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Tweets for 29 Nov 2016

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(16:42:58) @justjane962 Eric Bristow?

(16:44:51) Totally want an otter of my very own. Or a very long guinea pig would do. Sausage cavy?

(17:57:08) @VeryBritishLife @CupOfTea69 YOU TWO!

(17:59:31) @LizzyWelshCake So pretty :) x

Tweets for 28 Nov 2016

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(16:31:42) @Volfsball Going to HAVE to come and see a match sometime...

Tweets for 27 Nov 2016

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(11:59:24) @LizzyWelshCake hugs x

(12:14:50) This could be the future of television programmes featuring wholly unnecessary celebrities. (h/t @poots)

(17:16:18) @EcceRita @smartie999 Hugs to you both x

(17:17:56) @MrAlFox I do it during the intro to The Big Bang Theory, just to be irritatingly post-ironic. Am I on the list?

(17:18:30) @ms_cornwall woahh.. So close up!

(17:25:10) @smartie999 Absolutely.. same as I ever was - lots of things to be done, but never the energy to be doing thems. How about you? @EcceRita

(17:33:17) @smartie999 are you back in blighty, then? Never gets cold in the desert right?

(17:33:41) @smartie999 you get an extra hug from me then x

(19:54:26) Going to have to research more songs by @ToveLo - one of the Scandinavian songwriters who know how to make a hit.

(19:54:46) @MrAlFox I have stopped being able to watch it. Just too annoying.

(19:56:12) Has to be said that Sweden is the monarchy of pop right now.

(20:03:26) @mrs_forky And a bloody good law that is too.

(21:01:08) @RichHarkness Amen to that, sir.

(21:01:40) @EcceRita Absolutely not - you are truly among friends - especially with @smartie999, who I have hugged for real, and hope you can, one day.

(21:01:48) @EcceRita @smartie999 ^whom

(21:02:03) @caritas730 Please: your top five! :)

(21:03:28) @mrs_forky I'm really not surprised - even from the days of Deniz Pop (and further back) there has been innovation and progress :)

(21:29:05) @caritas730 @chinahtweet @astridsofficial This is SO good - thank you!

(22:17:24) @caritas730 @LeisureSuiteAUS I have created an awesome Spotify playlist that I fully intend to enjoy over the next week! Thank you!

(22:20:49) @caritas730 I certainly will! You rock! (In a Scandinavian way!)

(23:54:34) @mrs_forky This is quite an education!

Tweets for 26 Nov 2016

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(10:25:42) @LizzyWelshCake !?

(15:19:33) @SheleileighLaw @fridgemagnet2 @pearcen @jn2n @sm2n Entirely my fault. Took my hand off the tiller and steered the @weekendery into chaos 😁

(15:28:44) @fridgemagnet2 @SheleileighLaw @pearcen @jn2n @sm2n Try getting that on the side of a bus 😁

Tweets for 25 Nov 2016

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(09:08:05) @CarolKettley Thank you! #ff

Tweets for 24 Nov 2016

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(07:24:55) @CarolKettley Y'know I think it might have worked 😏

(07:26:28) @mrsmoneypenny1 I totally agree - my 30s were definitely my best decade ☺

(18:59:19) @mrs_forky This too wiill pass x

(19:01:41) @Parkin25Marie I can understand why :)

(20:33:42) @Parkin25Marie Why it unnerves you - I guess cartoons & logos are fine, but pictures of ~other people~? Who they aspire to be, I guess..?

Tweets for 23 Nov 2016

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(08:41:57) @SamRSparrow That's a big number of stardust.

(08:46:19) @SamRSparrow Sounds like a plan! (I've got a Windows phone so I'm totally missing out πŸ˜€)

(18:39:40) I have just introduced my son to a function on the washing machine called "Winston Spin". Not sure I quite meant to call it that. Good name.

(22:23:16) @mrsmoneypenny1 yeah.. what's with kicking your shoe out of arm's reach? πŸ˜€

(22:24:02) @LizaMayfield SHINY! πŸ‘πŸ»

(22:28:14) @LizaMayfield Fantastic! Best time if the year for lights and sparkles ☺

(22:28:48) @mrsmoneypenny1 oh to be young again... πŸ‘΄πŸ»

Tweets for 22 Nov 2016

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(07:51:50) @CupOfTea69 Well snazzy!

(14:32:21) @VeryBritishLife Amen to that. Get better soon, young Master F.

(14:50:00) @LizzyWelshCake beautiful :)

(20:29:04) @Bubble2009 @RobJD @poots Woahhhh! Finally! The TCR has been racing Astras for ages!

(20:31:13) @Bubble2009 @RobJD @poots The car looks fabulous!

Tweets for 21 Nov 2016

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Tweets for 20 Nov 2016

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(12:13:32) Kanye West #YouHadOneJob

Tweets for 19 Nov 2016

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(14:47:52) @willowHart ohhh! That'll by why I got stuck.. :D

Tweets for 18 Nov 2016

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(08:31:19) @lizzyangelpod2 thank you for the follow ☺ great bio btw #coffee

(12:40:45) My afternoon will be brought to you by the letter M, and the numbers 1, 25 and 4. I'm just hoping nobody else has the same idea... πŸ˜€

Tweets for 17 Nov 2016

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(08:18:51) @LilacNun wow! Somerset's truly the place to be.. colours in the drabness! ☺ thank you for sharing the fun!

(19:44:31) @justjane962 To whom?

(20:06:24) @justjane962 Also: It is here for you. You are not here for it.

(22:19:25) @justjane962 I would prefer it if you didn't, but depends on adding joy and wonder to your life vs any anxiety & sadness it could cause x

(22:33:12) @SopranoPamela Nightmare! Hope you keep your patience x

(22:37:31) @justjane962 ☺ well, like ma'am @CarolKettley there's plenty of lovely folk around & I'm grateful to be able to surround myself with them ☺

(22:42:26) @ESCarmchair hugs. x

(22:44:52) @ms_howard hic

Tweets for 16 Nov 2016

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(09:52:04) @SazJayney Morning. You wanna watch them umberellas!

(09:53:40) My thigh just buzzed. I don't even have a phone my pocket. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? Probably need more coffee. Or less..?

(10:25:06) @Mad4mogzz I'm not going to be removing my trousers in the office to find out. Not after last time.. :D

(10:25:56) @PlainTalkingHR Amen to that!

(19:09:01) @RichHarkness oh wow!

(19:09:12) @schmiedesgruebl ow ow ow ow no 😁

(21:50:43) A rich source of research, I'd say...

(23:02:23) @LilacNun At this time of year / night..?!

Tweets for 15 Nov 2016

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(08:16:04) @mostlygeordie I do believe so.. 😍

(08:17:45) RT @lutoncouncil: Tonight, we'll be giving away FREE bike lights at Luton Train Station between 5pm-6pm. Come down and get yours later toda…

(09:35:35) @RichHarkness @bbc5live Fantastic! Have a good one!

(10:46:00) Maybe Donald Trump's rise to success is due to his speeches having the same sophistication as lyrics from songs by Drake #dumbingdown

(17:51:16) It's not too late to prepare your bike for the dark winter nights - #Luton Central Station right now..!

(21:27:28) @TOther_Simon Couldn't agree. More.

(21:38:22) @TOther_Simon I was being a bit cheeky... there are fewer songs I detest more than that one. Aside from Drake & Kanye West's oevre. Awful.

(21:43:25) @TOther_Simon Drake is spattered quite unpleasantly across the pop charts at the moment with his monosyllabic drone. Kanye? He loves Kanye.

(21:51:03) @TOther_Simon He's Canadian.

(21:52:27) @TOther_Simon I'm baffled by the respect Mr West garners from very highly regarded musical commentators. I find his shouting execrable.

(21:53:44) @TOther_Simon ...and that Bieber chap. Canadian radio insists on high rotation for Canadian artists, which brings them to high prominence.

(22:17:30) @TOther_Simon Yes. Yes indeed.

Tweets for 14 Nov 2016

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(08:23:36) @PontoonDock HOT SQUASH!

(08:27:36) @justjane962 Get down on it (if you really want it) etc. Morning btw

(08:28:49) This pretty much sums up the political situation for me in 2016. Ich nichten lichten.

(11:16:56) TFW I finally discover non-greedy regex pattern matching only to discover sed doesn't support it. (.*?)sigh #unix #regex #blehhhhhhh #nerdy

(11:18:15) @Pc_Winter I'm glad that was a hyperlapse.. otherwise you'd have been proper caning it :D

(11:19:41) @MrsCupidStunt In a bit x

Tweets for 13 Nov 2016

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(11:23:59) #WeWillRememberThem #luton

(21:22:53) @OmarRaza Congratulations! Well deserved, chief!

(21:27:20) @Stenbird Is there a particular tune that they're trying to get out of it? If so, can you tell what it is, yet? #TooSoon

Tweets for 12 Nov 2016

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(09:12:16) @poots Tears of frustration at not being able to make a Trump/Clinton analogy..? πŸ˜„

(09:52:53) @ellewadding Please may I have a Freddo Frog?

(09:54:40) I applaud you @LEGO_Group

(09:55:46) @podquiz Hello! Just a note to say that the Middle 8 music round is a BRILLIANT idea.. remarkably tricky! :) Thanks for such a top quiz!

(23:31:09) @Stenbird There is something of the Leslie Knope about you. And that is definitely a good thing :D @Plot_girl

(23:31:21) @mrs_forky Good podcast by the way.

Tweets for 11 Nov 2016

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(07:42:56) @CarolKettley thank you! Warm & cosy weekend to ya ☺

(11:01:54) #WeWillRememberThem

(17:07:29) @Pc_Winter Van driver pulls out to overtake the bus..?

(17:08:51) @Pc_Winter Van goes into reverse and drives towards police car, intending to park in the bay to the left..?

(17:10:06) @Pc_Winter The band Steps climb out of the bus, and perform one of their hit singles (5-6-7-8?) on the road in front of you..

(17:12:19) @Pc_Winter You are a true Tenuous Celebrity Magnet. (Magnate?)

Tweets for 10 Nov 2016

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(08:37:05) @CarolinaAppling You Brexited a long time ago πŸ˜‰ It was a very close election, much like the Brexit vote.. Just a shame turnout was so low.

(08:38:12) @CarolinaAppling My only real concern is the words spoken by Donald Trump to world leaders.. it's a delicate political time at the moment.

Tweets for 09 Nov 2016

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(12:23:10) This is what happens when I try to use a pen these days. #trainingcourse #cannottakemeanywhere

(13:28:33) @CarolKettley filth, eh? πŸ˜€

(13:29:05) @EwenRankin I'm fairly sure I'm part squid πŸ˜€

(13:29:29) @jopijedd They didn't have typewriters πŸ˜€

(15:58:38) @LizzyWelshCake Ohh :( x

(15:58:57) @GHOGIT I cannot explain it. Simply cannot.

(19:01:22) @fridgemagnet2 Yes. I believe the western world is devastated.. πŸ›’πŸ›’

(19:03:30) @LizzyWelshCake Oh sweety. Your time will come x

(20:13:07) @brennig Best if you don't look.

(20:18:53) @LizzyWelshCake :) I'm sure it'll all come together :) x

(20:27:08) @LizzyWelshCake Do what you do, sweety x

Tweets for 07 Nov 2016

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(07:48:47) @TOther_Simon It's a brilliant version - under-rated songwriters!

(16:00:42) Picturesque type castle thing.

Tweets for 06 Nov 2016

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(22:01:16) @TOther_Simon What an absolutely wonderful Carter cover version you did. LOVE it!

Tweets for 05 Nov 2016

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(12:08:54) @Faulko1 I hadn't even heard of one of those! :) Hope you shift it..!

(12:52:25) @Faulko1 ahh makes sense! No kicking sub then πŸ˜€

(13:28:54) @CarolKettley Thank you for yesterday's #FF! Sorry I couldn't tweet back.. crazy crazy crazy crazy day. :D

(14:51:01) @Richard_C @NLinUK Ingenious :)

(14:51:44) @regularjen Oh wow!

(15:22:00) @RobJD want one of these..?

(22:04:32) #bonfirenight in #slipend

(22:06:02) Cavalcade of colour #lightpainting

(22:17:51) @superalora Totally you!

(22:48:15) @fridgemagnet2 NOT win. I ended up covered in smoke at Slip End (small village just south of here). Best I could do, really.

Tweets for 04 Nov 2016

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(16:50:35) @LizzyWelshCake Where ya off to?

(17:09:54) A very happy birthday to the unique and quite marvellous @Brennig. Because it's his birthday.

Tweets for 03 Nov 2016

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(07:44:11) @PlainTalkingHR I wish you a wonderful autumnal Thursday too! ☺ x

(07:52:28) @PlainTalkingHR I plan to get all cosily dressed and to keep moving.. best way to stay warm! Have a great day! πŸ‘β˜Ί

(21:24:38) A remarkable collection of stamps on a packet @poots received yesterday. That's right: yesterday. #RoyalWedding

(22:40:52) @fridgemagnet2 @poots I fear the sender may have been an avid reader πŸ˜€

(22:41:07) @Feexby seems legit.

(22:41:24) @hilliatfields @poots in 14p stamps, yeah πŸ˜€

(22:41:45) @johnny_winter @poots oh about 34 years ago....

Tweets for 02 Nov 2016

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(12:35:55) @mink_ette The original has been watched over 144 million times. 144. Million.

(12:40:18) @CupOfTea69 I WATCHED IT ALL. once.

(13:19:18) @CupOfTea69 More than enough... about 63% more.

(13:21:07) My pop music review for today: The lyrics in that Daft Punk / Weeknd song are completely incomprehensible. Or are they in Forrin? No idea.

(14:02:46) On reflection, that Daft Punk / Weeknd song would have been better if he hadn't bothered to turn up.

(15:50:50) @poots Fantastic! Wait a minute, that's six... :D

(21:47:15) @ellewadding Until soon (I hope)

(21:49:19) @LizzyWelshCake It'll be fine. x

Tweets for 01 Nov 2016

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(17:26:22) Is it just me, or does Bruno Mars's latest song actually have no tune? I think in the whole thing he sings 3 notes. My doorbell does better.

(18:42:16) @ibookery Ding dong!

(18:42:50) @sjmsjm2 I think he clicked on Funk Preset 2 instead of Funk Preset 1 this time ;)

(21:31:41) @johnshepherd Bafflingly so πŸ˜€

(22:04:18) @justjane962 Does your boiler need servicing..? Definitely worth having a look at it!

Tweets for 31 Oct 2016

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(17:21:52) Not sure I'm keen on people signing off emails with just a tilde and their name. Not sure at all.

(19:16:46) @justjane962 Nah. One of your five a day.

(20:28:59) @justjane962 Oh but wouldn't that be tangfastic!

(20:46:26) @justjane962 I'm a complete dentalist.

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