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Tweets for 30 Oct 2016

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(18:03:17) I have imbibed enough gin to fully appreciate Harry Hill's Tea-time.

(18:17:38) This is why I drink gin before Harry Hill's Tea-time (thanks for the screengrab, @nxmee) https://t.co/xjn9ayvBQt

(18:28:11) @justjane962 hello kitty

Tweets for 29 Oct 2016

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(20:56:12) Peace Pagoda and hot air balloon #autumn #Milton Keynes #willenlake https://t.co/YqqGVb7kVN

(21:18:15) @meljpollard Oh dear Hope the skies clear soon.

(21:22:58) @meljpollard Oh gosh.. I hope work is busy enough to go by quickly, but not stressful. And then sleep, right? Sleep always helps :)

(21:34:31) @canuckuk Seems to be some interesting stuff there...

(21:49:56) @canuckuk Aren't you closer to London than me..?

Tweets for 28 Oct 2016

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(08:08:54) @ellewadding You and me both. And given that it only takes 6 seconds... :D

(17:01:05) @CarolKettley Hot thanks! #FF

(17:35:01) @johndredge is it tho?

Tweets for 27 Oct 2016

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(07:01:16) @CupOfTea69 looks amazing ☺

(07:05:38) @CupOfTea69 I'd do my commute but it's minging πŸ˜€

(07:06:31) @petecooper Such beautiful engineering! I like πŸ‘πŸ» @Microsoft

(07:06:34) RT @petecooper: It's been a while since a @microsoft thing made me say 'wow': https://t.co/ow4j519BGz (sfw)

(08:39:41) Photos from my misty commute (inspired by @cupoftea69) #Commute #Luton #Commuton https://t.co/CpKv8my0Eb

(09:04:49) @CupOfTea69 It's half-term and a little after 9 :)

(13:05:45) That feeling when autocorrect has literally no idea what to suggest.

(17:45:57) Today's #coffeebreak choice - deliciously rich, biscuitty, wholegrainy. #coffee https://t.co/6hl4Lowkxe

Tweets for 26 Oct 2016

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Tweets for 24 Oct 2016

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(06:30:21) @miz_shake68 Morning ☺

(07:23:11) @Stenbird Especially when it's not raining. Morning.

(07:24:19) @seagullworrier You can be the one in the waiting room still in their jammies ...

(09:54:57) Today's #coffee is @Tesco Original Blend. It has a big 3 on the front, which is the magic number so it must be fine. https://t.co/gH4hwTHzov

(09:55:42) @poots Don't forget #Autumnwatch! :)

(14:49:33) @smartie999 Those Oligarchs get everywhere! You couldn't retire there..? Your ambitions to become a hobbit could be fulfilled!

(14:49:48) @seagullworrier How did it go? Were you decent?

(16:15:01) @seagullworrier Oh gosh.. :/ Get better soon x

(21:12:10) @PrincessBagel n'night ☺

(21:14:52) @TOther_Simon Yes. Un jeux de mot. Do the French even do that..?

(21:24:45) @KarinaLindsley I was scooting through Twitter accounts I still follow and it is sad to see that some have left us πŸ˜•

(21:52:23) @KarinaLindsley So I cherish you and the other folk. :)

Tweets for 23 Oct 2016

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(13:56:02) @LizzyWelshCake I gave my Dad a copy of my album in February. Not a word about it since.. :) I think it's a thing.

(13:56:20) @LizzyWelshCake Nearly but not quite..?

(14:00:16) @justjane962 Me too. Plug me into the Dairy Milk charger...

(16:32:18) @LizzyWelshCake oh my. I hope it goes up significantly soon!

(16:33:44) @LizzyWelshCake Hmmm... an interesting theory. We need a broader spread of subjects πŸ˜„ But in a way I'm glad they weren't interested 😏

(16:52:27) @LizzyWelshCake because otherwise I might not have (somewhat intermittently) made music πŸ˜€

(17:51:42) @justjane962 An actual chocolate themed bar..? 😏 https://t.co/U9cwwnmbzc

(18:15:57) @LizzyWelshCake oh you xx

(22:10:51) @smartie999 Woahh! Have GOOD TIMES!

Tweets for 22 Oct 2016

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(09:45:41) Learning memetics from my offsprings' conversations: (Is 'Whip & Nay Nay' still a meme?" "I dunno.. has Clinton killed it?"

(20:09:25) @CarolKettley n'night!

(20:09:33) @CupOfTea69 Bonus!

(20:11:40) @LutonPoetrySoc @BedsLibraries You're a legend!

Tweets for 21 Oct 2016

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Tweets for 20 Oct 2016

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(07:16:18) @KateRobbins Sadly I don't think there's a word to define overturning the unjust conviction. Even exoneration doesn't go far enough.

(07:20:22) @wuthering_alice oh... that is just my kind of challenge!

(07:23:03) @wuthering_alice ohhh.. 😏 A valiant effort!

Tweets for 19 Oct 2016

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(18:02:17) @LizzyWelshCake Oh my yes.

Tweets for 18 Oct 2016

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(12:23:37) @ThePartridgePod That's quite a stack system. Should I watch episode 6 before or after..?

(20:27:44) @ThePartridgePod Oh and IT'S A TURTLENECK (I'm only emphasizing it because I wear polo necks and I'm in no way like Alan Partidge :D)

Tweets for 17 Oct 2016

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(07:18:49) @mrs_forky Oh gosh. Hope it clears soon. Half term isn't far off...

(08:44:50) @mrs_forky Oh I do hope so!

(08:46:17) I wonder how many 'root cause analyses' I'm still waiting for from external service providers. "Don't mention it again - they might forget."

(12:23:06) @manytypesoftea F

Tweets for 16 Oct 2016

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(07:55:50) @justjane962 Morning. It's like that all over Luton this morning :D

(19:53:17) @justjane962 We had a bit of sunshine in Luton today eventually.. hope you did too! :)

Tweets for 15 Oct 2016

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(08:33:49) @TUID I love trivia like that ☺

(21:07:14) What he said. https://t.co/iYheMXLrhR

(21:12:42) @CarolKettley In a way. Well OK no.

Tweets for 14 Oct 2016

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(07:52:29) @EcceRita It's hard to know what is going on in his mind, but now is the time to be clear on what is in yours. Hugs x

(12:13:30) I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting the penultimate one.. (I was going to ask about whether hamsters can/should eat… https://t.co/jdPwU1nOVV

(12:15:15) @VeryBritishLife Hahaha! Sadly, we've only got one. Now.

(12:27:19) @PlainTalkingHR yes to apple cores (but the cores should be taken out before they get hidden away) and no to each other :)

(12:48:07) @Simon_Pegg @sirrogermoore THOTCH!

(18:45:14) @CarolKettley @platinummind @James_HotPepper Why thank you! Why not!

(20:08:17) @justjane962 I think you should have two. One directly after the other.

(22:35:11) @ThePartridgePod Finally catching up with the first episode of Monkey Tennis for series 2... episode 1 just watched. Crash. Bang. Wallop.

(22:43:13) @ThePartridgePod They're turtlenecks, not polo necks. Yeah, I know. get with the programme :D

(22:45:44) Like Postman Pat, I consider myself to be a very lucky man. Or is it happy? I don't know. I don't even have a helicopter these days.

(22:52:07) @smartie999 Worth being both. And I wish you either x

(22:55:30) @ThePartridgePod HOLY CRAP! I lived (for 3 months) on Priory Close, just 300 yards from the BP service station in I'm Alan Partidge s2! :D

Tweets for 13 Oct 2016

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(07:24:06) @debsylee good morning β˜ΊπŸ”†

(17:54:40) @justjane962 Have you considered tunnelling your way out?

(21:16:25) @mrchrishubbard Have you moved to @Scarfolk ..?

(21:26:51) I like it when people do this sort of thing. https://t.co/pUtGulYxJc

(21:27:28) @regularjen Hope you get plenty of it x

(21:30:32) @regularjen Let's hope so. Sleep solves a lot of woes.

(21:54:47) @OmarRaza I'd vote for you not to be fired. And I'd call Alan Sugar a dufus.

(22:38:41) @OmarRaza I'm listening to "Turn Around Dave Eyes" on my way to bed. It's as funny as. ("you pure Fisher Price Telescope"πŸ˜†) #FagsMagsandBags

Tweets for 12 Oct 2016

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(06:57:46) @ThePartridgePod I haven't got iTunes ~cries~

(07:23:17) @ThePartridgePod huzzariah! Thank you. Will have my DVD of series 2 ready to go!

(07:31:05) @KarinaLindsley I'm not sure. I shall stumble toward it and hope for the best...

Tweets for 11 Oct 2016

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(07:31:39) @TOther_Simon Oh lovely!

(07:32:35) Catching up with the latest batch of Rockular Music from @intlBeige - will hopefully be just what I need on this chilly Tuesday morning.

(07:34:04) @intlBeige Woah. Love that opening track. Dirty dubstep bass & hard guitars. Does it for me. Sort of Celldwellery.

(07:35:48) @TOther_Simon can see why!

(17:28:59) @mrs_forky There is no such thing as laminating too much. Except for the children. Don't laminate the children.

Tweets for 10 Oct 2016

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(11:31:22) Mordac has been hard at work in my office this weekend. https://t.co/g3im9xAG4m

(12:11:05) @brennig Heh. Which is fine if you announce what you're going to do, when you're going to do it, and what action needs to be taken. :D

(18:08:58) @KarinaLindsley Nice rebranding. You'll be getting one of them blue ticks next :D

(18:17:55) @KarinaLindsley Heh. But at least you're famous now :) Is the clip of you on the internets? Not that I'm an incompetent stalker or anything

(21:33:50) @CarolKettley Night ma'am :)

Tweets for 09 Oct 2016

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(10:49:57) Pertinent question from the offspring while listening to #Absolute80s 1: "Why would you call your band 'A Flock of Seagulls'?

(10:50:32) Pertinent question from the offspring while listening to #Absolute80s 2: "Why would the singer want a photograph of the person?"

(10:50:49) It was a different era. (We didn't have facebook back then)

(11:12:32) @edenGD02 Indeed!

(11:12:46) @mrs_forky I did mention the hair... :D

(16:23:17) @fridgemagnet2 16 or 8081..?

Tweets for 08 Oct 2016

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(09:17:33) @EcceRita So happy to hear it. Wishing you a splendid weekend, with laughs and adventure. ☺ @PamHarper20 @Greyadder @Jmobanks @wendyrjr

(17:20:36) @justjane962 I used to know someone called Asif.

(17:21:00) @hellymoo That front door is an upside down smiley.

(17:22:41) @SazJayney I have a pasty and soup for lunch most days at work :)

(17:23:05) @SazJayney PS How come I have only just seen this tweet, despite it being 21 hours old!? :D

(20:50:55) @Visit_Wakefield @WakefieldBeerEx I read that as 'Vegan'. Then realised it was Wakefield :D

(20:51:10) Woahh.. time to get writing! :D https://t.co/t1bGjCAHMn

(20:54:52) @Stenbird @bbceurovision @Eurovision Might need a bit of work, although the Finland entry the other year was only 1.40 long :D

(20:56:23) @mrs_forky I take that as a challenge ;)

(20:58:03) @Stenbird @bbceurovision @Eurovision Booyah!

(20:58:25) @melodimen @mrs_forky ON IT! That's one key change a minute.. crivens!

(21:05:01) @mrs_forky @melodimen You guys TOTALLY should write one! :D

Tweets for 07 Oct 2016

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(11:57:50) @CarolKettley @Michelle__P @MrBonMot Happy super weekend action!

(12:37:32) @CarolKettley I'm working a bit, but will survive, I'm sure! :) @Michelle__P @MrBonMot

(13:18:46) A colleague brought a beautiful carved wooden elephant back from India as a gift. It'll join… https://t.co/KT3ybWkjRV

(18:08:51) @davewitchalls @DarkBunnyTees Good heavens, you're starting early!

(18:09:28) @justjane962 Maybe you need to break it into two separate questions..? :D

Tweets for 06 Oct 2016

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(09:07:04) @PlainTalkingHR Glad to hear it.. I hope you banish the cold soon! :)

(12:11:55) @Lillesnow Ha! I didn't think to do that.. :D Might have to call them up again to find out... #Nationwide #holdmusic #namethattune

(12:13:00) @Lillesnow Why I have I not followed you before..?!

(12:35:24) @Lillesnow The challenge would be finding the time where I'd be most likely to be on hold for a long while. Lunchtime on a Monday maybe?

(12:36:03) @Lillesnow I am glad you have dealt with it and have returned :) The twittersphere has certainly benefitted! :)

Tweets for 05 Oct 2016

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(11:03:24) Just back from the dentists and my innner @brainitch is taunting me with "Fillings.. nothing more than fillings." #dribbly #numbface

(11:09:40) @ThePartridgePod Do you guys have an RSS feed for us non-Apple folk?

(13:50:41) @PrincessBagel I hope you're more of a brave soldier than I was.. didn't cry (except at the cost!) but worn out by the constant stress 😌

(14:52:22) Song for my dentist "I can't feel my face when I'm with you."

(14:54:03) @PrincessBagel Oh wow! That's some extra value right there. I had to put up with Capital :D @pdhpenarth

(16:31:42) @Genloo :P

(19:58:35) RT @PlainTalkingHR: All #Lutonians, please have your say and RT. X https://t.co/nBpeFCaZkr

(20:45:46) @PlainTalkingHR thank you.. Pretty good! Hope all is splendid with you too 😊

Tweets for 04 Oct 2016

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(18:34:21) I think I can say with confidence that I didn't take to yoga. My body was meant to be carried around in a bag for life.

(18:36:59) @VeryBritishLife Fewer 😝

(18:38:31) @VeryBritishLife I love the word "sanctimonious" but can never remember it at the right moment. πŸ˜„

(18:39:35) @VeryBritishLife In this house it's an occupational (or domestic..?) hazard

(18:46:53) @VeryBritishLife πŸ˜„ There's always the likelihood that it's not you that's wrong... 😏

(19:13:04) It's kinda where I'm happiest #knobtwiddling #talkingnewspaper @ Luton https://t.co/wCnTF30hVc

(19:31:30) @CarolKettley I like to keep control :p

(21:07:54) @ellewadding Me too what, EW? Bag for life or yoga?

(21:25:09) @ellewadding I may well try it again... but I've got decades of inflexibility to work off.. not pleasant πŸ˜€

(21:31:59) @ellewadding Hahaha! Yoga buddies! 😏

Tweets for 03 Oct 2016

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(11:30:02) @fridgemagnet2 I have no idea. Microwave?

(11:33:37) @OfficialDaveFox https://t.co/lx0n6mHJT6

(12:25:14) @fridgemagnet2 OK. Will definitely get back to you. Barn dancing? Well. I think I tried that once and it was quite fun (pro tip: drink beer)

(12:47:33) @manytypesoftea Textbook season work, there.

(16:31:43) @ThePartridgePod Put some trousers on, Bumpfhreee!

(16:32:56) @lizzing That was an amusing joke :) But now I'll be expecting it if ever I do a Speed Awareness Course. NOOOOOOO! :D

(16:44:35) @peasbloss Is there much point? :D @MrsCupidStunt

(17:24:12) @peasbloss Bwahahaha :D @MrsCupidStunt I tend to use this in case an 'article' slips through... https://t.co/a59cyOqQhS

(17:24:49) @ellewadding I never really understood priority boarding when there are allocated seats anyway...

Tweets for 02 Oct 2016

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(16:21:29) @hilliatfields isn't it!

(16:23:37) Yay! Last round of the #BTCC for the year. Four (well, three really) drivers could be the winninger. vrroooom.

(17:07:34) @hilliatfields I feel your pain!

(17:09:40) @Amanda_morrison Yes! Had the privilege of seeing him do the drivey thing twice this year ☺ Nice one, @gordonshedden @hondaracingbtcc

(17:49:05) @itvmotorsport Congratulations to the whole team for fantastic coverage of the #BTCC this year. Hope we Dan do it all again in 2017! ☺🏁🏎

(19:48:49) Cooked a cake for the #MacmillanCoffeeMorning on Monday at work (more people in the office on a Monday) and only injured myself 2.2 times.

(19:58:41) This is what I do to my mate @fridgemagnet2 far more often than I should. https://t.co/tcrNCLRe4U

(19:59:37) @SheleileighLaw πŸ˜„

(21:43:33) @PontoonDock Wow!

Tweets for 01 Oct 2016

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(10:23:18) It's only when @twitter updates their terms & conditions that I realise how many twitter accounts I have #multiplepersonalities

(10:28:12) @FrogCroakley That is fascinating!

(11:41:19) @whererivers I think I have six, including one for the front door; many don't get much action.. @brainitch, for example, was an idea I had.

(11:43:17) @whererivers I have @eurosyzygy for livetweeting #Eurovision, @zx0085 for my music projects & @10000baseT for no readily apparent reason πŸ˜„

(11:48:39) Quite a weekend for motor racing - @DunlopBTCC final at Brands, and catching up with @TCRIntl as a support race to the @F1 at Sepang. Fab!

(12:44:30) @SheleileighLaw @DunlopBTCC @TCRIntl @F1 Quite the feast on four wheels! :) :)

(17:55:40) RT @dave_young87: Blue team rt us @RobotsLive https://t.co/lneHQCotls

Tweets for 30 Sep 2016

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(08:45:01) @Pc_Winter duly noted! @therecordclub

(16:02:44) @MrsCupidStunt I'm just about to leave a dry month.. wasn't too much bother but I really fancy a beer tonight :D Good luck to you!

(16:04:55) @chchchchelsea You won't sleep tonight! :D

(16:05:20) @CupOfTea69 LORDY

(18:58:23) I have heard the word "winningest" more times in 2016 than I ever have before. Apparently it ~is~ a real word. https://t.co/q0RnZXnMaO

(19:44:25) @SazJayney TOO SOON!

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