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Tweets for 29 Sep 2016

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(06:54:18) @justjane962 morning. You've got a nice sky again πŸ˜„

(07:10:39) @justjane962 extensive and expressive. Just how I like my sky to be.

(11:38:44) @emmaevictoria Seriously, though.. the best boots you can afford. @DaylightGambler may be able to offer more cogent advice than I can :)

(14:08:22) @OfficialDaveFox Maybe we've been sucked into the Commercial Radio Mid-morning feature called the "Time Tunnel"..?

(18:25:02) Pro #cookings tip: When doing boiling foods, put a wooden spoon over the top to stop it bubbling…

(19:01:50) @AnniForsyth The boiling foods looked awestruck.

(19:13:22) @brennig We had an interesting discussion about this at work today. I need to set up a Nagios monitor for internet bound nastiness.

(19:14:39) @brennig Also: when we (finally?) go IPv6 and people just sling stuff around their house without a care, that is going to be a crazy time.

(19:16:27) Following the path of least resistance could mean you end up ohmless.

(19:40:54) @brennig I'd say so. Brain is doing a lot of pondering as to the best approach. Shame the raspberry pi doesn't come with two NICs.. 😁

(21:54:54) @GreavsieE17 I was going to ask "Was that your clipping that was read out on the News Quiz"? But then I saw your bio :D

(21:56:50) I'm all done with Thursday... can't remember if it can be recycled though. I'll put it on the compost. Night!

Tweets for 28 Sep 2016

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(10:34:08) The word for today is: modicum. As in: my feet are in a modicum of discomfort.

(10:47:36) @VeryBritishLife More "Did too much walking yesterday" :D

(11:02:15) Always excellent advice.

(12:43:42) Yarnbomb, Denmark style @ Copenhagen, Denmark

(15:06:35) @LizaMayfield Afternoon ma'am! Hope your commute was a fair one :)

(15:29:42) @birdfortytwo I've got special outerwear (top and trousers) which quickly and effectively go over my jammies for just such an occasion :)

(15:32:13) @birdfortytwo pro tip: You don't even need socks πŸ˜‰

(15:39:43) Better latency than neverncy.

(18:29:46) @justjane962 glorious ☺

(18:49:25) @justjane962 πŸ˜„

(18:59:05) @justjane962 Begs the question... where does the sky begin? πŸ˜„

(22:10:21) @justjane962 Excuse me, while I kiss the sky (avoiding pigeons)

(22:12:39) @joey_coops Ugh.

(22:12:54) @emmaevictoria Decent shoes.

Tweets for 27 Sep 2016

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Tweets for 26 Sep 2016

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(18:15:37) A recurring @brainitch is that dismal Drake song "Controller", sung with the word "Comptroller" instead, and being about an expenses claim.

(21:14:45) @CarolKettley Oh it is. That particular one's about an equally dismal existence in an open plan office where the coffee machine's knackered.

Tweets for 25 Sep 2016

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(12:32:34) @LilacNun double decker tables?

(15:37:45) Sunday afternoon activity: Sort the Drawer Of Doom. Possibly even Sunday evening and Monday evening activity.

(19:48:26) @jopijedd it's like scrapheap challenge in furniture format πŸ˜„

(20:02:34) I had to look at this for a good 10 seconds to work out what on earth was happening..!

(20:17:57) Microsoft: undisputed doyens of the vaguely ominous message.

(20:18:50) @VeryBritishLife Honestly... I had no idea why people would want to do that!

(20:24:55) @VeryBritishLife Utterly unaware that everyone else is, thus, invalidating it entirely. I like to think our offspring will transcend that.

(20:31:24) @VeryBritishLife Indeed, and that they feel empowered to pursue it. All good. I'm delighted that neither of my two feel entitled :)

(20:37:15) @VeryBritishLife Amen to that!

Tweets for 24 Sep 2016

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(19:48:04) @grahamdunning FOR EIGHT YEARS!

Tweets for 23 Sep 2016

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(07:35:43) @ellewadding It's one of the premium options on my Ryanair booking.. after seat allocation, luggage, smiles from cabin crew and wings.

(07:36:11) @MrsCupidStunt ohhh!

(07:38:47) @ellewadding we all get pedals.. so if the flight isn't fully booked it might be more of a north sea cruise...

Tweets for 22 Sep 2016

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(20:20:45) @MrsCupidStunt UGH

(20:21:00) @Tactless_Blonde Smart!

(20:21:16) @ellewadding I'm going for a day trip to Copenhagen, if that helps? :D

(20:21:31) @justjane962 hugs

(20:24:47) @NeilMossey Only a couple of cups of overpriced coffee shop coffee each ;)

(20:25:12) @MrsCupidStunt Couldn't even bring myself to tap the screen.. I'm a husk. A HUSK! :)

(21:15:46) @ellewadding Oh... Still, I'm mainly water resistant :)

(21:19:14) @ellewadding Doesn't look all that bad now.. - although who knows what the weather can do! :D

(21:32:45) @wuthering_alice I feel it vamps too early, and doesn't really go anywhere. But at least she's back :)

Tweets for 21 Sep 2016

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(08:36:56) @brianashton I would agree. But I can't help but like them. And then have to wash my hands, my desk, my colleagues...

(18:37:05) @pearcen I can't see it taking much, save for a way to get the audio on there - bluetooth driver and a bit of storage.. sorted! :)

(19:36:30) @VeryBritishLife Told off? I do not acknowledge the chidings of a linguistic philistine πŸ˜„

(19:37:11) @VeryBritishLife (also: takes up fewer characters in a tweet πŸ˜‰)

Tweets for 20 Sep 2016

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(19:15:50) I feel for vegetarians. They will never know the joy of dismantling a Wagon Wheel.

Tweets for 19 Sep 2016

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(20:48:40) @mostlygeordie It's probably worse, on reflection.

Tweets for 18 Sep 2016

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(06:06:51) @brennig Morning. I've finally found out what inspired it, but what is it for..? 😁

(07:34:17) @brennig @wittertainment Listener location ftw. I think.

(08:33:10) Off to the #BTCC at Silverstone to play "How many times Will Mark Howard-Keepsfallingoff fall off?" & other sports.

(09:18:24) @brennig Cost just Β£9 to see a day's racing today (@poots is very good at getting a bargoon!)

(10:09:08) @brennig Oh gosh mate. Want me to get hold of a MiFi or similar? for you? @poots

(11:28:40) RT @inflatablecover: Just setting up my Twitter. Check out the website #myfirstTweet

(17:06:51) @batwench Bwahahahaha!

Tweets for 17 Sep 2016

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Tweets for 16 Sep 2016

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(07:44:04) @mostlygeordie It's got the residue of a nutlock on it.. Must have been removed rather than rattled loose! :D Not mine, though...

(12:13:42) @mostlygeordie Good work :)

Tweets for 15 Sep 2016

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(08:28:53) MILK UPDATE! Someone has used nearly a whole bottle in the past day. Gonna have to Activate The Poundland Cows. #MilkMonitor

(10:08:17) @fridgemagnet2 I give them 43 seconds. FORTY THREE IS ENOUGH. In fact, everything in the fridge is dated >= 18th. So won't be my problem :D

(10:08:33) @CarolKettley @MrBonMot @sam197242 HURRAH #FreeInsightByMyFingers

(11:05:39) Probably the punkiest caterpillar I have ever seen. @ Luton

(18:34:26) My phone's nearly 3 year old. Tough age - when I put it into 'airplane mode' it starts screaming incessantly & kicking the back of my seat.

(20:35:17) @ellewadding Aww thank you :)

(20:36:18) Is it just me or is there something quite undignified about thrusting a bunch of dead flowers head first into a wheelie bin?

(20:45:31) I wonder how a stand up comedian feels if someone has tickets for their show but forgets it's on and doesn't go. Mild dismay, I s'pose.

(20:49:51) @joey_coops Hope you get an adrenalin crash nice and soon. If such a thing exists. Camomile tea?

(20:53:45) @joey_coops Totally all gone now, then! Rest well.. soonish! @jamieoliver

(20:57:17) @joey_coops Shame they can't be trained to hunt spiders.. would've thought that was innate!

(21:54:03) @johnny_winter Ooh.. I wonder how @TheUkes feel about that :D

(21:54:25) @johnny_winter The Ukulele Orchestra one? Or different..?

Tweets for 14 Sep 2016

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(06:59:30) Can't believe it's only Wednesday. Science is broken. Still.

(06:59:58) @LizzyWelshCake It's super weird... not even that sunny, but 30 degrees. Like someone's left a fan heater on.

(07:02:42) @johannariley I was complaining yesterday and Monday about inexplicable warmness. And now it's only Wednesday. All the laws of physic. Bust!

(07:32:38) @johannariley morning morning! Hump day treats for sure☺

(08:22:13) @fridgemagnet2 I can't wait. A true May to September romance.

(08:22:36) @LizzyWelshCake It's going to take me most of the day to recover :D

(08:31:25) @LizzyWelshCake It's only 10 minutes, so more of a short sprint :)

(08:54:32) @LizzyWelshCake Have you tried cycling? Maybe there will be a moment when all the hair randomness correlates :D

(08:54:54) Amazing laptop battery or a portent of doom..?

(10:22:04) @GreavsieE17 I'm a bit worried myself.... since it's plugged into the mains, I'm worried that it knows something I don't :D

(10:22:32) @davewitchalls *cries over already consumed lunchtime pasty*

(10:42:50) @UKPowerNetworks With great power... @GreavsieE17

(10:48:16) @LizaMayfield Mornin' ma'am! Hope you have better traffic today!

(12:11:07) @treehouse_radio @BuffyHartland Having a listen & eating lunch at my desk at work. It's too warm to work. Need a tree. And a lake. #THRadio

(12:20:31) @BuffyHartland Could you play Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club, please? That's a T and U right there :D

(12:20:43) @LizaMayfield YAY! Long may that continue :)

(12:33:19) @BuffyHartland Thank you! Great sunny tune :)

(12:52:02) People grinning in stock images irk me. #curmudgeonly

(12:53:07) @TheFoldingTapir Would love to see the science behind that #dustmigration

(13:02:31) @TheFoldingTapir Does it work the same way with the dribble down the drive of car wash foam..?

(13:03:30) @1969Steve Afternoon. It's been a while. Can I request that jingle which have people enthusing about a generic radio station? #NetRadioGroup

(13:08:49) @1969Steve Will YOUNG? :D Funny story about this song.. the chief engineer at a station I used to work at started looking through the...

(13:09:20) @1969Steve ..station wiring with the whiny beepy noise in the background.. had to tell him it was part of the song.

(14:04:11) @VeryBritishLife *shudders*

(14:04:48) @lizzing That's quite a vocation :D

(15:58:44) @mrs_forky Haha! :D

(16:14:38) @Parkin25Marie Definitely a two shower day! If not one more before bed (but the towel is still stupid damp :D)

Tweets for 13 Sep 2016

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(11:44:36) @treehouse_radio Enjoying some jukebox action during lunchtime; interesting mono version of "What have I done to deserve this?" :D #THRadio

(13:18:47) @Soulful_House Oh my days!

(19:57:35) One of my offspring claims to be a prescriptivist, the other a descriptivist. I claim this as successful #parenting - they know good stuff.

(20:01:54) Science is still broken. It's dark.. the skies are clear but it's not cooling down. I demand SMOG.

(20:04:50) @justjane962 @CarolKettley @ProfZing @jk291056 Everybody's good at cooking something...

Tweets for 12 Sep 2016

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(08:26:09) @PrincessBagel Nooo! I bestow upon you many phrases of empowerment and confidence and send you on your way to get good quality coffee. Hugs

(08:39:27) I'm on milk monitor duty in the office today. I've truly arrived. And it also gives me an excuse to visit Poundland at a moment's notice.

(09:11:41) @VeryBritishLife I bet they were thoroughly entertained by their 'very own milkman' #ernie

(09:11:50) @mostlygeordie TOFFIFEE!

(09:18:58) @mostlygeordie OOH!

(10:27:36) @TheGingerCat Thanks for the follow :) Hope your week has started well :)

(10:28:01) @Simon_Pegg Thanks for the follow! Great profile pic, by the way! :)

(10:28:57) @Simon_Pegg I'm trying to work out the social graph of our mutually followed folk... how come I don't (think I) know you?

(11:20:43) @Simon_Pegg Ohhh that may well be it! :)

(11:29:01) @adamnonfiction @ThePartridgePod Lordy! That autoplay of the video fair interferes with the eyes! Will save my pence & try to make it!

(13:02:49) @PrincessBagel @SheleileighLaw That almost rhymes :D

(13:06:11) @LizaMayfield oh gosh :/

(13:44:00) @LizaMayfield Oh that's the worst.. it used to happen to me on my commutes!

(18:03:09) @VeryBritishLife There's a very lovely one on the A21 near Sevenoaks that I very much like :) #BridgesIhaveLoved

(18:06:07) @VeryBritishLife Oh most definitely.. and people's obsessions with narrowly cropped portrait selfies seems to suggest they're not aware...

(18:06:51) I'd love for someone scientific to explain how the temperature can go up from 10 degrees C this morning to 24 this afternoon WITH NO SUN.

(18:18:01) @VeryBritishLife Hahaha! That's actually really good! :D

(18:20:54) @ESCarmchair Convenient! (literally :D)

(18:47:41) @RichHarkness Ha! Sounds science.

(20:46:53) @PrincessBagel hence the name!

(22:15:46) "Phase: Excellent audio for discerning listeners" - totally want that poster #MrRobot #butwhatdoesitmean

(22:16:27) Someone, somewhere invented the word "replenishment". Impressive.

(22:26:38) @Chocohalix I was thinking the latter too..

Tweets for 11 Sep 2016

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(07:18:08) @Chocohalix aww ☺ a special occasion or a spontaneous lovely thing?

(07:19:00) @justjane962 good heavens. My heart still goes out to those caught up in that day.

(08:11:52) @nicky_doubleU Morning. Not nearly as interesting.. waiting in the queue for the shower 😁 Is it male btw?

(08:12:41) @vobes ...tantalising! I hope H is doing better by the way.

(13:50:25) If I go shopping on a Sunday, I assuage my Christian guilt by visiting the likes of "St. Wickes Parish Church" and "Cathedral of St. Ikea.'

(13:53:58) @justjane962 Thanks for the follow <name> I'm a top social media entrepreneur and can make you $$$ on your followers. Not really. I'm a bot.

(13:55:48) @batwench You should see how much I put in the collection #theytakecardsnow

(15:40:06) @Caridi oh I like!

(15:40:16) @mostlygeordie Pfft 😁

(19:04:24) Ooh #battlebots time! Got snack products. Go! #battlebotsspike ☺

(20:01:09) @justjane962 It's pretty. Reminds me a bit of the colouring of Andrew Jordan's Pirtek Focus.. (which is v. shiny)

(20:02:42) Good times! :)

(20:12:31) @justjane962 I specifically chose a bright red car for my Little Red Car Of Adventure, since RED CARS GOES FASTERER! :) Silver's shiny(ish!)

(20:28:03) At work tomorrow, I shall do my Dara O'Briain impression during a meeting: "At the end of the round the points go to bo, ba and bubohhh!"

Tweets for 10 Sep 2016

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(16:19:23) @seagullworrier er..

(18:57:51) @LilacNun Twitter is so fun now.

(18:58:59) @paulums Woh cool! I've got a bit of a #mancrush on his brother @govindajeggy if I'm honest ;) @misterhsk

(19:17:54) @LilacNun Booyah!

(21:47:18) @peasbloss n'night and GOOD LUCK :)

(21:48:12) Went to work instead of doing anything creative / being stuck on the sofa. I may have given up alcohol for September, but not workahol...

(21:52:41) @LilacNun oh gosh 😯

Tweets for 09 Sep 2016

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(08:40:56) @CarolKettley Woop de weekend! :)

(08:41:16) @CarolKettley Uhoh. How closely :D @justjane962

(08:42:16) Darn it.. forgot to put my skype status to "Busy" when I got in the office #bombarded

(08:49:26) @jamisonmatt Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango ;)

(10:20:04) @justjane962 *writes that down for future reference* @CarolKettley

(11:11:48) @justjane962 @CarolKettley you do realise I'll hold you to that :D

(11:19:13) @justjane962 @CarolKettley Only if it means I WIN AT TWITTER

(12:16:34) @justjane962 It has been a long time since I've been called a bloke. Too much time with Americans, I fear. Bloke. Bloke. Bloke. Heh. Funny.

(12:41:00) @justjane962 Lucky ol' me :D

(12:41:21) @justjane962 Also: you're a verb as well as a proper noun? Nice.

(12:42:28) @justjane962 I'll give it a good go, ma'am.

(12:56:16) @LizaMayfield mornin' ma'am (belatedly so!)

(13:03:55) @tobypinder And utterly justifiably.

(13:05:02) @CherryKaz1 @nationalrailenq Enjoyed your seaside boo, ma'am! :)

(13:11:21) @justjane962 I don't know you well enough... but I was thinking maybe a little reflexive ;)

(14:12:06) @moonunitpaul But only made possible through the delights of the English language! :) @justjane962

(16:09:02) @moonunitpaul @justjane962 Quite poetic, sir. Although I try not to fumble with language - not in public anyway ;)

(16:09:47) @trevypoos I'd rather have a headphone jack than a headphone fleetwood mac.

(16:10:02) @ellewadding In a sweary way? I do that sometimes :D

(16:10:46) @trevypoos Oh you.

(19:42:02) @ellewadding Good heavens. :/

(22:08:53) @PrincessBagel Happy birthday to the boy. Properly this time! :)

Tweets for 08 Sep 2016

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(07:08:53) @76Wilbury @painted_duchess I'm getting a sense that it's... a bit scurrilous πŸ˜€

(14:30:31) It's about that time #popcorn #poundlandsfinesr

(17:31:33) @PrincessBagel Happy birthday to Henry, I believe..?

(17:32:15) It's still a bit warm. Normally by this time of the evening it'd be doing that "dusky cool thing that makes my nose cold when I cycle in it"

(17:32:55) @TheFoldingTapir Woah. I didn't even.

(17:38:19) @TheFoldingTapir Is that the Audio seek point index frame, perhaps? Only introduced in 2.4 ... hmm

(17:40:45) @seagullworrier I guess that's a downside to being 'approachable' - which you clearly are. What did they all want, out of interest?

(17:42:33) @TheFoldingTapir Dunno. That would be something to look at on a case by case basis, I guess...

(17:43:31) @TheFoldingTapir See, whether a device *supports* ID3 v2.4 tags and actually uses all (of the) aspects of it (you want), is another matter..

(17:44:22) @TheFoldingTapir Sounds like one of those "If we build it they will come.. but they didn't bother turning up" situations...

(17:47:05) @seagullworrier You look approachable *and* convertible? The human equivalent of an Audi A3 cabriolet. What did the other two want?

(17:47:54) @TheFoldingTapir One must give them credit for their attention to detail.

(17:56:46) @fridgemagnet2 Mist and mellow fruitlessness, mate.

(19:03:23) @PrincessBagel Oops! I've always been a bit previous! πŸ˜€

(19:55:47) @batwench Shh! It's my secret sauce (so to speak)... and I *still* get it wrong :D @PrincessBagel

(21:28:06) @fridgemagnet2 Proper pea souper. Must bring some of that over sometime ;)

(21:47:18) @MissAprilFalls EEP!

(21:48:56) @EmmaTofi Wish I were there with a glass and a postcard :) x

(21:49:43) @CarolKettley Sounds a bit dangerous... @justjane962

(21:50:31) @CarolKettley nanight!

(21:52:31) @joey_coops @BarAzita Maybe it's only got 2 tables? #Tiny

(22:13:12) @justjane962 I'm glad @CarolKettley is OK.. she's a delicate princess ;) I'm sure she's being gentle with you :P

(22:14:40) @EmmaTofi You're in good company, for sure :) I'm glad there was someone who could clear your path! :) x

Tweets for 07 Sep 2016

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(06:25:37) @whererivers I have to admit that I have embraced my inner (and outer) geek somewhat this week πŸ˜€

(07:30:06) Key achievement so far today: making the little "voicemail" icon go away off my phone. Poor ol' @StevenEagell has spent a lot of time there.

(09:00:43) Am I the only person who's mildly irked by stand-up comedians doing their own introductions in the third person? I'll *happily* do it!

(09:02:23) @ellewadding @StevenEagell #Fiddlingwhileeatingbreakfast #FiddlingAsINeededToTakeMyCarInForAServiceAndNeededToCheckItWasStillOK #PoorNatalie

(09:02:49) @davewitchalls BOOYA! I didn't see you (despite the evil, evil traffic)

(09:07:41) @davewitchalls it was.. I was taking it for a service.. only reason I'd be braving the school run traffic #evil

(09:07:57) @davewitchalls And I was very late too πŸ˜€

(09:17:50) @PrincessBagel Morning. Yes, I totally am... would be great if I could stay with you guys if possible :) Costumes.. I've some ideas...

(14:35:40) Is this true, @76Wilbury ..?!

(14:35:54) @TheFoldingTapir Y'know, I NEARLY did that myself earlier.

(14:42:57) @mullerBiker Shame!

(14:43:59) @TheFoldingTapir I don't sign work emails off with a kiss but I do start the daily meeting with "Good morning my lovelies." Does that count?

(15:27:59) @TheFoldingTapir Yarp. Well.. I was born in Hampshire. Does that count?

(16:25:30) @poots I reckon you can x

(16:26:22) I'm thinking of treating myself to a quick pop to Poundland after work. Want anything? I don't think they do Cornetto.

(16:27:04) @emmaevictoria Stick it on top of his car. I'm sure that'll be fine ;)

(16:27:46) @MissAprilFalls β€½

(18:08:24) @mostlygeordie Oh excellent choice :) I could always pop back next week..? (it's virtuall across the road from work :D) x

(18:10:20) @spocksgoat @76Wilbury @ThePoke Shame! It's kinda plausible though :D

Tweets for 06 Sep 2016

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(21:36:47) So far today I have been entirely baffled by HomeGenie and pmkey(dot)xyz but have an idea, at least, how to make a Pebble watch face. Go me.

(21:52:48) @CarolKettley WITH LAZORS. Always got to have lazors.

Tweets for 05 Sep 2016

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(07:27:18) @Stenbird o dear.

(07:28:29) @canuckuk Yet another factor in your overal epicness.

(10:18:23) Turkish delight.. great until you sneeze.

(10:21:49) @johndredge Conkers.

(13:08:42) @EmmaTofi Pancakes are good.

(14:07:07) There is barely a more stabbiness-inducing email subject line than "Keep calm and read Gartner research on DevOps" Yes, you, @puppetize

Tweets for 04 Sep 2016

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(16:21:03) @CupOfTea69 good heavens!

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Tweets for 02 Sep 2016

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Tweets for 01 Sep 2016

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(07:33:06) @johndredge This time of the week? You're best saving that for a Satireday...

Tweets for 31 Aug 2016

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(13:02:49) @FlippinKath Cwan

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