing without peeling the sticky thing off the thing it's sticking. Still haven't mastered it.

Tweets for 14 Dec 2016

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(08:31:04) @CarolKettley ZZZZZOOOOOM! Bring it :)

(08:59:17) @CarolKettley I live near Luton Airport.. the possibilities are endless! :D

(11:19:12) @Bubble2009 Oh wonderful! I'll check it out - thank you for thinking of me ☺

(21:42:36) @caritas730 Oh wonderful! Quite the collection! :) :)

Tweets for 13 Dec 2016

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(09:46:16) @helenduffett That is why I have yearned for your return (sort of). Retearn.

(20:52:12) Saw this earlier when I was parking my bike... Wouldn't get that happening in a car park.. #grumble #rubbishbike…

(20:53:12) @sportmadchick I think that might be because it's most definitely the season ~not~ to hit the gym. Gin, maybe.. 😀

(20:55:45) @PontoonDock He's on the YouTube rewind. That's pretty much the only bit it I recognised (apart from Colin Furze and Terrance & Philip(?))

Tweets for 12 Dec 2016

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(11:17:53) Caution: The new Lidl in #Luton may cause a complete re-appraisal of what it means to be alive. I do hope there's a post-visit helpline.

(13:24:36) @justjane962 I'm not.

(16:34:34) @whererivers It's not good, or bad; it's a sensory overload. Imagine a Lidl. Then imagine a brand new supermarket. Then smash them together.

(20:57:43) @justjane962 Sorry.. missed your response because I was away from twitter

(23:52:16) @justjane962 we are the hokey cokey twitterers! :D

(23:55:20) @helenduffett Good lord. Where have you been?

Tweets for 11 Dec 2016

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(21:35:11) @peasbloss This time of night? Wine.

Tweets for 10 Dec 2016

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(10:08:16) I'm really not sure what a 'spa day' is. Feels to me the human equivalent of a day at Kwik Fit.

(11:11:15) Struggling with the 4th paragraph of this article.. I can think of at least three ways even if the A505 is jammed.

(11:11:50) @amycassy83 EXCITEMENT!

(11:12:39) @mostlygeordie Heh. Good(ish) is what I aspire to.. what happened? I want to go on a Londis day now.

(11:12:49) @mostlygeordie Don't want to do that.

(11:14:23) @leica0000 Ooh.. an intriguing analogy. Not sure i want anyone buffing me (and definitely not applying a hoover to my insides) 😄

(11:15:02) @CarolKettley I don't think I've ever been pampered in my life... Pamper. great word.

(11:15:32) @CarolKettley @amycassy83 Let's all go down the sorting office together!

(13:41:32) It's that time again.. #knittedcharacter #christmas #festiveromance @ Luton

(18:36:18) @amycassy83 @CarolKettley YAY Did ya get it?

(19:03:33) @amycassy83 Bit damp to be going out anyway! Looking forward to it (probably more than you are :D) @CarolKettley

(21:35:55) RT @LutonPoetrySoc: Beautiful news! #Christmas #Luton#poetry @LutonLibraries @syzygy @DrFMCD @PoetrySociety @love_luton @BedsLibraries @Kh

Tweets for 09 Dec 2016

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(10:55:55) @petecooper 29GB!?!

(10:56:53) @LynnCClayton Join the club. We'll just have to get our own presents :D

(13:23:03) @petecooper Just crazy..!

Tweets for 08 Dec 2016

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(08:29:16) @125f8 I get a bit of fear looking at that. Just feels like it exerts the wrong kind of forces on the disc...

(09:33:45) Phrase that I intend to employ several times today: "That ain't happening." Gets me right into the festive spirit...

(17:33:07) @TheJoeHarland YEEEHAAAA!

Tweets for 07 Dec 2016

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(11:16:47) @Pc_Winter @SussexRoadsPol @SC_NeilWorth O that is good.

(14:25:04) @emmaevictoria BOO! I didn't even know Twitter did that.

(15:01:15) I quite like it when people write "data-base". Like the words "to-day" and "wiki-pedia."

(15:02:38) @emmaevictoria Yay! :) Thank you!

(15:08:40) @RadioLaB971fm I believe in Father Christmas by Greg Lake, because it's got everything.. clanging guitars, good lyrics and NO SHAKIN STEVENS

(16:05:57) @Ratbagratbag I love all of those.

(16:19:48) @minxymoggy Well..! :D We don't have enough database-based DBAs based here to give me the data on that, basically!

Tweets for 06 Dec 2016

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(09:23:09) @CarolKettley @JJackie1974 @Emcud HEAD TO TOE WE'RE SO PLAYA.

(11:13:55) @Parkin25Marie Oh dear. Wackaging at its most.. lavatorial.

(13:59:41) @olafzwyzt Can it be on fire?

(14:10:35) @olafzwyzt :tearful smily:

(14:12:19) @AskNationwide Just wanted to say that I had excellent servicefrom a very patient and lovely phone banking person earlier. THANK YOU :)

(14:13:49) Hey, @AskNationwide - I had excellent customer service from one of your phone banking advisors earlier, who was patient and helpful. THANKS!

(14:27:52) @technicalfault Happy birthday!

(14:28:43) @HughesPeg HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

(14:29:04) @Becchanalia Happy milk going off day.

(14:30:22) @OmarRaza Mate! I'm SO sorry I forgot to wish you a happy birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY (for yesterday) :)

(14:37:45) @ajlanghorn @technicalfault Small world(s) :)

(14:38:19) @OmarRaza :) I saw that excellent photo of you yesterday and totally forgot what day it was :D It's a typical Tuesday right here.. all good!

(15:46:00) I'm a bit worried that I might be in trouble with @poots when I get home because of my behaviour at work. Off to the cash point with me...

(16:06:14) @poots I was testing the payment system and I think they (might) blocked the bank card. I checked, and the credit card is absolutely fine :)

(16:06:40) @batwench I checked the credit card was still working by buying some of @poots's Christmas presents :D Already done...

(16:44:49) @MrsCupidStunt Oh that is outrageous. I'm not really that Christmassy & I'm fine with the decorations going up this weekend. LED lamps ahoy!

(16:45:39) @VeryBritishLife I had the same with my bank. Leaves a pleasant taste in these days of customer churn...

(16:57:06) @MrsCupidStunt If he's anything like me a nice tech challenge would be just the ticket ;)

Tweets for 05 Dec 2016

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(10:57:11) @HughesPeg This is quite marvellous.

(11:45:59) @RichHarkness Heh. Have you got one? I can't decide whether it's bright enough to replace a ceiling light in my boy's room..

(11:53:40) @hellymoo Is this offer still open?

(11:55:02) @LizaMayfield Mornin'! Hope it's a good one where you are.. chilly here!

(14:24:04) @hellymoo Boh. That's why we can't have nice things.

(14:24:21) @LizaMayfield Cool! (or blimmin' parky in our case!) :) x

(14:58:15) @RichHarkness I think Philips Hue is a bit dim, too.. BRIGHT LIGHTS BABY! :D

(14:59:07) @dellama it's an insomnimac. Heh.

(16:33:05) This tweet has two factor authentication. Yes it does. Great.

(20:13:01) @MrsCupidStunt I imagine that gets wearing.

Tweets for 04 Dec 2016

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(18:29:00) I should have just drawn numbers on a bit of dairy milk.

(19:26:17) Just watched the best episode of #Yonderland yet; up there with Red Dwarf at its most witty, clever & irreverent. Worth a watch if you can.

(19:29:33) @BethInGoldBlood @LaurenHarvey8 @benwillbond @Lazbotron I am using the phrase "Pep Pep Pep!" regularly in work meetings.. #Yonderland

Tweets for 03 Dec 2016

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(21:44:25) @CarolKettley I'm trying my best to. @justjane962

(22:07:08) @justjane962 Wh... where have you gone? ;) x@CarolKettley

(22:16:17) @justjane962 YAY! I promise not to stalk you. Keep an eye on you, maybe ;) x

(22:18:09) @adam_mart Ohhhhhhh!

(22:28:26) @justjane962 I've never had a stalker. I've always wanted a celebrity stalker. That's a celebrity. Stalking me. How cool would that be?

Tweets for 02 Dec 2016

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(09:02:23) RT @thekareem: When you realize that the Spice Girls have more foreign policy experience than Donald Trump

(09:10:05) #Windowless room for a day of management #training. Not pictured: emergency banana

(12:10:45) @LizzyWelshCake The banana is spent. In a tiny conference room cup.

(12:33:13) Having done Myers Briggs again today, I'm ESTP - same as I was in 2012, which is always good. No Kanye style personality shifts. Yet.

(12:34:32) @LizzyWelshCake If you could hang on to it, I'd love to pop back and enjoy it! I've not forgotten about the Shopping List ☺ Feeling better?

(15:44:15) @LizzyWelshCake Oh sweety.. sad to hear it. Hope you can concentrate on a swift(ish!) recovery.

(17:09:46) @CarolKettley @justjane962 @Petwill1 @MeAndMyCrown @platinummind @thingsnthongs1 @sarahlou2275 @rusteehalo @dr_monks_1 @IanJamie2013 SPANG!

(18:55:08) Nothing Go Compares 2 U

(18:57:56) @NeilMossey A little progress...

(21:31:27) I'm sorry, I'm thinking about cats again.

(21:33:02) @justjane962 Surely it's not getting THAT hot in here.

(21:36:18) @CarolKettley Eyes averted. @justjane962

(21:49:27) @fridgemagnet2 Not not not bling.

(22:04:00) @SheleileighLaw @fridgemagnet2 I can't hug EVERY cat.

Tweets for 01 Dec 2016

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(09:31:00) @Pc_Winter I like the 8 bit tattoo :D

(09:31:07) @LizzyWelshCake Good grief!

(09:31:42) @petecooper @LidlUK Good grief!

(09:35:34) Today is the two year anniversary of me starting my current job... not bad going I guess!

(09:42:59) @jamisonmatt I'm working with @OnStar :)

(09:43:16) @LizzyWelshCake Frightening how time goes.. :)

(09:52:43) I've just described one of my work colleagues as an 'omicron male'

(09:54:12) @jamisonmatt Even better.. Luton based (10 minute cycle :) @OnStar

(10:17:09) @paulwebster :D Fortunately, he laughed #careerlimitingmove

(10:18:03) @boggits @mclars EXCELLENT!

(10:31:35) Seeing @JemStone's tweet on this century's festive songs.. I've no idea why Bob Dylan did this, but I'm glad he did!

(11:06:58) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Exactly..!

(12:03:19) We have servers that take so long to authenticate that I have time for a senior moment and forget what I was going to do when I log in...

(12:31:44) @LILLYTHEPINK1 Heh. Of course :D Hi!

(13:22:03) @fridgemagnet2 We have to attend "Dignity at work" courses. Apparently greek letters are OK.

(15:54:47) @LizzyWelshCake For what..?

(16:14:37) @LizzyWelshCake Oh sweety. Hope you feel better soon x

(16:15:05) @fridgemagnet2 83% health & safety is actually a bit scary...

(16:23:46) @LizzyWelshCake Oh lordy. You'll be fully Bonnie Tyler (with added cough) if you're not careful!

(16:52:27) @LizzyWelshCake Oh sweet heavens! That's frightening... and not what your public wants..! Get better soon!

(17:42:19) @sciencemuseum I remember getting rather enthusiastic about that door when I visited.. must have been in the early 80s! :)

(19:24:33) A wondrous collection of #randomtat in this birthday card from @fridgemagnet2 including a pic of me with much hair.

(22:36:36) @fridgemagnet2 @fridgemagnet2 @fridgemagnet2 @fridgemagnet2 ... and a young Russian shipbuilder at that. Excellent shed, though. And hat.

(22:37:27) @fridgemagnet2 I will, of course, donate them to Plagueboy for his 6th form college work /cc @nxmee

(22:37:47) @hastillonlyme @LizzyWelshCake @audioBoom Quite!

(22:38:35) @fishplatetwo @fridgemagnet2 Excellent shed.

Tweets for 30 Nov 2016

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(08:55:56) You may have seen this.. brilliant edit by @AchinglyChic and scripted like a cockney Alan Partridge @fridgemagnet2

(11:29:05) @BritishGasHelp Hello. Not a positive tweet, I'm afraid: paid for heating check only to have it cancelled *after* the appointment time. Bad.

(11:33:39) @BritishGasHelp My wife spoke to someone on the phone - they say they can't now come out until January. We booked this a month ago.

(11:36:15) @BritishGasHelp I'm not sure there's very much that can be done right now - @poots has sent en email to try and get something sorted.

(13:09:15) @umbrellanor I think we can certainly drawer conclusions about those people. :D

(13:09:50) @PrincessBagel Sadly not much autumn left!

(13:12:14) Happy birthday @govindajeggy - long may your room leak!

(13:14:57) @CarolKettley Was being a little silly..

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