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Tweets for 30 Aug 2016

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(17:51:33) ⚡ That Spike Jonze perfume advert is good because it has lazors.

(17:53:19) Although it is a bit unhinged and noisy.

(17:55:41) @danvesma Yeah I spotted that. It's only 95 light years away, right?

(19:09:55) @danvesma They will outstyle us for sure.

Tweets for 29 Aug 2016

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(12:57:09) @TomCampbell That's a lovely way to feel. I love the north-east ... would like to spend more time there.

(12:57:52) @seagullworrier Yuppers.

(12:58:22) @trevypoos Reelestry to reelestry tapestry?

(12:59:33) @PrincessBagel @buteparkcardiff I think I'd know better than to go for a churn on a bank holiday where there are loads of people about...

(13:12:07) @seagullworrier Was trying to work out whether you were on holiday or just back. Nice to have brought some sunshine with you! :)

(13:17:04) @seagullworrier I could lie and tell you it's been like this the whole time you were away, but I think we had a minor drizzle at one point.

(13:46:51) @seagullworrier One needs to be close to: mountains / trees / lake / sea. Although sometimes even that doesn't help... #coolbreeze

(13:59:43) @helerelereno Cunning!

(17:52:08) @LizzyWelshCake Have you ever used a mixer tap where the water doesn't mix and it comes out hot AND cold? That. And yes please x

Tweets for 28 Aug 2016

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(08:24:19) @Stenbird oh gosh. How did they make the horse do that..?!

(09:10:45) @PontoonDock "coffee inspired drink" ..?

Tweets for 27 Aug 2016

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(07:35:11) @intlBeige nice! Looks great 👍🏻

(07:44:28) @intlBeige that's exactly the way to do it.. With a nice bit of air con ☺

(10:47:26) @intlBeige Definitely.And duvets are your best friend #baffling

Tweets for 26 Aug 2016

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(06:23:13) @johndredge you forgot the #ff hashtag 😁

(12:50:57) @CarolKettley thank you! Have a weekend that's lovely but not too warm & sticky! x

(13:13:39) @CarolKettley thank you! Windows open.. fans on!

(15:47:28) @TheFoldingTapir Darkness and quiet. It's not good weather for that sort of thing. At worst: head for the seaside. Or Scandinavia.

(15:49:14) @TheFoldingTapir Shady backyard area?

(15:52:17) @TheFoldingTapir o lordy.

(16:50:32) @TheFoldingTapir it'll soon(ish) be autumn(ish)

Tweets for 25 Aug 2016

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Tweets for 24 Aug 2016

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(07:21:06) Morning. Learned about Daniil Kharms, courtesy of Tim Key last night - very unusual stories. What a remarkablen man.

Tweets for 23 Aug 2016

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(19:17:25) Good heavens #Luton

(20:12:37) @sm2n @perrygascoine But you could substitute the word "new" for "second hand" 😀

Tweets for 22 Aug 2016

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Tweets for 21 Aug 2016

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(18:22:50) @PrincessBagel @ian_livingstone ekil erif... #warlock

(19:04:38) Jus' drinking pink wine and watching #RobotWars #asyoudo

(20:06:08) @CarolKettley It's a tough job, but I'll do it 😏

Tweets for 20 Aug 2016

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(10:36:21) @Richard_C It's not just you ☺

(12:49:27) @TheMallLuton Hello. There's a car on level 2 of the central car park - black fiesta FP51GLK with its lights on. Anything you can do?

(18:08:36) @HQvoice Happy birthday! I can think of worse ways to celebrate it ;) @CarolineFeraday

(18:33:10) @CarolKettley until soon ☺

(19:27:38) @SazJayney that's not even!

(19:31:15) @mariemillward @artistsmakers Good lord!

(20:15:24) @mariemillward That was quite naughty.. a different era, I guess(!) But quite the eye-opener.. hadn't heard of them before! @artistsmakers

(20:32:28) @mariemillward What do you MEAN pop videos aren't real..? 😀 @artistsmakers

Tweets for 19 Aug 2016

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(09:12:51) @CarolKettley @___fergie__ @IfletchF @craig0829 @StardustLM @NealMartin10 @CobyGreerMusic @platinummind Happy Friday Headphones! :)

(11:32:53) @mostlygeordie Best I can do:

(15:14:30) @mrs_forky I didn't even know it was a thing until I saw mickey-taking gifs about it 😀

Tweets for 18 Aug 2016

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(14:52:04) @CarolKettley Your call is important to us! That will be me in about 10 mins...

Tweets for 17 Aug 2016

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(14:54:33) @contrarywitch Goat simulator. Excellent.

(17:34:24) @ellewadding Good heavens. That's almost High Court Judge level obliviousness. Separates him from "the person on the street" in another way.

(17:34:39) @ellewadding if, indeed, it's true.

(20:28:45) @johannariley Wow! That looks magnificent! :)

(20:40:24) @johannariley Hope the caffeine doesn't keep you awake! :) Rather tempted to see if I can find some of that for work :D

(20:43:06) @johannariley Not tonight, thankfully! :) I can see that ice cream going down very nicely on a Friday afternoon :D

(20:46:40) @johannariley I think I would have to.. otherwise I'd not be able to get up from my desk :D

(22:36:28) @regularjen That is ~not~ something to be watched just before sleeping. That is just what i did. Oopsage.

Tweets for 16 Aug 2016

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(16:24:15) @LilacNun Sometimes that's enough.

(19:04:47) @LizaMayfield Oh gosh that doesn't sound good :/

(20:34:23) It's nice that they're showing the man after whom the points race is named. #RioOlympics2016 #bbcrio2016

Tweets for 15 Aug 2016

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(17:50:50) I love graphs. This is magnificent (h/t @poots)

(17:56:01) Pondering a trip to Frinton. I'm sure @johndredge would be pleased.

(17:57:13) I've not done radio in a while, but I still get an anorakky thrill out of hearing a DJ resing of a hit song. Ever had one @DavidLloydRADIO ?

(18:32:21) @LizzyWelshCake Oh sweety. I hope things turn a good corner for you & Mr Liz. This too will pass x

(18:45:31) @itsdarrenlee It's the @gregjames version of that song from the Top 40 that I caught on to. might ask Sia to do me one :D @DavidLloydRADIO

(19:05:50) @wuthering_alice I was rather dismayed to see they even get off the horse to get medalised (or whatever the verb is. I lose track)

(19:34:36) I like the BBC's contribution to lounge-based fitness by exercising thumbs as we switch between BBC1, 2 & 4 for Olympic coverage. Champion!

(21:55:15) @boggits True.. but a bit clunky on Virgin Media (as I recall).. and I quite like the main networks' curation of events ☺

Tweets for 14 Aug 2016

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Tweets for 13 Aug 2016

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(16:32:19) @CarolKettley Thank you so much for the #FF - I'm sorry I missed it... I'm out of wifi this weekend :) Hope you're having a good one! :)

(20:01:05) @Stenbird Do both. Possibly at the same time?

(20:01:45) @439_720 @LizaMayfield @SheleileighLaw I'm watching Mr Robot in a hotel. Does that count?

(20:04:35) @Stenbird WIN.

(20:08:43) @poots The sandwich may have already done that (sort of). I recommend Lilt as an alternative. @Stenbird

(20:09:45) @Stenbird I'm now working through the logistics. It is actually fairly straightforward, but ~not~ with a sandwich. @poots

(20:10:38) @blabers hello indeed.

(20:13:28) @SheleileighLaw @439_720 @LizaMayfield Woah. That's deliciously niche!

(20:14:05) @SheleileighLaw @439_720 @LizaMayfield Nearish the seaside. Nearish.

(20:14:54) @SheleileighLaw Oh lovely! Just had some pinkish wine myself. @439_720 @LizaMayfield

(20:16:38) @439_720 There is. Shame you can't can the winter winds! @SheleileighLaw @LizaMayfield

Tweets for 12 Aug 2016

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(12:49:23) @Bubble2009 @poots Thank you! We'll keep our eyes open and fingers crossed! xx

Tweets for 11 Aug 2016

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(12:17:14) @TheFoldingTapir Quick zombie check. Does this include spicy brains?

(14:19:28) @TheFoldingTapir uhoh...

(14:36:43) I'll just leave this here...

(14:42:01) Something near my desk smells of bins.

(14:44:34) @TheFoldingTapir I stood over the bins and had a good sniff. I don't think it's them. This troubles me. #rottingvegetationinmydrawers

(14:52:26) @TheFoldingTapir Not mine... or rather, if they are mine, the smell will continue to follow me around (and at least I know it's me, then!)

Tweets for 10 Aug 2016

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(06:55:48) @sarahjaneuk Don't tell D Cameron... I snuck into his list 😏

(06:56:17) @willowHart Thank you! What a wonderful idea!

(06:56:38) @LizzyWelshCake That is an effusive YES!

(08:47:00) @sarahjaneuk Hahaa! Sadly the 'tache would never happen! 😁 Hope all is well with you, ma'am!

Tweets for 09 Aug 2016

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(18:30:46) @MrsCupidStunt Welcome back nonetheless, and well done for emerging

(18:36:33) @MrsCupidStunt I shall look forward to it. Hang in there :) x

(18:37:13) @ellewadding You're 110% correct about that.

(18:40:46) @ellewadding And anyway, 'crap shooting' more like it :D

(18:41:12) Happy birthday, @SlimGirlFat!

(18:42:03) @ellewadding My favourite olympic sport is the olympic breakfast.

(18:42:53) Cheekbones to diet for.

(18:43:10) @johndredge Sounds disgusting. What would you dip in it?

(19:51:15) This man (and that man) is a comedy genius. Here is is latest prod casting

(21:51:26) @johndredge You're a splendid man, and I'm always delighted to share the love! :

(21:52:00) Heh.

(21:52:31) @LizzyWelshCake Gives you lots to look back on when you finally get a rest... full of admiration in all you're doing! :)

(21:54:25) I do hope there'll be coverage of this on iPlayer... #Rio2016

(21:59:49) I'm going to have to look up "How to remember the lyrics of songs that ~I HAVE WRITTEN~" because I can't remember them. At all. Bleh. Idiot.

Tweets for 08 Aug 2016

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(09:24:09) @fridgemagnet2 I won't trust anything that begins with 'Gov...' :D

(15:31:58) @fridgemagnet2 I thought I'd take full advantage...

(15:32:29) @hellymoo What does H4S stand for? Is it like HS2?

(15:38:21) @Tactless_Blonde Yeup!

(15:40:56) @Tactless_Blonde Ma'am *tips coronet*

(15:55:08) @hellymoo Awww that's kinda sweet :)

(21:04:11) @Parkin25Marie Night night. I quite like the coffee one :D

Tweets for 07 Aug 2016

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(10:37:30) @SilverWoodBooks Woahh... that is one of my biggest bugbears in written English, I didn't know it had a name!

(12:34:23) Happy birthday to our excellent son, Chris (@nxmee) who is exactly 17 years old today.

(13:25:29) @fridgemagnet2 I'll have a word. And charge my drill :D

(16:24:57) @hergiebird That is remarkable. @fridgemagnet2 is looking rather relaxed.

(16:25:24) @fridgemagnet2 Are you still using zip drives..?

(16:25:57) @fridgemagnet2 Oh. That was the click.. reminds me - I need to do a backup.

(16:26:40) @LizaMayfield Good afternoon evening ☺

(16:27:51) @Superblouse They do that. Mine is now taller than me chiz chiz.

(18:09:02) @humedini excellent!

(18:10:16) @CatsAreLoud if they don't stop, collaborate and listen now, they're not going to in the future..(presuming that's the lyric you've chosen!)

(18:33:17) @CatsAreLoud Would it be terribly inappropriate to say "I totally would"..? Mind you, I have a track record of excellent venue illumination.

(19:02:02) Time to get my rivet gun out #robotwars

(19:13:03) @davewitchalls I'm trying not to draw any attention to it...

(20:12:11) @fridgemagnet2 Mr Robot probably wouldn't say so...

Tweets for 06 Aug 2016

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(08:00:40) @seagullworrier I found myself doing the same thing yesterday. "X Factor Finalist" & "Reality TV Personality"? Celebrity life ain't for me!

(09:00:39) @seagullworrier haha!

(22:53:45) @MrsCupidStunt I really do hope he's reunited with it. Praying for the kindness of Nice People.

(22:56:47) TFW you find out what "TFW" means and realise it doesn't make grammatical sense, but at least you now know what people are on about.

Tweets for 05 Aug 2016

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(00:12:47) @girlonthenet Definitely worth retweeting in the morning :)

(00:15:48) @joey_coops

(21:25:50) @TheFoldingTapir Sensory dissonance?

(21:28:01) @TheFoldingTapir I made it up. I like making up names for things :)

(21:29:16) @TheFoldingTapir And there was I thinking I'd made it up...

Tweets for 04 Aug 2016

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(16:14:18) @TheFoldingTapir Yes, but why let that stop you?

(16:16:31) @TheFoldingTapir That's the spirit. Please let me know how it goes. And if you like it, you might start a trend. I mean, look at Twiglets...

(16:20:30) @TheFoldingTapir That's quite some countenance repudiation.

Tweets for 03 Aug 2016

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(21:59:28) @robertpopper @BRIANGITTINS1 That has a real charm to it!

Tweets for 02 Aug 2016

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(10:52:26) @vobes Always lots going on, but would we have it any other way? I've seen the pics of you with your Dad - you're a kind son & inspiration.

Tweets for 01 Aug 2016

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(08:49:24) Offspring rocking the #MrRobot look at @TNMOC this morning

(10:00:09) @edtjones @tnmoc Ha!

(10:02:49) @vobes All is good here - time taken up working for The Man and trying to keep life tidy ☺ But you're not forgotten - wishing you happiness!

(21:11:13) @canuckuk Dame..?! That doesn't sound fair.. 😀

(21:13:22) @ThePartridgePod Oh.. not sure I'm keen on that idea; I wanted to watch each episode just before hearing the podcast. looking forward to it!

(21:25:51) @canuckuk Ooh! Changing my bio now. Thanks ma'am. Do I call you ma'am?

(21:27:41) @canuckuk You'll be first in line for the amuse-bouches 😏

(21:29:42) @canuckuk This will do very nicely 😏

(21:37:42) @canuckuk Ha! I don't even know what one of them is! 😀 x

Tweets for 31 Jul 2016

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(16:59:01) @fifirong Thank you for the follow!

(18:28:34) @RealTImVine Far too often, now, I'm tempted to end an enigmatic sentence with the song "What does he mean by that?" Thank you SO much :D

(18:29:47) @SiriouslySusan Thank you for the follow! You're a legend :)

(18:32:33) Just asked the offspring "Guess who just followed me?" NEITHER of them guessed: the legendary @SiriouslySusan - amazing voice artist lady!

(18:33:16) I've also been followed by @fifirong - amazing dreamy music - definitely worth a listen (would love to attend one of her live sets).

(19:05:49) Pray silence, please, for the Electric Fight Orchestrators #RobotWars

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