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(14:25:44) @vobes Happy birthday, RIchard! I'm sorry I hadn't the forethought to send a card this year, but all the best on the sunny Sussex coast!

(18:14:27) @TheFoldingTapir What were you doing to those poor ants? :D

(18:20:59) I have to admit to a little delight at the way titles of Mr Robot series 1 are formatted.

(18:48:42) @TheFoldingTapir Boh.

(19:54:21) @fridgemagnet2 v dark but none of this hollywood hacker nonsense. Kind of Scandi drama meets The IT Crowd but without the lols.

Tweets for 29 Jul 2016

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(16:33:47) @CarolKettley Happy Friday ma'am (queen designate of Northamptonshire ๐Ÿ˜) and thank you for the #FF!

(21:16:59) @mostlygeordie Quite the eclipse! โ˜บ

Tweets for 28 Jul 2016

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(17:51:19) @hedgemint It doesn't even bear consideration, save that it's called the gutter press for a reason...

(21:15:57) RT @Hartfamilybeer: It's good to do your bit @BiopacLtd #WarOnWaste #wastenot

(21:47:53) @Hartfamilybeer A pleasure..! NOW is the time! :)

Tweets for 27 Jul 2016

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(21:41:58) @nicky_doubleU Yes! Happy birthday!

(21:43:24) @DoomGolly I was going to say 'Twitter is a nicer place than Facebook" but that's really not saying much :D Why heckle you? you're aces!

Tweets for 26 Jul 2016

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(07:52:36) @RobJD There was that...

(18:22:26) Listened to a bit of @BBCPM while out driving this afternoon. It was a bit bleak for early evening listening. There's enough bleakness.

(18:25:31) @DoomGolly And then there'd be no gentle merriment, cheerful kindness and hugs. We should do all those three things. They are jolly nice.

(18:28:29) @DoomGolly But the best bit is they can't take it away from us โ˜บ

(18:33:23) @LilacNun Lordy.

(19:09:46) @DoomGolly Stick with me, kid.. we'll try and have a laugh whatever!

Tweets for 25 Jul 2016

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(10:22:55) @johndredge I once fell in love with a girl from Folkestone. Not sure where you'd put that on the graph.

(10:24:04) @hellymoo Quite cute.

(10:24:18) @ian262 SHINY GREY!

(19:56:28) @NateLanxon @KateDreyer Enjoyed it last night - great family watch.

(20:08:52) @Parkin25Marie Good heavens.

(20:32:53) @Parkin25Marie Bon nuit, bunny :)

(20:35:53) Can't hang around on Twitter... I've got Freecycling to do. #clutter

Tweets for 24 Jul 2016

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(12:07:51) @DVVHolland You are doing OK. Better than OK. You have love and care for your boy. And there is a lot of love in the world...

(12:08:28) @DVVHolland ...just, rather frustratingly, the media seems to be obsessed by the noisy bad things that happen, rather than the quiet good. x

(18:18:48) Preparing to put phones on mute for the return of #Robotwars in just under 45 minutes. What has changed? It's in HD and now I have children.

(18:20:47) @johndredge Infernal dialogue. It's the worst.

(18:23:16) @Tone7x20 I've every faith that it will be brilliant. I've also been enjoying what I have been able to see of BattleBots; wow that's savage!

(18:29:50) @gryffindor Ahh hail the conqueror of Hypnodisc.. battered but not defeated! https://t.co/87lAEhG4hr (and back as Orte in this reboot!)

(18:33:48) @Tone7x20 I only watch it for the absolute radio controlled carnage. And there is carnage. Have you seen what Warhead did..? (link follows)

(18:33:58) @Tone7x20 https://t.co/Aash4t9reJ

(18:36:07) @gryffindor Me too! This is going to be SOOO good :) Enjoy! :) #RobotWars https://t.co/opKpQ0ON14

(18:37:12) @VeryBritishLife o heck with them :D I'm a simple man, and radio control metal mashing appeals to me.. ROBOTEERS STAND BY! @Tone7x20

(18:42:09) @Tone7x20 Complete Control has little mini robots that get in the way of their opponents. We'll see at least one of them this series too!

(20:01:38) @brennig It didn't let me down.

(21:32:51) I want to build a robot with @daraobriain's face on it. I would call it something like "MEGGERBUSS". #Robotwars https://t.co/ITAgOhmi2H

(21:46:47) My prevailing memory of the first episode of the rebooted #RobotWars will be my family loudly correcting the mispronunciation of "#Behemoth"

Tweets for 23 Jul 2016

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(19:50:49) @TheFoldingTapir Random. When I was out cycling earlier, I passed a scattering of wrapped but melting Blackjacks & ruit Salads.

(19:51:03) @LizzyWelshCake Been on your ride-on? :)

(19:51:23) @TheFoldingTapir Certainly quite sticky. I steered well clear.

(20:03:05) @TheFoldingTapir Someone must really love pigeons / foxes / badgers / insects

(20:19:29) @ngyt_uk Good job - and well done to you guys for making it happen.

(20:43:23) @seagullworrier er...

(21:52:51) @CarolKettley woahh! I was nearly too late.. Happy birthday dear cK! x

(21:54:49) @CarolKettley Yay! It's been a hot hot one! Night xx

Tweets for 22 Jul 2016

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(07:24:52) @CarolKettley @NortheastHornet @NealMartin10 @amycassy83 @EstherRigby @Michael_James_1 @DiamondTimelord @MeAndMyCrown @platinummind Thankee!

(07:28:52) @trevypoos Surely an opportunity to flex your stand-up muscles on a captive audience? At worst it means they will never bother you again ๐Ÿ˜‰

(07:31:43) @DaisiesandPieUK It's the right order to do these things.

(07:34:10) @TOther_Simon That is excruciatingly subtle.

(07:36:18) @TOther_Simon Oh but it was... and there's nothing you can do about it now ๐Ÿ˜€

(07:39:16) @Helencakefiend Pokemon Go

(08:56:20) @APHltg @Helencakefiend Yay! We love it round there :) Rather frustratingly we were up at Willen lake last weekend but the app was down!

(08:56:33) @trevypoos Cook pass babtridge

(09:02:44) @trevypoos Bwahahahaa :D

(16:05:45) @Stenbird "I wanna get mullered!"

(16:07:44) @1969Steve OWEE!

(16:08:47) @Stenbird WOAHHH!

(16:12:31) @Tactless_Blonde I won't let you down... so please don't give me up. Hang on ... IS THIS SONG TO RICK ASTLEY?

Tweets for 21 Jul 2016

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(08:49:53) @djfelix2020 Sadly my shows are in the past... I'm pondering taking to the air again though...

(13:33:50) @MrsCupidStunt Febreeze. As in the month.

(13:34:23) @MrsCupidStunt That said, I always thought it was 'Fabreeze'. That would make more sense.

(13:47:29) @MrsCupidStunt Oh no not again.

(14:00:52) @MrsCupidStunt Surely it should be a middle-distance learning course..?

Tweets for 20 Jul 2016

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(14:57:33) "I couldn't possibly comment." I'm not sure there are many phrases which more effectively say the opposite of what they appear to mean.

(16:30:32) @VeryBritishLife Hahaaa!

Tweets for 19 Jul 2016

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(09:32:39) @SheleileighLaw I don't really like to be sweaty, but it's unavoidable when summer happens, so I'm looking for a cool place to hide :) x

(19:22:04) @fridgemagnet2 I won't have this kind of warm nonsense.

(20:00:00) @fridgemagnet2 I hear it's lovely in Ecuador.

Tweets for 18 Jul 2016

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(11:29:56) Pondering spending 28 seconds of my lunchtime outside. That would be plenty #bittoohot

(11:37:21) @TheFoldingTapir Hopefully it's not too warm for you!

(11:39:02) @Tactless_Blonde Pleasant almost rhymes with croissant. That's about as far as I got waxing lyrical about that photo. :)

(11:39:34) @TheFoldingTapir Yes. Yes it is.

(11:40:03) I thought Brexit would have done away with this kind of weather.

(11:41:08) Days like this make me wish I could relive the hot summer days of my youth... sitting indoors playing on someone else's Commodore 64.

(11:41:46) @CarolKettley IF YOU LIKE IT SO MUCH WHY DON'T YOU GO AND LIVE THERE? Oh, you do. :D ;)

(11:43:17) @tweeting_frog Heh.. In all honesty, the weather's fine.. it's just me that's not really built for it (part polar bear, part Viking?)

(11:45:24) @Mad4mogzz Hahaha :D No... you had Dragons :D It was a guy called Brent who lived just round the corner... but the days of radio were ace!

(11:45:58) @tweeting_frog I'm glad it's not just me.. is it hot and sticky in La Belle France today?

(12:27:03) @VeryBritishLife I fear you're thinking of @Claw0101 there.. I am pallid and wan :D

(12:27:18) @edtjones :D True.. but it's still their fault..

(12:27:48) @manytypesoftea It's one of the reasons I don't go to clubs any more. Insufficient comfortable seating.

(12:28:24) @hellymoo Aww. But you've got to have the lows to experience the highs. HUG

(12:29:01) @DaisiesandPieUK You can tell if it's summer because they will already have all sold out :D

(14:05:57) @LizzyWelshCake You consistently impress me. @hilliatfields

(14:06:59) @TheFoldingTapir Me too. Although I don't really have a of time to do small talk these days. But I try to raise a smile when possible.

(14:07:32) @tonynewquay Sounds pretty good!

(14:08:06) @LizzyWelshCake That is magnificent!

(15:35:25) @bedspolice Not sure whether you saw my tweet over the weekend? Need to know what to do with ยฃ20 that I found on the street in Luton...

(21:02:10) I'm off to find a cave. See you in autumn.

Tweets for 17 Jul 2016

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Tweets for 16 Jul 2016

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(14:07:32) We went out to collect some pokemons but it looks like servers are down so @superalora hasโ€ฆ https://t.co/7dO9dpeUrx

(20:16:36) @bedspolice Hello :) I found ยฃ20 in Luton this afternoon - what is the best process for reporting it? Sorry to be a nuisance.

(20:17:58) @Twitrannosaurus NOOOOOO! :D Who knows, you might get told a story you've not heard before :D

(20:23:29) @Twitrannosaurus I've seen the panic that ensues (until someone goes "I've got 3G" :D

Tweets for 15 Jul 2016

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(08:32:07) @Fi79 I was wondering where you'd got to. Glad you're back. Kinda.. :D

(08:32:33) @Fi79 PS quite the sultry profile pic. Took me four goes to type 'sulty' properly.

(09:21:01) @Chelledogs There's plenty of happiness, too - let's work to pile it higher all over the world, even though it never gets reported xx

(10:56:55) @MrsCupidStunt But upside down! :) Looking good though. But you don't need me to tell you that.

(12:10:09) @CarolKettley BOOP!

(15:23:23) I've got Alan Partridge's rendition of "Goldfinger" stuck in my head. That is how this week has been. BUT DON'T GO IN. @ThisisPartridge

(20:57:10) @fridgemagnet2 Good grief. Now that's a first! (And indeed, a last)

(21:44:19) @fridgemagnet2 Your cats are just manifesting the hatred a lot of humans have for all such things. Except voles.

Tweets for 14 Jul 2016

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(10:14:06) @VeryBritishLife No position for Gove too.. double bonus?

(10:19:06) @VeryBritishLife It's hard to tell what'll happen from one minute to the next..! Like who's going to be Chancellor Of The Exchequebook?

(15:14:05) @emmaevictoria one of them is scarily close to the edge of the table...

(17:25:17) 80s style parody songwriters: it's convenient that "Theresa May" sounds a bit like "Enola Gay". You can have that one on me @TwopTwips

(21:09:47) @mrs_forky You transcend me. And also: Great minds! @TwopTwips

(21:12:12) @mrs_forky It just works, doesn't it! @TwopTwips

(21:22:16) @mrs_forky @TwopTwips Hahaha! Any more and we'll almost have an EP ๐Ÿ˜

Tweets for 13 Jul 2016

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(11:01:18) Roger beep.

(11:03:00) @MrJamesMay @PrincessBagel @theresa_may And the use of the phrase "going forward." And starting responses to questions with "So.."

(11:04:59) I think Beefeater would have benefitted more in their rebranding from replacing the logo with a bee being given daring feats to perform.

(11:27:35) @ajlanghorn "Tea temples" though..?

(11:39:04) @Stenbird A coach with a Pimms holder. Whatever next?! Have a lovely party, ma'am :)

(12:04:35) @ajlanghorn Haha! :D

(12:05:14) @PrincessBagel @439_720 @LizaMayfield @MrJamesMay @theresa_may Banned, maybe, but will out-live us for sure :D

(12:06:32) @LizaMayfield @PrincessBagel @MrJamesMay @theresa_may Gonna have to push back on that one. Or get myself a big "I heart broccoli" placard :D

(12:11:14) @439_720 @PrincessBagel @LizaMayfield @MrJamesMay @theresa_may THESE ARE A FEW OF YOUR FAVOURITE THING.. sorry.

(12:17:15) @LizaMayfield @PrincessBagel There is always room for flashing lights. Have we confirmed that @MrJamesMay and @theresa_may aren't related?

(21:32:56) @djfelix2020 Thanks for the follow :) I'm sure I've heard your shows in the past.

(21:36:42) @platinummind Night!

(21:43:12) @CarolKettley night ma'am! @platinummind

Tweets for 12 Jul 2016

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(07:17:30) @crabbyknickers I was confused.

(15:08:17) @pearcen I can fairly safely say I haven't; I have, however, bought Lentil and Bacon Soup, which is quite nice.. :D

(15:08:41) @TheFoldingTapir Brain food. Literally (looks a bit like brains :D)

(15:15:23) @TheFoldingTapir Mine does. Or feels like it by this time of day ;)

(20:48:28) @mrs_forky Well deserved, ma'am and don't let anyone tell you it's not. Even you :p

Tweets for 11 Jul 2016

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(09:12:28) @Stenbird I do like your profile pic, though. Watch out for them eyes! :) xx

(09:13:00) @TOther_Simon @FrizFrizzle You wrote an excellent song about him.

Tweets for 10 Jul 2016

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(11:04:40) RT @TOther_Simon: And if you're amused by hedgehog references... https://t.co/8VigA0fepf (I wrote this, I did)

(15:20:20) @johndredge Good. Definitely don't feel guilty - especially since you are a busy bloke the rest of the week.

(18:12:27) @Tactless_Blonde The whole idea sounds ~quite~ the exciting...

(18:16:46) @Tactless_Blonde If I had only been there... I have a very low threshold for novelty. Also: Lovely clean drive.

(18:23:00) @Tactless_Blonde WEEDOM!

(18:30:13) @Tactless_Blonde Oh that is Groot. Great.

(20:43:17) @rainbowtaylor Yes indeed. I know quite a few folk with ME/FM so please don't feel alone. Hang in there x

(21:17:45) I'm still not sure what the point is of Drake. Something to do with livestock?

(21:23:12) @ThePartridgePod Classic!

Tweets for 09 Jul 2016

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(11:54:17) @LondonSounds no dead cat?

(11:54:33) @intlBeige woahhh!

(11:56:59) @LondonSounds indeed.. just makes no sense that they can't be used outdoors!

(11:58:21) @pearcen And around 250 songs to play? May well have to tune in!

(11:59:18) @intlBeige @pearcen Hahaha โ˜บ I had a suspicion it was you anyway mate ๐Ÿ˜‰

(12:04:31) @intlBeige @pearcen ๐Ÿ˜ It's Saturday night.. no better time!

(12:29:04) @pearcen Heh.. like you need an excuse! ๐Ÿ˜‰

(12:32:59) @pearcen kindred spirits, my friend.

(12:35:05) @johannariley Woahh is it your birthday..?! Happy birthday! Xx

(12:38:26) @trevypoos That is both very kind and splendid! I hope all is amusing and fab with you!

(12:39:44) @joey_coops Happy birthday, ma'am! Hope it's a great one!

(12:40:48) @trevypoos That sounds pretty good to me! I'm delicately immersed in a low-stress weekend, so no grumblings from here!

(13:05:13) I'm not sure what I'm doing here. https://t.co/kVukoxKlM4

(15:07:18) @fridgemagnet2 Just in time for Christmas...

(16:48:07) @TheFoldingTapir It's been that kind of an afternoon :) :)

(18:47:46) @weebleny @MarekLarwood @NHM_London I just showed this to my wife when she was trying to tell me about a Masters course she wants to do.

(19:50:23) @Stenbird Magnificent photo, ma'am :)

(19:51:41) @PrincessBagel @batwench @fightingfantasy Oh nice payoff :D

(20:09:49) @mostlygeordie You can be sure that is only one of MANY reasons why I don't trust that woman! :)

(20:44:06) @Susan_Rae1 Heh. Wagner. It would be funny if it wasn't so true...

(22:22:43) @ms_cornwall g'night! x

Tweets for 08 Jul 2016

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(07:12:22) @SamandaFord69 Thank you! I hope your Friday has started in the most wonderful way and continues in that style for the rest of the day! xx

(09:46:26) WOO BEXHILL! https://t.co/3FPRyMoIR9

(09:58:00) @CarolKettley Thanks, ma'am! hope your week endinging is looking bright and wondrous x

(17:47:52) @johannariley grief...

(17:49:10) @johannariley As in "Good grief!" .. near miss!

(17:50:12) @johannariley Sorry!

(17:52:37) @johannariley Aww โ˜บ xx

(19:37:43) There is absolutely no point in looking up slang phrases on the internet - by the time I've found it, it means something entirely different.

(19:39:10) Also: I don't think anybody could ever know me through my YouTube history. It doesn't make sense even to me...

(19:41:09) @mrs_forky Well quite.

(19:41:38) @mrs_forky :D https://t.co/U0uKJZkVk4

(20:09:04) @MrsCupidStunt OK.

(20:56:42) QUITE excited about the forthcoming return of #RobotWars @UKRobotWars

(20:58:44) @CupOfTea69 I sat on a bee.

(21:01:03) @CupOfTea69 The whole thing caused quite a buzz

Tweets for 07 Jul 2016

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(10:22:17) Today I will mostly be clicking on things thinking it's Friday. FRIDAY CLICKS.

(10:23:39) It's quite lovely, reading through my twitter feed while having a brief coffee break. I am blessed to be following some splendid people.

(11:11:30) @wuthering_alice Nothing that's worthy of 24 hour rolling reporting. But it won't stop 'em trying...

(11:15:28) Yup. https://t.co/pg4iOMvPyh

(11:39:46) @Mad4mogzz Blessings certainly counted! And I am honoured to be among your fine tweeps too :) x

(20:54:28) After a really compelling talk at @TNMOC about the Enigma decrypting process, @nxmee had a go onโ€ฆ https://t.co/AF5AZdgD3k

Tweets for 06 Jul 2016

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(09:43:05) I'm confused by the inexplicable papercuts I keep finding on my fingers when I wake. There are some REALLY sadistic insects in my bedroom.

(10:21:54) @poots Clearly I'm not any good at it :D

(11:58:05) @PrincessBagel Not sure I like it.. twice in a week it's happened now. Either that or I'm doing sleep paperwork... never good :D

(12:11:01) @PrincessBagel Will have to do some extensive research.. sharp edges doesn't make for a good night's sleep. Pondering pillow replacements :D

(12:11:09) @PrincessBagel Are you feeling any better?

(16:38:48) @OfficialDaveFox Doesn't that mean you can take it back and get a new one?

(17:22:10) @OfficialDaveFox Some kind of string mutes?

(17:22:52) @OfficialDaveFox Outage! Outrage!

(19:18:01) @lizzysometimes Wingardium Leviosi?

(19:31:41) @lizzysometimes soz!

(20:45:09) @AnniForsyth Woahh...! I had honestly thought it was just me! Lets put an end to this... gloves at bedtime!

(20:47:27) @AnniForsyth Heh :) We'll wake up with soft and splendid hands! Papercuts begone!

(20:50:19) @AnniForsyth That's true. Maybe we become more aware of these things in the morning. PAPERCUT CHECK!

Tweets for 05 Jul 2016

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(07:03:18) @johannariley morning. Feet in a bowl of warm water.. makes everything better*

(07:09:09) @johannariley May all your Tuesday be bright โ˜บ x

(08:42:57) @thisistomgreen Haahaahahahahhashbrown

(08:43:36) @LizzyWelshCake I love your dreams.

(08:43:43) @LizzyWelshCake That looks brilliant! :)

(10:35:26) Passing thought of the day: How do the French deal with three letter month names? Juin and Juillet have the the same first letters...

(10:38:12) @tweeting_frog must make coding difficult, since they can't do things the same way for all locales..

(10:39:26) @TheFoldingTapir probably best that developers avoid that format for internationalisation then! Duly noted... โ˜บ

(10:40:28) @tweeting_frog I work for an organisation that operates across Europe - every time I log in it seems to be in a different language ๐Ÿ˜

(10:41:18) @TheFoldingTapir Probanly best to avoid it altogether.. its hard enough dealing with US date formatting. Best to sort against yyyy-mm-dd โ˜บ

(11:20:22) @tweeting_frog I quite enjoy the opportunity to broaden my linguistic horizons (smile)

(11:20:38) @TheFoldingTapir Heavens above... I think this is quite a challenge :D

(11:31:18) @paulums Intriguing! I'm not sure I'm very big on mains hum, mind ;)

(11:37:47) @TheFoldingTapir More than likely epoch time :)

(15:12:23) @TheFoldingTapir Post sinus surgery..?

(15:14:01) @PrincessBagel hugs x

(20:28:01) BEST EXCLAVE EVER https://t.co/EvC2sTzpcZ

(20:41:44) @mrs_forky Geography is the WEIRDEST THING.

(20:49:52) @mrs_forky Every time I look on the Europe bit of Google Maps I see the Kalingrad Oblast and just get... confused.

(20:50:03) @mrs_forky Kalininininingrad. Sorry.

(20:55:16) @mrs_forky I'm glad we live here, where it's all nice and... oh hang on...

(21:50:53) @MrsCupidStunt Don't look at my boots. They squeak.

Tweets for 04 Jul 2016

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(08:42:11) @DoomGolly Oh galoshes! I love that.. where do they get these names from? :D Surely you don't need wellies in Southern California ;)

(08:42:19) @DoomGolly (I'm sure that's the title of a song.. :D)

(09:42:53) @regularjen Good morning :) Gorgeous rose! :)

(10:36:49) @KittyCostanza Oh my...

(11:28:43) @regularjen It's that sort of weather (if it's the same where you are) where the scent of roses catches the air and makes it fragrant :)

(12:05:52) @DoomGolly It won't damp our spirits, though... ;)

(15:26:40) @mostlygeordie Never gonna happen...

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(17:58:03) @LizzyWelshCake "Descent." "Moray cakes." "Felt lefty." "Humous Emergency." .. or any characters from one of your weird dreams :D

(18:14:16) @LizzyWelshCake oh my! That is rather splendid โ˜บ

(18:23:40) @LizzyWelshCake you have so many names to choose from! 'strange dreams' is just one ;)

(19:07:02) @LizzyWelshCake excellent! please do ๐Ÿ˜Œ

(19:41:34) When did people stop calling wellies "gumboots"..? Or was it only in The Beano?

(19:47:52) @Stenbird gosh... and in my childhood. Which says something about Australia... ๐Ÿ˜

(19:53:20) @CalgaryGuru Does what it says it is! โ˜บ

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Tweets for 01 Jul 2016

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(10:36:57) @billt @ruskin147 you're in Brock..?

(16:12:24) @CarolKettley @platinummind @CobyGreerMusic @alanmichaelstan @riprap1 @Michael_James_1 @_MisterFixit_ @marksy1955 @FeistyDdraig Thank yoooo!

(16:25:41) @billt Been too long since I've been down there :'|

(21:25:42) @crabbyknickers Oh that is wonderful news! Things are just trundling along for me.. blessings to be counted every day and not enough music!

(21:25:55) @crabbyknickers SO good to hear from you โ˜บ x

(21:28:22) @crabbyknickers Yay! All is good.. and I wish you a tune-filled weekend!

Tweets for 30 Jun 2016

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(06:32:57) @mrs_forky You've shown resilience beyond your expectations before.. I'm hoping you can do so again. Will soon be the weekend x

(07:21:00) @hellymoo no. I think this week is broken. Good morning, Helen.

(08:54:46) @wuthering_alice He's like a Littlefinger and just as likeable.

(08:56:40) @crabbyknickers Just popped onto Twitter, and you came to mind. Not sure why. Hope you're well.

(08:57:16) Coffee time is just out of reach.

(10:54:50) RT @TwopTwips: CHILDREN. Experience the rare thrill of hearing your teacher swear by asking them who Michael Gove is. (via @nethknowles)

(11:05:17) @Fridgemagnet2 Boris Johnson: The prophets of doom are wrong https://t.co/78VFoGJQm7 via @BBCNews I wouldn't take that from him.

(12:22:27) @wuthering_alice It's better that you don't know.

(15:28:23) @brennig Holy moly.

(15:31:36) @brennig That one would even consider installing such stuff on their work phone..! I guess temptation is great..

(15:33:54) @karenjeynes I don't understand two of those words.

(16:56:53) My pal Meera is giving away free make-up stuff. I don't understand it, but I think it's GREAT! https://t.co/g0la7Kn8Rw

(20:27:14) RT @Kercal: Pantomime villain. #Moleskine #Procreate #Gove https://t.co/qoC1a6IXgq

(20:46:03) @pauldmorgan Pro tip: throw a shoe at it.

(20:47:48) @TUID I never want to see that again.

(20:49:44) @TUID He... that... could be running our country. Just doesn't bear thinking about. I'm moving to Latvia*

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