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(08:56:26) I've got a medley of Change Management songs stuck in my head this morning. Obviously 'Changes' by David Bowie. And a load of others.

(09:00:35) "Everything changes but the implementation time", "Everything must (be subject to) change (control)", "Take a change on me".

(09:03:19) @Stenbird @MardyBag Stay safe, ma'am. Or as safe as you can x

(09:05:10) @GaryLineker @KerryAGodliman Comparing people to parts of the human anatomy discredits its beauty. I've taken to using "Gove" instead.

(09:05:35) @Parkin25Marie You too!

(09:08:35) @johndredge I'm trying to make everyone a bit happier :) Doing my best...

(10:00:55) @fridgemagnet2 You have a VERY sarcastic brain.

(10:31:38) @edtjones That is going to get stuck in my head...

(12:43:09) Word of the afternoon: lamentablemente. Lamentablemente.

(14:33:48) @PaulineCoxy Thanks for the follow :)

(14:34:53) @poots Can we get a desk weasel? Or maybe I can have one at work... https://t.co/taPp4yVlHy

(16:19:09) IT'S ALL ABOUT CAKE. https://t.co/L2zvkIhcPP

(19:46:19) I think the bike rack at work has taken a chunk out of my back tyre. BLOOP.

(19:47:09) @MrsCupidStunt Best place to be.

(22:10:50) I haven't got a safety pin. Will a paper clip do..?

Tweets for 28 Jun 2016

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(11:59:23) I want to make the world better just one smile at a time. Doesn't sound that hard...

(11:59:42) @JoPlattTweets Oh that is precious :D

(12:02:29) Beautiful. https://t.co/BZCmIfO4ld

(12:03:40) @VeryBritishLife I'm clearly a very lucky man :)

(12:46:34) @VeryBritishLife Me too. I'm doing my best to be extra nice to foreigners.

Tweets for 27 Jun 2016

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(14:33:23) @VeryBritishLife I've had that thought too. And, indeed, asses [Freudian, but appropriate slip?]

(14:51:46) @VeryBritishLife Oh gosh.. :|

(14:58:10) @VeryBritishLife Heh.. I try to avoid all such trouble... head down and pretend not to be here. But I keep my friends close :)

Tweets for 26 Jun 2016

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(08:14:15) @LizzyWelshCake It's heading towards one of your dreams in reality. But with fewer talking foodstuffs.

(09:21:03) @LizzyWelshCake double the benefits.. chatty and nibblable! Will do xx

(09:23:00) @canucku Herp derp.

(10:26:03) @PrincessBagel That sounds like a terribly combination! Hope the weather holds out! :)

(10:52:46) @SFLangridge Same goes for Gove. Repulsive.

(11:00:36) @SFLangridge excellent! Tea and kittens ftw

(11:50:46) @alicebonasio @LibDems Too little too late? I guess there's always hope...

Tweets for 25 Jun 2016

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(08:26:13) RT @changeist: Well, the BBC planned ahead for today's lineup. https://t.co/mTLkShiQFU

(11:51:55) It's the kind of afternoon when I like to drive around with windows down, stereo up, blasting out the sounds of Thinking Allowed. Massive.

Tweets for 24 Jun 2016

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(07:26:31) Darn it. I clearly didn't vote hard enough.

(07:28:54) Oh dear.

(07:29:36) RT @AmyWilliamsMBE: The future of Britain wanted to Remain .... #UncertainFuture #ScaryFuture #EURefResults https://t.co/diDebnecu8

(07:30:02) @BaronHawkey Amen brother

(07:31:27) @PrincessBagel @2tall4u I'm going back to bed and not getting up until all this is over.

(07:36:07) @PrincessBagel @2tall4u Complete Goves* the lot of them. (*I'm reclaiming the slang for female genitalia & replacing with "Farage" & "Gove")

(12:11:09) @CarolKettley very kind - thank you! :) #FF

(12:15:07) @CarolKettley Bring on the weekend! :)x

(14:01:29) @badpenny1931 That's what happens when you're not here to look after us. Seriously, though, welcome back! Please send help :) x

(14:03:38) @TheFoldingTapir Oh good heavens. How's the water level in the garden..?

(14:07:04) Thinking of trading it all in to become an okapi. Or one of them capybaras.

(14:09:11) @batwench you sayin' I got the lama glama? Alpaca my bags and head o' to the meadow..

(14:09:19) @CarolKettley Gloves :D

(14:09:35) @badpenny1931 You and I both.

(15:55:47) @Feexby Funnily enough I was talking about just that with someone yesterday. What's perplexing is that I can't recall if I've ever had one!

(17:24:42) @Feexby In which case I'm fairly sure I didn't ☺

(17:24:59) @Mad4mogzz yes. But less muddy ☺

(20:39:23) @bedspolice What a humble and honourable gesture - thank you for sharing it :)

Tweets for 23 Jun 2016

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(06:34:26) @mostlygeordie What an excellent notion! ☺ Morning x

(10:55:04) @RichHarkness I'm taking that responsibility with a stoicism and uninformedness that would only be expected of me ☺

(18:58:21) @TheFoldingTapir Good heavens..! We've just had drizzle today... I hope it all goes away soon!

(18:58:36) @VeryBritishLife That's encouraging :)

(19:23:23) @VeryBritishLife They voted 'remain'... what can I say? :D

(19:27:10) @TheFoldingTapir Oh gosh :| British summer, eh?

Tweets for 22 Jun 2016

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(06:34:53) @manytypesoftea Morning. Why?

(06:46:38) @johndredge No idea how he keeps up the energy through the whole show!

(06:49:20) @manytypesoftea Overquirking at work is like overworking, it would seem... I should keep a lid on it too ☺ Have a good day!

(09:08:59) Morning. Getting a lot of 'riddle me this' style emails. Is it a Wednesday thing?

(09:16:27) @CarolKettley that'll do for me! :) :) x

(09:16:57) @tweeting_frog Quite so, but don't forget: correlation is not causation! I think it's just going to be 'one of those days'. Have a good one!

(09:31:41) OK, so he's only 'hinted' that he'll leave government, but isn't this one of the best reasons to vote 'Remain'..? https://t.co/KPHiYIjMUY

(09:35:00) The unbearable snackiness of being.

(09:35:29) @contrarywitch how frustrating! Got a pen and paper to start on a novel? :)

(10:12:08) @CatzInCowbridge No win situation..?

(11:13:21) @jopijedd Oh.. no.. ohhhh no.. no no no no! *head explodes* :D

(11:14:46) @Scriblit I'm still not sure Boris Johnson and Bob Geldof tradiing insults on a barge can really be beaten. This needs to be a feature film.

(11:15:30) If someone doesn't make a feature length movie about the EU referendum capers, history will miss out one some excellent comedy / bafflement.

(11:15:51) @Scriblit Ohh yes! Even worse... (like my memory!)

(11:16:35) @Scriblit Especially given that it's Farage on a Barge and Boris.. er.. in a florist? GOTTA HAVE A SYSTEM!

(11:18:02) @wuthering_alice it's got everything! I'm not even sure I know what pathos is, but that too!

(11:18:32) @debsylee Afternoon superstar!

(12:22:03) @mrsmoneypenny1 I bet you blushed.

(12:33:53) @Bubble2009 @GHOGIT Great minds! :)

(12:50:13) @RobJD @poots Yes..!

(18:58:44) @hellymoo is that good?

(19:04:51) @hellymoo EXCELLENCE.

(19:50:11) @fridgemagnet2 now that is quite a hashtag!

(21:02:28) @RuthBlackett But what a glorious say to go!

(21:02:58) @hellymoo night :)

(22:05:23) RT @marcusbrig: HELP!

(22:06:51) @LizzyWelshCake I've only just seen it now, because you're on one of my 'lists'.. the main timeline goes by SO quickly! Hope this helps!

(22:07:21) @CarolKettley night night :) x

(22:08:28) @hellymoo Jelly jars? I don't think you're ready for this...

(22:09:04) @MrsCupidStunt Darn it. The boy put a load of washing in the machine and it needs hanging... not just a woman's work. Nor, indeed, jazz ;)

(22:11:01) Controversial. https://t.co/ZEVH7RwXRp

(22:12:28) @ian262 Love your twitter avatar! :) Genius.

(22:13:49) @LizzyWelshCake Either way, please do / do again! :) xx

(22:14:33) Bedtimes. It's a big day for me tomorrow - I get to decide whether to stay in the EU. #EUref

(22:16:19) @jamisonmatt Night!

(22:22:52) @LizzyWelshCake It's perfect.. I've got a music page and I make FAR music than you do ☺

(22:26:40) @LizzyWelshCake There's nothing there you've not heard.. yet, anyway! X

Tweets for 21 Jun 2016

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(09:15:36) The French, they love our cake.

(10:36:19) @Parkin25Marie Soak up as much sun as you can! :)

(11:11:41) "Itchy eyes" to the tune of a Doctor Hook song. The Hay Fever anthem of my summer.

(13:27:20) @edtjones That is a permanent backing track to my life's karaoke.

(16:15:34) I'm sure I didn't hear the phrase "My bad" until about 1995.

(16:18:50) @CarolKettley It's not great.

Tweets for 20 Jun 2016

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(08:58:56) @ellewadding Morning. Most of it is on me.

(08:59:19) @Stenbird Do you get diplomatic immunity there?

(08:59:37) @mrsmoneypenny1 Do they think you're not getting fed at home? :D

(09:08:42) @Stenbird Sounds like a plan. I'd hide at the local Vauxhall dealership, but I can't see it making any difference :D

(10:28:50) I have now fully dried out from my cycle to work. That's fairly good going.

(10:33:58) Could do with a lie down now, though.

(10:35:05) @DeanOrmond I hope the contents are intact!

(10:35:43) @DeanOrmond Thank heavens (which have clearly opened!)

(11:16:11) I fear the working week will follow the style of Christiano Ronaldo - being pretty much at the top of my game but achieving very little.

(11:57:27) @LutonEye I'm not sure I've heard of such an accident-prone busway. Cambridge has had just one. So far.. https://t.co/Db48CJpor0 ..

(14:24:49) That time where I pray my contribution to CAB comes before the next meeting I've got booked. All too much going on...

(17:52:39) @Stenbird @Lord_Sugar Which kinda makes you wonder where they ~did~ get your details from...

Tweets for 19 Jun 2016

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(07:54:12) @Lady_Of_Ostia Morning. I guess I'm very fortunate in that I am ~sure~ I can't watch 😁

(13:29:04) @TheFoldingTapir hope there's sunshine to go with it!

(13:41:09) @TheFoldingTapir Works just as well!

(18:42:29) I love the word "Nowadays".

(19:05:34) @ellewadding It's a very English word... words like it have gone away... most languages may say "these days" or something sensible 😁

(19:29:46) Is the Tesla going to be a #TopGear running gag? (h/t @nxmee)

(19:30:08) @paulwebster just.. er.. nowadays.. 😁

(19:52:59) @mostlygeordie Yes!

(19:54:27) @seagullworrier Didn't see this one...

(19:55:42) @seagullworrier I did. Does that mean Twitter thinks I like your tweets?

(19:57:42) @seagullworrier You're only making it worse.

Tweets for 18 Jun 2016

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(08:31:24) Off to London Village with @nxmee - going to have a mooch around @UCLOpenDay - takes me back to… https://t.co/KFtH7esLOG

(10:31:26) @TheEggKing @nxmee @UCLOpenDay They seem nice ☺ Have a great day!

(11:32:19) @UCLOpenDay It's been great so far - everyone is so friendly and it's not raining 😁 We have a gap until 3pm.. any suggestions? @nxmee

(11:38:55) @UCLOpenDay @nxmee Sounds wonderful - thank you! We've seen signs to the Japanese Gardens so will check it out.

(21:38:31) Thanks to the team and volunteers at @UCLOpenDay for organising a friendly, interesting day -… https://t.co/Yy3tCca4Hg

Tweets for 17 Jun 2016

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(11:50:26) @CarolKettley Thanks, ma'am :) Hope you've been out and about today, enjoying the summer(!) :D x

(11:50:34) @SamandaFord69 @TimLindon @BrettGuruFord @neilbishop6 @TheRealNickJury @Keableg @RachelFlattLB @parkhead01 @MuseumBroads Thank you! :) xx

(13:14:40) @CarolKettley Hang in there - and I'll hope you build up your strength over time! x

(20:35:28) @MsYellowHat I've just heard it's back on... any good?

(20:39:13) @MsYellowHat I'll see if it's on the TiVo / 4oD

(21:17:30) @mrs_forky Everybody's got a story to tell, Mrs Forky :)

Tweets for 16 Jun 2016

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(07:15:37) @marmitetoast I'm not sure I can muster much sympathy for the quoted tweet's protagonist. 😀

(10:04:37) it would be lovely to sit on a porch whittling this morning. Or playing harmonica. Or both.

(10:40:00) @CarolKettley EXCELLENT.

(11:11:43) @PrincessBagel Coffee is about the only thing keeping me alive / awake at the moment! :D

(11:12:00) @SheleileighLaw Morning, ma'am!

(16:40:56) My whole Twitter feed is unified in sadness at the killing of #JoCox - a glimmer of hope that there are MANY more good people than bad.

(21:35:01) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 and about 15 years old

Tweets for 15 Jun 2016

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(08:52:04) @ajlanghorn Is that a thing? If so, how do I sign up? ;)

(09:34:50) I can't decide whether or not I want to be more rugged.

(10:09:43) @VeryBritishLife Heehee.. it's the resilience rather than the appearance I'm after, but you are a fine role model :)

(10:10:08) @CupOfTea69 True..! I wonder how to go about it (I think it's more than just a protective outer layer)...

(10:10:33) @ajlanghorn I'll have a go on that when I get home :)

(10:11:16) @hellymoo LORDY. I'll be here when you crash(!)

(10:21:40) @CupOfTea69 I have very delicate skin and an even temperament. This isn't going to be easy...

(10:25:31) @CupOfTea69 Oh man I would totally love that. Have you met my pal @VeryBritishLife ? He has a most excellent beard.

(12:24:09) @VeryBritishLife It cannot be understated what a boon they are. @CupOfTea69

(12:24:23) @ellewadding Now you're talking!

(12:24:59) "Exclusive offer just for you" No. No it's not.

(12:25:42) @CupOfTea69 I got rid of my umbrellas for that reason many, many years ago. But then, I have crap hair so I don't care :D

(12:25:50) @hellymoo TOLD YOU. I mean HUG

(12:26:10) @PrincessBagel Bless you. Dark room and chilled out music. Hang in there.

(14:13:20) @Wymroyal Anything but a doormat, I suppose!

(18:28:01) @RickOldroyd Looks damp. Hope you're in the warm and dry!

(18:28:20) @sportmadchick Hope you enjoy all those things :)

(18:29:44) @wuthering_alice What a baffling encounter...

(18:33:22) @RickOldroyd Oh gosh that's miserable.. hope you get some proper June soon!

(18:35:46) @diddlysquit1 I'm going to have to give it a go! Need to get me a cheesecloth shirt and a scythe :D

(18:36:06) @RickOldroyd Y'never know.. might happen :D

(18:49:29) @paulums Haha! :D Too manly? Mate you are ALL man.

(18:49:50) @sportmadchick Amen to that!

(18:50:53) @paulums Bless you sir!

Tweets for 14 Jun 2016

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(07:29:20) @hellymoo It's too late for that now. Morning ☺

(07:29:49) @figgled O no not again...

(07:30:58) @DawnLoweActress You too ☺ x

(10:50:13) @DawnLoweActress I have to check daily that I'm not a zombie :D Hope your recovery is swift, and you're full of life and spice soon! x

(10:51:05) @MrsCupidStunt 9 days...

(11:04:47) @MrsCupidStunt I've pretty much had enough of it myself. The problem is, after 23rd it will probably get worse...

(11:12:46) @MrsCupidStunt Shall we hide in.. er.. Iceland?

(11:49:59) @DawnLoweActress Oh sweety that's awful. You will, I'm sure, bounce back - I really hope to catch your radio show soon x

Tweets for 13 Jun 2016

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(07:14:23) @SteveDoherty1 In my experience it does get easier. Normally from the point I stop going to the gym.

(09:07:51) @LizzyWelshCake HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM! :) And you're only as old as you feel x

(09:09:17) @LizzyWelshCake I like your name as it is, but if you find or come up with another name that reflects your music & playing, choose that! :)

(17:26:07) @CupOfTea69 No need for migraine meds for me at least. hope your day improved!

Tweets for 12 Jun 2016

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(07:46:00) @BuffyHartland Morning :) Hope your day is splendid and tremendous ☺

(07:46:44) @peasbloss G'day ☺

(07:48:36) @Superblouse I'm enjoying the thought that when you open the front door to the door-replacing-person, it may be the last time for that door.

(07:49:34) @peasbloss I have coffee and found a tiny pot of black current jam in the cupboard. Toast was had ☺ Wishing you a great day!

(12:34:03) @badpenny1931 Please send her hugs from me.. x

(18:10:33) @DawnLoweActress Oh bless! You are so young ☺ It's 2 minutes 47 seconds of early 80s fun that's what it is!

(18:14:07) @CarolinaAppling ~sigh~ I don't envy you.

(18:18:54) @hellymoo I've cut back on colourful language at work - now, like an ex-smoker, I flinch every time I hear someone else spark up a swear :D

(18:25:10) RT @Patrick4ONT: If you haven't watched this, I think it's Obama at his best. It's Obama, on gun control, 9 days ago. #Orlando https://t.co…

(18:27:13) @CarolinaAppling Let's not lose hope. There are still more good, kind people than evil, angry ones, and I pray there always will be.

(21:47:39) @MichaelRosenYes @LearningSpy @chemistrypoet I hope they do mash-ups respectfully. My son's a teenager and thinks you're a legend.

Tweets for 11 Jun 2016

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(06:49:34) @TheJackSullivan Sadly UK workplace H&S guidelines cover only minimum temp... but you can tell your boss it's affecting performance.

(06:51:10) @paulums If it ain't broke... that said I'm now picturing you hopping down the road in a blue Sainsbury's Big Bag...

(06:51:42) @paulums Or Tesco, I should say #otherbigbagsareavailable

(06:52:58) @TheJackSullivan If they're losing people to sickness because of it it's in their interest to sort it. I hope someone gets that thought!

(08:46:55) @Stenbird Struggling with perspective again.. tiny people or giant guitar? :D

(10:04:41) Just catching up with TopGear Extra Gear - @MrRoryReid is such an engaging presenter. Possibly enjoyed it more than the 'main' show.

(10:05:45) @CupOfTea69 I'm always on the lookout for good music - I like this :)

(10:11:54) @CarolKettley Well indeed. I have nothing against him, but I think he is in the lofty heights of celebrity which make it hard to connect.

(10:12:27) @CarolKettley When I worked in the office opposite him, he used to bring a different Ferrari to work every day. Didn't endear me to him :D

(10:32:36) @trevypoos It depends on whether it's any good. I would say the recording of a live show: No. A year in the studio for beauty: Yes.

(11:03:12) @trevypoos Indeed. I hadn't considered that MP3 isn't really the best quality (though one would be hard pressed to compare WAV to 320kpbs)

(12:15:09) @trevypoos I do indeed subcribe to @techmoan and very much enjoy his videos - I've taken up some of his recommendations too :)

(12:48:31) @VeryBritishLife stunning!

(18:32:40) @trevypoos @Techmoan Oh that's a nuisance! That's from the pickup? Or the output from the pre-amp? You've obviously done all the swapping?

(18:34:18) @trevypoos Perfect project for a warn Saturday evening :)

(18:35:00) @VeryBritishLife Heehee - timing is a crucial skill to capturing the moment :)

(18:54:57) @mrsmoneypenny1 Bar snacks are cheaper too :) I'm on the sofa too!

(18:57:05) @mrsmoneypenny1 Hahaha! And you're less likely to be harassed by drunken idiots (except for me.. in theory :D)

(19:11:52) @mrsdoigy @tezzer57 COME ON YOUR KICKBALL!

Tweets for 10 Jun 2016

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(08:16:05) @CupOfTea69 I'll probably have the urge to do that when tomorrow comes ;) Morning

(09:16:07) @MrSacs Phase. Make sure it's set to 'stun'.

(09:17:30) @topgold WOW! That is amazing.

(09:18:38) This is remarkable. Good that someone spotted the trend... I shall keep my eyes open for other such mistakes. https://t.co/Uwz9WD0fIm

(09:19:26) @MrSacs That should have said 'Phaser'. But still wouldn't have been that funny.

(10:28:37) @MrsCupidStunt I think you'll find it's called "The Skype." Example: I'M ON THE SKYPE.

Tweets for 09 Jun 2016

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(14:39:37) @Scriblit Oooh what is it..?

(14:42:38) @Scriblit That is such a cool acronym (I suffer from that myself).. It's brightened my afternoo.. ooo.. aaaaaaachoooo!

(21:16:05) Please pray for America.

(21:23:27) @Hicksmat I know some lovely Americans, though - I feel sad for them.

(21:25:39) @Hicksmat One day, in 200 years, I reckon the equivalent of a movie is going to be made about this and people will think it is fiction.

Tweets for 08 Jun 2016

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(10:14:46) @Fi79 Such folk have long been on my List Of People To Disregard. NOT NEWS :)

(10:26:47) @Fi79 https://t.co/36xkhlYqvs

(14:18:52) @BBCRadio4 Most of @alicelowe's Wunderland is delightfully unhinged! #WeirdWednesday

(18:37:35) @TheFoldingTapir I hope you're feeling much better today ☺

(21:17:18) @TheFoldingTapir A bit worn out by the daily day. Pondering an early night. :)

(21:19:51) @MissCJWright @ThePartridgePod I've decided to watch each episode before the podcast. Listening to Episode 3 now - my absolute favourite :)

(21:29:42) @TheFoldingTapir Yup! Done 60% of the week. Hope you have, too.

(22:01:23) @TheFoldingTapir o gosh. takes a lot of effort to fine tune such a life.

Tweets for 07 Jun 2016

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(10:18:02) @MissCJWright @ThePartridgePod I'm only 3/4 of the way through episode 2... it's like catching up with Game of Thrones... soon I'll run out!

(10:19:05) @GHOGIT Something got me started by clicking it, but.. no.. I had better stop there.

(13:53:37) @PrincessBagel hug x

(14:20:58) Splendid. https://t.co/hBNTchp0PN

(14:47:22) @PrincessBagel @2happypeas @verso @CatnapMistress Oh my goodness... such a shock to his family and friends. My thoughts go out to them all.x

(14:56:24) You say 'agile' I say 'a bit of a shambles' :D

(14:56:38) @diddlysquit1 Gosh!

(15:00:08) @diddlysquit1 I'm quite the opposite.. very unposh, but if there's a nice meal to be had, I'll quite enjoy the behaviouring :)

(19:40:03) @RobJD Interesting piece. I think I'll vote "Shake it all about".

(20:24:26) @PontoonDock It's been a LONG time since I've been geocaching at lunchtime :)

Tweets for 06 Jun 2016

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(07:28:14) @ThePartridgePod Cool. Hopefully I'll see your tweets when there's a new episode ☺

(07:31:18) @emmaevictoria I work on the principle that "It's only things" ☺ Much of my stuff isn't worth as much as when it was new, but I enjoy it ☺

(07:32:20) @GHOGIT Not often a cyclist relies on a driver 😉

(09:31:46) @LizzyWelshCake Oh wow! Congratulations :) Would love to hear the winning song - when you find out which one it is! x

(10:10:30) @LizzyWelshCake :) :) :) You are SUCH a good songwriter :)

(10:37:02) @LizzyWelshCake heehee :D you've got at least two albums in you.. just wish we could get together to get them produced! x

(13:02:44) @virginmedia It's all up and running now.. just missed the live race, and the TiVo (obviously) couldn't record it. Hoping ITV Player has it.

(13:05:35) @virginmedia Cheers :) https://t.co/eTEoei0m4m

(13:06:27) @pearcen CHALLENGE

(13:33:57) @TheFoldingTapir In all honesty, I feel quite the same. Crawling back to bed is a tempting proposition :)

(14:06:30) @TheFoldingTapir Oh man.. that sounds amazing. I'm SO behind on my YouTube subscriptions :D

(15:01:45) @TheFoldingTapir Silliness and geekiness, from You Suck At Cooking and Flavor Jockey to Big Clive and Techmoan :) What about you?

(15:02:57) @TheFoldingTapir Oh, and comedy like Last Week Tonight, and oddities like The Uncharted Zone :)

(15:18:49) @TheFoldingTapir @emmymadeinjapan @CarlyandAustin I'll bring the popcorn! :)

(15:26:35) @TheFoldingTapir I would so love to say it's real - like US public access TV as I'd imagine it.

(15:28:11) @TheFoldingTapir It's been a while since I've looked through my YouTube subscriptions.. it's creates an interesting narrative :D

(15:32:03) @TheFoldingTapir I am a keen follower of Incorrect Music - I've quite a collection, loved to share it on a radio show I used to do :)

(15:35:59) @TheFoldingTapir You've given me plenty to look at too :) My offspring were able to meet Ashens a few months back :) https://t.co/RsStoCtqan

(15:36:11) @TheFoldingTapir It's a genre :)

(18:57:27) @TheFoldingTapir They're good value ☺ Hope you enjoyed some videos.. I'm on my terrace waiting for birds to avoid being photographed 😏

(21:15:16) @TheFoldingTapir I like quite odd (sorry). You Suck At Cooking has amazing production values.. makes me chuckle.

(21:26:17) @emmaevictoria It's that precious bit of Victorian values that people* just can't seem to shake

(21:28:39) I am struggling to come to terms with the fact I just clicked Mick Hucknall's name. I'm putting it down to hay-fever related delirium.

(21:31:34) @DVVHolland How about: what's the furthest you've been from home without access to fresh clothes?

(21:41:35) @BBCRadio4 @bbcmusic Yup.. agree. Although I'd replace the dubstep wob with singers who don't sing words containing the letter 'R' properly.

(21:54:11) @CupOfTea69 Ooh! Exciting times :) Sleep well! x

(21:57:12) @do_or_diy @WFMU NEVER!

(22:21:58) @RichHarkness Absolute genius.

(22:24:01) @regularjen Wotsit all about? :)

Tweets for 05 Jun 2016

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(11:59:36) Dead maggoty lion! https://t.co/N8OWJV3diy (I was utterly unaware of this until @poots pointed it out)

(18:13:43) Thought I might see if could find out what caused the puncture I got on my way to work… https://t.co/pwT0zdrfHD

(18:49:29) @EwenRankin Got me stumped...

(21:48:01) @EmmaTofi Not yet... WHY IS IT NOT IN MY FEED? *checks insolently* Clearly I'm a fake fiend.

(21:57:29) @EmmaTofi Oh bless you very much ☺ Saw the vid.. makes me feel like a dull type friend (but I'll always have cake for you) FAB dress btw 👍

(22:00:28) @EmmaTofi PS vid is always like not full screen whatever i click.. the internets needs you in your maximum resolution glory, ma'am!

(22:02:19) Off to bed before I inadvertently discover who won #BTCC race 3 today.. @virginmedia TV & internet stopped working when it was on earlier 😭

(22:03:40) @EmmaTofi You have a great screen presence and you make some great sketches ☺ I shall anticipate more ☺ x

(22:03:56) @CarolKettley Night, cK ☺ x

(22:04:49) @MrsCupidStunt Night ma'am (not gorgeous, just enthusiastic) xx

(22:07:44) @TheFoldingTapir Hope they have gone by now. I am exactly the same. Would like to live somewhere far away from public aggression.

(22:14:18) @TheFoldingTapir Let's go move next door either side of @CupOfTea69 😃

(22:18:07) @ThePartridgePod Hebbo. Is there an RSS feed available for teh podcast for me, being an Apple-free individual.. sorry to be a nuisance!

(22:18:24) @CupOfTea69 @TheFoldingTapir I'd be well up for that ☺

(22:43:50) @TheFoldingTapir @CupOfTea69 Hug from me too - was preparing for bed. No shouting out front.. just the sound of the main road.. #urbanlife

(22:49:31) @TheFoldingTapir You too x @CupOfTea69

(22:49:36) @CupOfTea69 @TheFoldingTapir xx

Tweets for 04 Jun 2016

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(10:54:19) @MsYellowHat That doesn't sound like a great Saturday. Never really took to Belgium, myself. Nor C&A. Nor, indeed, Ofsted.

(11:26:13) I'm honoured - thanks, @sm2n! Another voyage into unusual time signatures (this one is in 10/4) A hot mess indeed! https://t.co/DR3DH4FmnX

(11:37:55) Idly looking (again) at options for one-off vinyl record cutting. I'm not convinced by "Bird's Hit Records" given their domain name..

(12:36:52) @Soulful_House Thanks for the heads-up! I've been burned by low-price vinyl suppliers (took my money & then disappeared) but will look :)

(12:37:46) @CupOfTea69 What does it mean? :)

(12:40:04) Heh. Reading Twitter instead of cleaning the cooker hob. GO ME.

(15:25:08) @CupOfTea69 Tha sounds splendid! I attempted some of that on the jungle at the rear of the house ☺ I personally am beyond any such polish 😁

(15:44:00) @CupOfTea69 Kindred spirits, I do believe (and you flatter me ☺ thank you) I have done a little, but the weather is perfect...

(15:46:36) @CupOfTea69 And although the slope wasn't quite 70 degrees (oo-er), I was kept company/rather distracted by a pair of curious robins ☺

(16:32:06) @CupOfTea69 Freckles are cool ~checks for freckles~

(17:03:38) @mostlygeordie Derp. Hope you get to escape soon. The NHS is marvellous, but days can be spent waiting... x

(17:28:05) @mostlygeordie A cigarette break break. Novel.

(17:29:29) Hi ho. All that.

(18:21:53) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird LOL

(18:22:18) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird I have to say I no longer participate AT ALL with the self checkout when @poots is about. Too much can go wrong.

(18:28:50) @fridgemagnet2 @hergiebird @poots "Great sausages."

(19:03:43) "Saturday night on a conference call, waiting for the sound of a crying child" That should totally be a song.

(19:04:15) @standupmaths Maybe you'll find one that fits you (tesse)later..

(19:55:55) @MrsCupidStunt Lovely. I hope your houseguests are enjoying it :)

(19:57:28) This is beautiful. https://t.co/NQdKrrTKns

(21:22:11) @nicky_doubleU I'm not sure that's how you do it...

(22:29:53) @MrsCupidStunt @MissAprilFalls Oh you two :D *sighs and smiles*

(22:32:08) Off to bed with me. That's me. Not you. You have to stay there in my tiny computer. Night!

(22:33:38) @MissAprilFalls @MrsCupidStunt Oh if only I could be :D

(22:47:42) @CarolKettley Night ma'am! Hope you had good film ☺ x

(22:48:37) @SheleileighLaw Good night! Enjoy the remainder of the day - I hope it is work and stress-free ☺ x

(22:48:58) @CupOfTea69 Gah! Thwarted! 😆

(22:49:17) @TheFoldingTapir @CupOfTea69 Et tu tapir? 😩 😌

Tweets for 03 Jun 2016

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(08:39:16) @PrincessBagel @HamptonsPenarth Is that Nim with the lead that says "Nervous"..? SUCH a good idea. I need a lead that says "Troublesome." :D

(10:06:37) @CarolKettley @adyenglish @alanmichaelstan @666666Stevie @Michael_James_1 @londoner43 @Michelle__P @platinummind HEPPY WAAKAND!

(10:06:55) @PrincessBagel Good grief! Well done, ma'am :)

(17:49:35) @PHP_RoR_London yay! Following you for reasons of PHP and GIN (though I am a mere amateur enthusiast at both 😄)

(21:19:17) Dairy Milk with bits of Crunchie in. Like a proper Friday celebration but with MORE CHOCOLATE... This is the best. Oh.. er.. was the best.

(21:20:21) @PontoonDock @StephanieHirst Always wanted to go up Emley Moor. Lucky Hirsty!

(21:21:06) @Nick_Tann Definitive shark jumping...

(21:36:44) @OfficialDaveFox Have a good one!

(21:37:28) @Superblouse Good time to do that.

(21:59:27) @SueWWLeader n'night ☺

(23:01:47) @OmarRaza @cbbc Love it! Will share with Teh Progeny (target demo) :)

Tweets for 02 Jun 2016

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(09:34:17) @clairebland1 Nice one, Dominic!

(14:54:04) @MrsCupidStunt Can they slow/pitch it down with, oh I don't know, technology? #AudioPhotoshop #Audioshop

(15:05:09) @MrsCupidStunt I'm sure it'll be all good :)

(17:29:43) @mrsmoneypenny1 Not too damp, at least.. drizzle's stopped 😏

(18:22:00) @MrsCupidStunt Go to your Audiboom account at https://t.co/nT3f51YSOq and you should be able to find them and destroy them. Shame, though.

(18:25:25) @MrsCupidStunt :) Might be tempted to do a boo myself..

Tweets for 01 Jun 2016

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(06:30:12) @poots The flash of red? Yes, maybe! I really want to see it now ☺🐔

(06:32:39) Really interesting article about tech psychology that I would love @nxmee and @superalora to read https://t.co/SCcpOWM9BG (via @debsylee )

(07:09:17) @Stenbird I'm glad you did, though, and for that reason, I'm in.

(17:32:52) Just put the telly on & I've no idea what's happening. There's a massive lady! Or some tiny men! Are they her pets? https://t.co/SGAbxyYjqq

(17:54:13) @mrs_forky CJ is the enormous lady..? Tiny name.

(18:51:49) @mrs_forky I can fairly safely say that I've never seen it before, and am a little traumatised, so probably won't watch it again :D

(18:56:39) In other news, rather excitingly, we have a bullfinch visiting our bird feeders! One of my favourite garden birds :) https://t.co/lcNtexYEbQ

(19:00:50) @birdfortytwo First time in years I've seen one! Apparently caterpillars are hard to find for birds at the mo.. do you have bird feeders?

(19:30:08) And indoors: dimwit hamster seems intent on trying to get an entire rope ladder (attached to the… https://t.co/GuNQmqcoN6

(19:33:49) Leave it, Tim*.. it's never going to happen (2/2)

(19:42:46) @birdfortytwo Oh lovely! Fledgelings are SO cute! :) This is totally my favourite time of the year :)

(19:43:12) @edtjones Aye... *misty eyes*

(21:05:06) @eggheadproducer Well.. that escalated quickly :D

(21:06:10) @CarolKettley Bon nuit :) x

(21:06:42) @CarolKettley I clicked "unfollow" instead of Tweet. What an arse!

Tweets for 31 May 2016

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(07:16:47) @mrsmoneypenny1 Morning. There's sunshine above the clouds (i think). Short week bonus?

(07:18:12) @mrsmoneypenny1 Head down, coffee on tap and get through it ~does a boxer trainer type encouraging thing~

(07:44:43) @DigitalAmoeba @thurrott Morning. How do I get @Microsoft to fix two band2/phone bugs I identified a year ago? It's bothersome at best.

(10:59:11) @MrsCupidStunt @hellymoo Happy to step in with other options. I have, for example, upbeat music.

(14:29:52) @MicrosoftHelps Hello. I've got two bugs / questions about my Windows Phone & Microsoft Band 2. Can I drop you an email / DM?

(14:57:03) @MicrosoftHelps @LumiaHelp Cool - thank you. When I'm using Bluetooth headphones I can't control music with my Band 2. It won't connect. :(

(15:15:56) @LumiaHelp Hello. Yes - this has been the case before Windows 10 & since, and happens for all bluetooth audio devices. Try it yourself :)

(15:47:31) @RipleyWopr @MicrosoftHelps @LumiaHelp It says they're both connected; I get notifications & tunes, just no control. https://t.co/1YAeewBxYa

(15:50:41) @LumiaHelp Nothing awaiting update ☺ Did you get the chance to recreate this yourself? I think it's definitely a bug / improvement request.

(16:08:01) @RipleyWopr @MicrosoftHelps @LumiaHelp I would like this to be not the case. It's extremely rare that I'll plug headphones into my phone.

(16:15:22) @RipleyWopr @MicrosoftHelps @LumiaHelp My headphones are unplugged when I'm using my bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speakers, in the car...

(16:42:04) @LumiaHelp When I'm not using a bluetooth audio device, I can, indeed, control it. But I use bluetooth audio devices > 95% of the time.

(17:34:31) @RipleyWopr @MicrosoftHelps @LumiaHelp That is an unacceptable limitation of the OS - my son can do all this with his Android phone/Garmin.

(18:06:01) @LumiaHelp Thank you. It's good to be able to interact with someone. I'll raise it with the Microsoft Feedback app. Thank you for your time.

(18:07:11) @RipleyWopr Thank you for taking an interest and for your knowledge and suggestions. @MicrosoftHelps @LumiaHelp

(20:00:29) @timoncheese You can get them from Poundland. No excuses ☺

(20:01:08) @LizzyWelshCake oh man x

(20:02:34) @biscuitnose Well impressed. I'm not sure I have any teeth ~without~ fillings.

(20:05:30) @MrsCupidStunt Please can you check to see if you're following me. It would be nice if you are / did.. my twitter client won't tell me.

(20:06:33) @MrsCupidStunt Yay! ☺ I'm always one for counting my blessings.

(20:08:02) @MrsCupidStunt Hahah... oh.

(20:21:29) @hergiebird I don't know what that means.

(20:21:58) @hergiebird @fridgemagnet2 Feels like I've just stumbled midway into a conversation...

(20:23:06) @manytypesoftea There is no real acceptable use for either. Except maintaining vermin population.

(20:24:18) @ru_5_ty Looks good! Thanks for the follow, btw.

(20:25:36) @ru_5_ty I'm interested in the Xbox One's contribution 😃 In all honest, I've got an Xbox 360 in my studio, mind 😂

(20:26:28) @ru_5_ty It's been too long since I've been BTNing, but great to (re)make your acquaintance ☺

(20:27:12) @ru_5_ty Sweet!

(21:57:21) @hergiebird He has a very entertaining writing style. And half-jackdaw is better than jackdaw-on-fire, at least.

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